With the abundance of flea and tick medications available for cats and
dogs, pet owners want to make sure that they’re using the best of
the best. If that’s what you’re after then Forntline Plus is a stand out
solution to your flea and tick problems. Frontline Plus utilizes two highly
successful ingredients, Fipronil and S-methoprene, to kill unwanted pests and prevent future infestations. When shopping for any product, it’s imperative to do research. There are an abundance of resources- but the best way to determine the efficacy of a product is to check with people who use it. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite reviews of Frontline Plus for dogs that show the highlights of using this popular flea medication.
This review by Claudia shows how that Frontline Plus is fast-acting and works well with this review about her experience with her mixed breed Collie/Great Pyrense.
"The product is excellent. Started seeing fleas dying within an hour. Dogs are happy now that they don't have to stop and scratch or bite every few steps."

Claudia’s review shows not only that Frontline Plus is effective, but that it works even in the case of a sever infestation that has your dog at wit’s end. Our next review by Shadow tells of Frontline Plus’s efficacy in preventing fleas and ticks from attaching to his Maltese. "Frontline has proven to be the only flea/tick control that keeps the dog park insects at bay. My friends (other dog owners) have used other brands and their dogs got ticks and even fleas. I've had my dog on this for 4 years now and we go to the dog park everyday where he rolls around in the grass and never have I had a problem"
Another reviewer reassures us that this prevention is no fluke. Northcovegirl explains how effective Frontline Plus, truly is with her example of her Pyrnese/Rottweiler mix.
"We live in a rural area and even though our dog, Akira, is fenced with an underground fence, she is still able to go into the woods, which she loves so much. This product is great at keeping the fleas and ticks off of her. Without it she would be covered with ticks from being in the woods. Great product and very affordable!”"

Northcovegirl’s review shows us that even in the most extreme situations, dogs are safe from fleas and ticks as long as Frontline Plus is on the job. She also makes the compelling point that Frontline Plus is a great value! Another reviewer shared the same sentiment and kept his praise short and to the point. Check out what Jer had to say about Frontline and how it worked with his Black Lab. "Frontline Plus is the only flea/tick product I will use. Entirely Pets has the best price on it I have found. And the shipping is FAST!"

"Thanks Jer! We’re proud to offer such a great product at an affordable rate to pet owners everywhere. For more information on Frontline Plus, or to buy it for your dog- check out the product page here.
Visit the EntirelyPets store."