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Feliway Refills for Diffuser - 3 PACK (144 ml)

Item Number: FLWAY3PREF
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Feliway Refills (Comfort Zone) spray and diffusers prevent cats from urinating where they shouldn't.

 This fantastic new pheromone Feliway spray or diffuser duplicates the smell of a cat's natural scent glands. Cats will not soil anything close to where Feliway has been sprayed.

Enjoy extra savings on a 6 pack of 48 ml refills. Feliway Diffuser resolves marking problems naturally. Provides an effective way to control and manage unwanted feline behaviors such as: urine marking, scratching, stress and anxiety. Also useful in acclimating cats to new environments. Creates a calming effect.

Urine marking Supplement Preferred For best results, use the Feliway Diffuser in combination with the Feliway Spray.
Vertical scratching Preferred Supplement The Feliway Spray should be applied directly to the entire scratched surface. The Feliway Diffuser can also help reduce stress.
Multi-cat household Supplement Preferred The Feliway Diffuser should be used to reduce the general level of stress in all cats. The Feliway Spray can be used in combination with the Diffuser in high traffic areas.
to the
cat's environment
Supplement Preferred The Feliway Diffuser is teh most convenient formulation. The Feliway Spray can be used in combination with the Diffuser to enhance effectiveness.
of the
Supplement Preferred
new pet...)
Supplement Preferred
Fireworks Supplement Preferred The Feliway Diffuser is the most convenient formulation. Begin use 1-2 weeks before anticipated event.
Supplement Preferred
with a
Supplement Preferred The Feliway Diffuser is the most convenient formulation. The Feliway Spray can be used in combination with the Diffuser or in a situation whrere the Diffuser is not practical (boarding, kennels, carriers).
Adoption Supplement Preferred
Boarding Preferred Supplement
Transportation Preferred N/A About 10 minutes prior to leaving, spray all four corners and floor of the carrier with Feliway.

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Customer Reviews

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4.66 rating based on 124 reviews
feliway diffuser by two brothers06/23/2012

great price; cat still pees where he should'nt...

Best Pruchase Every by darecka from Peoria, AZ05/31/2012

I have a very nervous cat and he does great with this product. Even our Vet has promoted it to her other clients because how well it works. Many times, due to the situation outside such as stray cats, upset my cat and his muscles tighten to where he has a problem using his litter box. I've placed them right by his boxes and he'll take a sniff of the Feliway and it takes just a moment, he then gets in and is able to go. When I'm out, he digs and doesn't go. He crys a lot and starts running around like a wild cat. Thank you FELIWAY!!! I now have a happy, CALM cat.

Best Price Ever by Sfsisa from Springfield, OR10/10/2011

I always have Feliway going in my cat household. Entirely for pets has the best price on this product.

Love the product by Bren from Michigan11/07/2012

This really works for my cats. I have 4 of them and I know for a fact it works.

Good for Cats with Anxiety/Nervousness by kwhite100 from Charlotte, NC12/05/2011

I have a cat who is nervous at times who was periodically marking territory outside the litter box and sometimes even pulling tuffs of hair out if anything changed slightly in her world. Feliway really helped calm her down

it seems to work by kokopeli02/29/2012


Fantastic Feliway! by ocelots from Hamilton, New Zealand03/18/2013

I am so pleased Feliway exists. I have used it every time Pookey, my 19 year old cat is in a new or stressful situation, such as moving house or going to the vet. A few months ago Pookey began miaowing loudly at odd times at night. I am starting to suspect he might be going a bit senile. I now put him in the spare bedroom with the Feliway at night and he is completely calm. I'm so relieved as I did not like him being so distressed. If only it would work on humans!

A great aid in making a new cat feel at home. by Ghost Cat from New York06/03/2013

Our rescue Siamese was as shy and frightened as any animal I have ever seen. Feliway made his introduction to our home easier on him and on us!

Not Certain by Not Certain from Charleston, SC05/30/2012

While I think the Feliway Diffuser is helping, my male cat has not completely stopped marking the plastic cabinet we have in the pantry. I use the Urine Away product that was also recommended for when he does mark it but he has not quit completely. I never know from one day to the next if I will find he has marked the cabinet. Sometimes it's a week or more but just when I think he has stopped he does it again. I've been using both products now for about 5 months. It's definitely better but he's hasn't stopped completely.

Feliway by Jake12/17/2012

Feliway is an excellent product for my multiple cat household. My only problem is remembering to order refills, especially when they are on sale. I got an excellent price break with the recent end of year sale. Feliway works wonders for calming most of my cats -- others don't seem affected one way or the other. But, the calming effect has been superb for my most "nervous" cat to the point of her hair growing back where she'd lost it from stress.

Highly recomend by dude02/29/2012

My cat was starting to spray things. I tryed the plug in feliway and he quit. Have been using for years. Just plug it in & forget it, check once a month.

LOVE this Product! by JGG from St. Paul, MN06/20/2013

Great price and this product truly works (we have three male cats) and have found great success with it.

Good product by Mary Ann from NJ06/07/2012

Feliway helps to calm two of my cats that don't always get along. It makes the aggressive cat a little less nasty, and the other cat a little less afraid to hang out when she's around. I plug one in where each of them sleeps. It doesn't remove the problem completely, but does reduce the tension. It's definitely worth a shot if you want a calmer multi-cat household. And the price on this website is excellent!

Great product by Roxy06/28/2013

this helps with calming down my cats from having accidents...

Feliway diffuser by itsme02/01/2013

This is awesome, as long as I have it in the living room my cats do not mark their territory. I highly recommend it. And there is no smell that humans can pick up.

Very pleased with this product by Cat Mom from Sedro Woolley, WA12/14/2012

Have now had diffuser going 2 1/2 months - and I'm very pleased. The 3 y.o. neutered male sibling stopped marking the sofa against his sister - and he has stopped 'going after' her. He has become a very sweet cat - loving to me - and a gentleman to his sis. I'm afraid to stop the diffuser - he was a hooligan before!! LOL Yes, I would recommend this to anyone - it has certainly done the job for me!

Helps Nervous Cat by alistrong from Strongsville, Oh01/27/2013

We have a cat w/a touchy stomach. If she eats too fast she immediately throws the food back up. So we keep the Feliway Comfort Zone plugged in right by her food dish, It keeps the problem to a minimum.

These DO work! by Tracy from Pittsburgh PA01/01/2013

The Feliway diffuser refills do work..when mine are empty, the cats seem more restless with each other. My only complaint is that they do NOT last as long as the company says..and they have the answer because of having the heat or a/c on...

Cat calming method by Shannon from Ann Arbor, MI03/16/2012

Feliway never fails to calm my cats down during times of stress, such as a move.

by from 01/28/2012

I moved into a new apartment a few months ago and my feline friend had some trouble adjusting. I started using Feliway and within a month, he was back to normal.

best by price from forEntirelyPets


A must for stressed cats!!! by Anne10/24/2012

When the cats must travel the diffuser calms them (I use the spray in their carriers & a light mist in areas until diffuser takes effect). Feliway has helped with marking and general bad behavior of two male Himalayans.

It Works! by cxsheppard from Temecula CA12/06/2010

It was recommended by a friend with a multicat household, and we were very sceptical. But it works! From having constant fighting between two of our cats, we have a truce. They still dont like each other, but they dont feel the need to challenge each other either. We are SO pleased.... When it ran out, we could sense one of the cats getter more aggressive with the other, so we quickly bought refills. We think it was a cure for one cat, but the other still needs the input.

by from 06/11/2012

Calming Essence by Cat Parent from Homer Glen, IL07/12/2012

We have two cats: one is an alpha male, who sometimes can be quite aggressive; the second is a timid female. When the Feliway diffuser is activated, there is a marked difference in the male. He is calmer and does not stalk the female. The female becomes calmer and stops over-grooming. Feliway is fantastic! Wish we had known about it sooner.

It works! by Deb10/22/2012

What else is there to say other than, "It works!" My cat never pees or sprays when I'm using the diffuser. When I stop using it, the upsetting behavior begins again.

Very needed Purchase by darecka from Phoenix, AZ11/23/2011

My cat was abandoned as a kitten and locked in a house for 30 days. He is easily startled and upset by outside noises and other animals outside the house. He will actually go up to the Feliway and sniff it to calm himself. Without Feliway, Buddy has a very medical problem with the litterbox and his bladder. KUDOS to the inventor!!!

by from 10/22/2012

Feliway Works Great! by Missy02/19/2012

What a great product! I have a hyper cat who can be so sweet & loving but then attack me & bite me the next minute. Ever since I plugged in Feliway he doesn't attack me or bite me at all anymore. He is much calmer & acts like normal cat. He even acts happier when the Feliway is plugged in. If it runs out he goes back to biting & acting terrible. He doesn't attack my other cat anymore either! Now he is sweet all the time thanks to Feliway! I will never go without it again!

Feliway by Margie10/10/2011

I have three cats and I love the feliway. I love that Entirely pets sells a 3 pack. It saves me alot of money, and they ship extremely fast!!

Great for multi-cat families by Pats02/18/2013

Feliway plug-ins keep "on edge" cats calm and minimizes spraying or escalation of cat fights.

Calms the cat by snowblood from Waterloo, Ontario12/14/2012

I love the effects of Feliway on my cat! She is more calm and doesn't scratch the carpet!!! Which saved me from replacing my carpets! Yea!!!

still spraying by ctnbl from PBG, Fl11/06/2012

Have an older male cat that used to go outside to do his business. Now he stays inside 27/7 since moving to a new home. He has ALWAYS been territorial! Always! I have tried this diffuser in my other home and would still have issues. Have bought it again thinking because of different open floor plan needed to plug in more at one time. Still doesnt work. Maybe its just my upset territoral boy! Good luck. Doesnt work for us and I bought alot at one time since it was a better price. Will keep trying!

Feliway Diffuser by Killer Kat from Los Angeles11/06/2012

Cat, 15 years old, has been trouble his entire life! In previous residence he had marked constantly, even though he has been neutered. Tried Feliway off and on in old residence, but didn't work so well due to the odors from his previous markings. Moved to new home, new construction, decided to try Feliway again and without any other scents in the home, he has not marked once in over a year! Still a mean cat, but no marking!

good product by GIna11/06/2012

This stuff helps calm aggressive or nervous behavior and all of its consequences. Works well.

by from 01/01/2013

The first time that I had read about this product was when I was researching cat behavior modification. I was hesitant to use this at first since there were some mixed reviews out there.

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by Leila05/30/2012

came promptly,saved me money over what I would have paid at Petsmart

FELIWAY PRODUCT by ROSE FROM CANADA from toronto ontario03/16/2012

UNBELIEVABLE....only wish i could buy in Canada..(you can at vets..but expensive). my sisters cat was doing some really nasty peeing in places she should not...(peeing in jacket for eg) feliway stopped it right away..i would suggest this for any one that has this type of problem....

Feliway fan by Mo from Charlotte,NC06/19/2012

I have a very anxious kitty, & the feliway diffuser seems to calm him down. Otherwise he has "sprayed" & urinated in areas of the house, & sometimes it takes days to find where he has marked his spot. Entirely Pets has the best price that I've found for this product. I would highly recommend this product.

Good vibrations by Janet in Maryland from Gaithersburg, MD06/26/2013

Our two males cats have really settled down with each other since using the feliway diffuser. I make sure I have refills on hand at all times to keep the good times rolling.

Worth the price !! by judy from Glendale Arizona01/14/2012

I was having a problem with my male cat "marking" all over my house & wearing myself out scolding & trying to stop him when I caught him doing it. I purchased Feliway Diffuser products & within a month saw a difference. I've been using it every since & he has calmed down so much it is like having a different cat in the house.

Feliway is a life saver! by 3 Cat Mom02/23/2012

We have three cats, 2 males and a female, and Feliway has saved our sanity. All 3 cats are shelter rescues, and our big (18+ pounds) male is very food-insecure and very territorial. Mealtimes and open windows had gotten to be major problems (fighting over food and spraying whenever a neighborhood cat came by.) I'm not saying that Feliway is a bottled miracle, because we did have to do some behavior modification techniques as well, but Feliway was a major part of the turnaround. We put one diffuser in the kitchen where the cats are fed and one next to the window where all the neighborhood cats like to come by, and the problems have reduced drastically! We order a 3- or 6-pack of Feliway and just keep the diffusers running all the time. This stuff is totally worth the price!

Works Great!! by Jess08/10/2009

This stuff really works!! I have a Persian cat who began urine marking when we brought my newborn daughter home. I spent lots of $$ at the vet to make sure she didn't have some other medical problem first and the vet recommended I try this product. The marking stopped instantly. She's much more calm now and acts like she is part of the family again and doesn't runaway like she used to!! Definitely try this product if you don't want to give up on your pet!!

Worth the money by Lindsey11/24/2009

I bought this product and was doubtful it would work. I wasn't thrilled about the price, but wanted to just give it a shot. We recently moved into a new house and was afraid my cats would experience anxiety. Also, my cats are pretty playful and beat each other up often! We didn't notice any huge behavior changes at first. The cats adjusted well to the move and things were quiet and peaceful. However, we noticed that about 1 week after the diffusers ran out, the cats went wild again, and were very aggressive. A day after we put the refills in, we were a quiet family once again. Now, we make sure we never run out!

Love this stuff wouldn't be without it by grandmakatz from East central, Indiana01/01/2013

Feliway has helped my very aggressive male cat to stop lashing out. Being a previous shelter cat he came to me little but broken, he has had many behavior issues. We were afraid that he may have to be euthanized because of it, but now as long as I keep a feliway going in the house everything is ok. He is not an outgoing cat but we don't live in fear of him anymore. We will never be a day without this product. BTW, we really love this cat, he is our baby.

Diffuser by anonymous03/25/2008

Excellent product - effective with aggression too. My cat sleeps right near it.

Feiway Diffuser refills by Joan from Salem, Missouri11/25/2012

Best product ever, calms my cats, makes for a happy home.

Diffuser by Mike G06/07/2008

Excellent product. My cat kept urinating on a new rug no matter what we sprayed it with until we locked him out of the room completely. Then he moved into the kitchen to do the same thing. Since having this diffuser he has not urinated outside his litter box in over a month.

This works, but not 100%! by Debby M01/19/2009

It has cut down tremendously on my feral spayed female - she still sprays occasionally, but once every 3 months I can live with - she was doing it every day before the Feliway kicked in. Much safer than having them on drugs for this.

Calm them own by kajon from Stockholm Sweden05/28/2013

This is a very good product. We have 9 cats and no disturbance beetwen after we installed Feliway in the eletric outlet

Suggested by son who had product suggested by vet by Cat mom11/23/2012

I know the day the difuser runs dry because my cats begin to fight. I was skepticle but am now totally convinced this product works! Wish it worked on humans!

Great Price by Kendy from Lansing, MI06/07/2012

I am testing out Feliway as an alternative to medication for a high stress cat in my home. At pet stores, this product is $25/refill with a refill needed at least once a month. Through Entirely Pets, I was able to get three months worth for just a little more than I spend on 1 at the stores. Looking forward to purchasing more.

product and service by Margie from Kenosha, WI10/26/2012

I really do like this procuct, it does work keeping my three cats calmer. Also, the delivery service can't be beat. I get my order usually within 2 days, even if I order on the weekends.

Good Seller with Excellent Product by Vicky12/18/2012

The price of this product is very reasonable. Good!

by bluekitten01/08/2013

Excellent tool, helps cat during pregnancy and during and after childbirth.

Helps with multiple cats by Suegirl from Lorain, OH01/17/2012

We have 6 cats - they get along, most of the time. One of our younger cats is very "touchy" and has anxiety. We have her on meds from the vet, but the Feliway really makes a difference for her. I notice the difference in her personality and demeanour right away when I plug in a Feliway. It doesn't seem to affect the other cats, but it's worth it for the one it does affect. Has reduced her inappropriate urination dramactically!

Feliway comes through! by Charliet from Pittsburgh, PA02/07/2012

Feliway refills are always welcome at our house! With four cats who sometimes don't always get along, these work! Plug in a full one and watch things calm down..when the dispensers are empty and dry, things get more stressful among two of them, who bicker sometimes.

Great service from EntirelyPets by qwertyz12 from Columbia, MD02/20/2012

EntirelyPets had the best price around for the Feliway Diffusers and delivery was very quick. Time will tell how well they work. I adopted an older cat and he and my other older cat aren't getting along too well yet. They seem to have relaxed a little after starting the Feliway diffusers, but the instructions say it can take 30 days, or even up to 45 for older cats, to see the desired effect.

Not sure if this works... by Bellanyc from New York, NY12/04/2011

...but I don't want to risk it not working by not using it anymore. My only complaint really, is that the device doesn't sit tightly in the socket, and because it droops slightly, it needs to be replaced while there is still some liquid in there. Other than that, I believe it's worth trying

works but not like i thought by scooter texan from beaumont, tx11/06/2012

It does work but seems more effective right after putting a full bottle in. The cats still fight but seems to be a little less. Gonna try it a few more months.

part of bigger solution by catmom from Boston, MA06/22/2012

I have one cat who urinates on clothing, bed, furniture, etc. when he's stressed. Unfortunately, it doesn't take much to stress him out! With medication from his vet, 3 feliway diffusers throughout the house, and increased petting/grooming, this behavior gets under control and his elimination stays in the litterbox. I'm not sure how well the product works on its own, I only know that for me it's working as part of a larger solution.

I think it helps a bit by Eyasta from San Jose, CA11/15/2012

I've used Feliway diffusers on and off for a few years, especially when our newest cat adopted us. (He had a habit of spraying since we have other cats in the house.) Although Feliway isn't a "magic pill" for this problem, I do think it lessens the tendency to urine mark. They seem a little more relaxed.

Great product that actually works!! by Kristy from Cary, NC06/13/2013

I purchased these because I have two cats, one of which is a male that has occasionally sprayed in the house and this has become more frequent. He also meows during the night non-stop, runs around constantly, and beats up on my other cat. Since using this product he and the other cat have been playing without her whining if he accidentally hurts her, and there have been no more spraying episodes!! He has calmed down quite a bit. Unfortunately he still meows a bit during the night and runs around like a mad man every other night or so, but overall this has definitely helped calm him and I could not be happier that he is no longer spraying in the house! I definitely plan to purchase more, I just wish they were cheaper!

Can't tell any difference by Julie from Fort Worth, TX01/08/2013

I had high hopes for the Feliway diffuser, but I can't tell any difference in my cat community's behavior since installing it.

WOW!!! by rnjen63 from CA12/29/2011

Can I just say...amazing?! My previously 'scardy-cat of the universe' is now highly visible and present! The first ten years of his life we probably actually saw him for two, now...he only goes to the 'panic room' when he knows the vet is coming or he thinks someone is coming over that he doesn't know. Thanks, and keep making this great stuff!

It really works to calm down scaredy cats by Lia from Florida06/25/2011

Mr. B is afraid of his own shadow, and I've moved households several times since I've had him (8 yrs), so a vet recommended this. Now I've noticed a difference in his behavior if I don't replace it when it runs out (he's a little "crazier" and hides more often). It was hard to squeeze it into my budget, but luckily I found it on this site (entirelypets.com) where I can buy a 3 or 6 pack and save money. I had also found that it costs less at my vet than in the pet store too. Definitely worth it though to keep Mr. B feeling safe and calm! :)

It works!! by judy from Glendale Arizona11/02/2012

I have been using the Feliway diffusers for about a year after reaching a position of thinking about taking my cat back to the Humane Society. He was so out of control with his marking in the house I was constantly cleaning & watching & trying to get him to stop but nothing I did helped. I got on the internet to see if there was anything on the there that might work. After reading about Feliway I ordered some & almost immediately noticed a difference. As time went on I became convinced that the Feliway was working so I would recommend it to anyone who has the same problem. Give it a try & I think you'll agree with me. Thanks Feliway

great product by grannylo from Hartford, CT05/30/2012

ive been using this product for at least 3 years and it works beautifully for my kitty - no anxiety as long as I have it running

Keep it stocked. by Fluffylumps' Mom from New York, NY11/23/2011

I have a bottle being diffused at all times. My 3 cats rarely have cause to be at each others' throats, but when it runs out, I do notice that one cat is more easily irritated and prone to hissing. I just keep it going at all times and things seem to go pretty smoothly. Good investment, and good pricing for the pack of 3.

Feliway Diffuser Works! by Pilgrim03/14/2012

Made a believer out of me! This product was recommended by my vet, who suggested it would reduce the post-operative stress on my injured cat. I thought, "If I can't smell it, it can't work!" - But it does!! My sweetheart is definitely calmer, especially when in the room where the Feliway diffuser was located. Now I use them in most rooms of the house, especially where my baby spends time! Highly recommended!

by Fancy's Mom11/08/2011

It has taken 5 weeks to see results (no more inappropriate urination) using the Feliway diffuser, so the great price on this refill package made it easy to keep trying and to be sure that I can keep using it if I find I need to. The product was sent very quickly so there was no break in our use. We are a much happier family now.

Helps calm my kitties down by MaryB from Florida03/06/2013

A useful tool for coping with anxious or stressed kitties. Plug it in. It can take a few weeks for this to begin working with your cat but what I did notice was the difference when it ran out! Now I keep a supply in the house. Fast efficient service and delivery. Good price.

GREAT PRODUCT!! GREAT VALUE!! by lorrie from COLORADO03/04/2013


it really works!!! by judy from Glendale, Az10/13/2011

My male cat was becoming more & more agressive with his marking just about anything in the house. i was constantly going around & cleaning up the marks. nothing i did made him understand that this was unexceptable behavior. i was contemplating taking him back to the humane society where i knew he would never find a home where this would be tolerated & i really didn't want to do that. i searched the internet & found this product & all the favorable reviews & decided to try it. well i have been using it for about 4 months now & it is working. thanks

by from 10/23/2012

Great Investment by Julie from Toronto, Ontario12/03/2012

This product seems to work with my cats. I see the calmness in them. It also helps with the marking situation. They used to go outside the box, but every place I've used Feliway, within a couple of weeks of daily use, the problem has disappeared.

really works by kmkinmi from MI01/02/2013

I have 3 cats that do not always get along with each other and one of them is a male who was prone at times to spraying, especially when upset with the others. I use the diffuser always and the spray for places where he is likely to spray and it really works! He does not spray any more and overall the tension in the house has decresaed... it hasn't gone away entirely but it is limited to hissing and growling and no more physical altercations---overall they are happier and healthier

Great stuff! by Renee12/07/2011

I have used Filaway for 7 years now. It has helped to calm all 3 of my cats. I use the plugin year round! I can tell when I run out too! I think my cats appreciate that I use it. :)

It Saved My Sanity by DeDe from Harrison, OH11/29/2011

Our 2 new sibling strays did not spray until 1 yr.of age. I had to wash 2 bedrooms of linens every day until I read about using the Diffuser. They had 3 accidents the 1st month but none after that. I also use the Feliway Spray in conjunction the Diffusers. SAVED MY SANITY! I love this product. truly!

It really works by BV02/21/2013

I have a multicat household. I have used this product for about a year. It has helped keep peace among the cats and they are more relaxed and playful.

good but not quite 30 days by stacey from Harrisburg, PA08/07/2012

I like this product. I feel it helps my cats but it didn't last 30 days. It was more like 22-25 days which was disappointing.

by from 10/13/2011

I have many cats from ferals to house cats with different personalities and temperments. I would NEVER be without Feliway! I use three at a time in various outlets and the spray in the car and carriers going to the vet. If one cat is totally stressed it lays by the plug-in.

cats by I from ALWAYSBefore


very good product by grannylo from Hartford, CT10/22/2012

works great with my kitty, i've been using feliway since shortly after I adopted her from humane society when she was 3 years old - she is now 7.

Big help for a Cat Filled House! by Meow02/02/2012

We recently had a kitty addition to our already overflowing home and one of our older cats was none too pleased and began urinating outside of the litterbox. We put one Feliway plugin in each room where we were having the issue and it has improved by 95%. HUGE help! Hooray Feliway!

Must-have Product! by Alayne from Hartford, CT01/27/2013

Feliway, used in the form of a diffuser, has been a tremendous help with one of my three cats. She was wary and scared, dominated by the other two. Her eating suffered, and she stayed in one room most of the time despite my attempts to pay her extra attention. Once I tried the diffuser, her behavior improved dramatically. She's eating much better, gaining a little weight, and much more likely to circulate in our household. She even stands her ground occasionally with the other cats! Thanks, Feliway, and thanks Entirely Pets for your reasonable price for this product.

Love It by Breeanne from MN04/24/2012

Feliway helps all 3 of my cats (all sisters); two are very shy and it helps them not hide and to feel more confident, and one sister has occasional aggressive tendancies and it keeps her behavior in check. It makes for a calmer home.

does the job by Loretta from Cambridge Mn10/27/2011

Feliway is in my living room and has been used there for over 1 year. My older cat was peeing there. I think because the foster cats I was caring for, were too stressful for her. She is much calmer now. I will keep using it.

Excellent product by laverne from Ofallon, Mo06/21/2013

Feliway diffuser refills have helped my cat. She was nipping my arm. No longer does,unless I forget to replace diffuser when empty. Thanks

Always satisfied by Di05/30/2012

As soon as the Feliway diffusers in my house run out I know it because my three cats get fussy and start bugging each other, like they always do when there is no Feliway. I have a cat who urinates on rugs. She's kind of stressed and when I spray the rugs lightly (NOT near the cat) she does not urinate on the rugs. It's my miracle find and I have used it for 5 years.

Magic! by Becky08/10/2012

I am so impressed with this product. Our persian was always extremely jittery at any noise and was very afraid of storms, to the point of drooling during them. We have been using Feliway diffusers for a couple of years now at the advice of our vet. Our cat now is relaxed during the times when he used to freak out! At first, we always knew when the diffuser was empty becuase of his actions, but now we only replace occaisionally.

It works.... by Ania from New Jersey03/15/2013

I am very happy with this product..... My cat has had accidents for a while...and now....none! So relieved that it does what I hoped!

Good Purchase by pebbles from Indiana02/13/2013

Sometimes it is hard to tell if this is really working but since only my cats can smell it, I'm assuming it is. They do seem to be a little more settled when I have the Feliway plugged in all the time.

Feliway works wonders by Sissy' Mom from Cary, NC01/17/2012

My 15 yr old kitty lost her brother of many yrs a year ago. She cried every night between 3 and 4 a.m. I bought Feliway for her room and immediately noticed that she was less distressed. Many months later, I doubted it was still having an effect, but I noticed that her Feliway was in fact low when she started crying more. I won't be without it now. She has finally started sleeping through the night, 15 months later. Give it a try for similar situations. I prefer the room diffuser to the spray which smells syrupy to me.

by Babus01/05/2013

I am amazed at the product. My female cat had been so tramatized by an outside cat that I didn't know if I was going to be able to keep her with my other cat. She is so much better and I know now that I can never get rid of her. Whenever she has a set back, I separate them. I also have the male cat sleep upstairs at night. It seems to be working with the Feliway Diffuser. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Pet Lover11/27/2012

Shipment was fast and product was exactly what was described.

very good product, great price by Jacqui from Stow, Ohio03/20/2013

This really decreases negative behaviors in our multi- cat household. The price is the best anywhere.

Maybe by Marconnie from TX11/04/2012

My vet said to try this for our 4 cats that are unhappy due to the new stray we took in. The oldest cat is still chases the newbie, but maybe it could have been worse. We're not giving up on the Feliway!

by from 02/25/2012

Feliway works by Mattie07/14/2012

It is a great product for cats who are nervous, and need a calming effect without the use of drugs.

Feliway by Peggy from Ravenna Ohio11/04/2011

This is an excellant product. My cat gets stressed out because of pain from stomach problems and this helps alleviate some of the stress to a manageble level. I also use the spray for my cat carrier prior to a vet visit to calm them.

Feliway Diffuser by 3 kittys03/30/2012

If you have multiple pets, you need the stuff. It really works.

Feliway by Cindy from Eugene Oregon12/27/2012

Feliway works very well - I have 6 cats and one of them has a tendency to spray when he is upset. He sprays less frequently when I use the Feliway diffuser.

works great by grannylo from Hartford, CT03/02/2012

have used this item regularly and it works beautifully to calm my cat

Life saver by Tammy from Midwest01/13/2013

I always use these in the winter when the felines are cooped up and don't get enough exercise. Helps keep hamony in the household!

AMAZING by LED from Weston, FL11/13/2012

Ever since I plugged these in all around my house I have not had 1 incident! My cat has been accident free for almost a year :)

always quick service and product works well! by moline from Greeley, Colorado03/19/2012

we have used the Feliway product for the past year or so to help with cats marking in the house. We had a change in our household and were moving kids out and furniture around and it was just too much for the kitties (3) and so we started using this and have continued to use it regularly to help with any set backs. The marking has stopped and we feel this has been a success.

Lifesaver by catservant01/27/2012

Our male cat started "marking" after we pet-sat a young dog for a few weeks. We tried many things before the Feliway; luckily for him, it worked. We tried stopping the Feliway after 1 month, and he started "marking" again, so we are probably stuck with long-term use. He is really a lot of fun and a very affectionate Tonkinese.

Miracle Product by KC02/02/2012

This product turns my anxious, misbehaving cat into a mostly calm and well behaved cat. I will use this as long as it's made.

Can't Live Without it by ecgnyc06/02/2012

Feliway is a life saver. For me and my cat. He is so much calmer when used. I know when to refill because he changes. Ordering with Entirely Pets is easy and much less than buying in the retail store or at the vet. Great product I have recommened to several friends AND recommended they buy here.

by Sal04/28/2012

I have three cats and I use it all the time. I believe it keeps them calm.

by Rhea10/23/2012

This is an excellent product for multi-cat households!

Have used for more than 15 years by Arnie12/07/2012

All of the feliway and comfort zone products have been very effective with resuce cats and our family cats. Highly recommend for any anxiety or stress related behaviour.

by from 12/17/2012

I have had several cats over the last 15 years that have had inappropriate urinating problems, and this product has worked to change the behaviour every time. I used it and the behaviour has stopped, usually after a few days. I continued use for two months and did not have to use it for that problem again.

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Excellent purchase by freespirit from Vancouver Island, Canada01/30/2013

My cat is no longer waking me up at night!

Best product to stop unwanted behaviors by Jan from Wickliffe, Ohio03/06/2013

I have a multi cat household, and sometimes everyone does not always get along. Feliway creates a calm atmosphere. It is also useful to stop unwanted behaviors like spraying. Highly recommend.

by from 10/25/2011

I order exclusively from entirely pets.

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Feliway by infuser. from JustMy


Effective product by JO from Sarasota11/15/2011

This product while not a 100% answer it sure helps with over anxious cats who are marking.

God Bless the creator of this product! by Lilbitz from Millington, Maryland08/16/2011

After the unfortunate loss of everything I owned, I was forced to move in with my mother & step-father, bringing my 2 cats with me. My male cat, "meatball", was introduced to the outside world & all of the trees and natural resources he could imagine. He adapted very quickly, yet had a VERY nervous disposition, wich was a new adjustment for both of us. The longer he was able to enjoy the yard and woods, the further away, mentally, he grew from me. My female cat (his sister), "Sissy", is just now getting the "free" feeling, but she still loves to be cuddled. After our traumatic experience, including the the un-welcomed introduction & joining of our feline families (my male & female to my mom's male & ruler of the roost), the depression & sadness became an overwhelming ordeal. I had a terrible time coming to terms with my guilt of up-rooting my pets (my kid's), forcing them into another cat's territory, and the mental break down of separating from my daughter (grown, but still my baby) and my home, so, Meatball & Sissy began to feel my pain. They stopped doing normal things, like playing & sleeping together, and Meatball started swatting at me when I tried to brush him or pet him. He used to lay in the bathtub & sink begging to be brushed, at "our" house. His anger & depression & nervousness, due largely to mom's cat "Chancey", became an 18month disorder, My heart ached for him, and because of him. UNTIL...the world's best Vet, Dr. Celeste Conn, suggested the Feliway Diffuser!! My order came within 3 days of ordering, and within another 3 days of using it, my "Meatball" (Meaty-meats for short) was back!! Him, Sissy, & Chancey lay within 5-10ft. of the diffuser, the hissing and anger towards each other has stopped, Meaty comes to me several times a day for brushing, he sleeps near the unit every night and day, he allows all of us to rub & touch him again, the affection is heartwarming. The immediate difference was a miracle and God-send!! He is so much happier, Sissy "tolerates" Chancey now, and the boys play together outside. I missed my Meaty-meats more than you can imagine, and I think he missed me too. He is constantly near me, and has not swatted at me even once, since plugging in the unit. If you need to re-adjust your cat's attitude, please buy this product!!! It has saved & forever changed all of our lives. Thank you, to the creator and to Dr. Conn for her advice. Sincerely, Elisha Porter (Beverleigh's daughter)

It really helps a stressed out kitty! by Patty from Fulshear, TX11/29/2012

We used this product for our 2 cats when we moved. They never seemed the slightest bit stressed. One of our cats is extremely shy and suffers from any disruptions to her surroundings. Feliway has helped her tremendously!

Wonderful Product by Deb from Mason City, IA10/23/2012

This purchase was donated, and is being used at the Humane Society of North Iowa and Mason City Stray Animal Shelter. Attached is a photo of an adopted rescue cat, Petey.

Keeps "Floyd" in line by Bige from Minneapolis03/27/2012

My cat Floyd is easily spooked by smells wafting through the windows, loud noises and unknown visitors. The Feliway diffusers keep him using his litter box. And the price is a lot less than at national pet stores.

Feliway works for my kitties by Kelly from Chicago, IL08/10/2012

This helps keep the peace among my 3 cats. One of the females will pick on the other female, but with the Feliway diffuser she stops her aggressive behavior.

Feliway - Does it Work? by Cat Lady from Los Angeles04/23/2013

YES!!! Absolutely! It made a marked (pun intended) difference practically overnight! It is expensive, so you want to be sure you're not just throwing away your money (I refrained from using a more crude term specific to the problem, heh heh!). The only downside (besides cost) is that if you have very clever felines, like I do, they will just find new spots to mark that you haven't applied Feliway to. But take heart, keep at it, you CAN win!

by from 04/15/2012

Good value by Elisa from Wisconsin11/04/2012

Buying the refills in bulk saves a lot of money

cheapest anywhere by legoe07/31/2012

I'm very happy to have found a cheaper alternative to the vets office which is 2 hrs away from me & my cats. Thank you.

feliway diffuser refills by chickenegg12/17/2012

so happy to have this show up in my mailbox instead of me chasing around town to find them


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