• 3 PACK Feliway Electric Diffuser (144 mL)

    3 PACK Feliway Electric Diffuser (144 mL)

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    Enjoy a 3 Pack of Feliway (Comfort Zone) spray and diffusers prevent cats from urinating where they shouldn't. Cats will not soil anything close to where Feliway has been sprayed.This fantastic new pheromone Feliway spray or diffuser duplicates the smell of a cat's natural scent glands.
    Containing the synthetic scent hormone, the plug-in diffuser allows the Feliway scent to permeate throughout the environment. Each plug-in will cover an area of 50 to 70 square metres and lasts approximately four weeks. Alterations in the cat's environment such as visits to the vet, moving house, new arrivals, or nervous cats may manifest themselves as a change in behaviour such as urine marking, scratching, loss of appetite and refusal to play and interact. The diffuser helps to restore a feeling of calm in the cat. Early feedback on this product has been very positive, particularly for nervous cats.

    Urine marking Supplement Preferred For best results, use the Feliway Diffuser in combination with the Feliway Spray.
    Vertical scratching Preferred Supplement The Feliway Spray should be applied directly to the entire scratched surface. The Feliway Diffuser can also help reduce stress.
    Multi-cat household Supplement Preferred The Feliway Diffuser should be used to reduce the general level of stress in all cats. The Feliway Spray can be used in combination with the Diffuser in high traffic areas.
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    cat's environment
    Supplement Preferred The Feliway Diffuser is teh most convenient formulation. The Feliway Spray can be used in combination with the Diffuser to enhance effectiveness.
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    Fireworks Supplement Preferred The Feliway Diffuser is the most convenient formulation. Begin use 1-2 weeks before anticipated event.
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    Supplement Preferred The Feliway Diffuser is the most convenient formulation. The Feliway Spray can be used in combination with the Diffuser or in a situation whrere the Diffuser is not practical (boarding, kennels, carriers).
    Adoption Supplement Preferred
    Boarding Preferred Supplement
    Transportation Preferred N/A About 10 minutes prior to leaving, spray all four corners and floor of the carrier with Feliway.


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    Smells like metal burning by Linda S10/01/2013

    I plugged one in for less than 2 weeks and constantly noticed a "hot metal" smell. I unplugged it and it was hot enough to leave a red mark on my hand. Not only that, but it used the entire bottle of liquid in less than 2 weeks. I tried another outlet thinking there might be a problem with the one it was plugged into and had the same problem so I returned them. I contacted the company and their response was that it gets "warm". I replied back that it was hot enough to burn me, but never got a reply to that email.

    disappointed by pj from Columbus OH01/27/2013

    Bought the Feliway diffusers hoping it would deter our cat from urinating in our bathrooms. He is still urinating in any of the bathrooms so we have gone to just keeping the bathroom doors closed.

    by fur babies from canton ohio08/13/2012

    since having feliway my one cat which was marking has had one incident. with 7cats there was issues now i can truthfully say that they have calmed down over 95%.i would recommend this product 100%. i wouldnt'd be without feliway ever again...

    Great purchase by Claire from Granite Falls, WA01/16/2015

    My 4 year old male cat started spraying near his food area, after purchasing the Feliway Diffuser and using it for a month the spraying has stopped. My aunt had told me about this product and it has helped her cat also.

    Saved My Household! by Tammy from Arlington, VA08/18/2014

    My vet recommended this product. I actually bought the calming collar in conjunction with the diffusers. Both are made by various manufacturers and the Comfort Zone & Feliway were out of stock at the store, so I ordered them online, and bought the Sentry brand in the store right away. Everything is working!! Everyone is happy....group hugs every day. I have 2 cats from the shelter. One was being very aggressive with his playfulness and the other was becoming tense and stressed out by the 1st cat's behavior. The more aggressive kitty had come from being a community cat (feral), so he was a little rough around the edges. He wanted to chase and wrestle the gentler kitty for hours and hours a day. He'd even follow the little fellow to the cat box and not let up the whole time he was trying to *go*. I had to put the aggressive kitty in "time-out" isolation sometimes. The poor little gentle kitty was on guard at all times. Immediately the collar calmed down the aggressive cat. Now he's Mr. LoveBug, and the diffusers seem to have had an immediate calming effect on the other gentler kitty. Now the kitty formerly known as Mr. Aggressive Cat plays more gently and grooms the gentler kitty. I've had the product for about 2 weeks now, and the behavior is getting better each day. They are both super mellow, and so much less hyper and tense. I can now sleep through the night and my bed isn't the scene of a wrestle-fest. They've both been sleeping calmly through the night. Keep in mind that each diffuser only works in a limited amount of space, so my condo has 2500 square feet and I have 6 of them throughout my unit. I'm a believer for now. And my plan is to keep the collar and diffuser for a few months and then wean them off of the product.

    Too soon to say by FrankJ03/13/2014

    I haven’t been using this product long enough to be sure that it will work efficiently. So far, my cat has had one relapse. That was 10+ days ago. She’s behaving better than before I used Feliway, but I want to wait a while longer to really believe that it is working as planned.

    by Turk10/13/2011

    I plugged in the Feliway Electric Diffusers as soon as I arrived home from school, and within about one hour my male Bengal cat, Spirit, was chilled out to the max!!! I have 2 diffusers, (one in each end of a 1300 sq. ft. home), and I love the products. Thank you Science, 5th grade teacher

    Not sure if it works or not by shoeladymg from New Jersey01/08/2013

    I am using Feliway diffusers in a couple rooms of my home. I have a multi-cat household and one cat seems to want to claim his territory by defacating on my couch or bed where one of the other cats sleeps. I am not sure if the product is working or not. It seemed to be and then he got into my bedroom and did it again! right where one of the other cats sleep! Yikes. I have been using the product for almost 3 months, maybe it needs more time. I refill the diffusers when they run out. Got the spray too, but have not really used it yet.

    by BoomRsMom06/27/2013

    after removing carpet in our bedrooms and putting in hardwood flooring our cat was very unhappy and let us know by urine marking - it was a very stressful time for us but after getting this plug in he calmed down within a couple days we are very happy and he seems to be fine now - we have decided to keep the plug ins running for a few months as we have house sitters coming in to stay with him for a couple weeks we always thought our 'dude' was a very easy going cat therefore did not realize that such an environmental change would upset him so much! eeeek we have two plug ins, one upstairs and one in the basement, our house is a bungalow

    Product leaked out after 2 weeks by SueB from Halifax, MA05/06/2012

    We did not notice any change of behavior in our cat. Also, the product began leaking after about 2 weeks of use. We tried tightening the bottle into the diffuser but it didn't seem to fit securely. Waste of $75 + S&H.

    Good purchase by kittenmom from N.Olmsted, OH08/22/2013

    Feliway is a great product. We have 2 unfixed cats (one male 1 female). The female went into heat and the male went nuts. Even though we placed the female in a separate room the male was yodeling all the time. The Feliway helped tremendously in calming both until her vet appt.It even helped keep her calm after her operation. I would have given the product a 5 star but it did nothing in regards to the spraying problem our 2 fixed older male cats developed. I bought and used diffusers, refills and the spray.

    Helps a household with stressed cats by Gorilla girl from Pgh Pa07/04/2013

    I have 2 older male cats and 1 young female cat that was somewhat wild. I found that the feliway helps mellow out the younger cat and makes her less skittish. It also helps the older cats tolerate each other.I think it is definitely worth using.

    wick dries out by catpheromones12/30/2013

    The pheromones really do the job! My skittish kitty loves to hang out a few feet from the diffuser and roll around. The diffuser, however, is a total nuisance! The wick dries, I turn the diffuser upside down so the liquid can rewet the wick and a few days later it's dried out again.

    best product ever woks extremely well by prof543309/30/2013

    My cats quit fighting 3 days. No more spraying. Can not live w/o it

    Really Works! by crich11312/12/2012

    We travel a bit and one of my cats really stresses out when I'm away. We used to find on our return that he had urinated on something that was connected with me - pillow, throw, etc. Since we've started using Feliway, we have only had one single occurence of this behavior in the last year, despite being away on at least 10 different trips. We have a diffuser in every room. This latest purchase was for my Dad who has a cat that has bouts of feline hyperesthesia. I'm hoping this might help to calm her down some during these episodes.

    A Big Help by JB from California01/23/2013

    This product is a life saver for living with stressed cats- for the people and the cats. Your price is very good- and I have compared! Thank you

    by Dolores12/24/2012

    First time to use this product and it seems to be working. I will definitely use again. Our older cat was having seperation with urinary issues when his dad went out of town for work. Happy cat & Mom!

    didnt get what i paid for by ssgolf95 from georgia03/04/2013

    instead of 3 plug in diffusers, I got 3 refills. Have emailed co 3 times with no satisfaction. Rep asked me for order #s etc and I got that to them......... 2 wks ago. No response.,

    LOVE this Product! by JGG from St. Paul, MN06/20/2013

    We have three neutered male cats and suddenly one of our kitties decided to start spraying because of "alpha-male" issues in our house. All areas were cleaned, however, I was desperate for help with correcting this problem. Our vet suggested this product and I ordered it. I have been praising this product to everyone I know with cats - it truly helps with calming all of our cats and provides a more harmonious environment!

    Re-ordered by mama bear from Columbus, Ohio02/20/2014

    This diffuser seems to work to calm down our cats. I ordered one and then decided to re-order. They are all getting along better now and starting to accept the "newcomer" into the house.

    Feliway Helps Cats Behavior by Spoiled Sparrow from Raleigh, NC12/10/2011

    We have a lot of cats and have been using Feliway Diffusers for years. It takes the "edge" off and helps with behavior problems. Great product and always good to order through Entirely Pets. Delivery is quick and prices are competitive, especially when we get coupons!

    Good product by Amanda from East Coast07/25/2014

    Great product and arrived very quickly which was great.

    by SusyQ01/28/2013

    We were taking our oldest cat, Annie to the vet once a month for shots forf anxiety. I use these in the bedroom where she sleeps and I also use the spray once a day on her bedding. HAVEN'T HAD TO GO BACK TO THE VET! Our two younger cats were always fighting and that has almost stopped with uaing one of them in the family room.

    FELIWAY DIFFUSER by PAUL08/08/2013


    by from 03/18/2012

    If you have a cat that either shows aggression issues, anti-social behavior, or inappropriate urination, I recommend using and continuing to use this product in every room of the house that the cat has access to. Replace the diffusers every 4 to 5 years, they do eventually wear out.

    that by they from makeI'm


    Urinating problem by Karyjosim from Quebec04/06/2014

    I am very satisfied with this product. I bought it with 3 diffusers and prices is very good. My cat seem to be calm with this product. I have a problem with my cat about urinating. This is the best prices I find.

    by Dee10/18/2011

    Feliway is a product that I do recommend to MANY people in rescue and my behavior clients. I will continue to recommend it. However I was very displeased with the shipping of my package. Boxes were damaged, items were out of packaging. I refer so many people to this website, I hope they make improvements on shipping

    Amazing! by Celest from Tennessee10/22/2012

    When my vet first recommended Feliway for my temperamental calico I was skeptical but in a single month it worked! It really worked! I will never have another home without Feliway in it! Better yet is Entirely Pets price. Definitely the most economical place to purchase!!

    ok by aliecat70 from ATLANTA02/03/2014

    it has not stopped the inappropriate urination.:( I have had my pet vetted so know it's behavioral. disappointed but, will continue to use in the hopes it is helping him to relax.

    LOVE FELIWAY by snowblond from Waterloo,Ontario10/08/2013

    I love this product. It calms my cat and as a result I am more relaxed too!!!!

    Wonderful! by Nereid7 from UpState NY08/10/2014

    My almost-17 yr.old Gent with declining kidney function and consequential acceleration of thyroid is greatly calmed with the use of the Feliway Electric Diffuser. I have one in the dining room where he naps much of the time and one in the upstairs hallway that I believe is sensed by both him and my 12/26/13 "adoptee", a 7- or 8-ish female when they're in that part of the house.

    Really helps by Older cat02/17/2014

    This really seems to help with my cat's stress peeing. Lasts about a month, so a little pricey. Worth it though.

    didn't work by marjac from Toronto ON05/08/2014

    My vet suggested I try this product to calm my cat and stop her from pulling out her fur but unfortunately it was completely unsuccessful.

    Life saver 2 by Marie from Schwenksville, PA01/25/2012

    I have a multi cat home. They do not always get along. The Feliway Diffuser is a convenient way to keep harmony in my home.

    Beyond expectations by Toomanykittens from Woodbridge, CT01/19/2013

    I don't really know if this is real, but a few weeks ago, my cats and dogs were absolutely driving each other nuts and now they are actually laying down together. ,,Only major issue is that the unit gets hot, so I plugged them each into a wall with an individual surge suppressor. No problems now.

    Cat Problem by Cw11/01/2011

    I did not find this product when my cat started his problem. So far it may have helped some. Maybe his habits are formed or he's a slow learner. I'm using both the spray and diffuser and hope it gets better.

    Feliway Electric Diffuser - recommended by Pecan10/23/2012

    Must have in multi cat households especially if there is fighting or if you just moved. I bought this because my two cats began fighting a lot for no reason other than maybe some unknown stress like being indoors all the time. I put this diffuser where my two cats hang out the most and I have found that the fighting has been greatly reduced, stopped for the most part!! Try it out.

    5 stars***** ++++ It actually works. by Daisy from Dallas, TX02/01/2011

    My cat decided to urinate on my lazyboy couches!!! I used the electric diffuser, the comfort zone spray and the ickey poo spray. It worked great. I had to be diligent just like potty training a child, but the cat stopped marking in places he was not allowed. I would highly recommend these products.

    Awesome! by cassie8670 from Deland, Florida02/01/2013

    I was told about this product from a pet store and did some research and then I decided to purchase to give it a try. I truly feel that it has made a BIG difference in my 7 cat, 3 dog home!

    Calms Cats by Frank from Albany, N.Y.01/17/2015

    We have used Feliway for 7 years along with Pheromone collars to calm three of our cats. One is aggressive, one is a scaredy cat and pulls out her hair and one is a pariah cat. It works for all three cats and we don't have to keep track of when to replace them. The cats' behaviors return and we know the month is up. Both the Feliway and the Pheomoine collars are HIGHLY recommended

    Excellent Product by It really works! from Houston, Tx.12/14/2011

    I have cats who like to pick on each other; this has taken 'the edge' off of that. The ingredients just calm them down giving them a sense of well being without having to give them any medication. I love that you just plug it in & don't have to worry about it until time to replace. If you have cats that sometimes pick on each other this is a great product!

    Calm kitties by treelady62 from Ohio03/27/2014

    We have these in our house. We have cats with crazy personalities. I can always tell when one of the difussers is out because the cats start acting crazy.

    Not so hot!! by Sally from Depew, New York09/13/2014

    I bought four Feliway Diffusers on recommendation of my vet to calm my cats down. One cat redirected his aggression on his brother after seeing a stray cat outside his window and my vet thought this would help calm them down. I have not seen any change in either cat so now having to rehome one of them. However I did hear from a vet staff that this worked for her in similar situation so don't give up on it.

    Great for keeping kitty calm by Jo from Long Beach, CA06/29/2012

    Feliway is my Go To for any inconveniences like a move, travel, guests, work being done in home or any trauma that might be caused. Keeps him calm and happy. No scent. Easy to use.

    Can't live without it by Gaga from upstate NY03/12/2012

    My twin brother cats are very competitive but with this product, Feliway diffuser, they are more companions than competitors. I always know when it is time to replace them because they start arguing.

    Feliway by CJ from Cincinnati, OH10/12/2011

    We love Feliway. This came vet recommended. I have cats and have never had an issue with them urinating where they shouldn't, nor have we had an issue with territorial felines, and have been using it for 2 years. Generally put one on the 1st and 2nd floor of my house, and one near the litter boxes. Will never be without it.

    Great stuff! by Corydancer10/23/2013

    My kitty has sprayed in the house a few times, and has bitten me a few times. She seems to be moody and clearly demonstrates more anxiety at certain times. I purchased 3 Feliway diffusers and they have worked like a charm. She is much more content and affectionate when the diffusers are on.

    Great stuff by Tully from Las Vegas, NV04/26/2013

    In multiple cat family, one male started to spray EVERYTHING. The vet could find nothing wrong, so suggested we try this. We had been at our wits end. And it works! We still have a couple of spots he uses occasionally, but improving all the time.

    Feliway diffusers work! by j_ro from Pittsburgh, PA01/21/2015

    My male cat's spraying decreased considerably with the use of the plug-in diffusers.

    Keeping the peace by Annette from Blowing Rock, NC01/18/2015

    Have a new rescued kitten and my 2 year old rescue does NOT like her one bit!!!! My third loves everyone. The diffusers have helped calm everyone down a little. Hopefully in time they will learn to get along. This isn't my first rodeo so I know it will take several months. This will keep it down to a low roar in the meantime.

    best working by Catlover from Stockton CA03/23/2014

    So far we have not had a cat urinate on the kitchen counters in 7 days. I hope it keeps up.

    Unbelievable! by Annie from Hartville, Ohio10/23/2012

    Feliway diffuser and Feliway products work! My cats were fighting , scratching and marking their territory. I plugged in the diffuser and the next day they stopped. I could tell when it was running low because they started acting up again. It is hard to believe that it works so well.

    I believe Feliway really helped! by ITB from New Smyrna Beach, FL07/03/2014

    Two of my ten cats had to have surgery recently plus another cat suddenly got very sick and the vet had to euthanize her. This caused stress to all of the cats but I think the Feliway deffuser helped calm them and aided in the recovery of the two that had surgery. Also, when the two that had surgery had to return to the vets for follow up visits I sprayed their carriers with Feliway and I think this also helped keep them calm for the trip and visit. Thank you Feliway and Entirely Pets!

    Feliway Electric Diffuser by DW from New Jersey07/20/2012

    So far working pretty well, will continue to use as directed for a few more months

    Feliway for multiple cats by swags12 from Kiel, Wisconsin03/04/2013

    With 8 cats of various ages and genders, it is not surprising that they didn't all get along. My Veterinarian suggested I try using Feliway and diffuser to try to calm the cats down. It works like a charm. I have 4 going at all times, to help keep the fighting at a minimal. The cats are all much happier and get along better. They really like to lay down under the diffuser and get a real dreamy look. Would recommend. Been using it for 4 years straight.

    by from 01/18/2012

    by napoleon03/05/2012

    The cats behaviour had improved. Less confrontations. Less urine problems on floors.


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