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First Aid for Cat

Betadine Solution (16 oz)
Betadine Solution (16 oz)

($18.99)  $13.99
3M Vetrap 2" x 5 yd
3M Vetrap 2" x 5 yd

($3.99)  $2.49
3M Vetrap 4" x 5 yd
3M Vetrap 4" x 5 yd

($3.99)  $2.99
First Aid
First Aid

Co Flex 2" x 5 yds.
Co Flex 2" x 5 yds.

($2.10)  $1.50
Co Flex 4" x 5 yds. - PURPLE
Co Flex 4" x 5 yds. - PURPLE

($2.99)  $2.40
3M Petcare Liquid Bandage (18 ml)
3M Petcare Liquid Bandage (18 ml)

($8.50)  $6.99
Miracle Care Kwik-Stop Styptic Powder (.5 oz)
Miracle Care Kwik-Stop Styptic Powder (.5 oz)

($6.99)  $4.99
Miracle Care Kwik-Stop Styptic Powder (1.5 oz)
Miracle Care Kwik-Stop Styptic Powder (1.5 oz)

($17.99)  $12.99
Miracle Care R-7 Anti-Itch Spray (4 oz)
Miracle Care R-7 Anti-Itch Spray (4 oz)

($7.99)  $5.49
Miracle Care Kwik-Stop Styptic Gel Formula (4 oz)
Miracle Care Kwik-Stop Styptic Gel Formula (4 oz)

($10.99)  $7.99
Clotisol -  2 oz
Clotisol - 2 oz

($15.99)  $13.50
PetFlex Bandages
PetFlex Bandages

($5.01)  $2.49
Elastiant -Elastic Adhesive Bandage (2in x 2.5yds)
Elastiant -Elastic Adhesive Bandage (2in x 2.5yds)

($6.99)  $4.79
Elastiant - Elastic Adhesive Bandage (3in x 2.5yds)
Elastiant - Elastic Adhesive Bandage (3in x 2.5yds)

($9.05)  $6.95
Elastiant  - Elastic Adhesive Bandage (4 in x 2.5yds)
Elastiant - Elastic Adhesive Bandage (4 in x 2.5yds)

($12.55)  $9.50
Zonas Porous Tape (12, 1 in x 10 yds)
Zonas Porous Tape (12, 1 in x 10 yds)

($25.99)  $19.99
Dermacea 12 Ply Gauze Sponges - 200 Sponges (4" x 4")
Dermacea 12 Ply Gauze Sponges - 200 Sponges (4" x 4")

($10.99)  $8.99
Vetericyn Universal HydroGel Spray Gel (16oz Trigger)
Vetericyn Universal HydroGel Spray Gel (16oz Trigger)

($51.99)  $29.99
Vetericyn VF Wound & Skin Care (8oz Spray)
Vetericyn VF Wound & Skin Care (8oz Spray)

($45.49)  $26.99
Vetericyn VF Wound & Skin Care (16oz Trigger)
Vetericyn VF Wound & Skin Care (16oz Trigger)

($51.99)  $35.99
Vetericyn VF HydroGel Spray Gel (16oz Trigger)
Vetericyn VF HydroGel Spray Gel (16oz Trigger)

($55.89)  $34.99
Vetericyn VF HydroGel Spray Gel (8oz Pump)
Vetericyn VF HydroGel Spray Gel (8oz Pump)

($48.09)  $26.99
Dermacea 12 Ply Gauze Sponges - 200 Sponges (2" x 2")
Dermacea 12 Ply Gauze Sponges - 200 Sponges (2" x 2")

($4.99)  $2.99
Vetbond by 3M (3 mL)
Vetbond by 3M (3 mL)

($25.99)  $19.99
EMT First Aid Spray (1 oz)
EMT First Aid Spray (1 oz)

($18.50)  $13.99
EMT First Aid Gel (1 oz)
EMT First Aid Gel (1 oz)

($18.50)  $13.99
HP Healing Cream (14 g)
HP Healing Cream (14 g)

($25.50)  $19.99

($1.99)  $1.00
PetFlex 4" x 5 yds.
PetFlex 4" x 5 yds.

($3.99)  $2.39
Miracle Care Kwik Stop Styptic Powder for Cats (0.5 oz)
Miracle Care Kwik Stop Styptic Powder for Cats (0.5 oz)

($9.99)  $6.99
Dermacea 12 Ply Gauze Sponges - 200 Sponges (3" x 3")
Dermacea 12 Ply Gauze Sponges - 200 Sponges (3" x 3")

($7.99)  $2.08
First Aid Kit for Dogs and Cats - Be prepared Home or travelBetadine Solution Povidone-iodine, 5%

A specially formulated iodine solution for disinfecting animal skin. Can be used to treat minor wounds, cuts and abrasions.

  • Pre-operative prepping of skin and mucous membranes.
  • Preventing bacterial infection.
  • Emergency antisepsis of minor lacerations, abrasions, and burns.
  • Post-operative application to surgical incisions.

    For preparation of the skin prior to surgery
    Helps to reduce the bacteria that potentially can cause skin infection
  • 4.60 rating based on 5 reviews
    Featured Reviews for 3M Vetrap 2" x 5 yd


    Vet Wrap by KingstinHill10/30/2011

    I personally already love VetWrap. I currently go to school for vet assistanting and since I have a tattoo on my wrist VetWrap comes in handy.

    Best flex bandages at a great price! by Sandy from Commack NY10/22/2012

    I have tried different flex bandages but these are the best! The price is great and I enjoy the range of colors available. This is a great product.

    Good Stuff by RaIrCo2412/06/2012

    good vet wrap. sticks very well and doesnt come off.



    by Hammer05/29/2012

    Very happe with this product!! Very good quality, and fast shipping.

    Featured Reviews for 3M Vetrap 4" x 5 yd
    great stay-on bandage by Labmom from AL03/31/2013

    same stuff the vet uses & also in MD offices at a fraction of the cost. Can bandage small injuries at home now!

    For Just in Case by Patty from Northern California10/07/2011

    I by this just to have on hand in case it's needed for the dogs. Also use it on bird perches for a better gripping surface. Good prices and fast shipping

    Entirely Pets by LadyLyn from Sacramento, CA07/24/2011

    This is the best site to get your pets supplies. They deliver fast and have never gotten any of my orders wrong. I don't go to the vet to get my supplies anymore, I get them here from Entirely Pets.

    Sale Scam by flickchic08/02/2011

    This item is advertised as 3M brand Vetrap so I ordered 10 rolls. What I received were 2 rolls 3M, 1 Coflex, 1 Powerflex, 6 Petflex. When I called, they said they would send a replacement order of the 3M brand like I ordered. A week later I still hadn't received it. When I called they said they no longer had 3M in stock. If I wanted the other brands I would have ordered the other brands. Since this was an online order they should have contacted me to see if I wanted items subbed, but they did not. They should have contacted me to let me know they would not be able to fill the replacement order as promised, they did not. I had to call and follow up. And in addition to all of that...they are still showing the special online for 3M brand despite the fact that they don't have the product!

    Featured Reviews for Co Flex 2" x 5 yds.
    by bsquare from Pennsylvania02/26/2013

    Quick delivery and product is great quality

    Featured Reviews for 3M Petcare Liquid Bandage (18 ml)
    Great purchasing experience by USCDAR11/01/2011

    This company was extremely efficient and placed my order quickly and thoroughly. I highly recommend them for any pet needs.

    Worked like a charm! by Kodiak from Hartford, Wi05/22/2013

    I used the liquid bandage on Cleo's paw because she had punctured it and it wouldn't heal with anything that I tried! After applying it for a few days, I could see it was healing, after two weeks her paw was completely healed!!!!! Love the product and will keep it on hand and recommend it to everyone!

    Wonderful! by Liz from San Jose, CA10/30/2012

    This is a life safer when needing to treat a wound and especially when your dog is as much of a wiggler as my husky. We've used this on multiple occasions to band-aid her boo-boo after a vet visit.

    Featured Reviews for Miracle Care Kwik-Stop Styptic Powder (.5 oz)
    Reliable good product! by Sophie's Mom from Ohio04/03/2013

    If you have animals, Kwik Stop is a must to have around. It is a reliable product. It is one of those things, that you will be thrilled to have it when you need it! Stops bleeding FAST! I highly recommend to have it on hand. You will be so glad you do!

    price very attractive by vava01/23/2012

    I have been using this kind of product for many years. Comparing to other brand that I ever use with my pet, Gimborn Kwik-Stop Styptic Powder is the best. In my country, it's not easy to find in normal petshop because the cost is quite high. But Entirelypets offer a very attractive price.

    Featured Reviews for Miracle Care Kwik-Stop Styptic Powder (1.5 oz)
    A must have product!!! by Rey10/22/2012

    This is what we use at the vet hospital I work at; and it was a no brainer to have it on hand at the rescue I run as well. Sometimes you want to get just a smidge more off their nails and you nip to much. This stops the bleeding immediately!

    Brilliant by Kiwi vet10/23/2012

    This stuff is the best ever for stopping bleeding nails. It is quick and effective and doesn't sting the pet. A little goes a long way and there is no staining like silver nitrate sticks.

    Won't clip nails without it! by blackdog from IL12/29/2012

    This is a must have products for nails that have accidentally been cut too short. The power is easier to work with than a styptic pencil.

    Featured Reviews for PetFlex Bandages
    Great product by Bernice04/20/2013

    These bandages are great for hard to get covered spots for my dog and I even used them for my own injuries

    Featured Reviews for Elastiant -Elastic Adhesive Bandage (2in x 2.5yds)
    Did NOt Recieve by tes1900 from Nevada06/09/2013


    Great finishing wrap by Sandy from Long Island, NY12/26/2012

    Works well, durable and a high quality product, just like my vet uses.

    Do not buy! by tes1900 from Nevada06/15/2013

    I wouldn’t know...I was charged for the product and it was never mailed and the company seems to be ignoring my requests. For the rating I couldn't say good or bed; the company won’t send it even though they have charged me. So the company I would give less than one star and if the product is what I thought it was I’d give 5 stars.

    Featured Reviews for Vetericyn Universal HydroGel Spray Gel (16oz Trigger)
    Cooling and Comforting Reduces Redness Blood by Border collie Gal from Kailua, Hawaii 9673403/02/2011

    Love to spray this on dogs boob area, feet, butt end, paws. Wet conditions in yard produce too much yeast, bacteria on dogs skin. I appreciate this product since it has a theory to evaporate moisture instead of creating more moisture. Which helps better then the other products I have tried. I usually try products with Ketoconazole in it. Product doesn't spook dog and doesn't burn skin. Used for one week so far. Even tried on my skin. It is not too sticky or does it leave a lasting residue or stain. So far I have purchase five bottles. Its worth it.The Long trigger spray is the easy one.

    Great Product by Chummie08/05/2012

    My horse has occasional issues with fungus, sometimes little spots of mud fever -- as soon as I detect a spot, I put this product on it. A few applications and the issue is resolved. Prefer the gel because it adheres/stays where you spray it. Pricey perhaps but worth it.

    Awsome by dog designs from Sebring, florida11/15/2011

    I own a pet resort and we are constantly using this on dogs. We lately used it in a cocker spaniels ears, that had cronic ears, and his pain was tremendous, used it for a month while owner was away and the dog had a new lease on life..started playing and not biting during his grooming. I also use it on all sores and hot spots....LOVE this stuff!!

    Featured Reviews for Vetericyn VF Wound & Skin Care (8oz Spray)
    Vetericyn VF by Mia from Camarillo, CA02/23/2012

    My dog has had lesions (itchy) and this product has dried up the lesions substantially in a couple of weeks. I will keep using it and recommend it to others before going through the costly process of minor surgery.

    Great product by Encore from MD10/23/2011

    My horse injured his shoulder and had a 4"x1" gash. Antibiotics, cleaning and spraying with Vetericyn VF kept him infection free while healing. Then my dog injured her back paw and I sprayed it 2x a day. It helped heal her paw faster. I now keep a bottle near all the time.

    An excellent product to have on hand by The Dogmother from Flushing, MI03/03/2012

    This stuff is good for a variety of skin issues. Our vet recommended it, and I was amazed how effective it is. It's the first product I reach for when I see any kind of skin irritation on our infection-prone cockers, and I believe it's prevented some costly trips to the vet.

    Featured Reviews for Vetericyn VF Wound & Skin Care (16oz Trigger)
    Good purchase by Ann10/12/2011

    This spray smells a little like bleach. After I spray my dog's belly, I rub it in with my hands and wash them off. No after smell on me or my dog, and no side affects. Worked great.

    by jean california from corona california01/22/2013

    perfect product , perfect website good prices fast delivery.

    Love This Stuff! by Paula04/27/2012

    This heals hotspots and sores from scratching almost over night - love it!

    Tried and True by Madam X from Flushing, MI11/14/2012

    Vetericyn VF Wound & Infection Treatment was originally recommended by my vet and have purchased it repeatedly since then. It's the best product I've used to date to treat hot spots, scrapes, infections, etc. Any skin issue heals faster when this product is applied.

    Miracle in a bottle for hot spots by Lauren from Chicago area, IL03/27/2012

    Got my first bottle at a boutique store. I was skeptical but they do have good products there. I paid a fortune for a 4 oz. bottle but truly this stuff is amazing and worth the money. My dog will chew at her hot spot until it's big and bloody. I spray this on it 4 times a day or as often as I can and it really helps to dry it up, heal, and keep it under control. I first dab it with a 50/50 mix of water/povidone iodine solution to cleanse and then use a spray of this. Amazing.

    is your pet worth it by whitey11/06/2011

    My pitbull is 12 years old, She has horrible sores and suffers from What the vet calls "Cushings disease"!! This Spray along with other Pet meds has Helped Reduce the huge Sores! Also Everywhere I spray it Her sklin has begun to clear up!! Of course this is product is expensive! But This is from just first bottle! Of course some of her sores are Out Of Hand and Have Me Very Worried!! Please help!

    Outstanding wound spray by RetrieverFan from Boulder, CO03/05/2011

    I'm usually skeptical of products claiming to cure just about every kind of skin problem for pets. Glad to say Vetericyn proved me wrong. My dog (an 8-year-old golden) had a spot he kept biting raw. We tried everything, only the dreaded Cone of Shame did any good. Our vet recommended the Vetericyn as something new and to everyone's mutual delight it worked. The spot is still bald, maybe for good. It does not, however, torment any longer. Next up was the cat's smelly ears. Just sprayed it right in there twice a day. Mission accomplished. Wish I had more pets to try it on. My son calls it the magic spray and asks for some on his cuts because it doesn't sting. We are all highly impressed in this family.

    Amazing Wonder Product by spartacus from Highland Ca10/23/2012

    I had heard about this before from many people regarding the healing effect but I kept thinking it was so expensive.. Finally I decided to buy a bottle and spray it on my dogs wounds everything I have tried and all the antibiotics and shampoos the vets give me only heal him while he is on them but this went over and above and his sores closed magically before my eyes within 2 days I hope to always have some on hand in my home for any unforseen problems with my animals it is worth the cost . I just wish it came in a larger bottle

    Featured Reviews for Vetericyn VF HydroGel Spray Gel (16oz Trigger)
    Works wonders! by Grace from Irving,TX06/12/2013

    I have a shar pei who has sensitive skin and prone to abrasions even with just branches or brush. This works wonders in promoting healing and keeping scars to a minimum! So thankful for this!!

    Wonderful Product by Suzi from Taft, Calif.01/05/2013

    I use Vetericyn on all my animals hot spots or wounds. It's great for any skin related problem!

    God bless Vetericyn by nonya07/25/2012

    This product is MARVELOUS for wounds. I have used it on open wounds for chickens & turkeys that were attacked by dogs. I've used it on hot spots in dogs. I've even used it on poison ivy rash on my husband. This absolutely helps to keep the area clean & protected. The healing is at least twice as fast. Plus, try holding any animal with one hand while you clean a wound with the other. If the best you can do is get a couple of good sprays on the wound, you've helped that animal immeasurably! I prefer the gel, it sticks where you put it.

    Excellent product by SillySeason11/01/2012

    I have a 3 year old, 6 lbs. pomeranian that I adopted as a 3 month old puppy with a congenital heart murmur. He is a beautiful boy but has been plagued by a variety of health problems---hypothyroidism, food and skin allergies---that have caused recurring skin infections and very itchy skin. He was on long-term oral antibiotics (Zeniquin) and steroids (Prednisone or ocassionally dexamethasone) to treat his itchy skin until his stomach could no longer tolerate the oral medications. On the advice of a Veterinarian Dermatologist, his treatment was changed from oral medications to topical treatments---daily bathing with Douxo Chlorohexidine Shampoo and post-bath application of Vetericyn VF Hydrogel Wound and Infection Treatment. I clipped his coat very short and after 8 weeks of daily bathing and Vetericyn, his skin infection is nearly gone and his skin is substantially less itchy. Vetericyn VF Hydrogel Wound and Infection Treatment is an excellent product that I wound highly recommend to treat even the most sensitive skin problems. Also, Vetericyn is pH balanced so that it does not sting when applied to fresh wounds.

    vetericyn vf by bob03/26/2012

    it work great my dog gets a growth between 2 toers he licks it raw i spray it for a week it will disapear .i get dark blotches no my skin i spray it and it goes away for a few month .

    Saved Dusty's ears! by JoPfef from St. Louis, MO11/30/2011

    Bought this to get Dusty's ears healed up. I've tried everything else, and nothing worked. This arrived, and I sprayed the backs of both of his ears, and they have showed amazing improvement in just a few days! He doesn't have ear infections (per the vet), and no allergies; just got on a binge about scratching the backs of his ears. This has solved the problem for both ears, and he's a happy little doggie now -- and so am I. Many thanks!!! :-)

    One of the best products for damaged skin by Trish from Orlando, FL03/26/2012

    My Shar Pei has allergies. She scratches her skin raw, and the spots can quickly get infected. This spray has dried out the spots and allowed them to heal faster. I think the product is worth the money. It may not work for everyones pets, but it worked for my dog!

    Featured Reviews for Vetericyn VF HydroGel Spray Gel (8oz Pump)
    Great product by Bchgrl08/03/2012

    I have been using this for a skin infection, and it has really improved. It didn't exactly cure it but it held it in check until I could get to the vet for an antibiotic. Used regularly, it may have gone away on its own. I like the gel so much better than the liquid. Would recommend this product.

    Featured Reviews for Vetbond by 3M (3 mL)
    Vet Bond Tissue Adhesive by 3M by Cleo's Daddy from Colorado Springs08/24/2010

    OUTSTANDING product! Exactly the same stuff my Vet uses to stop minor bleeding. Although there are other "super glue" products you can buy, this one (VetBond by 3M) has no alcohol or solvents so there is NO STING when applied. My beloved Siberian Husky has skin tumors that bleed sometimes on their own. This tissue adhesive stops the bleeding in seconds with no after effects. Ask your Vet... he or she will agree it is safe and effective.

    Good work ! by Endovet from Russia, Kurgan07/13/2012

    I am very happy that i may buy on your internet store. Thanks !

    Featured Reviews for EMT First Aid Spray (1 oz)
    good anesthetic/antiseptic by Labmom from AL03/31/2013

    use this in addition to the gel & both work well on scrapes/cuts/etc.

    EMT first aid spray by TE12/04/2011

    Great product. Referred by friend, medicated product that cats choose not to lick away. Used on Chloe, before she would whine when petting that area, now she doesn't make a sound or budge. She's a happy princess. Thank you.

    Featured Reviews for EMT First Aid Gel (1 oz)
    Amazing Product by sandyz from Bucks County, PA04/30/2013

    Having searched for a wound healing product for an older dog who had a neck wound from surgery that would not heal, the EMT Gel is a marvelous product. I try to keep this on hand if any of my younger dogs (I have 3) should need it. Recently, my 2yr. old lab cut her foot & I was having a difficult time getting it to heal. Spending$100.00 at the veterinarian didn't do much. The EMT gel started the healing process in a few days. Wonderful product.

    better than polysporin by Labmom from AL03/31/2013

    I bought this for 1 of my labs who is digging after chipmunks & having claw/foot soft tissue injuries. After cleaning, I apply this, cover & use the flex bandage. She doesn't try to lick or chew afterwards. after about 3-4 days the sight is healed!

    Featured Reviews for 6" COTTON TIPPED APPLICATORS (100 COUNT)
    Thank You EntirelyPets! by FurIsFlyin' from New York01/23/2013

    I saw these swabs under "customers also bought these." That is a great suggestion feature entirelypets has on their site. I needed these swabs for the past 10 years. Never remembered to look for them. I was always jealous the vet had them and I didn't. Now I have them and it's so much easier for my spaniel and me. Great price!

    They Work by Christine from Boston, Ma05/08/2013

    The cotton applicators do the trick, and you can't beat the price.

    Finally! I found it! by GenDiva from NYC, NY01/17/2013

    I have been looking for this since I saw some at Max's vet. It now takes me half the time to get his ears clean.

    Best Price for Quantity by FuzzyLuvr from PA01/25/2012

    This is the best price I found for cotton tip applicators.

    These are great! by GenDiva from NYC, NY02/14/2013

    Very helpful for reaching in side ear when cleaning!

    better than Qtips by blackdog from IL12/29/2012

    These cotton swabs are much more utilitarian for use in dogs than Qtips. They are great for ear cleaning, wound cleaning, etc. Because they are mounted on wood with a long handle, they are easy to manipulate and control.

    Bad applicators by Chance from Northampton, PA02/23/2012

    These applicators barely have any cotton on the top, was actually afraid of using them on my dog because it was like putting a stick in his ear.

    wonderful by l10/04/2009

    very good

    Featured Reviews for PetFlex 4" x 5 yds.
    great bandage by Labmom from AL03/31/2013

    I use this for paw injuries on my labs......keeps the injury covered nicely & stays intact.

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