• Four Paws Brewers Yeast Tablets Garlic Flavor (1000 Count)

    Four Paws Brewers Yeast Tablets Garlic Flavor (1000 Count)

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    Four Paws Brewers Yeast contains an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and natural proteins to promote healthy coats and control shedding. Also contains garlic which is known to be a natural, superb deterrent for fleas.

  • For Healthy Skin and Coat
  • Provides Protein Zinc & Biotin
  • Healing Remedies
  • Natural Daily Supplement
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    Four Paws Brewers Yeast tablets by vcousins1 from Grinnell, IA08/22/2013

    My dog has gotten brewers yeast tablets with yeast for years, and so have my previous dogs. It is a good supplement that leaves the coat shiny.

    Great Garlic Supplement! by Misslissa04/13/2014

    I live in the woods and was tired of finding ticks on my dogs in the past. This year, the ticks are out but not on my dogs! I do believe this product works.

    good product but wrong one! by BJ from Nashville Tn01/31/2015

    The service is very fast but I rec'd the wrong product again. I would like brewers yeast with garlic NOT brewers yeast with garlic flavor. The website shows the two products and they look almost alike however they are two different products. One has the actual garlic as an ingredient and the other has only the garlic flavor (powdered garlic). These products should be marked with a way to tell the difference easily~

    4 Paws Brewers Yeast Tablets w/Garlic by CF from CT05/09/2012

    I bought Four Paws Brewers Yeast Tablets w/Garlic to give to my cats for a flea deterant. The cats that really need the help, since I can't catch them, won't eat the tablets. The cats that I can give other flea products to, eat the tablets right up and enjoy them. I just give them to sniff or eat right out of my hand or after they sniff I put in their dish and then they eat them. Only one a day.

    yeast tablets by mina from upstate ny12/12/2013

    i use these tablets on 1 cat and 2 dogs. they eat them right up.1 cat wont look at it. he's stubborn.i plan to get the joint tabs for the rotti next.

    No Fleas by Bindel from Atlanta, GA10/28/2013

    I've used this product for years as flea prevention and it works! No fleas, no ticks, no drips, runs or errors. All 3 dogs are flea free. Please note there are other Brewers Yeast Products with garlic FLAVOR these are not the same and will not prevent fleas.

    by from 10/29/2014

    I've tried garlic mixes, pills, etc. in the past for fleas, etc. and the dogs never wanted to take them.. So, it had to be given them like a medicine / pill. I lost a cat due to flea treatments and many dog flea treatments are dangerous to cats. So, I didn't want to use them again.

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    Best product ever by Parsnips12/18/2012

    Brewer's yeast with garlic has kept fleas off of our dogs yrs. We have'nt used flea medication for at least 5 yrs.

    by from 09/13/2013

    I was really skeptical about how these are for fleas and ticks, but I hate putting pesticides on my dog. I live in the southeast, so fleas and ticks can be really bad. After trying these, I've been hooked and keep a steady supply coming in. Ever since I've started my dog on them, I have had no problems with fleas at all, and have found one tick that had apparently bitten her and fell off dead shortly after. She's been on them for a year and a half now, and the most convincing thing to me was I ran out once, and within 10 days she had a few fleas on her making her crazy. I bathed her and began them again, and they're gone. She's an 80 pound golden retriever, and I give her about 12 a day, sometimes more, she just loves them so it's an easy and healthy treat.

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    Essential for flea season by Sara J from Corpus Christi, TX05/06/2012

    I love these Brewer's Yeast pills! I really like the fact that they boast a VERY simplified ingredient list--nothing extra that's not needed--and the fact that they're gentle enough to give to my 3 dogs and my cat. The pills are soft enough to break in half with your hands, which was a plus for the cat. The most important aspect is their role in FLEA CONTROL! Honestly, I don't know if the pills themselves are what stop the fleas, or if it's the combination of the brewer's yeast plus the Frontline/Advantage I use on my dogs/cat, respectively, but they work nonetheless! I was seeing fleas on the dogs and my cat was scratching herself into a scabby mess (she has flea allergies) until I put them back on these brewer's yeast pills. I had stopped ordering them over the winter months, but within a couple weeks, my cat's skin was completely healed and I've seen literally one flea on my lab and zero on the boxers...that's saying A LOT considering that I live in South Texas where the fleas are ridiculous during the warm(er) months!! My only complaint would be that they are sometimes backordered. Great product though, from a reliable company!! :)

    Fantastic product! by Sierramom from Lake Worth, FL10/02/2014

    I have been using brewers yeast and garlic for years to keep fleas away and to improve my dogs' coats. It's been a little difficult to find a good product and this certainly is that. I will continue to use - forever, I hope!

    by thouchlei11/06/2012

    Ordered from this sight through Groupon. Never received product or contacted why.

    Stinky and Works! by Dr. Dolittle10/09/2013

    These pills are a great value, they are smelly and the cats eat them in one bite!


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