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  4. Legislatures, Owners, and Organizations Each Take Questionable Action: See What Everyone in the World of Pets was Up to This Week with The EntirelyPets Weekly Recap ( June 23-27, 2014)

Legislatures, Owners, and Organizations Each Take Questionable Action: See What Everyone in the World of Pets was Up to This Week with The EntirelyPets Weekly Recap ( June 23-27, 2014)

Cemeteries Open Plots for Pets and Owners to Be Buried Side-by-side

It's not uncommon for spouses to share a burial plot or for pets to be buried in a pet cemetery. But for pet owners that wish to be buried with their beloved furry friends- a new trend might make their dream a reality. Denizens of Pennsylvania and New York already have the opportunity to spend eternity with their favorite furry friends.

According to NPR, Virginia may be the next state to allow cemeteries to offer plots to pets and people. Currently, Mountain View Cemetary of Vinton, VA has two separate sections: one for people and another for pets. But a new law being spearheaded by Kelly Farris, the owner of a funeral home in Abingdon, VA, could allow funeral homes to combine these sections so that pets and people can share plots. The law is currently expected to pass and may signal a trend spreading across states throughout the nation.

Owner Tries to Flip Rescue Dog for Profit

A woman sparked outrage throughout the state of Hawaii this week when she was caught attempting to scam a pet shelter. The woman adopted a 10-year-old Jack Russell Terrier named Sallie Mae from the Hawaiian Humane Society. Within an hour of the adoption, she had posted an ad to Craigslist offering the dog to any owner willing to pay a $200 fee.

This fee is more than double what the woman paid to adopt the dog from the shelter. Though the action of treating a pet as a mere commodity may seem egregious, there are no laws explicitly forbidding this type of action; though she may have committed a form of false advertising by misrepresenting the dogís age (the listing stated that he was only 5-years-old). However, that hasnít stopped the Hawaiian Human Society from speaking out and considering policy reform. Additionally, recent reports indicate the dog has since been returned to the shelter and placed with another family in a loving home.

Woman Addresses Outrageous Requirements for Spay and Neuter Program

Spay and neuter programs are meant to provide a benefit to society by reducing the feral cat population in a safe and humane manner. But one woman is taking issue with an apparent flaw in current programs that brings their intentions into question. The woman, Jacquie Sigmund, maintains that the practices of particular spay and neuter programs severely limit the ability of concerned citizens to take part in the program.

After visiting San Anotnio Humane Society, SpaySA, and San Antonia Spay-Neuter & Animal Wellness Clinic, Jacquie was turned away by each clinic because her cats each needed to be placed in their own individual cat trap. The traps are available for rent but also require a sizeable deposit. To rent the six traps needed to spay and neuter six cats would cost more than $700. Jacquie's now speaking out with the hope of reversing these policies- though each organization has- as of yet- declined to comment.

DogTipper Gives 5 Great Tips to Conserve Water Consumption in a Household with Dogs

Itís summer and as much as that means warm weather it also means that itís drought season. Itís important to be conscientious about your water use in todayís day and age. With rising temperatures and desperate climates, we strongly encourage you to begin conserving water if you havenít already. So to help conserve water while caring for your pets, DogTipper has compiled a list of five fantastic tips for staying green this summer.

Take a look at their post to discover everything from eco-friendly products to simple changes to common habits. One tip mentions the use of a pet fountain, which you can find here at EntirelyPets, to conserve water while keeping your dog hydrated. And remember to check out DogTipper in the future for a great source for dog care tips.

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