Feliway (75mL) Spray

    Feliway (75mL) Spray

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    Feliway (75mL) Spray

    is a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone, used by cats to mark their territory as safe and secure. By mimicking the cat's natural facial pheromones, Feliway creates a state of familiarity and security in the cat's local environment. As a result, Feliway can be used to help comfort and reassure cats, while they cope with a challenging situation and/or help prevent or reduce the stress caused to a cat during a change in their environment. The development of Feliway created a new field in veterinary medicine:Pheromonatherapy.

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    Feliway spray

    can help stop cat spraying. Both male and female cats, because of hormonal and behavior problems, can start spraying urine on objects or areas. Feliway contains pheromone-like substances which discourages this behavior when it is applied to the area the pet has sprayed.

    One depression of the Feliway pheromone spray nozzle should be applied approximately 4" from the site, 8" from the floor. Only one spray per application site is necessary. Urine marks and prominent objects should be treated one to two times daily for 30 days. Maintenance application every two to three days may be necessary in some situations.

    Urine marking Supplement Preferred For best results, use the Feliway Diffuser in combination with the Feliway Spray.
    Vertical scratching Preferred Supplement The Feliway Spray should be applied directly to the entire scratched surface. The Feliway Diffuser can also help reduce stress.
    Multi-cat household Supplement Preferred The Feliway Diffuser should be used to reduce the general level of stress in all cats. The Feliway Spray can be used in combination with the Diffuser in high traffic areas.
    to the
    cat's environment
    Supplement Preferred The Feliway Diffuser is teh most convenient formulation. The Feliway Spray can be used in combination with the Diffuser to enhance effectiveness.
    of the
    Supplement Preferred
    new pet...)
    Supplement Preferred
    Fireworks Supplement Preferred The Feliway Diffuser is the most convenient formulation. Begin use 1-2 weeks before anticipated event.
    Supplement Preferred
    with a
    Supplement Preferred The Feliway Diffuser is the most convenient formulation. The Feliway Spray can be used in combination with the Diffuser or in a situation whrere the Diffuser is not practical (boarding, kennels, carriers).
    Adoption Supplement Preferred
    Boarding Preferred Supplement
    Transportation Preferred N/A About 10 minutes prior to leaving, spray all four corners and floor of the carrier with Feliway.

    Instructions for Using Feliway and ComfortZone with Feliway


    Customer Reviews

    DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
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    Did not calm the our cat by Bill from central coast of California07/30/2014

    We recently remodled our kitchen. The coming and going of the construction worker really upset our cat. We used Feliway.spray around his sleep area. The cat howled most of the night ! It was a noisey month!

    by Tim from Chicago, IL04/01/2013

    So far this product is working to keep my cat calm during a home move

    Happy Spray for the Kitties by BJ from Aurora, CO06/14/2014

    My vet recommended Feliway to me--she uses it in her waiting rooms. This stuff really works to calm an anxious or agitated cat. Spray it in the carrier before you transport your cat. When my 2 male cats fight, all it takes is 1 or 2 sprays and they quit. Highly recommend!

    A life saver x 9... by JB from California02/01/2013

    With two scared cats trying to live in the same home, this product saves all our lives- and their placement! AND Entirely Pets has the best price I've found!

    Feliway products by DAC from Arizona11/06/2012

    My niece suggested this because our cat kept pooping in the living room. It seems to be working. I was surprised at how quickly I received my order. It was also the best price I found on line.

    by from 08/27/2014

    didn't work by snb10/23/2012

    It was not beneficial at all. The cat just peed where I sprayed :(

    Does the Job by Bert from Randolph, N.J.11/13/2012

    This product was purchased by my MOM who had used it on her cat for some behavior problems & it was successful.She wanted me to try it on my cat for a different problem & so far so good.

    Feliway is FANTASTIC by animal lover07/29/2010

    I've gone as far as replacing my hardwood floors in the corners where the cats marked. If I'd only known about Feliway then it would have saved me a lot of work, time, and money. Spray every day where they have marked.

    Feliway Spray by itsme02/01/2013

    This stuff is great, it stops the cats from marking territory. And there is no smell.

    Saved our Sanity by ycats03/23/2012

    Our 14-yr old male cat had been acting up recently. He wasn't using his litter box and was marking his territory with spray all over the house He was waking us up at night with howling for no reason. His health was perfect. No new pets were introduced into the house that would cause such a reaction and nothing seemed to work. We were at our wits end. This product saved our lives (and our cat's as well). Within 24-hrs, he calmed down, stopped his bad behavior and is back to being the sweet and happy cat we know and love!

    Didn't know such a thing existed by Miki02/11/2012

    I recently purchased a 5yr. old persian champion from a reputable breeder. He has been neutered and is ready for a forever home. To make him comfortable for the trip from Pasadena to Cherry Valley, Calif. The breeder suggested that I get some of the Feliway. She has used it when taking him to cat shows. It worked beautifully! He is now very comfortable in his new, forever home.

    Feliway by Terry Guereque12/22/2011

    Best product ever..when you have 5 cats! The diffusers work great too!

    by from 01/22/2012

    We recently added an 8 year old rescue dog to our household, and our 6 year old cat has been restricted, temporarily, to our bedroom and bathroom. Our vet suggested that we get a Feliway diffuser, and a spray, to keep the cat on an even keel while the two of them get acclimated.

    that by Hodge from isI


    Some effectiveness. by Mrs. K.11/15/2012

    This spray SEEMS to work..somewhat better than the diffuser. BUT, I feel that I was given the impression that both of these products would help immeasurably; I have not seen those results.

    Feliway Spray Saves Kitty by Cricket11/13/2013

    My husband and I were at our wits end after our cat started spraying when a new cat moved in next door. I had tried several things to get her to stop but nothing seemed to work until Feliway Spray. I was really concerned that we would have to give up our feline friend because of her behavior. I am so relieved and have had no problems since we started using this product.

    Works well by Miss E03/21/2014

    I have a cat that gets extremely anxious in the car, so I use the spray on the towel in the carrier and all over the inside of the car. My cat seems to be less anxious during car rides now.

    Great product great price by Bob S. from Toronto ont02/22/2013

    As a household of multiple cats this product is the only one that has brought calm and reduced anxiety to our pets.

    by from 07/30/2014

    I work a vet clinic and when I would have to take my cat Chico in we would have to sedate him to do anything to him. The Doctor and I hated doing this all the time, because Chico had some health issues and it wasn't always good to sedated him.

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    Amazing results! by Black Jack from Kansas04/12/2014

    I am a cat lover and have just recently rescued a handsome Tomcat :) He has been very stressed out, to the point of pulling his hair out. I didn't want to medicate him, to I tried Feliway spray and noticed some changes. I then purchased some of the Feliway plugins and it has made a world of difference. He is no longer pulling his hair out and he's even playing with some toys for the first time in months!! I am getting ready to order more!!

    Saves rugs & furniture from claws by Lyn01/12/2012

    My 5 indoor cats still have their claws. I use this spray periodically on furniture and rugs as it seems to keep them from using these things for claw sharpening. I do have to repeat application.

    What a relief! by mbnaber from El Paso, TX10/10/2013

    We had poor results from several other products used to keep one of our cats from marking furniture. Even our vet had no further ideas we could try. When we purchased a new sofa and checked the internet, I found information on the Feliway products. I ordered 3 diffusers and a spray. They came quickly and I used them immediately. Excellent results. They are worth every cent spent on them and I will be reordering soon. Thanks so much for this product.

    Feliway is GREAT product! by Gail from Rochester, NY04/01/2014

    I have all rescue cats, and the Feliway spray has been a fantastic help in keeping them all calm and noncombative. When things get a little "hairy" around here, I just spray onto the closest objects to the cats, and they all seem to stop what they're doing and calm down. It's amaing!!

    Seems To Be Working by Kathy02/14/2012

    Tried everything but this combined with the diffuser seems to be working very well in keeping my cat from urinating outside his litterbox.

    again disappointed by pj from Columbus OH01/27/2013

    bought the Feliway spray to stop our 3 cats from scratching the furniture. After 3 months of use, they are still scratching.

    Seems to work by mama bear01/16/2014

    I purchased the spray as well as the plug in, and it seems to have calmed our type A, hyper female kitty down a bit. No longer leaving "gifts" for me on the new rugs. As for the calming effect on our new young neutered male, he still tries to "mark" his space. But so far nothing seems to happen when he backs up to things and wiggles his tail. I think I'll reorder to see what I get in the long run.

    by Bart from NJ11/12/2012

    Works Great! After we stated using the product, there was less aggression

    magic by sj200012/06/2011

    I have a cat who has always been shy and hesitant, Feliway helps him deal with any changes that would normally send him under the bed, like the addition of a puppy and more recently another kitty.

    Does work! by Roni from Cadillac, MI04/18/2012

    The Feliway spray does work. It needs to be sprayed almost daily (where the cat sprayed) to have the fresh scent to keep them from spraying there again.

    Feliway Spray by Mahealani from Maui,Hawaii12/01/2012

    This product works well when spraying inside a kennel just before transport. It also helps with new cat introductions. Helps when moving to a new place.

    didn't work for my cat by skippy11/07/2012

    Product didn't work for what I purchased it for. My cat is very vocal (early a.m. hours) and scratches mostly on carpet/furniture rather than on the multiple posts and boards provided. Although product was used per instructions, cat continued his behavior.

    Only They Can Smell It by Julie from Toronto, Ontario12/03/2012

    This product works great because they can smell it, but you can't They say the way it works is like mimicking their own pheronomes. I believe it. It works for me and that's what matters.

    Helps stop urinating in house by juleee from san diego, ca01/28/2013

    This does seem to deter my male cat from spraying in the house. It does need to be used frequently. This is the best value that I've found for this product.

    Saved Earl's life by catmom from Fayetteville, NC07/02/2012

    My 12 year old male cat, Earl, started spraying the house after a very stressful year for our family. We had several deaths of elderly family members and we adopted my mother-in-law's cat. Everyone said "neuter the cat" but Earl had been neutered when he was just a baby. Now what to do?? I found an article on-line about Feliway. Having no better options, I tried it. Within a week he had stopped spraying in the area I had used Feliway. I bought diffusers for the rooms and use the spray on his "favorite spots" and he has stopped spraying all together. Whew-Earl and I are both so relieved.

    Cat Seems to Like It by Peggy from Washington DC metro area10/30/2012

    Supplementing the diffuser. Not the results I hoped for and such a small amount. Doubt I will buy it again although is highly recommended by my vet and felt I had to try it. No odor and not staining which is a plus. Needs to be a larger amount or less of a price. Going through like water.

    this stuff works by Dinah02/13/2013

    I spray this on new items of furniture that I bring into the house, including rugs. It keeps the cats from immediately scratching them to shreds.

    by tired08/29/2013

    i was hopeful this product would stop the spraying of my 10 yr old male neutered cat. I have lined up grocery bags along the hallway, his territory. I used two bottles and was generous with spraying each of the 10 or 12 bags daily. sometimes morning and evening. It is very discouraging. I wish there were a device that would activate that he could wear or a long strip that would ring if wetted. that may be my last hope. any further suggestions. thanks

    2 adult male Siamese by nick10/06/2011

    The diffuser has been plugged in for 5 days and the cats still fight.

    by no nick name05/12/2013

    Horrible waste of money. All it did for me is waste space

    I am a BELIEVER by rusuzieq2? from Morris, Illinois04/02/2013

    Have a cat that sprays, Put him on medication...helps but not 100%. Had new carpet down, now i am smart, paid xtra for a padding that is plastic coated, and sealed the floor with a odor barrier. Bought this Feliway at the vet paid $$ as not sure it would work, and i needed it right away. While the carpet was being installed i had the cats in the sun room and spray this product around. OMG the (3 of the 5) were just watching and not hiding. The one who is my trouble child was watching and was not in a panic. My oldest one was not grouchy ( putting it mildly ) OK I am a believer and ...am purchasing more of this product at a reduced price. A spray here and there and over there every 3 days is enough to do the trick. As I have several air filter items in the house the diffuser would just diffuse into these units..., that i need running 24/7 due to my cat allergies.

    Worked better than I thought by rockysmom from Myrtle Beach, SC07/03/2013

    Both our cats are loving their new scratching lounger courtesy of Feliway. I wanted to encourage them to use it and enjoy the experience. A spritz or two and it worked like a champ. Even the spaz cat seemed to calm down and drape his body on the lounger. Now if I could get him to do this every night at 2AM that would be a total miracle. I also purchased the liquid refills of Feliway for the wall plug in. Our female just mellows out. Wrong cat! But I keep trying.

    Feliway Spray by 2manyfelines01/10/2014

    Great product in a house of many cats!! Keeps the "bad" ones on their best behavior.

    by from 04/01/2014

    I would recommend this product, as it is, effective. Spray below the door and crosswise. In addition, I spray around the corner of the baseboards, as my felines are ripping the corners of the carpet.

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    Great anti-stress! by Sofia from near Austin, Texas10/25/2011

    Wonderful product for multi-cat households!!

    by from 03/05/2013

    Seems to Help by Sandi from Macedon, NY02/18/2012

    I bought Feliway spray on advice of my vet. My very loving and clean cat of several years seems to have started a bit of spraying in certain areas and I do not know why. I did not want to give him medicine, if avoidable, so tried Feliway. I am considering the plug in also, as results have not been 100%, but seem to be improved.

    Feliway Spray by catlady from Nebraska12/14/2013

    I have used the room infusers before but had never tried the spray. I recently had to take two of my cats to a vet 90 miles away. I sprayed the carriers about 15 minutes before I loaded them into them and they were quiet the whole trip. The trip I had made previously was much different w/o the spray. They yelled for the entire 90 minutes we were in the car. This was so much less stressful to all involved.

    Feliway diffusers and spray by Di from denver10/23/2012

    Have used Feliway for over 2 years. Whenever it runs out my cats automatically get fussy with one another. It is a tremendous product for multi-cat households!

    Don't waste your money by Simone's mom09/01/2013

    I only put 1 star because I had too. Does not work.

    Not a good product by LindaB from Seffner, Fl01/04/2013

    This product doesn't work at all. I have a male cat and he is still spraying in the same area, it has been cleaned and sprayed according to directions.

    I like this product by patchymoma from KY07/24/2012

    I like the spray alright, I use the diffusers more faithfully. I use the spray inside the carrier when going to the vet and to spray around inside the house when my outside cat comes inside with the indoor cats. I think it helps cut down on spraying and territory marking and make them all more at ease. Has a musky type smell to it but nothing too unpleasant for the humans.

    An Essential Purchase by LindsayMarie from Virginia Beach, Virginia10/26/2011

    Pets can become stressed for various reasons, this product helps to provide them with relief no matter what the situation may be... I adopted two cats and one was abused and very fearful. I spray the Feliway anytime we have guests over, into their carrier if they need to go to the vet, or anytime there is something going on that is out of their norm. You can definately tell the difference! My once fearful feline still has a ways to go but is a much braver and friendlier girl now! Thank you for providing such a great product!

    Best Product! by question from Houston, Tx.12/14/2011

    Excellent product! I use the spray as well as the plug in for my cats. It helps to cut down on their little fights, helps them to calm down. This stuff really works.If you want your cats to be content then this is the product for you!

    Feliway works by Mollie12/17/2012

    I have used the Feliway pheromone products several times over the last few years. I have been amazed at the results. It has stopped inappropriate urinating behaviours on several instances with different Cats.

    Works Great by scooter12/19/2012

    We are a multi cat home and when one of them decided to spray, the others followed. We purchased the spray and sprayed all the spots they had done . It stopped the cats from going to the same spot spraying. I would recommend this product because it works.

    It Works by Cat09/30/2013

    One of my two cats has been stressed since we got a dog and has been peeing all over my cloths. Nothing worked. A friend recommended Feliway and it seems to be working. Both cats seem less stressed and the one that peed everywhere has stopped. I am not sure if Feliway is the reason but I am sure that it has helped. It seems to calm the older cat as well. He never sleeps in a cat bed and after I sprayed it with Feliway it is his bed of choice.

    Cat Problem by cw11/01/2011

    I did not find this product when my cat started his problem. So far it may have helped some. Maybe his habits are formed or he's a slow learner. I'm using both the spray and diffuser and hope it gets better.

    Excellent product by Bethie T from Ontario, Canada07/25/2014

    One of our male cats has a habit of spraying when stressed, but he doesn't do it wherever we spray the Feliway. It is also excellent for calming cats going to the vet's if sprayed inside the cat carrier a few minutes before setting off.

    Our lives are so much better now by Suzy11/10/2013

    Our lives are so much better now that we use Feliway. I always re-order before I run out. I do keep hoping the price will go down, as I do find it very expensive, but I buy it anyway because it does work.

    Not sure yet is this works as well by Tracy from Pittsburgh PA09/07/2014

    feliway spray is supposed to help with calming kitties on vet trips, stressful home situations. It doesn't seem to work as well as I had hoped, but I will keep using it.

    Useful product by MJ from CA, AZ03/07/2013

    My cat Ginger and I spend three months at a second home in another state... where she can't go outside like she's used to doing. This spray helps her adjust to being an indoor kitty. She was beginning to scratch some furniture, but now since I've been using this spray and the accompanying diffuser product, she's stopped the scratching and she's basically calm and contented. It's been very helpful.

    Great product by ITB from New Smyrna Beach, FL06/27/2014

    Two of my cats required surgery and I sprayed their carriers with Feliway for their trip to the vets and used the deffuser when they returned home. I do believe that it helped reduce their anxiety and helped with their recovery. I was very happy with the way my order was handled and will recommend Entirely Pets to all of my friends with pets.

    it works by bubba from Mid-Michigan04/11/2013

    Keeps the peace in our 3 cat household. Works.

    Really worked! by Linda from Brooklyn, NY08/01/2014

    Was having a problem with my older cat who started urinating and pooping outside of the litter box. He also seemed stressed and wasn't getting along with my other cat. I used the plug-in and within a day, no more problems!

    Feliway by narvaezjuanl@gmail.com06/26/2013

    I find it an excellent product This product helped to decrease your stress when boarding the car

    by Becky from San Antonio, Tx02/02/2012

    The product does seem to decrease the vertical spaying as long as it is applied diligently. It is also very helpful to apply inside carrier prior to vet visit(20min)

    Feliway spray is great for training by Pam in Gresham from Gresham, OR07/23/2012

    I use this the spray as an extra boost to the diffuser plug in for on the spot training. For instance I spray it on the wicker laundry hamper to keep one particular cat from clawing it. She thinks she's already marked that item.

    Completely ineffective by Jarmoo05/14/2013

    Didn't do a thing for my cats. A complete waste of money.

    Feliway Spray- Live by it! by DMB from Virginia10/14/2013

    The Feliway spray was recommended by my Vet about two years ago for my kitty.. I live by the spray, the best thing every invented and the best place to get the product is on entirelypets.com! Best price, delivered to my doorstep in a timely fashion! This sprays calms her down when we are traveling, when she has to stay in the condo at the Dr.'s office, when visitors come to visit too!

    Kitty calmer by Pet lover from Texas09/25/2013

    I have two kittens. I use this to deter scratching on furniture, etc. I spray this near the furniture they are inappropriately scratching, etc. It quickly calms the kitten and they loose interest in the furniture piece. Of course, they have plenty of toys and designated scratching areas.

    Feliway Spray by Linda from Vista, CA11/02/2011

    Made a noticable positive difference in my cats. I added two new cats to my household and it caused a lot of problems with my existing cats. Feliway made a huge difference to all the animals, including me. Thanks!

    Always works by catlady from wisconsin08/09/2012

    I have used this repeatedly. It stops my cat from spraying. Just spray it where they have sprayed, after you have cleaned it with urine away.

    very good product by cricket from Dixon IL01/28/2012

    Feliway has helped my very dysfunctional cat calm down, and stop peeing everywhere. She occasionally still has an accident, but not very often. I like the fact that Feliway is pheromone based and non toxic.

    Hasn't done a thing to help by uma from NY11/10/2011

    Cat has licked off all her belly hair and is now working on the insides of her legs. Doesn't seem stressed and nothing traumatic has been going on. She's 11.

    Excellant Product by kittenmom from N.Olmsted, OH11/06/2013

    The spray is an excellant product especially if the difusers are used along with the spray. I use the spray inside our pet carriers to calm our cats so they can be transported to the vet. It lessens their stress levels. Also works well on areas where our one cat sprays (of course you need to clean and dry the area first) but it does deter him for several weeks aftewards.

    Good stuff! by Aaronwillkat01/22/2013

    We travel often with an RV and take our two cats with us. Feliway spray absolutely eases any anxiety about riding in our pickup!

    Great Product by Dawn from Australia12/06/2011

    Is a great product for a stressed amd anxious cat

    Awesome stuff by Pam01/17/2013

    The Feliway works well in multiple feline homes. We're glad it's available for ours!

    very helpful by mal from canton10/31/2012

    helps to keep all the kitties in a more mellow mood towards each other

    Recommend!!!! by Gardenia snowflake04/09/2013

    Def recommend!!!! My cat is very skittish and nervous with history of spraying and used these when we moved for first time in his 13 years and so far no accidents!!!!!!

    it works! by ruby01/26/2014

    calms my feline down when sprayed in the carrier for a trip to the vet. also when we bring something new to the house.

    Great Product! by Sissy from Mary Esther, FL08/31/2013

    I bought this product at the advice of my vet to help with my new kitten. He had come through a rough start, being abandoned at 2 wks., and she thought it might help to calm him. I was a bit skeptical, but I tried it and it was amazing! No scratching on the furniture and he likes to go into his carrier for his quiet time, after I spray it on his blanket. This product really does what I says it will do. I am very pleased and grateful.

    The smell is strong by momoko from San Gabriel, CA06/27/2012

    I prefer the plug-in than this one. The spray has a strong smell that I can't stand along. I need to wear mask before spraying the area.

    Feliway does not work by bobo03/07/2012

    This spray and the plug in units did nothing to stop our male cat from spraying - urinating. He urinated right next to the plug in unit, we sprayed with the spray around this area and he did it again.

    Only thing that works by Rhonda01/08/2009

    I was at my wits end with my three darlings. This product really works. The odor is pleasant and disappears to humans quickly. If you're having any peeing problems, this is worth the price.

    When you can't say no! by Mary12/17/2008

    I have 12 cats. OH MY!! 12 cats you say, yes 12 cats. I cannot say no when I know an animal needs a home. They are all rescue cats. However because of so many they like to play who's the king or queen of the castle game. Unfortuntely that means sometimes using the facilites where there are none. Since I have been using this spray it has worked wonders!!!!!! I AM NOW THE QUEEN of my castle once more. So one cat or a dozen or more, I highly recommend this spray if you have these issues.

    Maybe it Works by Duck 31 from Palmer MA10/15/2013

    I use it to spray inside carrier before putting cat In.. Hard to tell if anxiety is reduced.

    trying to keep husband from getting rid of my cat by christina02/11/2008

    my cat WAS peeing on my bed. i was told by the vet to try feliway, i did, and i couldn't be happier. he has not urinated on my bed in two months. love the product, but i love my cat more.... i do not want to get rid of him. this product is very worth it, and so is my cat.

    Feliway Spray is the only way! (To stop spraying) by LM from Sacramento, CA10/16/2013

    I have 4 cats and one of the male cats seems to think that he has to mark his territory constantly. I have learned where his favorite areas to spray are and beat him to the punch by spraying with Feliway. It works great! No more spray & no more odor from urine. Thank you Feliway!

    Works well by SmileyAnn from Long Island, New York03/10/2012

    Although I have the feliway diffusers plugged in at my house I still have found the need to keep this spray on hand. Come Spring/Summer weather when I have the window open and my cat or cats are on the perch enjoying the fresh air through the window screen a feral cat will comes wondering in my yard. Since my cats don't know what to do about their aggression they will start hissing and growling at each other. I then spray this a couple of times near them to calm them down enough to close the window and temporarily separate the two cats.

    Finicky Cat by Bluehuny from Waco, TX04/09/2013

    Occasionally goes outside her pan. Saw a big improvement with the use of this spray after applying all around the litter box opening. She still requires litter pan cleaning twice daily.

    by Arlene10/23/2012

    I bought the Feliway diffuser and spray and it has not stopped my cat from urinating on my counter. Very disappointed.

    Works great! by Angelique from McHenry, IL12/23/2012

    I use the spray for a quick fix (on a rug or chair) if my cat is starting to scratch something he shouldn't.

    Use in conjunction with diffusers. by Roxy from Atlanta, GA05/10/2012

    Although it only seems to slow down my 2 urine marking male cats, I do believe it works in conjunction with diffusers. Spray it in areas where they offend often (after cleaning area very well with Scoe10x, enzymatic cleaner.)

    cat urine by sandy from New Hampshire06/19/2013

    I have a male cat who occasionally finds a corner to claim. After cleaning and spraying the area with Feliway for a couple of days he loses interest quickly.

    Moving the Cat by Joanwin01/04/2012

    Another move coming up, and Moby, the Cat, gets very upset. Having Feliway the last three times made a huge difference. Instead of a stressed out, hiding cat for a week, we had a mildly irritated cat who hid for a few hours.

    Better than Scratch 'n Sniff! by Carol11/12/2013

    Our little tabby loves to sharpen her claws on the carpeted stairs. Feliway seems to soothe her and dampen her enthusiasm for carving her initials in the carpet.

    expensive n not worth it by cleta10/08/2011

    my cat was scratching everything in the apartment so i decided to find something on internet that could help n stop him from doing that. so i bought feliway spray which was quite expensive. i used it according to the instruction but nothing happened cuz he still scratches everything if not more i should say. so i was very disappointed!

    convenient by stormsl from Marquette, MI07/31/2013

    Use the diffuser and this spray for my four cats. works well and the best prices are at Entirely Pets.

    by em from osseo,wi11/29/2011

    not sure if it was just my cat but after i sprayed the product on the area he had sprayed on a couple weeks before he sprayed on it the next day. i am sure this product works, it just didnt for my cat.

    It does a good job by momto16paws07/18/2012

    I've used the plug-in diffuser in the past if I think our cats are starting to get a little edgy. A few months ago, we shook their world when we brought home a baby, and then moved to a new house. There were a few "accidents" after the move, but once I bought this, it seems to have calmed them down quite a bit. We've had a random "accident" here and there, but nothing significant. If you don't feel comfortable plugging the diffuser into an outlet and leaving it there for a full month, this product is a great alternative.

    It might work by May08/21/2014

    It might work, but it might not. I think unhappy pets will be unhappy even if Pheromones are introduced. I did notice a little calming effect which was lovely. I bet it would work better in a less-ventilated and smaller room.

    Great product by MW11/05/2012

    Using this product makes a real difference in the lives of stressed cats. Calming.

    made in France by greygal from Chadds Ford, PA06/30/2012

    these products, while considerably cheaper, are not the same Feliway products you buy in your pet store. they make the claim to calm down your cat, make him happier. The pet store products promise your cat will return to the litterbox. I don't know yet. I've used both Feliway products, from you and from the pet store; haven't seen much difference.

    Smells Bad by Missy from Des Moines, IA12/16/2012

    I sprayed this on a blanket my cat used to lay on. It left a weird smell that was so bad I had to throw away the blanket. My cat would not even go near the blanket I sprayed this on. I would not buy this again.

    Color Me Amazed by Melanie from Indianapolis11/12/2012

    My new kitten was randomly taking potty breaks anywhere that was nearby for no discernible reason. She didn't seem to be stressed out. She and the old cat got along great. She didn't seem at all timid or afraid of anything. It seemed to me that she was like a little kid who was having so much fun that she couldn't take a break to potty until it was too late! And she had to go RIGHT THEN. I didn't know what to do. I tried everything I read online. Then my vet suggested Feliway. The result was instantaneous. She hasn't gone anywhere but the litter box since the first spritz of the Feliway spray. It has been a month with zero accidents. You can call me a satisfied customer!

    It works! by Curley02/16/2014

    My cat Jessie is very intelligent and also anxious but she responded well to Feliway. It is so nice to see her relaxed and calm.

    by from 01/27/2013

    For us the product does exactly what is says it will do and we keep it on hand at all times. We also use the diffusers. We have a male cat that we love dearly, but he is a brute and had well over $3K worth of stitches, etc from the time he was 6 months to about 18 months. I was so past irritated that the vet had not told us about Feliway sooner. Since using the Feliway he is a big baby and wants in all of the time to get brushed and sit on our laps. I know the second one of the atomizers is low because he starts acting snarky.

    benefit by is from thatThe


    mth105 by Austin, TX from Great

    If you have a wild cat, this is the stuff for you!

    works well by kp from Oregon08/11/2012

    I was using the diffuser, but I think the Feliway spray works even better because I can spray it where it's needed. A few spritzes a couple of times a day seems to do the trick!

    Intact Bengal Lady Cat Appeaser! by GroveCanada01/21/2013

    We have two intact lady cats from different litters...Once a year we spray an entire bottle of Feliway everywhere they hang out...We actually spray it all at one time...This makes the difference between them fighting with each other, or actually licking each other on the head...It makes the difference between us wondering whether we should relocate one cat, or them happily living together...It is a fabulous & essential product for anyone who has cats that fight...It also seems to make my husband & I more friendly to each other...A Bonus!

    it actual performs as advertised! by Delray Deb01/23/2012

    My altered foundling male cat sometimes manages to spray. The odor is not terrible strong , but is unmistakable . I had been using just a mild spry of distilled white vinegar -- I use it to wash tile surfaces ,anyway, but in conjunction with the FELIWAY Spray , the odor is GONE and occurrence is way down. Thank you!

    not worth it by vandedude from wisconsin07/28/2012

    I bought the feliway because my cat tends to be fussy about the littler box and decides to leave samples of fecal matter on the basement floor no matter how clean the litter box is. I used the feliway and it detered her from going in those spots for a very short time...TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED! For those of you wondering, YES I have had multiple little boxes too....no luck!


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