• Frontline Spray LARGE (500 mL)

    Frontline Spray LARGE (500 mL)

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    Frontline Spray is convenient, highly effective and only needs to be sprayed once a month over the body to give your pet superior flea and tick protection. This is probably the best flea/tick spray available. It does not contain the potentially toxic insecticides found in most pet store sprays. A good choice for rapid activity in severe flea infestations. It's also good to have on hand if your pet is suddenly exposed to fleas, even when your pet is already on monthly flea control like Frontine topical or Advantage. The NEW large 500 mL bottle gives you twice as much as the old one and you save money as well!


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    Good Product by Lisa08/24/2011

    I like this product. I spray it in the corners of the room and on the cats.

    The Must-Have Product by ProperBostonian05/29/2012

    I use Frontline spray on my horses legs, bellies and under their chins every 2 weeks as recommended by my veterinarian. Living in New England with an epidemic in tick-borne illness such as Lyme, I have learned the best defense is a good offense in the war against ticks. I spray on before we go out on the trails and noticed a huge decrease in finding ticks on my horses. This is a great product for us!

    Different results then previous frontline spray by R. Guest from Orlando, Florida03/18/2012

    Frontline Spray use to be fantastic for controling fleas. Seems as if it was unavailable for the longest time. Since it's been brought back, I purchased three 500 ml bottles. One had leaked out during shipment. The other two, unfortunitly provided very poor results. Not positive, but I do believe something has been changed or altered in the formula. Sure would like to know what happened.

    Happy by GiniFM from Houston, TX03/13/2013

    I hesitated between the pray and spot on versions. Read reviews that said that both protected well but the spray was cheaper. Now with the Revolution and Frontline, the dogs are fully protected !

    Frontline spray by Cat Slave from Dauphin Island, Al12/09/2011

    We like this spray better than the single application doses and have used it for years. We also like doing business with EntirelyPets. Shipping is always fast and ordering is simple.

    Frontline Spray by jr04/18/2012

    This is the only spray I have tried that actually kills fleas. I have a multi-pet household (cats and dogs), so the flea situation can quickly get out of hand.

    Best Price on Net! by sjpfl08/12/2013

    Have used this product for years. Best part is service from Entirely Pets - always prompt.

    Frontline by randymann from Illinois11/07/2012

    Frontline flea spray works...others don't. Great product, good price, fast shipping.

    Good alternative to sticky, squeeze-on applicators by Sara J from south Texas04/22/2012

    Well, if you're buying Frontline to prevent flea infestations, this spray is no different than the squeeze-on stuff. It doesn't really do much to prevent the fleas from getting on the dog, but once they bite, the fleas are killed; thus, it breaks the flea life cycle. So, I would recommend using this as part of a multi-faceted approach--for example, in addition to Program tablets. I use the Frontline with the Brewer's yeast pills (works very well to discourage flea bites!) and I use Capstar pills anytime I see fleas on them. An alternative would be to go with something more potent, like K9 Advantix, which is supposed to keep them from biting in the first place. I can't use it because one of my dogs is allergic to the active ingredient.

    Great product great value by Becky04/19/2012

    This is the second time I have ordered the frontline flea spray from entirely pets. The spray is very hard to find these days. I have 4 dogs and 6 cats and it is much more economical being able to use one spray and when needed for all. Both times I have ordered it I have recieved it within a couple of days and in great condition. I will keep ordering this product from entirely pets!

    frontline spray by may jo j. from ohio11/17/2013

    i do not have a heavy flea problem here.found a few on the cats.dogs use sentinel and parastar.spray worked for eight days and fleas re-appeared!

    the best product ever! by marg12/08/2011

    Frontline Spray is great to prevent and to get rid of fleas and thick. The best thing I have ever used!

    Best flea treatment out there by Beatrice from Myrtle Beach SC05/01/2012

    I have been using this product for over 10 years.The topical drops never worked for me.There was a period of about 6 years that I didn;t use it and still had no problem with fleas,Until my daughter bought a puppy and took her everywhere she went.WELL she brought fleas home with her and I had to treat my dogs for about 3 months .Now that my daughter and her pup have moved out I put it on my dogs every 3 months weather they need it or not..I do three month treatments just to insure the fleas don't come back. I recomend it to everyone I know that has pets.LOVE THIS PRODUCT AND I HAVE 5 DOGS AND 2 CATS.5 horses

    Frontline Spray by Sheena from Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia11/01/2011

    Highly recommend the product and Entirely Pets. Service was exceptional.

    Disappointed with product by disappointed pet owner from Ohio08/27/2010

    I have used Frontline Spray for many years, always buying it from my vet. To save money I ordered the large bottle online. Don't know what went wrong. Maybe the manufacturer changed the formula or maybe the online product is not the same as what I have been getting from the vet, but it did not work. My dog became infested with fleas. I had to go to the vet and buy Frontline Plus for my dog and 2 cats. It's more expensive but at least it works. No more online flea products for me.

    Ineffective by FleaBit from N.Calif04/30/2013

    I started using the Fontline Spray after reading the reviews. My little Min Pin has fleas and I gave him a flea bath and the next day used the Frontline as directed. The next day, Fleas. I used it again as directed even though we just did it a day before. The next day and the days after, Fleas. I used 3 to 5 times the amount suggested and the Fleas dont seem at all bothered by it. I am going back to the OIL.

    Great for Multiple Pets by Sue from Belleville, MI03/16/2013

    This is an economical way to treat multiple pets and it goes a long way!

    Doesn't quite work... by Moo from SF, CA06/08/2014

    Disappointed. The fleas remain on the dogs and cats after i spray them. Not sure if the fleas developed immunity against the chemicals or if the ingredients are different. Ah well. Time to go the nontoxic hippy route.

    great product by crittercrossing04/04/2009

    This stuff is great! I use it every year. I can use this on both my cats and dogs. I use it for my cats that is allergic to every thing else. This is the only product that he is not allergic too. It's great!

    Outstanding stuff by Jennie Deome07/06/2009

    I love this stuff, it WORKS...I can go 2 or even 3 months with out putting it on my dogs and cats. It is so much cheaper then the drops. I would pay someone to use this spray, Just so they KNOW THAT IT WORKS. Thank you so much for making this flea spray, it truly is the best out there..

    frontline fans by meowmom from dallas, texas05/30/2012

    we have used frontline spray for years. i have tried other products but keep coming back to frontline. i've stopped buying the others and stick to frontline.

    Essential Standby by Dobiedog from Suffolk, England06/05/2014

    The guaranteed way to remove fleas from your dogs. It really works, unlike so many other flea preparations. It is an essential standby during the summer months when fleas are active. It also has the added benefit of keeping them off the dogs for several weeks afterwards.

    A consistent quality product by Marsha from Fayetteville, AR05/12/2013

    I have used Frontline spray for several years. It seems to be the best for immediate protection from fleas and ticks. My dogs trail ride with me and need something that really works when they've been exposed.

    For Cats & Dogs! by Melinda02/04/2008

    Efficient for a multi-pet family! With varying weights beginning at 4lbs., this product caters to each of our pets. I have been using this product for years on both indoor/outdoor cats and dogs. Never do I have flea nor tick issues with them!

    frontline spray (large) by pam02/04/2008

    I've been using the 500 ml spray for 4 (now 5) cats for years and love it! My cats are used to it now so it only takes a few minutes to do with no adverse reactions (not so with drops). One 500 ml bottle lasts months with multiple cats! I haven't had any flea or tick problems even when it's more than 1 mo. between treatments, and it's definitely more cost effective than drops.

    Excellent purchase by Marie10/02/2013

    Work in veterinary hospital. Price is great & product works fantastic. Have used it for years & will continue using it & recommending it to everyone for flea & tick treatment.

    Does not ship well by Robin11/21/2013

    I do not recommend buying this item through the mail as mine arrived with at least 1/3 of the product missing. It had leaked. Other than that it seems to work. I have not found any fleas or ticks on my dogs.

    by from 05/29/2012

    This year I thought I just couldn't afford the Frontline flea spray for my 3 cats, so I opted instead for the Pet Armor. Administered 1st dose to each cat. No noticeable difference. Treated them again with a different product. Still fleas. In cleaning out my cabinets, I found a small (250 ml) bottle of Frontline flea spray and it was just barely enough to treat all 3 cats. You should have seen the fleas "fleeing" the ship! I will not try any other product. I wish I could find this locally at a feed store or pet supply store, but I am SOOO happy it is at least available online. Entirelypets.com has an excellent price, so I will continue to buy here.

    carrying by this from product.PLEASE


    frontline by Onecrazy01/25/2012

    OMG!!! I have been searching for this product for over 6 months and every were it's out of stock. I have been using frontline for more then 15 years, I have gotten infested twice with ticks, cause all my neighbors have dogs. The minute I stop using frontline thats it, I got infested. So I would order a bottle and the minute I started spraying my dog they would disappear quick, and I also use the prevent-a- tick collar. these 2 Awsome, and I tell you I never had a problem with this product. It works GREAT!!! Since I haven't been able to get frontline my dog now is starting to get fleas. Never had a flea problem tell now. Now that they have them in stock I will order a bottle to control the fleas. Oh and I have recommended this to my sister and my boyfriend they also got infested with ticks. Just spray and ticks be gone...


    I ordered the Frontline for my son who has 15 dogs. Worked well. He also has 3 cats in the house who had brought fleas in. He sprayed them and I ordered outside spray for him and inside for both of us, WORKED VERY WELL! I also ordered siphotrol for outside and inside. I had my dog on a med which didn't work and I got fleas inside. The inside spray killed all the fleas inside!

    Works great by sputsmama04/16/2012

    Have used on a doberman, a beagle, and two DSH cats. Works great.

    Such a great product! by holly from Houston.Texas03/10/2013

    Frontline spray has been around for some years now and there are many new products out there, but I have found it to be one of the most effective and dependable products for flea control that I have ever used. Thank you for selling this great product.

    Frontline Spray, Disappointing! by Karen from Kansas05/30/2012

    I am wondering if the product you sent me is out of date, because in the past I have never had a problem with it being affective, but this product is not working as well as it has in the past, and I wonder if this one was old.

    by from 11/20/2011

    I'm a previous Customer returning to buy one of your wonderful, great products.

    Previous Customer by MonchoI'll


    love this product by shelly from md08/03/2012

    I love frontline spray but service from here is awful. Took from July 11 to aug 1 to get my product after i requested 2-3 days shipping. WILL NEVER ORDER FROM HERE AGIAN.........

    Great In Betweens by LilwithCats from Eugene, Oregon06/11/2013

    The Frontline Spray is great to spray on my cats in between their regular flea treatments and especially if you have multiple pets!

    Not enough product by Angie10/29/2013

    Would not buy this again. Worked for only one night. I bout advantic, and now see a 90% improvement in just a few days.

    don't know, still havent received by rachel07/02/2014

    i purchased on June 2 from Entirely Pets and still haven't received. The first shipment was apparently lost at fed ex and instead of shipping me another (or refunding my money) they had to wait 2 weeks for fed ex to confirm they lost it (online tracking apparently wasn't good enough). So after 2 weeks they hadn't returned my call so I called and asked to speak with a manager. After putting me on hold for over 25 minutes to speak to the manager, he told me he would re-ship. I called back over a week later and he hadn't (notes of that day and conversations weren't even entered into the system). So they told me they would ship it again and two days later I get a backorder notice. So...this week I call to cancel and they inform me that they will just ship two small bottles instead. Bottom line, worst customer service I have seen in YEARS. I'm surprised this joke of a company is still in business.

    FrontLine Spray by SJP from Port Charlotte, FL03/11/2012

    Great for mite control on my Canaries. I learned about using this on canaries while at a large National show. Works for me.

    very effective but very expensive by cats&dogs&horses from Iowa10/27/2011

    This has always worked very well for me but the price is prohibitive and often it is hard to get (out of stock) or suppliers stop carrying. Kills fleas on contact and have never had a cat react negatively to it.

    Good Stuff by wankaye from Birmingham, Al 3520805/29/2012

    I was so happy when they started back selling this Frontline spray, I've used it for years on my pets and it does work but you also have to use the pills that kill fleas also, the monthly pill to keep them under control


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