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Enzadent Dental Products

Enzadent Dental Products

Vet Solutions Enzadent Finger Brush Kit - POULTRY FLAVOR (0.75 oz)
Vet Solutions Enzadent Finger Brush Kit - POULTRY FLAVOR (0.75 oz)

($6.99)  $5.09
Try Bonies Dental FormulaEnzadent Finger Brush Kit contains poultry flavored enzymatic toothpaste and a specially designed soft finger brush. Directions: Slide the finger brush over your finger and apply a small amount of enzadent enzymatic toothpaste onto the bristles. Gently slide your finger inside your pet's cheek and brush along the teeth and gum line. Ingredients: Sorbitol, silica, calcium pyrophosphate, calcium carbonate, malt flavor, purified water, glycerin, pectin, sodium benzoate, calcium lactate, potassium thiocyanate, zinc gluconate, vitamin E, glucose oxidase, lactoperoxidase, lactoferrin, lysozyme.
4.40 rating based on 5 reviews
Featured Reviews for Vet Solutions Enzadent Finger Brush Kit - POULTRY FLAVOR (0.75 oz)
worst customer service by bdlny05/23/2014

never ended up purchasing this product form entirely pets, there order processing time and shipping time and customer service were so poor that i cancelled the order and purchased elsewhere, the product is good but do not buy it from entirely pets, no matter what price they give you,

worst service ever by pet lover05/05/2014

The products and prices here are fine but the service and communication from this company is the worst ever, save aggravation and purchase elsewhere.

tooth paste by mark06/15/2008

my dogs love this tooth paste. they will ask to have their teeth brushed

Best Purchase Ever by doglover from Florida, Fort Myers09/13/2014

My vet sold me this tooth paste for 10 dollars and 80 cents, the first time I offered finger with a little paste to my dog, she loved it , I can see that her gum and teeth looks great, so I ordered two more sets, I paid about 7 dollars for each include shipment, will order again!!!!

Finger Brush Not For Toy Breeds by Rich09/12/2013

Even with the brush on my smallest finger there was no room in my Maltese's mouth for the finger brush, at least not the molars. My boy let me try, but I just could not get the brush all the way back. He didn't mind the taste of the paste though.

Comfort by Brizza from California03/07/2013

After trying another brush for small breed dogs (that had very hard & stiff bristles that were painful), I tried this one. It is soft and pliable. It does not hurt my finger and my elder tea cup Maltese doesn't mind me getting in her mouth massaging & brushing her delicate little teeth. Also I think she like the flavor too!

by from 01/19/2013

Of all the dogs I have had in my life, this one is the first that loves, absolutely loves having her teeth brushed...so it must taste pretty good!

admit by I from haveI


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