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Exo Terra Glass Terrarium (12"x12"x18")
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Exo Terra Glass Terrarium (12"x12"x18")

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The Exo Terra Glass Terrarium is designed to provide maximum viewing of a small pet while keeping the animal safely contained and safe within the inside environment. The Terrarium comes with with a back panel for a natural look, a clear windowed base, a fully-surrounded enclosure in framed glass, and two front side opening panels for easy, direct access inside. The Terrarium also comes with a standard flat top lid fitted to the enclosure for an accurate seal.

The Exo Terra 12" Terrarium provides a perfect enclosure for a small reptile or amphibian to be housed in while still providing the pet's owner easy access for feeding, cleaning and maintenance of the environment. When coupled with Exo Terra's advance canopy tops, a pet owner can have a fully controlled and contained environment for a small pet, including temperature and humidity sensors provided by Exo Terra accessories. Where heating is needed, the Terrrarium has multiple spaces and connection points so heating rocks and similar can be mounted inside without a hassle.

Additional benefits of the Exo Terra Glass Terrarium include:

• Locks so the pet inside cannot escape by accident. • A waterproof base so liquid inside won't leak out. • A mesh cover made of stainless steel so a pet can get out working or chewing on the top canopy lid.

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