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    Exo Terra Heat-Glo Infrared Spot Lamp (100 W)

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    The Exo Terra Heat-Glo Infrared Spot Lamp utilizes a 100 watt bulb to provide needed heat for amphibians and reptile pets that need to live comfortably in a warmer climate than a normal room temperature. Designed to fit and work with Exo Terra Terrariums and Canopies, the Infrared Spot Lamp provides needed heat that allow lizards, snakes and amphibians the ability to warm up like they would naturally under the sun if out in the wild.

    The Exo Terra Heat Bulb doesn't waste any of its heat. With a built-in reflector, the Bulb utilizes all of its heat and sends in a needed direction. Further, the red bulb's light won't interfere or cause a problem with other lighting or regular day activity, so pets stay warm and comfortable but enjoy their environment otherwise.

    Benefits of the Exo Terra Heat Bulb include:

    An easy way to boost the temperate air and heat in an enclosed pet environment. A safe way to provide heat waves for reptiles and amphibians without hurting them. Works 24 hours a day without issue or risk. The Bulb has no negative effect on animals and normal activity cycle. Helps provide a soft lighting so that a pet owner can watch night activity. With the Exo Terra accessory system, the Bulb can be combined with regular lighting in an Exo Terra Canopy.

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