• Fish Mox Forte (Amoxicillin) 500mg (100 capsules)

    Fish Mox Forte (Amoxicillin) 500mg (100 capsules)

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    Maintain the health of your pet fish using Fish Mox. This antibacterial product treats common bacterial diseases found in fish, for example, pseudomonas genera, aeromonas and mycobacterial diseases like chondrococcus and gill diseases. It exerts bactericidal action, so it is effective against both Gram-positive and some Gram-negative bacteria.

    Fish Mox Forte® exerts a bactericidal action on Gram-positive and some Gram-negative bacteria. Useful for control of some common bacterial diseases of fish including Aeromonas and Pseudomonas genera and mycobacterial group (gill diseases, Chondrococcus).

    Usage Information

    Add contents of one capsule (500 mg) into aquarium for each 20 gallons of water to be treated. Repeat in 24 hours. It is suggested that a partial water change be made between treatments. While duration of treatment depends on type and serenity of infection, it is recommended that extended medication baths continue for a minimum of 5 days and for not more than 10 days. Discontinue treatment if no improvement is noted within 5 days. To remove harmless yellow color, change 20% of water and use charcoal filter unltil clear.

    CAUTION: For aquarium and ornamental fish only. Not for human use. Not to be given to fish intended for human consumption.


    Amoxicillin ...... 500 mg

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    excellent by joni03/05/2012

    excellent product but even better service. I was amazed at the service

    Horrible " Clueless" customer service. by Dissatisfied01/30/2012

    Well, I ordered because it said" in stock",which it wasnt,so i called customer service to find when it would be in stock and they were CLUELESS,I HAD A rush delivery ON THE PRODUCT.I cancelled the order and would not reccoment this site to anyone.Totally unprofessional.

    Amoxicillin Perfection by kmj from Portland, OR06/06/2012

    After re-orders of this product and of Fish Flex Forte (cephalexin) I can attest to the product's purity (pharmacy grade amoxicillin by Thomas Labs) and efficacy. Entirely Pets always ships quickly. Fabulous product, best price, trusted on-line pet merchant. It's all good.

    by MR10/22/2012

    I have used this product from you in the past and will continue to do so in the future. This product works wonderfully for my needs.

    Great Product by Scooter06/02/2012

    My fish had a sinus infection and no money or time to go to the vet. I gave him three tablets a day for ten days and it cleared his sinus infection right up.

    Awesome service!!!! by Breeze from Cape Coral, FL03/14/2012

    I have several aquariums and ponds with koi and goldfish. I buy Fish Mox from Entirely Pets because I get my product promptly. And the service of the Entirely Pets staff is consistent! I actually have suggested others to shop here!

    Very pleased by Danie82904/16/2013

    Great price and received in a timely manner. I will definitely do business with Entirely Pets again and recommend them.

    Product Effective by m80110/27/2011

    Does Not Cloud Water, relieves symptoms quick! I use it all the time and always get it here.

    This stuff works! by Sickfishy03/05/2013

    Great product, recommended by a friend and he was right, it works!

    Efficient by Bob06/09/2013

    Easy to order, quick and economic delivery and a perfect product.

    Great Amoxicillin Source by sinbad222208/17/2012

    Terrific value for large doses for amoxicillin

    Fish Mox Forte by MNM04/23/2012

    I checked all the websites and Entirely Pets has the best prices anywhere on this !

    great product by wicollector from wisconsin01/05/2013

    worked as stated , good product and great shipping and price . would buy again .

    Just Awesome by Carrie from Texas03/21/2014

    This product did just what it needed to .Wonderful product at a very good price . Thank You So Much.

    super fast shipping by pokerwitch04/08/2012

    awesome product. Super fast shipping. Will order from this company again.

    recommend to friend with caveat only by zzed28 from Mich12/22/2013

    I have bought this product multiple times, and this latest formulation, does not dissolve well in water as the previous purchases. There are notice able precipitates in the water after attempts at dissolving it. However, it does seem to function similar to previous purchases as far as effectiveness goes.

    great purchase by Carolann from Cazenovia,NY08/28/2014

    I truly like the fish mox, we have 3 fish tanks, and use for healthy fish.

    great product by annie from atlanta ga10/06/2013

    Fantastic working product and a great price.Received it in three days.Love entirely pets for their prices and fast delivery

    great experience by bob02/08/2012

    I have ordered several times from Entirely Pets and my orders have always arrived quickly and exactly as I ordered.

    Good Price- Quality Product- Fast delivery! by Vic Demise from Portland OR02/25/2012

    I would recommend EntirelyPets based on the product, the price and the prompt shipping. This is a particularly high quality product (Amoxicillin 500mg capsules) that is actually the same manufacturer (and product) as generic Amoxcillin for human use. If you can afford to wait a couple days, you may save a lot of vet money!!

    Great Purchase by kwlittle01/04/2013

    Works exactly as advertised and arrived earlier than expected.

    Fast and Effective Amoxicillin by Carrie from Texas01/18/2013

    I had this with in 3 days . It was very effective . I will order more if the need should occur.

    Seems to be working by Sammer from Missouri01/23/2013

    Delivered on schedule, product seems to be effective.

    Good for treating infection by totallycharmed11/27/2012

    They don't dissolve very easily, but it helps infection.

    New brand of capsules in bottel..work 300% better by Daniel from Ft Payn Alabama10/26/2012

    I have bought these for years.. this shipment had a different brand than before.. these seem to work way better. http://www.biminitops.biz

    Antibacterial Success by The9thPilgrim03/18/2013

    After just a few treatments of Fish Mox I found it to be a 100% effective treatment. I thank entirelypets for a great product, and my fish thank you from the bottoms of their little hearts.

    Excellent and Awesome Product by John from Indiana07/23/2013

    I was surprised at how fast my fish recovered with this product... I am simply amazed i am glad I ran across this product. The quality is simply amazing.

    by from 10/31/2013

    Amoxicillin by Stitch10/22/2012

    This is the same drug as I got from my vet. Works exactly the same for any animal that has a need for this antibiotic.

    Fish Mox by Annie05/30/2013

    I would reccommend to shop for pet products at Entirely Pets. They have everything you need. And I love the fact that the shipping is one price. They said I would recieve my product in 7 days and I got it in 3 days. They are Great.

    What Product? You mean the one I haven't received by Tired from Tennessee05/14/2012

    Never received. I think ThomasLab makes excellent products, but EntirelyPets is a joke. I didn't know whether to feel sorry for their customer service guy or be irritated for all the junk I was told.

    Very good product by Tracey01/27/2014

    I was very impressed with the quality of this product. The infection showed noticeable improvement within 24 hours and within 48 hours appeared to be gone. I finished the full course as directed, but the effect of the "Fishmox" was very quick. I would recommend this product to anyone that values their pets.

    fish mox forte by Caretaker01/07/2012

    works great on my fish, great price also and fast shipping. tks

    by from 01/14/2015

    My kitten, Frankie, came to me with a cat cold last month. With round the clock care it cleared up on its own except for a lingering sneeze that started to get progressively worse. I am on a fixed income and could not afford to take her to the vet until the middle of the month. Having grown on a farm in the past, I have experience in treating animals of all sorts. This antibiotic is a staple. Started treatment for feline URI at the beginning of January and it has now cleared up. No sneezing and gaining weight rapidly. Kitten received .25 ml x2 daily mixed in with homemade chicken broth. If your pet is sick, it's good to keep them on a very bland diet. Boil chicken breasts and white rice, use the broth to mix with the rice. Smells great to them and is good on their digestive system while being treated with antibiotics. Kittens under two pounds - .25 ml Over 5 pounds - .5 ml Over 10 pounds - 1.0 ml

    treatment by of from feralPerfect


    Why have you raised the price? by Pete08/31/2011

    This item used to be $25, as your product video still falsely shows. I will not be purchasing this again at the new price - there are better deals on Amazon and elsewhere

    by from 09/17/2013

    I asked for my order to be sent to my name, and instead it was shipped to another name. This caused problems in me finding my order. I wrote a complaint letter to Entirely Pets, and never got a reply or an apology.

    clumsy by to from sendFirst


    you by lose from aThis


    Very Effective treatment by Lexa01/15/2013

    I did not use this item for fish, but was used to treat a feral cat that I've been taking care of for about 8 years in my backyard. The poor thing had some kind of lung infection, and so I put it into his water bowl and he's feeling much better. He has a friend that had an infection that caused a cyst in his lower jaw, and he too drank the treated water, and now the cyst is gone. There is always some kind of health problem that they encounter as a result of being outdoor cats. I try to take care of the poor little animals that need help but are too afraid of people for us to touch them. I've rescued over 50 cats and 5 dogs, and was successful in finding homes for them through a friend who use to work at the humane society(but has passed on). These capsules dissolve pretty good in water, but I usually take a spoon and try to make it more powder-like since the powder in the capsule has a tendency to be crumbly. It dissolves better and they all have benefited from these capsules. I use to have a fish tank back in the 1960's when I was a little girl, and I remember how the fish use to get white spots on them and die, and I wish that I had this same medication back then.

    Great Product by Mikey from St.Louis MO.03/30/2012

    Top Pharm. Quality prducts to help keep all my tanks in the best condition!

    fish mox forte by donna from Central Illinois03/10/2012

    great product, excellent customer service

    Fish Mox Forte 500mg by Kathy from Texas07/22/2012

    Great customer service, easy ordering, fast, well packaged shipping, great product, nothing but good to say about it.

    Service Great by Spidercat11/12/2012

    I'm not going to review the product other than to say it does what is says it will and more. I will comment on the service, which is and always is, excellent.

    by from 02/19/2012

    Fish Mox Forte (Amoxicillin) 500mg by Julius1944 from Nevada05/05/2014

    I use this product in my cat's litter box, and it works very well to eliminate the odor in a hot climate. I scoop the litter daily, then once a week I wash the box, fill with clean litter, then open a capsule of Fish Mox and mix it into the clean litter.

    Totally Satisfied by thumper02/15/2012

    The Fish Mox is as advertised and my order came in no time.

    Mox to the Max! by Spearwolfe10/31/2011

    I provide a handful of local aquarium enthusiasts with sick-aquarium intervention on a part time basis. My friends always call me when nothing they have tried seems to cure their fishy friends' ills. Since adding Fish Mox Forte to my arsenal, I have managed more than one or two miraculous interventions and word of mouth is beginning to force me into a full time proposition. Whether 'tis blessing or curse, I plan to add a few more Entirely Pet products to my magic bag-o-tricks and ride the wave as far as I can Thanks entirely, Entirely Pets!

    by from 05/26/2013

    fish mox forte review by fishman12/24/2012

    works every time for healthy fish and tank if used regularly.

    Great Price. Fast shipping by Brian from Lenoir, N.C.03/04/2014

    I have ordered this product from several different vendors and I was surprised that the price was as cheap as it was. When I received the product a lot sooner than I expected, I immediately got on my computer and saved "Entirely Pets" to my favorits list. From now own when I order my pet supplies I will definitely place my orders through Entirely pets. Im glad to see that there are still places, like this, you can purchase from where you don't feel like you were taken advantage of. Thanks a bunch

    Great purchasing experience by KT from Florida12/18/2012

    I looked all over for fish antibiotics locally and none of the pet stores in my area carried what I needed. I found this site and purchased quickly and easily. They shipped it out to me fast and with tracking info so I could see when it would show up and that's good for impatient people like me. I like to be able to see my order/shipment's progress every step of the way. I got the product pretty quickly and it was everything I'd hoped for. I ordered more when the first bottle ran out and had another good experience. I'm sure I'll be buying again in the future and I have recommended this site to friends who need the same things. This is a good, reliable site to deal with and deserves my repeat business.

    awesome products and service by kwl12/23/2012

    As always, my product arrived quickly and performed as advertised.

    ordering by pandora01/17/2012

    other than it took 3 weeks to get the service was fine.

    Amoxicillin by Sissy09/10/2014

    Excellent product. Great service. Thank you.

    GREAT Service by Clbrzy from Ft. Myers, Florida10/27/2011

    I have several ornamental fish ponds. I am out in the wilderness and my fish get parasites, which causes open sores. Also, since I'm in the woods, wild animals try to catch my fish for food. Sometimes the fish end up with wounds on them. The ease of getting antibiotics is awesome. The fish get treated promptly and the products are great quality. I have referred several people to Entirely Pets! Thank you for such great service, promptness, with no hassels.

    fish mox forte by Tami from Frisco, Texas01/25/2013

    I use this product all the time and would recommend it, this is the site with the lowest price and I get it quickly, never have a problem, and it is quick and easy to order.

    Great company by leehampton from TN09/26/2014

    I love ordering from Entirely Pets, first rate service, great products!

    Quality product from a Quality company by JPH from Erie,Pa11/07/2012

    I have used Fish Mox and Fish Pen for years and have found them to treat my pets with excellent results.

    Best product and deal by fish and dogs05/03/2012

    I highly recommend this product. I have found it to be the best product and value wise, it is the best priced as well. Entirely pets is my trusted website.


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