• Booda Soft Bite Floppy Disc - 10

    Booda Soft Bite Floppy Disc - 10"

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    Booda Soft Bite Floppy Disc by Aspen Pet, is flexible, durable, flies, and floats! Constructed with pliable rubber tubing to avoid damage to dogs teeth when catching, the Floppy Disc also folds up to easily fit in your back pocket or purse. It's the gentlest flying disc for your dog.

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    great product by karen from Hawaii07/13/2014

    Our dogs love the floppy disk. They are much more confident in grabbing it while in it's flight as compared to the harder flying disc type toys.

    Best Toy Ever by Ralphbob from Tundra-MN11/28/2012

    Bar none, the most favorite toy all year round and durable if you don't let them chew on it like rawhide.

    Funtastic ! by CoCo's mom from New Jersey06/23/2013

    Her favorite toy! It's soft, easy to fly, it floats ( for when my aim is off and it lands in pool). Takes the tugging when we fight over it. Had one before for about a year but our friends dog and her ripped it. It still did fly with the hole in it! Cost was reasonable enough to buy a another.

    by from 12/06/2012

    Soft & Durable by TW from Hackettstown, NJ11/06/2012

    I tried other frisbees but they were too hard and difficult for my dog to catch. She loves to run and chase things, and this frisbee is perfect. It doesn't hurt her mouth when she catches it. She sometimes likes to play tug with the frisbee and it has held up to pulling and biting.

    Dogs love it by Pata from Bellaire, Ohio07/05/2012

    We have two dogs, a miniture America Eskimo and an American Eskimo and Jack Russell mix. Both dogs have a fun time playing with the Floppy Discs. We purchased the 10 in and the 7 inch, one for each dog but the jack mix is agressive and ends up with both.

    The ONLY frisbee we will use by Lee from Olympia WA02/02/2013

    WE KNOW from first hand experience what a hard frisbee can do to ANY dog 's mouth who is dedicated to playing or "working" fetch. With a hard frisbee...we have the dental damage to prove it dog after dog. I will not use, nor let others use anything else. We take these Booda Soft Bite Frisbees with us when we expect to be outdoors with the dogs... period. I thank you, my dogs love you sight unseen, and my vet bill budget thanks you!

    Awesome! by Sam from Colorado06/26/2013

    My Aussie lives to catch this frisbee! It is so much softer on her mouth than the plastic or rubber kind, and equally as easy to throw.

    Lasts Forever! by Buttercup672 from Austin, Texas11/19/2012

    If your dog goes through floppy discs like crazy, than this is the one for you! It must be made of some space alien fabric, because it lasts for years! It's the main toy for my Cocker Spaniel, and she abuses it terribly. We finally got her a new one after 4 years. We used to have to get her one every month or so until I found this brand. I can't say enough about this toy! It's the best floppy disc out there!

    by from 03/10/2014

    Although I ordered the Soft Bite Floppy Disc, and even added a specific request to NOT send me the Tail Spin, EntirelyPets ignored my instructions and sent the Tail Spin, which superficially resembles Floppy Disc, but is not the same.

    Floppy by Disc from andMy


    For real Frisbee Loving Dogs by Marge from Houston, Texas06/20/2012

    Our labs love this toy! It is durable, bright color so easy to find, and best price anywhere!

    Best flyer by Laura08/05/2009

    Hve tried a lot of frisbees out there, and this one flies the best, is easy for the dog to catch, and is soft enough that it doesn't damage anything if you happen to throw it into a window, plant, etc.

    Durable Frisbee by Sandy08/13/2009

    My dog and I play with this frisbee about an hour per day, and it has held up longer than other similar toys that we've tried. I've gotten 4 months use out of one Floppy Disc, where I would have needed 2 or 3 of the other brand in that same time frame. The disc stays soft during cold winters, so it doesn't hurt your dog's teeth. My dog LOVES it!

    by from 03/27/2012

    These frisbees are the very best for our border collies. They last nearly forever, and they are soft so they are easy on the dog's teeth.

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    Soft Bite vs Tail Spin by JunoJim from Juno Beach, FL04/15/2014

    You need to stock and sell the original "Floppy Disk" or "Melon" design. The new "Tail Spin" design, plastic coating comes apart in water, and it's not as durable - probably switched source from USA to China.


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