Chuckit! Flying Squirrels

Chuckit! Flying Squirrels

Flying Squirrel - Small/Petite
Flying Squirrel - Small/Petite

($11.99)  $8.99
Flying Squirrel - Medium
Flying Squirrel - Medium

($14.99)  $8.69
Flying Squirrel - Large
Flying Squirrel - Large

($18.99)  $10.99

Here is one squirrel who won’t mind being chased down. Just grab him by a paw and throw like a flying disk. Remember to snap your wrist while throwing to give him a good spin. His spinning feet create visual excitement for you and your pet, and the raised sides make him easy to pick up.

  • Raised sides for easy pick up
  • Durable Rubber Feet
  • Floats in water
  • Comes in assorted colors.
    5.00 rating based on 1 review
    Featured Reviews for Flying Squirrel - Small/Petite
    Super flyer by Dee06/12/2013

    My lab mix LOVES this flying squirrel. She will chase it forever and ever.

    Featured Reviews for Flying Squirrel - Medium
    Great toy by Suzie from New south wales Australia11/07/2012

    Found the Flying Squirrel a great toy, it's strong for playing tug, it's easy for the dog to hold for tricks, it has little grips on each corner, great for dog n you. We all love it :)

    Flying Squirrel by Tango baby from Sarasota, FL06/23/2014

    My German Shepherd's favorite outside toy. He loves to chase and follow it as it flies and curves through the air and leaps for it. Great exercise. Not hard to make it spin.

    frisbee dog by Gene05/06/2013

    dog totally loves the flying squirrel toy.

    Corners chew off very easily! by Lucky12/27/2011

    My dog loves these (chocolate lab) but he must be watched because if left alone he will chew plastic corners off- as they're not very durable to teeth.

    okay for play by blur of fur04/29/2014

    does fly well, however my pet prefers the round frisbee

    Awesome for Dogs by HHP from Lafayette, CO11/06/2012

    Our 8-yr old heeler mix absolutely LOVES this frisbee...he will sit in front of the shelf where we keep it for hours, hoping someone will throw it for him...we have to keep it on the shelf or else he likes to chew it up...we got 2 of these to keep on hand since the sale price on these was terrific; probably stock up and buy more just to have on hand and in every car for exercise...easy to throw, endless entertainment!

    Giddy fun! by Cheryl07/08/2008

    It arrived on rainy day, but we went out and played due to the absolute crazy excitement my dog was exhibiting upon the light toss in the house. She wants to "kill" it like no other toy. I'm telling her it's not a tug, but my how she likes to grab and shake it with a giddy look. It flies far better than some of our discs. This size is perfect for my large Aussie.

    A favorite by carm04/28/2012

    My German Shepherd loves the Flying Squirrel - however he also loves to tug with it which greatly shortens its' flying ability, as the corners fray and come open and the supporting tubes start to come out and you cannot fix it. He also loves to mouth it - so I go through quite a few of them just because he loves to catch them of the fly.

    Works well by mary1488910/12/2010

    This is a well made toy that has good weight and really sails through the air- much more fun than a frisbee. My dog loves it. I saw another dog playing fetch with one and had to have it.

    Featured Reviews for Flying Squirrel - Large
    Well built and dogs love it by Sharkiebob from San Jose,CA01/01/2013

    Bought two - one for each of my kids' labs. Labs are notoriously tough on toys. The dogs seem to love the way this flies and are able to carry it around with ease. They've only had their toys for a few days but they are holding up.

    Best retrieving toy by jeannieblueeyes from CT07/25/2014

    We have two lab/hound mixes that love to chase this well built/durable Frisbee-type toy. It is easy to throw and easy for dogs to pick up, soft in their mouths. Best toss toy!

    Best dog toy I ever purchased. by Char from Mauston, WI07/20/2012

    My dog just loves this. If she loses it in the yard or field, all I do is tell her to find her toy and she'll zig-zag the yard or field until she finds it. She can't wait to go out to play.

    Our dogs LOVE this... by HHP from Lafayette, CO08/21/2014

    Favorite toy of our older cattle dog...he will sit patiently by the shelf where this is stored until you tell him to give up or you go throw it for him...he loves to shake it and play tug of war with it as well (which is not recommended as it will eventually rip). Well made, terrific price, especially visible in the winter weather, which has been a huge improvement over the many tennis balls we have lost in the snow!

    Pretty good by junior from honolulu09/06/2014

    Better than most flying disc/ freebie although the dogs kill it in 1-2 weeks. I usually sew the damage ends and reuse it. It flies well and good price.

    flying squirrel by mark m12/30/2009

    The product works great, until it falls apart. Our dog has other disks that have lasted for a couple of years. The manufacturer needs to make the seams stronger on it

    Works Great as Frisbee Substitute by de from Sacramento, California11/08/2013

    Nicely constructed and I like that it doesn't sit flat on the ground when it lands as it makes it easier for the dog to pick up. Soft in the mouth. Flies well too. However, my dog is a little slow at transitioning off a ball to this form of catch.

    Just what I have been looking for by Harleys mom03/17/2009

    This toy is perfect! Durable yet it flies great! The dogs love playing with it everyday! I am convinced that if chuckit! makes it, it must be perfect! We use this everyday...but need to get it out of the tree before tomorrows use...



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