• Fizzion Concentrated Cleaner (23 oz)

    Fizzion Concentrated Cleaner (23 oz)

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    Fizzion Editor's choice award winner 2009Fizzion Concentrated Cleaner (23 oz) was developed as a heavyweight commercial cleaner. Fizzion’s powerful CO2 fizzing action unlocks and cleans stains and odors on contact. Other cleaners add harsh chemicals or foreign bacteria to clean. Fizzion's unique formula uses non-toxic ingredients and kills odor-causing bacteria naturally by breaking down and destroying their cell walls. Just add regular hot tap water to activate Fizzion's supercharged cleaning power.

    Reasons why Fizzion is different than other cleaners...

  • Concentrated formula mixes up fresh for maximum cleaning power
  • Safely unlocks and lifts away new or set-in stains
  • Kills bacteria to completely eliminate household odors
  • Eco-friendly packaging minimizes waste and pollution
  • Releases a fresh linen scent as you clean

  • 1. Fill spray bottle with 16 oz. of water per tablet.  Leave space at the top.  2. Drop in 1 FIZZION tablet for 23 oz., or 2 FIZZION tablets for 32 oz.  3. Place trigger sprayer on the bottle and start cleaning.

    Usage Information

    How to use Fizzion in just 3 easy steps!
  • Add one Fizzion tablet to 23 oz. of warm tap water
  • Spray on the stain or dirty surface until wet.
  • Blot gently with a clean towel.

  • Watch your stain and odor disappear!

    How Fizzion Works:
  • Fizzion is comprised of a proprietary blend of cleaners to create an unmatched detergency that removes the two most stubborn components of urine from the material or fabric.
  • It forms a shield around the stain while it works on it which immediately reduces odors.
  • To prevent the odor from returning, Fizzion's powerful CO2 action makes the normally insoluble uric acid in the urine soluble, so that it can be removed from the surface never to return.

  • Fizzion is an exemplary illustration of that commitment. It is quite an achievement that Fizzion has rapidly become a proven leader in its class, however, the science and innovation behind this product has also inaugurated a new category of pet stain and odor removers that is unrivaled. Product Highlights:
  • Fizzion promotes the use of a reusable spray bottle to prevent landfill waste.
  • Non-toxic formula is safe for pets to sniff or lick.
  • Prevents pets from returning to the same spot to relieve themselves.
  • Easy dissolvable tablets mix up fresh every time you use it.
  • Formula lasts over one year at 100% potency after activation.
  • Can be used on most protein-based stains including red wine and chocolate.
  • Can be used on most fabrics and textiles.
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    Great Product by Paige from Knoxville, TN10/28/2010

    I purchased this in hopes that it would remove some of the past urine stains from my dogs. I was absolutely surprised. IT WORKS GREAT! I have white berber carpet and even after steam cleaning by a professional stains would still come back. I used this product on a couple of the old stains and after 4 weeks they still haven't returned.

    Noticed odor reduction right away by Beauxbut10/22/2012

    I've used different enzyme products in the past with pretty good results, but this product was even better.

    Great product by Joan from N.J.08/27/2013

    There were stains and odors caused by elderly dog and long haired cats with hairballs. Other products just didn't help. Fizzion is easy to use and, removes the stains and the odor.

    What is GG1 on? by PA Lady05/25/2012

    Best product ever for pet stains (period). Hands down, no contest and whatever other hyperbole you can think of. It works immediately - I stuck my face in the carpet and took a big whiff - -smell was gone. I will use again and again and again, since I have a cat that feels that it is necessary to mark anything vertical. Furthermore, the product is LIGHTLY scented. GG1, heavily scented detergent? Are you kidding me? Please - gain some perspective. Cat urine vs. soap....hmmm....let me think which I'd prefer.

    Very Disappointing.... by Dee from Ohio07/29/2012

    I had such high hopes for this product. I recently had two cats who happened to be ill at the same time. Let's just say there were quite a few accidents and there was a very definite urine odor. I tried several of the enzymatic products and was not at all impressed. I heard Fizzion mentioned on TV by a prominent cat behaviorist. Surely, he knows what he is talking about, I thought. I had a hard time finding it, but finally did. I used it exactly as instructed and waited for the miracle to happen. It didn't. I can still smell the odor every bit as bad as it ever was. No improvement at all. I feel like I must have used an entirely different product from the others here. But that's not the case. I did give it 2 stars, only because I have since used it for other general cleaning tasks and it's OK for those. Nothing special, but certainly adequate. But for pet urine odors, I'm no more impressed than I have been with any other product. Which is to say, not at all....

    Nice clean smell by PickieRickie from Western Pennsylvania05/15/2013

    We have a multi cat household and I have used numerous products that make many claims about the effectiveness of their product. I learned of this product watching Jackson Galaxy and so far, it seems to be eliminating the cat odors. This has a nice clean smell and seems to eliminate the cat urine smell not just cover it up with a floral or antiseptic fragrance.

    Better than others hands down by Samba from Panama City, Fl10/31/2011

    This product proved to better than any other I had ever purchased. I can't say it took out everything but it took out some stains that had been there awhile. I will purchase again.

    Not as good as Nature's Miracle by CherylS02/05/2012

    We bought this because Jackson Galaxy - Cat Daddy recommends it. We still believe that Nature's Miracle is a better product. We'll use it up, but probably won't buy it again.

    awesome by cupcake from Rocky Mount NC04/23/2013

    just moved in January to a new place. Sweetee has decided to use the front entranceway to urinate. Why? I do not know she also uses her litter box. The smell was horrible. I just received my first order of Frizzion and I can tell it is working. The ordor is going away, so I am confident that Fizzion will live up to its promise. I signed up for the auto ship.

    Fizzion Pet Stain & Odor Remover Tablets by Jules121408/19/2014

    BEST PRODUCT EVER for removing new and old pet stains! May have to do application a few times to get smell completely out, however for the price, WELL WORTH IT!

    Didn't work for dog urine stain at all by LS12/26/2013

    We try to use natural products when we can, and residue free is a must, so we had high hopes for this but it simply did not work. I sprayed first, let sit and the stain remained. I re-sprayed, let sit, and still no change. I finally got frustrated, POURED some on the stain, let it sit for an hour, and it did not change. Both the stain and the odor remained. I eventually used the last bit of Wee Cleaner we had at the bottom of the bottle and that took it right out. Sorry to say this was a waste of money for us. We just poured it down the drain.

    by from 06/26/2011

    Hello gg1. Before you post a review, would it be too much trouble for you to ACTUALLY USE THE PRODUCT?

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    Use by it from first.Let


    by from 01/09/2012

    Fantastic value, phenomenol product. A must have for all pet owners.

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    The best by Nicole12/13/2009

    This is by far the best Pet Stain and Odor product I've ever used. Will use forever.

    by from 11/09/2012

    by from 08/21/2010

    just got this today and can't say yet how effective it is. But I wanted to write a quick review to note to warn any of you with chemical sensitivities that Fizzion has a really strong smell, not unlike a very perfumed detergent.

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    works by and from thatSure


    Awesome Stuff! by melissa from Indialantic, Florida07/14/2012

    I had my doubts that this would be any different from the hundreds of others cleaners that I've used through the years, but I was wrong. This stuff really works!!! I have used it on urine, vomit, and blood stains and it works equally well with all three. Very impressed...


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