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Dr. Tim's Aquatics First Defense H2O-PURE (4oz)

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This item has been discontinued. We recommend trying Dr Tim's Aquatics

First Defense was developed to help fish adapt to new environments by assisting the fishes’ natural immune system with a mixture of vitamins and immunostimulants. Changing the environment of a fish causes stress that robs fish of essential nutrients and can weaken their immune system. First Defense is scientifically designed to provide stress relief and support the immune system, helping fish cope with stress due to bagging and shipping from the store to your tank, water changes, new fish additions, disease treatments, and other environmental changes. First Defense also removes chlorine and chloramines, buffers the water, removes heavy metals and contains a slime coat replacement.

Dosing: Add 5 ml per 10 gallons of aquarium water.

Directions: Shake well before using.

Additional Info
  • Vitamins to help new fish adapt to aquarium
  • Immunostimulants to fight stress
  • Advanced polymer for slime coat replacement
  • A novel formulation of vitamins and immunostimulants that help fish fight stress, promote rapid healing and replace the fish's slime coat. Also detoxifies chlorine and chloramines and adds electrolytes.
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