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Ellesmeara (12/29/08)

Name: Ellesmeara
Breed: English Springer Spaniel
Submitted by:
Scott, Marleen & Chelsea
Favorite Toy: Busy Buddy Rubber Football


I am two years old & I belong to Scott, Marlene & Chelsea.  We live in the beautiful mountains of Flat Rock, North Carolina. I think I'm human, but they say I'm an English Springer Spaniel.  Maybe that's why I have this strange fascination for squirrels.  My favorite toy from Entirely Pets is the Busy Buddy Rubber Football. I love to eat apples and most other kinds of fruits and vegetables. I absolutely love to go bye-bye with my family and I despise staying home when I can't.  I like to shake hands but most of all I love to fetch and chase butterflies.

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