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Virbac Epi-Otic Ear cleansers

Virbac Epi-Otic Ear cleansers

Epi-Otic Ear Cleansers

is one of the most widely used pet cleanser worldwide. Perfect cleansing solution for your Dogs and Cats of any age. Both Epi-Otic and Epi-Otic ADVANCED are effective and non-irritant ear cleansers. Protect your pet's ears by buying Epi-Otic Ear Cleansers today.

Corium - 20 FOR DOGS & CATS (8 oz)
Corium - 20 FOR DOGS & CATS (8 oz)

($10.99)  $8.59
Epi-Otic ADVANCED Ear Cleanser (4 fl oz)
Epi-Otic ADVANCED Ear Cleanser (4 fl oz)

($14.99)  $9.99
Epi-Otic ADVANCED Ear Cleanser (8 fl oz)
Epi-Otic ADVANCED Ear Cleanser (8 fl oz)

($24.99)  $19.99
Epi-Otic by Virbac (16 fl oz)
Epi-Otic by Virbac (16 fl oz)

($23.99)  $17.29
Epi-Otic Ear Cleanser
Epi-Otic Ear Cleanser

($14.99)  $9.99
Corium - 20 is an ear cleanser for dogs and cats. Great for routine ear cleansing in healthy ear canals or prior to the administration of other ear preparations in the treatment of otitis externa. It's soothing, calming and is formulated to remove debris and excessive cerumen. It may be used in dogs and cats of any age.

Directions for use: Shake well before use. Turn the white nozzle to open the product and then apply liberally into the ear canal. To remove debris from the open area of the ear, gently rub the base of the ear and then wipe the interior of the ear flap with cotton or a cloth that has been moistened with Corium-20 ear cleanser.

Contains: Water, specially denatured alcohol, glyceride mixture, polysorbate 80, fragrance, BHT.
5.00 rating based on 12 reviews
Featured Reviews for Corium - 20 FOR DOGS & CATS (8 oz)
Excellent ear cleaner by Cappy from Va Beach, VA04/19/2013

This is the best, most non-irritating, good smelling, effective ear cleaner that I have ever found. My vet said he could not get it any longer and I found it here at Entirely Pets for much less than I had been paying at the vet's. Thanks to EP for having it in stock!! It has cleared up many cronic ear problems in the past and now I use it as a weekly cleaner on Matrix, my Catahoula love dog... Makes those hound dog ears smell wonderful!

Great Product by Ladybug01/27/2013

Very good product and makes the Basset hound's ears smell good.

by disco-stu from New Jersey01/23/2015

Great product, cats not bothered by the product. Has a pleasant scent, not overpowering.

Great Product by Marilyn from NC12/28/2011

Exactly the same that my vet office sells but at 60% less cost ! Great shipping and low cost, great value.

THE Best Ear cleaner... by DebiD04/28/2013

use 1-2 times a week...excellent solution to our Pugs stinky ear..Ears all clean and healthy...we use cotton balls, No Qtips...quick and easy, few treats and your done.

by csb04/28/2010

This is the best ear cleaner I have tried! It is a non greasy and great smelling ear cleaner that is effective without being harsh and irritating to my dog's ears.

Favorite ear cleaner by PB'sMom from Atlanta, GA08/22/2013

Corium-20 is the only ear cleaner that cleans and SOOTHS my dog's ears. He suffers a lot from yeast infections in the ears, and other products make his ears even redder and more sensitive. First got Corium-20 from my vet, then tried other products thru vet's office and now thrilled to find it online thru EntirelyPets.

Very good product by Mariela from Rockville, MD01/16/2013

For almost 7 years ago, used this product for my dogs, never been I change this product, is excelent was recomended from Dr. Melchus Davis en VCA en Rockville, from May 2004 only used this product for my four dogs

Pet products by Kathryn from Nazareth, PA10/29/2011

Excellent product, excellent service. Thanks!

Virbac products the best! by pahorseggal from PA08/09/2014

Have been buying this for years... effective yet gentle!

by from 12/31/2011

We started using the product as a result of a suggestion by our Vet. We have a wonderful black lab, who has floppy ears, and gets infections as a result.

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It actually works by lqg from Philadelphia, PA01/26/2015

My poodle mix has smelly ears - even when they aren't actually red from allergies. I haven't used the product during allergy season, but it definitely works on the smell for now!

Excellent Ear Wash by rsw1951 from South Florida03/11/2012

Have been using this ear wash for years on a regular basis. My two large dogs roll in dirt and it gets in their ears as well as everywhere else. This product keeps their ears clean and healthy. Haven't had an ear infection in any dog since I've been using Corium-20.

Featured Reviews for Epi-Otic ADVANCED Ear Cleanser (4 fl oz)
Works well by Buddy from Honolulu, HI01/13/2014

My poodle has issues with keeping his ears dry. The vet recommended using his product. I use this product daily and my poodle's ears have had no smelly issues ever since.

by Malt mom from Los Angeles03/06/2013

Been using this product for years. I love the clean smell. I use it after every bath I give my Maltese dog.

Good Ear Cleaner by calijames from Sacramento, Ca07/07/2013

we like to use the Epi-Optic Advanced Ear cleaner to clean dogs ears. Also good to use before applying ear mite medicine.

Epi_Otic by Jersey Girl from Lorton, VA07/09/2013

My beagle coon-hound has had awful ear infections for over a year now. Tried the Advanced Epi-Otic for about a month, using it a couple times a week. It's worked wonders! Ears have been "infection free" for over a month now. I highly recommend.

Excellent Ear Cleanser by Snoop Dog from Coral Gables, FL01/18/2013

Snoop Dog and Foxy Brown will be 14 years old and I have been cleaning their ears weekly with Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleaner. Not once have they ever had an ear infection. This product also makes their ears smell good and they love when I clean their ears.

Gentle and effective by Susan from Martinez, CA11/23/2011

Highly recommend using the Epi-Otic ear cleanser as a weekly routine for cleaning and keeping the ears from infections. This really works! Thanks to other reviews that recommended this product.

great product by cvz from Biloxi,MS02/02/2013

Easy to use and no bad smell to linger on my dog. I have 5 dogs large and small and use it on them all. It doesn't take much so it lasts a long time. I recommend this product

Good product, great price by Sheckys Mom from Philadelphia suburbs11/29/2013

We were paying a lot more to get ear wash from the Vet, but when i compared ingredients, this was exactly the same for half the price. Our cockapoo is prone to ear infections so we clean his ears at least 2-3 times/week. So far, so good with this product.

Cleans Well by Krazy4Kritters from Tennessee11/17/2012

I wouldn’t put it directly in the ear like the instructions; it freaked my Shepherd out even though it was only a few drops. I put it on a cotton pad and wiped his ear out. It did a great job. Repeated a few days later. Still clean and he’s had an infection.

by from 08/13/2010

Our old lab mix tends to get yeast infections of the ear, and her ears are pretty smelly in general. We use the Epi-Otic Advanced once a week. She has not had a yeast infection since we've begun using it.

Epi-Otic by Advanced from isNote


Epi-Otic by Debra K from Lewiston, Maine09/13/2013

My vet had first given me this for my dogs ear infection, used regularly it keeps my dogs ears clean and infection free. My dog doesn't like to get stuff in her ears but this dries quickly and leaves no residue.

Consistently works great by Sherry10/03/2014

Dog that shakes his head need some help with his ears. Used this once and seemed to calm down the itchy ear.

High Quality Cleanser by Kate from San Diego, CA06/08/2013

I have been using this product for years! It effectively cleans the ears and has a nice scent. It can be used as a flush for very dirty ears or you can saturate a cotton ball and gently cleanse the inner ear canal. Clean ears prevent infections so use it regularly, every 2-4 weeks depending on your dog's lifestyle.

Ear Cleanser by Clerk206/08/2014

I use this once a week and it has helped a lot to reduce wax build up and itching in my Bichons' ears. Great product.

stinky ears by wen04/27/2008

This is the only thing I have used that helps remove dirty wax and pus. It bubbles a little and makes removal easiter with less rubbing.

by from 12/07/2011

I've been using this product for my puggle for about five years now. She had chronic ear infections during her first year and I spent hundreds of dollars in vet bills before seeing a specialist who was honest and recommended Epi-Otic Advanced. I use it weekly during the hot and humid summers here in FL and bi-weekly during the cooler months.

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Best Ear Cleaner On The Market by Steph from Charlotte, NC11/05/2011

This is wonderful to help with dogs that have allergies and chronic ear infections. I always keep this on hand. My Vets office sells this product as well but it cost more thru them.

by Melynda03/08/2013

Easy to use and cleans great! Cheaper than going to the vet!

Great Ear Cleaner by jax22 from Cherry Hill, NJ08/07/2013

This does a great job. I'm not sure if this is better than the old formula or why they changed it, but it works great. also not sure is this is better than the regular Epi-Otic

by Raespike05/18/2013

this cleaner worked good, however the smell is in need of inproving! Did work good.

Great product! by Michelle01/16/2014

My vet recommends I use this product to clean my pugs ears weekly. I have tried other cheaper products and they don't clean as well as Epi-optic.

Another Great Product From Virbac by Sue from Berkeley, CA01/22/2013

Epi-Otic is great and Epi-Otic Advanced is great. Epi-Otic Advanced has a more potent mix of acid and a very fresh smell compared with regular Epi-Otic. The smell is clean and purifying rather than obnoxious. I very much appreciate this since I am currently fostering a mini poodle with Malassezia pachydermatis (yeast)/Pseudomonas ear infection. This cleanser helps break up the bio-film of Pseudomonas which is a major cause for why this organism resists antibiotic treatment. Allergic dogs are more prone to ear infections because antigens cause the skin inside the ear canal to be compromised and vulnerable to opportunistic yeast. I think all allergic dogs should be on a regular/preventative ear cleaning schedule with Epi-Otic or Epi-Otic Advanced. As a volunteer for a Poodle rescue group, I really appreciate EntirelyPets for providing the very best, cutting edge products at the very best prices. Additionally, they are streamline and ship products promptly with $5 flat rate shipping and weekly coupons. Our rescue group could not save as many dogs without EntirelyPets.

Great product by Cydni from Apache Junction AZ01/01/2012

My 13 year old border collie gets her ears cleaned with this product. Her Vet recommended it. It sure does the job and Entirely Pets got it to us right away.

Such a great product ! by Trudie from Portland, OR01/24/2015

I've been using this product for years - great for my allergic basset hound's ears. I am so thankful to have found your website - I can purchase at 1/2 the cost of the veterinarian.

Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleanser by Joan from Eugene OR03/25/2014

I have an English Cocker, with long heavy ears. She is prone to ear infections. My vet recommended this product. I put it into both ear canals, and then rub the top of the ears for 30 seconds, making sure I get that wet, squishy sound. I do it three times a week, and she has not had an ear infection for 2 years! The only negative is that it has a little bit of a chemical/perfume smell while it is still wet. As soon as it dries, there is no smell. When the house is cold, I put the container in the microwave for about 5 seconds. It's much more pleasant for her to have warm solution going into her ears.

by from 10/06/2014

I have used this for years on my 3 goldens. I used it regularly and it keeps my guys free from yeast infections.

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Totally works! by lovechows11/30/2010

I was desperate to see how this product will help our Chow, Sam. He was having bad ear infections, one after another, for several months. The vet put him on 3 different kinds of oral antibiotics, plus ear drops, but the infection kept coming back. He also developed allergic reaction to the drops. I can absolutely say this Advanced formula works because Sam's ears improved in just one week and by the end of the second week, the infection cleared up. Sam gets this once a week for cleaning and prevention. THANKS TO THOSE WHO SHARED AND POSTED THEIR REVIEWS!!!

Best Ear Cleanser for Animals by Liz03/20/2013

This is the best i have used and my animals don't seem to mind getting their ears cleaned and that's a good thing. :) Great product and i would highly recommend this to anyone!

Great Product by Vizsla lover from Houston, Texas10/22/2012

My Vizsla suffers from severe food and enviromental allergies. Recently began having chronic ear infections. His Dermatologist recommended this product. So far it has really made a difference. I really like all of the Virbac products. They are well worth the money and a very quality product.

Effective and easy to use by Pili10/09/2013

I have a mini dachshund and I clean his ears after each bath. Wonderful product! I ordered it a saturday and arrived a wednesday. Great!

It works! by Wendy J. from Chicago10/09/2013

I use this as a weekly ear cleaner we haven't had any ear issues with the Epi-Otic!

Pleasantly Surprised by Jo- Jo10/12/2011

I ordered this product from Entirely Pets before I read any of the previous reviews about the company.. Some of the reviews were not favorable ( ie - delivery not prompt, wrong items sent, items sent had already expired, etc.) and I thought '"OH- OH what have I done? " But I was very pleased when the product arrived with in 5 days and does not expire until 2013. I believe I will order more from this company as it was the best price when compared to other places. The ear cleaner itself works very well on both dogs and was highly recommended by a friend who got hers from her Vet at more than twice the price offered here.

Featured Reviews for Epi-Otic ADVANCED Ear Cleanser (8 fl oz)
More Drying Ear Cleaner by Susan from Brooklyn, NY05/13/2014

My dog has had a a very stubborn ear infection for nearly a year now. During this time we've gone thru several cleaners in combination with several antibiotic meds. This has been the best of the cleaners because it is more drying than others which has been a great help. We're finally seeing improvement by combining this cleaner with Surolan...

Essential Ear Care by Cocoa's Mom from Sacramento, CA02/13/2012

Cocker Spaniels (which we have 4) have ears that hang and so they are very susceptible to ear infections. We use this product on a regular basis and that keeps the ears in check. BTW, I put the solution on a cotton ball and then I gently tuck that in the ear and give a good rub - they actually like it so we don't have to fight to get near their ears!!! So, more importantly, this is dog-approved!!!

Good stuff by slowolf from Central Coast, CA04/14/2014

I have a yellow lab that has had chronic ear problems since he was a juvenile, and he is 8 years old now. When I first took him to the vet, they gave me Epiotic and antibiotic cream to deal with the infections. The vet also suggested cleaning his ears with the Epiotic routinely and especially after swimming or getting water in the ears. This stuff works well to help dry the ears and keep infections away. We just use it a couple times a week and after he goes swimming and have not had any problems. Sometimes he will start shaking his head like his ears are bothering him so we use the Epiotic and problem solved. It works much better than a vinegar/water solution or any other product we have tried.

Great Product! by Taratori from Nottingham, PA05/17/2014

My golden has severe allergies and this causes ear problems and wax build up. I have been using this product since February on an almost daily basis and she is infection free! I highly recommend this product!

Oh what a relief it is... by GenDiva from NYC, NY02/14/2013

Because Max is a Cocker Spaniel, he seems to create a lot of buildup quickly. It would hurt to see him clawing at his own ears, without apparent relief. But this formula works quickly and efficiently. Now he scratches to get me to nuzzle behind his ears...LOL Thanks so much!

Epi-Otic Advanced ear cleaner by ldh from St. Louis, MO02/01/2012

Use all the time and really like how it cleans the ears. Having a house full of Goldens I need to clean out ears all the time and this product is what my vet reccommends and it is so much cheaper through Entirely Pets. My only complaint is since you have changed your mailing carrier, it now takes 3 times as long to get my products and I really do not like that. Please go back to the carrier you use to use.

Does the job by Betty12/06/2011

I use this weekly on my Standard Poodle after removing the ear hair.

Back Order by Max from Saint Joseph, IL12/30/2012

Has been over 30 days and still no product.

Tried everything by Sandy01/19/2012

I have a Lab with chronic ear problems, I used just about everything over the years. Only recently discovered this product on my daughter's recommendation but so far so good & I'm impressed with the results.

Back Order by Back Order from Saint Joseph, IL12/16/2012

Item has been on back order since 11/24/12

Great ear cleanser by lab lover from MA12/26/2013

Got when my lab was treated for allergies at vet dermatologist. Much cheaper at Amazon. Use weekly as maintenance. Great product. Highly recommend.

by Pig Mama08/20/2013

I use this product on my potbellied pigs once every couple weeks or so and it works great to clean out all the dirt and grime.

Good stuff by Lu Rae from Martinsburg, WV07/29/2012

Our vet. recommended this to us. Our dogs ears seem to be a problem the older she gets. This really works and helps to cut down on ear infections.

Excellent product by lor08/14/2012

This stuff works great as maintenance cleanser for my dog. Also leaves nice smell.

Good by CP04/09/2014

I use it for my German shepherd. For regular weekly cleaning and having Salicylic acid is great.

Nice by Whispurr11/22/2011

Purchased a smaller bottle from vet at a much higher price. So happy I found it here. I put some of this liquid on a cotton ball and insert it in the cat's ear. Then squeeze it gently. The liquid goes into the ear. This has kept my cat's ears clean. It's not a heavy smelly oil and it's easy to use. Have used this product for three years now.

Great product for ears by 6 dogs from Lancaster Pa11/25/2013

My girls(6) fussed at bath time when I used a homemade version recommended by a Vet. Since I started using Epi-Optic Advanced they no longer mind having their ears cleaned.

Awesome Ear Cleaner! by afghanowner from Ridgefield, CT06/30/2012

If you are looking for a great ear cleaner, this is the product for you. I use it for my Afghan and clean her ears weekly, sometimes bi-weekily. Pleasant, non-medicinal smell, it cleans the ears without irritation. It was reccomended by my vet when we discovered she had food allergies with her ears flaring up with gunk as a result. Great stuff! Great price. Have used it for two years and am very satisified. I think the dog is too!

by chocolatedogman03/11/2014

Good ear cleaner. Really works well to prevent ear infections, when used weekly.

by Z.01/02/2013

I have ordered this product often, and it has always shipped fine, but this time, the bottle leaked from the bottom. I emailed customer service and am waiting to hear back from them. I'm hoping to receive a new bottle. The product is great.

excellent product. by Jules from Rochester, N.Y.11/18/2012

Excellent and gentle ear cleaner. Has definitely helped with our beagle's ears.

Trying this out by Nan from Western NY07/31/2012

This is first time we have used this product. It is suppose to help more intense ear problems and since our pooch seems to have chronic issues with ears, we decided to try this and alternate with Vet Solutions. Price is right too! We cannot afford to be running to the vet, so this is very helpful.

Excellent product by Kimberly06/30/2013

I have been using Epi-Otic ear cleaner for a couple of years now. It helps maintain my German Shepherd's ears very well and has a nice smell.

Great deal by Karo from Morgantown, WV11/24/2013

It's a great product at a very reasonable price.

Only buy Virbac! by pahorseggal from PA08/09/2014

I love and trust their products. I use this when I need a little stronger product than the Corium-20.

Excellent price and delivery by JBinNC01/30/2012

We received this product almost immediately (less than a week) and at 2 bottles plus shipping, it was 1/2 the price than from the vet. And the expiration date was a year plus. Overall, a great value and convenience.

works great by deb from treasure island, FL04/26/2012

this has been the only ear cleaner i have found to keep ear infections away. a life saver.

Half the price the Vet Charged by Jim from Canton, Texas06/22/2013

Epi-Otic is a great product It softens the gook in the ears and can be removed easily and Half the price at Entirely Pets that the Vet Charged me.

Best ear cleanser out there! by islalvr from Chicago, IL10/22/2012

I love Epi Otic ear cleanser, I use it everytime I give my dog a bath (every other week) and it keeps his ears nice and clean. What I like most about this product is that it does not leave a sticky residue on his ears like some other brands, and the scent is really fresh.

Good for Maui by Tristin107/10/2012

Try raising a pure male german shepherd puppy who just made 11months / 80 lbs. in Maui weather and there is no better model for ear care. Tristin's ears are cleaned often depending on the activity and we notice much less scratching after using the Virbac ear cleanser. He can kick back under the coconut trees in total comfort.

Great stuff by Pat from Yreka, CA12/12/2011

This was recommended by our vet and has worked well for ear problems. I highly recommend this product.

Best Purchase Ever by Susie from Florida01/03/2013

My Golden suffers from ear yeast. After just a few times of use his ears no longer smell bad and the yeast is going away. This product does not leave his ears greasy. I no longer have to cut away the greasy fur from around the ears. If you only buy one new product for your pet this year this is the one to buy!

ear cleaner by tomt03/10/2008

think it work's very well, i warm it up a bit ,warm tap water, and it lossens up wax. gives my puppy relief right away,, and they stay clean longer..

great cleaner by 2 poodles from Hawaii09/18/2013

works well and very gentle in the ear, smells nice,too

Great Price by Burner from Anchorage, Alaska11/06/2012

Well worth the price! One of the lowest online.

epi-otic by loulou01/12/2012

Recommended by my vet. My labradoodle has had recurring ear infections. this is a very good product.

Works great by CO nurse08/09/2013

I use it weekly to clean my dogs ears. It really helps get the gunk out.

Recommended by my Vet by Spaniel Mom08/19/2013

The best product for keeping my 3 Cockers' ears clean and infection free. This product is not carried by many vendors. Thank you Entirely Pets for offering Epi-Otic Advanced formula at a great price.

by chevyjr from PHOENIX AZ.01/04/2013

good stuff u have to use it often id say once a week ( for my dog) and its 75% cheeper than @ yur vet

by sue from IL11/17/2011

Epi-Otic solution really does and excellent job cleaning and deodorizing my dogs ears.

our best friend by smitty from Wichita, Ks.06/19/2013

The same day that we received our order, our best friend passed away. We had him for 10 years. We didn't get to use the product and gave it away to a friend.

great for dogs with chronic ear problems by Weimy mom from Colorado01/17/2012

This brand of ear cleaner is the only one I have found to work on our weimy who has had ear problems much of her life. As long as we stay ahead of things with this cleaner, her ear problems stay under control.

ear cleaner by vickig from SF Bay area04/02/2013

I have 2 labs and need to clean their ears often. Epi-Otic works great. I previously got it from the vet, but it's less expensive from Entirely Pets.

Major ear issues, until I found this by Giggleslady12 from West Melbourne, FL10/12/2013

This product works great once a week on my 4 spaniels. Best ear infection prevention wash I have found thus far.

Perfekt service by Marcos-dk from Denmark01/27/2014

The produkt Was send back to the Company but after A Nice e-mail feed back the send it again and now i have it. I Will make A deal with Them again.

Good prices! by Bob07/20/2012

Good prices and fast shipping made my experience Great.

Good product at a good price. by Steffo from Caledonia, Wisconsin10/06/2011

We have been using this product on our dog Lola for a few years. It was nice to find it on the internet at a lower price than we've been paying at our Vet. It works as it should and does a good job of cleaning her ears. I would recomment it and Entirely Pets to anyone.

by from 02/20/2014

Keeps her ears clean and smelling wonderfully fresh. I usually put the bottle in a tub of warm water first so the liquid isn't so cold in her ear.

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Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleaner by Andrea from Deltona, Florida01/25/2013

This is the only ear cleaner that actually seems to prevent ear infections in my Cocker Spaniels! I've gotten other ones at the chain pet stores which might clean with soap or bubbling action, but they don't help with my floppy-eared cockers. I still had to spend money at the vet on their ear infections. The vet sold me this one and I tried it thinking it would not help, but it did! It is less expensive at the Entirely Pets site than at the Vet's Office.

Smells good- cleans ears great by williesmom from Chicago, IL01/31/2013

My dog has chronic ear infections & I started using this based upon others' reviews. It worked immediately on 1 of his ears (2 days) but the other ear I'm still having to constantly clean his ears. After cleaning, the ears smell very good & are very clean- but you will have to use it daily for tough ear infections.

Good for Yeasty ears by Jojo's mom from Bay Area, Ca08/24/2014

This is my go-to ear cleaner for my bulldog mix who has chronically stinky yeasty ears. It cleans well and smells good!

Featured Reviews for Epi-Otic by Virbac (16 fl oz)
Just what the doctor ordered by Tricia01/29/2012

My golden's ears are in need of frequent attention. This ear wash is just what the vet ordered and it works well. It's gentle, yet effective.

Good ear cleaner by jak from San Antonio,TX04/29/2013

My vet recommended this product & I use it all the time. The dogs don't mind it & it has a very pleasant smell.

Best ear cleaner by Dog Lover03/10/2013

I have been grooming for 14 years and this is all I use. It is the BEST

Epi-Otic Ear Cleaner by My4cats01/01/2014

My Persian had an ear infection, and my vet sold me Vibac Epi-Otic to use to gently clean the ear. This helps dislodge any built up wax in the ear. As the cat improved, I continued to use the product on a Q-tip to gently clean the visible areas of the ear, and now I use it on all my cats during their routine maintenance, putting some on a Q-tip. I found that this product is better priced (I bought the large 16 oz. bottle) at Entirely Pets than it is from my vet.

Epi-Otic Ear Cleaner by Rick from Calif.01/27/2015

works well to reduce redness and infection in my dogs ears.

epi otic by dogmom01/15/2014

This is an excellent cleansing agent which has as a very beneficial bonus a drying agent so excess moisture is not left behind to cause further ear problems

No more ear infections! by Chelsea's Mom from Portland, OR07/23/2012

After years of fighting recurring ear infections in our cocker spaniel, we started using Epi-Otic to wash her ears twice a week. The ear infections have stopped altogether, and we're getting all-clear reports from the allergy vet. Our dog is healthier and happier, and we're avoiding costly prescription medications. Epi-Otic is making a tremendous difference for our pet and for our pocketbooks!

Epic-Optic by Pepe from Davenport, Fl04/20/2014

Best solution for cleaning dogs ears. I make sure that it is at room temperature...makes for a happier dog!

Good price and great product by marblestones10/15/2011

I have been using this formula of Virback Epi-otic on my dogs ears for years now. It is mild, non oily and drys quickly yet cleans my dogs ears and she no longer gets infections. The key is keeping the ears clean and this product does the trick.

epi otic cleanser by the pugs mom from Twin Cities, Minnesota02/05/2013

Recommended by vets - much cheaper online - quick shipping - can't get any better.

Best ear cleaner by Hans11/16/2013

My vet recommended this product. It's gentle, yet effective and I use it all the time and My dogs don't mind it. Plus it smells nice. It costs much less through this site than through our vet, and quick shipping. Thanks, Entirely Pets!

great price by thegrando from marietta ga01/07/2013

fast shipping has all your pets need's at great prices

Great Product by emasterhu01/28/2012

I have 4 doxies who always had ear infections. Epi-otic really works to keep them from getting infections. I highly recommend this product.

Best Ear Cleaner/Dryer by cnswift from San Diego, CA06/21/2012

This is a great product that I've been using for years. It keeps my pet's ears clean and dry with little effort on my part. I like that!

First Class Product, Service, and Delivery! by Hal from APO AE10/05/2011

Great product. Thanks for using USPS and being APO/FPO friendly.

Epi-Otic by CJ from Maricopa, AZ03/04/2014

Having a "floppy-eared dog with allergies has been quite a struggle, (to say the least) but finding your web-site has saved me $$. Normally I have to schedule a Vet appointment to get an over-priced prescription filled for this product. Thanks to Entirely Pets I can order not only this product but many I have found at your site to keep Brûlée happy and healthy! Thanks! <3

Ear Cleaner by ShortMoby07/13/2013

great. great. great. Moby is a dirty ear Bassett. This product is really nice without smell or irritation......just nice and clean.

Use this once a week & NO EAR INFECTIONS! by BT_Pit Lover from Oviedo, FL08/14/2012

This product is great for keeping ear infections away. Keeps the dog's ears cleaned and well balanced. We use this on all our dogs every week. When we got one of our dogs that was rescued from a family that could not financially keep her anymore, she came to us with a double ear infection. We took her to the vet as soon as we notice the problem and since then she has had no problems with her ears. We notified the family that we adopted her from & they were unaware that you have to clean the dog's ears. They know it now & hopefully will not make the same mistake in the future.

Squeaky clean ears by Debbie from Rochester, NY04/25/2013

We love this product! We use it weekly to keep our dog's ears clean. He is prone to ear infections and this has kept them free of problems. The cleanser is non-irritating and smells nice too.

by Lily01/17/2013

My dog enjoys having her ears cleaned with this product.

Solid Purchase by tks198003/29/2012

Great product for ear cleaning maintenance!

great ear product! by PWD Owner from Seattle WA12/25/2013

I swear by this stuff for keeping ears in good shape. Every time we bathe or swim, I use a squirt of this to dry ears and they stay great.

great product to keep pet ears clean and healthy by weimy mom from Colorado01/17/2012

Our dog has had ear issues for many years. This cleaner keeps her ears clean and good smelling and also helps prevent problems from taking hold. It is much less expensive through this site than through our vet.

Excellent by Bill from Toronto, Canada05/26/2014

Good quality, excellent fast shipping. No more big box retailers for us.

by from 10/31/2011

I have used this previously and already knew it was good - smells good, not irritating and cleans and dries hairy poodle ears.

fast by shipping from areGood


by dudelio12/10/2012

This product reduced my dog's itching and shaking of her head.

Great Ear Cleaner by Peggy from Jackson, NJ09/21/2013

I have been using this product for many years to clean my Golden Retirever's ears and am very satisfied with Epi-Otic. I use the large size bottle to refil my smaller, easier to handle bottles.

Thanks again by CC from WA07/04/2013

This product is an excellent product to clean your dogs and cats ears with. We have been using it for years. Glad to have found a larger bottle on this site. Service was excellent, product arrived ahead of schedule. I am impressed and cannot thank you all enough. We have 3 dogs and one cat. One is a Basset Hound which is notorious for ear infections. With this product, we have not had a problem with his floppy ears.

epiotic ear wash by ral from illinois07/25/2014

this is the best ear wash for ear mites in your dog or other pet. I found about it on a vets you tube video. it cleared my labs ears up in four days. from almost bloody to perfectly clear. I use it every four days now to keep them clear. Find that video and do the deep massage the vet suggests.

Great product by mpete07/18/2012

My vet introduced us to this product when our Brittany was a bit younger and in the water more frequently. It is a staple in our doggy medicine cabinet. We use it as a preventative treatment or any time we see our dog scratching at his ears, it's a great product and is self drying . Our dog seems to find it soothing and we love the results, fewer trips to the vet and healthy ears!

Epi-Otic by raymie3 from Alaska03/16/2014

I have 8 dogs and this is all I use to clean their ears! It has a wonderful drying agent and works amazingly well!

by from 11/26/2012

I have two basset hounds and they need frequent ear cleaning. Epi-Otic is excellent for easy cleaning and it dries quickly.

years!" by Best ear cleaner. from HounddowgyBeen


Great product by JT@Spring06/17/2012

When you have Beagles in the family, or any pup with long ears, you have to keep them clean and this a great product to use weekly at bath time. Used regularly, there are no more ear infections, ever.

Great Product by Logeena02/11/2012

I have been buying different ear cleaners for my two dogs for ten years. This one is the most effective & affordable, as well as, nonabrasive & pleasant smelling.

Great product by Dutch10/09/2013

I have Golden Retrievers. They are always in the pool. The shape of their ears, plus the constant addition of water, makes them ripe for bacterial breeding. This is my go-to product to maintain healthy ears!

Best Ear Cleaner on the market by raymie from Fairbanks, AK07/02/2010

Trust it - the vets do and if you can keep their ears clean and dry you won't get so many bacterial yeast infections :)

by john from oh05/09/2013

Works well and half the price of the vet

would not recommend, didn't work for my dog by Oshtyof from Vancouver, BC CANADA04/09/2012

These ear solutions in the market really varies by dog, this particular one just didn't work for my dog instead made her ears inflamed red after use as I believe there is alcohol in it.

Clean Ears by John Loftus02/17/2009

We've been using Epi-Otic for a number of years to clean our dog's ears. We tried others but none did as efficient a job. Getting it through Entirely Pets is a big saving compared to what our local vet asks!

vet recommended by blackdog from IL12/29/2012

My vet recommends this ear cleaner, and I've used it with success for years. With floppy eared dogs, I've managed to keep ears clean and infection free. The ear cleaner is a must for my dogs, and this is gentle and does a great job. While my dogs dislike having their ears cleaned, it does not sting or cause discomfort.

Great Product by Gail from Gulf Shores, AL01/28/2012

I have been using Eip-Otic for years with my 2 dogs.

Featured Reviews for Epi-Otic Ear Cleanser
Wonderful ear cleanser by Sue01/29/2012

Does a great job of keeping ears clean. Just flush them out once a week and it helps keep the allergy symptoms in check

WOULD NOT BE WITHOUT IT by STORM'S MOM from Maryland02/12/2013

Our dog used to get frequent ear infections due to the need to "pluck" the ear hair. My husband and I do not feel comfortable plucking his ears, but this keeps them clean between groomings (usually 6-7 weeks), and he is no longer bothered with ear infections. Prior to bathing him we squirt this in his ears, massage the ear and place a cotton ball in his ears while he is getting his bath. He shakes his head and the cotton balls fall from his ears, then we dry him--he smells great and so do his ears!

Great Ear Cleaner by Peggy from Jackson, NJ09/21/2013

I have been using this product for many years to clean my Golden Retirever's ears and am very satisfied with Epi-Otic.

Used Many - This is BEST by The Ear Cleaner03/13/2011

As a lab owner I can tell you that once the ears start you are chasing your tail to resolve it because many of the meds or cleaners add to the problem. This is the FIRST cleaner that I have found that actually cleans the ears and doesn't irritate the dogs and leave them shaking and reacting after the cleaning. The ears had gotten so bad and the treatments caused more irritation to the dogs. Since using this the dogs are showing considerable improvement. It has taken time but even trying other treatments along the way shows a big difference. This one calms the shaking and itching and depending on how bad the ears are will gradually clean them gently. I noticed that it continues to cause a cleaning around the clock so when they shake their heads, the "crud" continues to come out. Buying multiple bottles today to make sure I have it for swimming season. In response to reviews about the odor: it has a "clean" smell to it. If there is an odor it must be coming from the ear discharge. There is no fruity or pretty scent to this and I don't think I need one for my dogs' ears. Prefer less chemicals and fragrance is not what I want in their ears. It does leave a clean scent. It takes time to see the difference but you will notice the difference when you see that your dog isn't shaking their ears after treatment. Other treatments leave my dogs shaking their ears for days. After this treatment, they only shake immediately after and then they are comfortable and quit itching and shaking.

Please with results by P.A. from Georgetown, TX08/04/2012

We purchased Epi-Otic when our little dog's ears were causing him to scratch them continuously (he does not have fleas) - perhaps they were "dry".. Since using the Epi-Otic, he has quit the constant scratching of his ear and we are all happier.

JUST THE BEST! by loupee from Camdenton, MO03/12/2012

I have 3 mini doxies, they always had ear problems prior to using this product, It keeps their ears clean free of wax build up and infection free!

Great ear cleaner by otis112504/14/2014

Works well. Smells good. Cleans ears good.

Great ear cleaner by Connie04/21/2012

I have used this brand for years. I clean their ears with this product each time I groom them. Was origionally recommended to me by one of my veterinarians.

Great product. Gentle on the ears. by KayT from Akron Ohio08/18/2012

I have been using this ear cleaner for a long time. I first started using it when I worked for a vets office years ago. I have many rescue cats and this cleaner is easy on their ears and cleans well. Glad it is still around.

Results within 2-3 days by Justlou from White Plains, NY02/12/2013

My Bischon has gotten an ear infection. I've been using Epi-Otic as directed and it's starting to clear up.

Product was great by Tim01/26/2014

The product was great, but your shipping cost are insane. The shipping cost as much as the proudct. I won't be buying from you agian.

works well with Otomite ear mite control by pudge06/18/2013

Cleansing the ears first allows Otomite ear mite control work great. Our cat hasn't had any problems since we started using the products.

Excellent product by Nonna from West Virginia04/05/2013

This seems to really do the trick to keep our Havanese's ears healthy. It is important to use the product correctly, though. Here's a great demo video by a vet to show you exactly how to use the product: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4odbAlDRiz0

by Bean from SC06/02/2013

Fantastic product. Keeps ears clean and have already noticed less itching

Good Product by Desertduv02/25/2013

This product doesn't irritate our dog's sensitive ears.

Epi Otic Ear Cleanser by Artsydogue from New Milford, New Jersey02/09/2013

Another terrific product! Try getting this from your local vet at the price you can get it through EntirelyPets! Just NOT possible. Same product the vets use, Used in my veterinary hospital as well as all of grooming clients. Can't get enough of it.

Best Thing I Ever Invested in!! by Sunkissedcutie from Tri-Cities Washington09/01/2011

I can't stress enough how much this product has saved me from Vet bills associated with Ear infections due to the Long Ears of my Cocker Spaniels. My Veterinarian suggested it to me when I took my 6 week old Cocker Spaniel in for his first physical. He is 8 1/2 years old now and has NEVER had an ear infection. I have since owned several other Cocker Spaniels and a Mixed Cocker all have gotten the same treatment and I have not had one Vet Bill for Anything related to my Pets ears. In fact to quote my Veterinarian Dr. Jim Benson of the Desert Veterinary Clinic, "In all my years of practice as a Veternarian, I don't think I have ever seen dog ears as clean as your dogs!" I owe it all to Virbac and this wonderful cleanser.. I use it once a week in my dogs ears and squish it all around to make sure I get the solution down into the ear canal. They can shake their head after you clean them as it feels good, it evaporates does not leave damp ears to get infected. My secret is to always run a sink full of hot water to place the bottle of solution in to warm it up to body temp. Dogs are like humans they don't like having something shoved in their ears that is ice cold, nor scalding hot.. 5 minutes prep time... 3 minutes to do the cleaning and a lifetime of great non smelly ears. Best of all Entirely Pets I have found has the BEST price for this product.. I buy a couple of the 8 oz bottles and like now will buy a 16 oz bottle when it goes on sale so I can refill the smaller bottles which is easier to handle when cleaning their ears. I also do this with their bath so it all gets done together... I ABSOLUTELY WOULD NOT EVER THINK OF OWNING A FLOPPY EAR DOG IF IT WEREN'T FOR EPI-OTIC BY VIRBAC..

Gentle ear cleaner by Happy finds from Waltham, MA12/10/2013

When my boy was a puppy, he had some ear issues. My vet recommended Epi-Otic. Now, the use is an occasional cleaning with a soft cotton square on the underside of his flop-over ears.

Epi Otic by Sherry09/18/2014

This is the one cleaner that really works on my dog's itchy ears. Great for everyday maintenance.

Great Ear Cleaner by jax2208/07/2013

The industry standard imo. works great! Highly recommend! I put it in a dropper bottle an use 1ml/ear at a time.Makes for less mess when they shake their head and is a little easier to control putting into a cat's ear.

Ear Cleaner by SueFK03/25/2012

This product lives up to its description. An excellent ear cleaner.

Hear This by SooZ from Florida01/16/2015

My rescue dog, Josie has those floppy Cocker ears. I have been using this product monthly, after her bath, and have never encountered her having an ear infection. She tolerates it very well. but of course, shelter dogs are grateful. Don't buy....ADOPT

Perfect by lar from Chesapeake, Virginia03/25/2014

It is the perfect product for keeping our dogs ears clean and fresh.

Fresh Clean Ears! by Ellen R Majewski from Milford, CT07/28/2014

This is the only ear cleaning product I use on my pets. Leaves ears fresh and clean. Removes excess wax. Make this product a part of your routine grooming regimen.

Ear Problems by Jackie02/08/2008

My collie used to get yeast infections in her ears all the time. I got this ear cleaner from the vet because the kind I was using was alcohol based and was causing more of a problem. I really like it and now this is the only ear cleaner I use!

This stuff really works! by gaantra from Newville, PA10/23/2012

Very happy with this purchase. It flushed the wax and dirt out very well.

This is a GREAT product by Tigerhops from San Antonio, Tx03/10/2013

I have used Epi-Otic on both of my dogs. It is great for getting the moisture out the ears after bathing. I highly recommend this product.

Cleans Without Irritating by Jean from Bergen County, NJ10/11/2013

Easy to administer, does a great job, and I appreciate that it can be purchased in a size that will last a bit longer than the sizes sold in big box stores.

Fantastic product by Freddie from Upstate New York12/12/2011

Thoughly cleans my Dog's ears providing comfort to a chronic condition.

excellent cleaner for the ears by gail from dayton oh12/24/2013

great ear cleaner and also dries out the canal so theres no moisture to let infection start and it smells great

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