Feliway Wipes (12 count)

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Feliway Wipes are your solution to help you calm and control your anxious cats.

 Feliway Wipes use pheromones to create a natural and convenient way to calm your cat. Feliway wipes are easy to use and contain the same ingredients as Feliway spray for a low cost way to treat feline stress, thereby preventing stress related issues such as eating disorders, Feline interstitial cystitis, and feline psychogenic alopecia. Feliway Wipes are a spot on solution that will leave your cats calm and collected.

Feliway wipes are disposable and allow you to create particular spots that your cat will find comforting. This allows you to create trails and place for your cat to stay. These wipes can also be used to make trips to the veterinarian much easier and can make a cat comfortable before going to bed. Order Feliway Wipes for your cat today!

Key Benefits:
  • Clinically proven and recommended by 94% of veterinarians surveyed by CEVA Animal Health
  • Increases ability of cat owners to travel with cat
  • Uses all-natural pheromones to calm cat
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