FroliCat DART Automatic Rotating Laser Pet Toy for Dogs & Cats

    FroliCat DART Automatic Rotating Laser Pet Toy for Dogs & Cats

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    Your pet will love the FroliCat Dart! This rotating laser light toy spins 360 degrees at variable speeds, sending your pet wildly chasing after the spot light. With 16 exciting play combinations, your pet will have countless hours of fun. A timer allows you to control the amount of time your pet spends with the FroliCat Dart, adjustable to 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes of play. Selectable speeds include slow, medium, fast or variable to match your pet's reflex speed. This is a great way to give your playful pet the daily exercise they need.

  • Fun exercise for cats and dogs
  • Variable speed settings
  • Adjustable Timer
  • 16 exciting play combinations
  • 360 degree laser patterns
  • Engage your pet in a fun, interactive play!

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    Usage Information

    Requires 3 AA batteries

    How it Works
    Variable Speeds
  • Set DART on floor. Ensure safe, level and stable surface.
  • Press "ON/OFF - SPEEDS" button again to change speed to medium, fast or variable.
  • The indicator light for the selected speed (slow, medium, fast or variable) will glow solid green.
  • Press "ON/OFF - SPEEDS" panel on top of DART a 5th time (after super-fast speed setting) to turn DART off.

  • DART will automatically turn off after 5 minutes, but can be set for 5, 10, 15 or 20 minute time periods.
  • Press the timer button to change the time.
  • The indicator light below the selected time (5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes) will flash.
  • Press "ON/OFF - SPEEDS" button to turn off before selected time period has ended.
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    by Maree02/19/2012

    This product is great. My 4 cats go wild chasing the little red dot. I especially like the fact that I can alter the speed, and that I can set a time limit for when it will turn itself off.

    In Love with FroliCat by AngieA from North Highlands, CA11/02/2012

    I have a lot of cats and being that they are indoor only, I try to play with them often so they can get some exercise in. One of their favorite toys has always been the laser pointer. Unfortunately that hasn't been my favorite toy since I have to keep holding down that little button. My thumb always starts hurting! When I first saw FroliCat, I knew I had to get one. Let me tell you, Best Purchase EVER!!! My thumb thanks you FroliCat, lol. The cats do, too. Longer and more often play time for them now. I love that it has a timer button as well. I just set the timer and know it's going to turn off in x amount of minutes. I get forgetful, so this is big for me, and the life of the batteries. My cats & I highly recommend this to everyone. :)

    My Animals love it! by Noah01/17/2012

    I have two dogs, and three cats. They all love this thing!(Unfortunatly not at the same time) As soon as my cats hear it turn on they come running into the room ready to play. I love the idea of the adjustablity of the time and speed; it keeps them preoccupied for as long as I want. My dogs love it too, but sometimes play a little to hard around it and can knock it over. Its a small inconvienance, but worth it to see them play like puppies again!!

    LASER SHOW!! by JamKirch from Sacramento, ca01/09/2012

    My cats have the smaller version, bolt. Now the dogs get to play too. This bigger laser toy goes a full 360 and makes for lots of running and playing. After the first 5 minutes every pet in the house was exhausted. It makes a little noise but not loud at all. HIghly entertaining to watch the cats and dogs play and chase the laser.

    NOISEY - BE PREPARED TO BE IRRITATED by shadowcat from Albany NY11/10/2012

    I have only had this for a few hours. My (8) cats have all pretty much checked it out. Those that like the lazer lite do seem interested in this and were playing and chasing the lite. HOWEVER this thing is really noisey. Ever buy that cat toy with a ball inside a plastic round tube that they spin around and around? That's kind of what this sounds like. I dont't quite understand why they were not able to make something QUIET! I was hoping to turn this on so my cats could play while I slept at night. Fat chance of that happening! I would say you get what u pay for but for almost $30 you expect something halfway decent. Now of course I read the reviews and I am not expecting much. It breaks down quicky and then you are stuck with another piece of junk. You know what? We all need to stop being lazy pet owners and get off our butts and play with our pets anyway and not try to find stupid cheap alternatives to our company. Trust me they enjoy us much more - you can see it in their eyes when you are down on their level playing with them. I'll use this when I don't have to listen to it and then toss it away after it breaks.

    not worth it by jennyanydot from SF Bay area03/06/2013

    My 2 cats love chasing a laser dot, but this product was a dud with them. The first machine I received ran, but oddly had no light source. The replacement was easy and free, but makes so much noise that the cats focus on the base and not on the laser dot. They do not interact with the laser at all, and the noise is loud and distracting, so this product was not worth it for my cats.

    great for energetic kittens! by natakie12/08/2012

    I love that I can program this to run for 20 minutes and it will entertain my energetic cats while I do other chores around the house. It does eat batteries so I recommend getting a couple of rechargeable batteries but I would absolutely recommend getting one!

    by Inna11/06/2012

    my dog got so additced to this product ... He couldn't stop playing. if I will hide it - he will cry forewere. I am not sure it is a good toy for a dog. But he sure liked it a LOT.

    Very Good Purchase by Paul11/15/2012

    The laser works great and Shaggy loves it. It has a timer so we can set it for a period of time and let her chase it. The only thing that I can see as a draw back of the laser is the laser light radius is alittle close to the base, so what we did is raise it up by putting it on a basket to get the laser radius alittle farther out and now it works great. She has a ball with it.

    Best cat toy I've purchased so far... by Becky from San Antonio, Tx01/08/2014

    Since I have numerous cats the increase in activity has helped lower the amount of aggressiveness between them. It keeps 2-3 cats occupied at a time and I am able to select time duration and speed to change it up and accommodate different cat's preferences. Another plus, I can use it frequently without having to change batteries every 1-2 days, which has occurred with cheaper toys I've purchased in the past. Highly recommend!

    Kitties like it by jcoombes from nm12/31/2013

    I have several cats they come running when I turn it on.However, they learn the pattern quickly and lose interest. But they still like it and I like the timer feature.

    Cats and dogs love it! by yearbookgoddess from Virginia01/04/2013

    We all love this great toy! The only thing that could be improved is the laser shooting up and down, not just side to side. However, it entertains our cats and golden retriever daily. The timer makes it easy to set and go.

    Fun for Cats by DJ12/28/2013

    One cat loves it, other is learning how to play w/ it by watching the cat that loves it. Great toy - and happy to have the extra mental and physical excercise for the cats!


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