Eradimite 1 oz

    Eradimite 1 oz

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    Description: Contains 0.15% Pyrethrins to kill ear mites and ticks, aids in ear wax removal. Apply 10 drops in each ear and massage. Apply every other day until problem is cleared up. DO NOT use on nursing animals. For use on dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, and rabbits.

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    did not receive by JH03/25/2014

    Still waiting for backorder to be shipped.

    Great Supplier by ali from new mexico12/28/2011

    first time i did business with them, awesome, very happy & with fast shipping. thanks again!!!!!!!!!!

    Suggested by Breeder by Tuukka from Attleboro, MA09/10/2013

    To keep Cocker Spaniels ears free of infections. Clean thoroughly and add one drop per ear weekly. So far, so good!

    Don't go else where cost more for less drugs by THANG TRAN CONNECTICUT from Bridgeport,Connecticut11/02/2012

    I have five cats all have serious ear mites . my cats seem unhappy all the time ,they don't like me to touch their itchy ears,they shake their head quite often,they scratch their ear like crazy trying to get rid of the ear mites unsuccesfully some time they howls in pains.After some searching around ,i ordered four bottle of Eradimite 1 oz from i am began to treat my poor cats twice a week .After two weeks all of them ear mites free.Their ears look very clean and healthy.They are now live happy than ever.Thank you Entire for selling me wonderful Eradimite for my cats.Highly recomment.

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    Eradimite by Lisa44811 from Bellevue, OH 44811, USA06/07/2013

    I received exactly what I ordered. I have gotten this product before through my Vet so it was nice to be able to order online and have it conveniently delivered to my door.

    Great product that works! by Debster from Florida06/05/2014

    My Westie had been having ear problems for a few weeks. I decided to give this product a try after going to the vets office and receiving ear drops to help him that didn't work. This did the trick and cleared up his ears in over a week.

    Eradimite by Angels of Moldavite from U.K.09/13/2014

    Only use 4 drops every other day on your pet...Please do not use 10 drops it will make your pet very I found this out. It really does work but on a low dosage it takes about 3 / 4 weeks to work. Care must be taken to clean the ears every day and to use 4 drops every other day. I now live with two happier cats. I also recommend ear drops called Mullein Flower ear drops alcohol-free for the ears before you use the Eradimite as this helps with the itching and scratching and it is wonderful if your pet has an ear infection which both of my cats suffered.I hope this helps you with your pet as my cats suffered for almost a year before I found Eardimite.Thank you for this product.

    Good Product by JD from Miami, Fl06/17/2013

    I have used this product for many yrs and was happy to have found it on entirely pets for a great price. It usually works within 1-2 applications. The only draw back is when my cats shake their ear the product can get into their mouth or eyes. I have even gotten some on me.

    Thank you for this miracle drug by Phyl from oxford,pa06/06/2012

    My pets and I thank you, after 2 applications, ear mites are finally gone. Thank you so much for the excellent product and quick service.


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