• Frontline Spray (250 mL)

    Frontline Spray (250 mL)

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    Frontline Spray for Dogs & Cats can be applied directly for both immediate and long-lasting control of fleas and ticks for up to 30 days. This effective spray contains fipronil to kill existing flea and tick infestations. It also kills fleas before they lay eggs, effectively preventing reinfestation. Safe for puppies and kittens 2 days of age or older, Frontline Spray helps reduce flea and tick infestations in multi-pet households, and is great for the initial treatment of flea allergy dermatitis. The spray bottle is easy to use, provides fast and even application and can be reapplied regularly.

  • Kills Fleas
  • Kills newly emerged adult fleas before they lay eggs
  • Stops existing infestations and prevents establishment of new infestations
  • Kills fleas which may cause flea allergy dermatitis

  • Lice
  • Rapidly eliminates chewing lice infestations

  • Aids in control of sarcaptic mange infestations in dogs

  • Ticks
  • Kills all life stages of ticks (larva, nymph and adult), including brown dog ticks (Rhipicepalus sanguineus), American dog ticks (Dermacentor variabilis), lone star ticks (Amblyomma americanum) and deer ticks (Ixodes scapularis).
  • Kills ticks that may transmit Lyme disease, Rocky montain spotted fever, ehrlichiosis, babesiosis, anaplasmosis, haemobartonellosis and other tick-borne diseases

  • Frontline Spray is great for controlling emergency flea infestations as well as for regular use and along with with other monthly flea and tick medications like Frontline Top Spot, Frontline Plus, or Advantage.


    Usage Information

    Please read the following instructions carefully before applying Frontline Spray to your pet: Wear household latex gloves. Hold bottle in upright position. Ruffle your pet's coat with one hand while applying spray mist to back, sides, stomach, legs, shoulders and neck. For head and eye area, spray Frontline Spray on a gloved hand and rub gently into your pet's hair. Do not get this product in the animal's eyes or mouth.

    Apply spray mist until the hair is damp to thoroughly wet. Approximately 1 to 2 pumps per pound of body weight will be required. Animals with long or dense coats will require the higher rate.

    As with any flea control product, wash your hands and exposed skin thoroughly with soap and water after use. To prevent flea buildup or reinfestation, use Frontline Brand products prior to the onset of flea season and monthly thereafter. Frontline Spray should be reapplied every 30 days.

    Customer Reviews

    DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
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    Frontline Spray by Grayhaven from Crossville, TN10/19/2012

    We use it to get the mites on our alpacas. These are pesky little bugs and it works as long as we are diligent to spray 21 days after the first spaying. Great price from Entirely Pets. They are usually the cheapest.

    by from 08/20/2012

    Great Stuff!! by charo from Hamilton, GA06/14/2011

    I got this for a puppy I bought who was loaded with fleas. The spray worked since he was only 6 weeks old. Now, 12 years later I am still using this product. In fact, I have taken it to a new level. I worked in DCFS with families that had pets with fleas and ticks. I took this product, put about 1/8 c in 16-32 oz of water in a spray bottle and used it to spray the inside of my vehicle before going into any of these homes. I also used it on my clients pets and sometimes on their furniture. I still today, use this potion at my current job which is on a farm. I spray the cloth chairs in the office and once a month the funiture in the cottage. I have kept the fleas and other bugs down tremendously. It does not affect the human body in any way. In fact, I have sprayed myself (clothing) prior to going to work if I had to work outside near the animals or barn area. I no longer bring home fleas and other bugs from my jobs.

    WONDERFUL by Melissa04/14/2008

    Just when you think that there is nothing that will get rid of the fleas (which by the way, i have tried almost every other product) along comes a WONDERFUL tip from the groomer to try this spray! and guess what! I havent used anything else sense!

    Frontline Spray 250mL by Jay10/25/2011

    Excellent product; easy to use, especially handy in spray bottle when you have multiple cats as is more economical. Great service ordering and product arrived very quickly. Thank you for such a great on line service.

    Good Product by marcella from Miner, MO10/13/2011

    We have 3 dogs and 4 cats and we use this spray on all of them monthly, we've tried almost every product on the market and nothing seemed to work till we tried Front Line spray. Thanks for such a good product Front Line.

    A Spray for (small) Dogs & Cats!!! by Geli05/16/2013

    We live in the deep country...lots of Ticks! Having a Dachshund, picking up 5+ ticks daily, from sniffing the ground. These ticks are "piggy-back-riding" easily on these long dragging-the-ground ears. A lot worse, than both my two cats combined! Then, years ago, after complaining to the Vet, he suggested the Frontline Spray BECAUSE it can be used on small dogs AND Cats! Used it for 4 yrs. now, and NEVER look back, even considering using another products on my 3 pets! It SOOO works!

    Great Value by Gayla from Hephizibah, GA09/04/2014

    I like to use this form of Frontline because I find it far more economical than the tubes. Great purchase.

    by from 11/27/2013

    This killed ticks on cats for 2 days. Tick heads were embedded in cats skin, but were dead. The next day it repelled ticks, because they would crawl off the cats unto me. The fourth day the ticks were alive and embedded in the cat's skin again. Directions say "Do not reapply for 30 days". We had already applied the Frontline in tubes the week previously.

    have by a from fleaWe


    happy!! by poodlesr4us from Saginaw,mi09/26/2013

    My dogs are happy and us humans are happy, NO FLEAS !!!

    by from 04/06/2012

    The frontline spray is ok for a small short haired dog but I have a sheltie of course it has a long coat which it says to wet the whole coat . When we got done we didnt have any left oh maybe enough to spray a throw rug she sleeps on.,I would not recommend this product to anyone that has a large or long haired dog..I think this product should mention for short hair dogs only as it was very expensive for 1 month treatment..

    New York by from ."


    Excellent Product by Cat from Columbus, Oh12/28/2011

    This is the only flea spray that I can use on my dogs to treat for fleas that doesn't give them a reaction. My two schnauzers reacted to other treatments, but seems to do fine with Frontline.

    LOVE Frontline!! by yorkiemom from Wisconsin / Oklahoma10/18/2011

    We LOVE Frontline spray! It is so much more economical than the flea/tick preventive "drops" (my 2 Yorkies are under 6 lbs. each, and the directions are 1 spray per pound). It dries really fast, plus I love that it doesn't have the extra chemical in it that makes it move through the oils/sebaceous glands....unlike the "drops," the spray stays where you put it. Another thing I love about Frontline (besides that it works so well of course!) is that they have done extensive bathing testing, so they know that it lasts even after a bath. Oh! And because the spray doesn't move through the oils/sebaceous glands, I can bathe them as soon as it's completely dry, which is pretty fast. Frontline spray has worked well for us for years (and I've used the Frontline drops on my cats for even longer).

    Flea Spray by judegrunes from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida05/03/2012

    I was disappointed that my dogs were still scratching away when I got the Frontline Plus spray to augment the pills.

    Spray is not as good by collette from Lima Ohio10/26/2011

    Frontline spray has always worked well for me until this last order. I have 6 dogs so the spray was always a little more affordable than buying 6 of the 3 packs of the frontline plus top spot. This time the spray did NOT work as well. I do not know if it was too old or what as it has always worked before and has the same ingredients and water proof of the top spot from frontline.

    Good product but by Roo's Mom06/21/2012

    I have used this product for years, but this year itdoesn't seem to be working at controlling fleas as well as other years. When I opened the package the bottle "spray" was in the on position and about 1/3 of the bottle was empty. Very disappointing for a product that is fairly expensive. I have to wonder how long the "spray" was in the on position and if this had an effect on the quality of the product.

    by giggles from Jacksonville, FL01/20/2010

    works great as long as you follow instructions on label, at one time i used less than directed thinking this might be too dangerous for the pet, but ended up with fleas that my dog picked up from outside; so i have been using as directed and have not had any problems since!

    Great product by Cathy06/26/2012

    This product was recommended by my vet to treat rabbit fur mites at a lower dosage. It is working on the mites and the rabbit seems to be more comfortable, just after the one application.

    frontline spray by janie09/29/2013

    Use this on my chihuahuas, works very very well. Gave some to a friend, that had bad flea problem, she loved it.

    by from 10/16/2011

    Very Pleased! by Susan from Virgnia12/17/2012

    Frontline Spray is convenient and easy to use. I use it once a month on my show poultry and it really works for keeping poultry pests (lice, mites, etc.) off of the birds. They are happy and so am I!

    Great spray by pibblemom02/20/2013

    This is a great flea/tick spray. It does smell strong when first applied but the smell fades quickly. I prefer this spray over monthly flea/tick applications.

    great for small dogs by Susan11/15/2012

    I like to use this on small dogs, Doesn't leave greasy spot on dogs coat. Drys like hair spray, but combs out soft.

    Excellent by Proctor from San Juan, PR07/01/2012

    Mi perrito lo agradeció profundamente. El producto le eliminó de inmediato algunas pulgas que tenía. (My dog is deeply grateful. The product immediately killed some fleas)

    great product by debbie from Eureka, NC08/10/2012

    great price for a great product. i use this for my chihuahuas and kittens. the frontline spray works great and if much more affordable than the other products. delivery was fast. will definetly order more .

    It did what? by Mama Cat from New Jersey11/06/2012

    Not get rid of fleas that's what. Not too happy about applying pesticides to my animals over and over again with no results. Cats not thrilled with the cool mentholated alcohol feeling either.

    Frontline Flea Spray by Judy from Chino Valley, AZ11/23/2011

    I've used this product for about 30 yeqrs and it works wonderful. I've never had a dog or cat have a reaction from it. It does a wonderful job of removing and keeping at bay the fleas and tick.

    Customer Service by Selyn from Canaan, NH10/29/2011

    I am impressed with this product, however, I would not order with this company again. Very disappointed in the lack of communication on their behalf. I placed the order b4 3pm on sat and requested 2 day delivery. Was expecting order to be here by the following Wed the latest. Called Thursday, was told that the item can ship ground only (which wasn't conveyed at the time of order, nor had anyone contacted me to let me know of the shipping delay). I waited until the following Tuesday for the item to be delivered. Very disappointed.

    Great product by Ginger from Independence, KY05/02/2012

    It works just as well as the individual treatments but it saves us money. I have three dogs & two cats and it can be used on all of them.

    wonderful stuff by sarap07/28/2011

    i keep 7 cats and two german shepherds flea free with a spray every other week. very effective and economical.

    What a mess! by Candy from PA10/26/2012

    When this order came in, it was all over the place. The container hadn't been closed tightly, and I lost over half the bottle in the packaging. So I put it on my dogs as the vet had shown me before, and it has done nothing. When I used it in the past, it worked great! So I don't know. This time around it doesn't seem to be working. Very disappointed :(

    Frontline Spray by brileyville from Viginia10/03/2013

    I have used this product for over 15 years and it is the best flea and tick product out there for dogs that have long hair!!


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