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FleaVac Home & Pet Flea Vacuum Unit
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FleaVac Home & Pet Flea Vacuum Unit

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FleaVac Home & Pet Flea Vacuum Unit is an all natural, safe and effective way to rid your pet and home of fleas. The FleaVac attachment hose was designed to create maximum suction without getting clogged with fur. That's why you don't see a comb or brush attached to the end of the nozzle. It moves freely through fur and suctions fleas as soon as it becomes within range. Because no toxins or harsh chemicals come in contact with your pet you can repeat the process as often as needed. The FleaVac kills adult fleas, eggs, larvae and pupae on your pet, furniture, carpet, pet bedding or any other flea infested areas.

FleaVac uses recycled materials whenever possible. FleaVac low toxic kill pellets are completely biodegradable and will not add toxins to the environment when discarded. In addition very little is needed because it is designed to kill fleas inside your vacuum's dirt collection chamber without blanketing your home with poisons. FleaVac Flea Kill Pellets work great in bagged and bagless dirt chambers in vacuums.

Fleas sucked directly from the pet's fur

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