Finding the perfect Halloween costume can be difficult; determine exactly what you're looking for with these tips from EntirelyPets

With Halloween fast approaching, the window for finding a costume for you and your pet is shutting quickly. Shopping for anything takes time and research and if you want to have your pet's costume in time for the holidays then you need to know exactly what you're looking for as soon as possible. To aid your search for the perfect pet costume, we here at EntirelyPets have assembled this short guide of things to consider when shopping for the perfect costume for your pet.

1. How comfortable is your pet?

The comfort level of your pet is of the utmost importance when choosing a Halloween costume. If your dog or cat is in a costume that is uncomfortable, don't expect them to wear it for the full night of festivities. Pets can easily shake off a costume if they find it to be uncomfortable or restricting, so make sure that your pet's costume doesn't fit those descriptions.

Every pet is different and handles costumes a different way. Some pets may love to dress up and wear funny costumes, while others may refuse to go near a costume or anything that restricts their movement. If your pet is of the latter population, you might want to consider a simple costume that is non-restrictive and easy to put on your pet. For more information on getting your pet to love their costume, check out our other guide.

2. How big is your pet?

Pets come in all shapes and sizes and nothing is more disappointing then discovering you bought the wrong size costume for your pet. To make sure your pet's costume fits like a glove, measure your pet before you go shopping for costumes. Costumes have reliable sizing information that will help you find the perfect size for any pet so long as your follow their measuring guide.

Most costumes come in up to 5 different sizes to ensure that each costume has a proper fit for any size dog. Some costumes only come in larger sizes if the costume is grandiose and too big for a smaller dog to carry around even when scaled down.

3. Matching Outfits

Do you know what you're going to be for Halloween? Many pet owners take their dogs with them to Halloween parties or out trick-or-treating and nothing looks better than costumes set to a certain theme. If your plan is to go as a police officer, then why not have your dog dress up as a prisoner? There are a wide variety of costumes that match common Halloween costumes human wear such as firefighters, cheerleaders, , and devils.

4. Funny or Scary?

The age-old decision when choosing Halloween costumes is whether you want a costume that gets laughs or screams. Halloween is traditionally a time where we dress in scary outfits and remind ourselves of the mystic things that haunt us; however, with each passing year it seems that Halloween is moving towards cute or funny costumes that are far from scary.

Whether you are looking to give your pet a funny look or a scary one, there are plenty of options to choose from. Funny costumes vary from "Weiner" dogs to clowns (though arguably, some might find clowns to be on the scary side of the spectrum). Scary costumes can be anything from classics like Frankenstein's monster to giant spiders.

Now That You're Ready...

With these factors in mind, we know that the right costume for your pet is out there somewhere. For a more comprehensive list of costumes, check out the costume section of our Halloween store for more than 50 unique costumes that you and your pet will love. We hope that you have a fun time finding the perfect costume for your pet. Lastly, we'd like to wish you and your pet a Happy Howl-O-Ween!