• Everlasting Fun Ball - Medium

    Everlasting Fun Ball - Medium

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    StarMark Everlasting Fun Ball
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    Starmark's Everlasting Fun Ball is an extremely durable toy ball with a capacity to hold treats. This ball is ideal for mega chewers, or any dog that requires an outlet for excess energy.

    Highly Durable Materials

    The Everlasting Fun Ball is made of highly durable, virtually indestructible material. It is stronger and lighter than rubber, and is free of latex, vinyl and phthalates. This is a safe and fun ball to roll around, bounce, and its ability to float makes it ideal for pool play.

    Add Treats for Mental Stimulation
    The Everlasting Ball offers mental stimulation

    Fill the Everlasting Fun Ball with your dog's favorite treats to make active play more compelling. Try using the StarMark Everlocking Treats for long lasting chewing enjoyment for your dog. Playing while searching for treats helps reduce your dog's anxiety and boredom behaviors.

    For Larger Dogs, Try The Large Size.
    Everlasting Fun Ball
    • Provides Hours of Mental Stimulation and Physical Activity
    • Virtually Indestructible
    • Dispenses Small Treats or Kibble
    • Rolls, Bounces and Floats in Water
    • Approximately 2.27" diameter
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    Siennia loves this ball!!! by Beth Morter from I live in Pennsyvania04/26/2012

    My little Siennia just loves this ball sooo much!!He plays with it all day long.I put food or a liver bit in it and he goes nuts over it!!!Thank-you again for another wonderful fun toy!!!<3<3<3<3<3

    Great Toy! by KSDallas04/29/2012

    We have 5 beagles under the age of 3. They pretty much destroy toys instantly. This toy is still intact and they love to play with it. I love that it bounces. It gets their attention when you throw it. We don't put treats in ours (it would cause a war) but the fact that you can put treats in the middle is an added bonus. I would definitely recommend an Everlasting Ball to anyone who has dogs!

    Lasts and lasts! by SR11/13/2010

    This is a the best treat ball/plain-old-ball that I have owned. Originally bought medium size for my first beagle. He did not play with it, BUT recently adopted a German Sheperd mix (extreme chewer with a poweful scissor-like jaw) and he absolutely loves this ball!!! He loves balls in general, and when he wants something to chase inside and that is soft to chew on, this is the toy he chooses, with or without treats. Amazingly, he does no damage to it despite all the chewing. Haven't been able to find him any other "soft" toy that holds up more than 5 minutes. Amazing!

    Very good toy for dogs. by Allison from Sumter, SC04/26/2012

    I actually won one of these on facebook and my dogs love it. They didn't know what to do when it started letting treats out, but they caught on quickly and I have trouble keeping it full now. I will be buying a large size of this for my bigger dogs. Thanks!

    Indestructable ball. by nannyel03/26/2012

    I buy this toy for every dog I know. Its a great choice for dogs who love to play fetch, chew for hours or just amuse themselves trying to get treats out of it. My German Shepherd, who destroys most toys, has had one for a couple of years and it looks as good as the day we got it. He spends hours chewing on it every day, so I bought a spare to use when it disappears under the sofa.

    by nonickname from Albany, NY12/08/2012

    Dog likes to play with it even when he's gotten all the treats out of it.

    Can't live without our Everlasting Fun Balls! by PK from Seattle, WA11/30/2011

    These are THE BEST food/toy/puzzle ever. I never worry about the dogs chewing them -- they just work at getting the food out and have a great time doing it. Each dog gets one in their crate when we leave on a long car trip. They are happy to load up and keep busy for a long time. I've given several away and told everyone this is a favorite in our house.


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