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Merrick's Jerky Bone

Merrick's Jerky Bone

Merrick's G.I. Bone 3"
Merrick's G.I. Bone 3"

($2.99)  $1.99
Merrick's G.I. Bone 5"
Merrick's G.I. Bone 5"

($3.99)  $2.99
Merrick's G.I. Bone 7"
Merrick's G.I. Bone 7"

($4.99)  $3.99
Merrick's The Sarge Bone 9- 11"
Merrick's The Sarge Bone 9- 11"

($7.01)  $5.39
Box of 12 Merrick's G.I. Bone 7"
Box of 12 Merrick's G.I. Bone 7"

($51.99)  $39.99
G.I. Bone 3" is a perfect healthy all natural treat for your dog. Merrick process these bones with meat still left on them which creates a natural beef jerky on the bone. Your dog gets two treats in one! These bones are long lasting and provide a great outlet to satisfy your pets desire to chew. Ingredients: Beef Jerky Bone Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein (Min.) 28.00%
Crude Fat (Min.) 15.00%
Crude Fiber (Max.) 0.40%
Moisture (Max.) 6.00%
5.00 rating based on 2 reviews
Featured Reviews for Merrick's G.I. Bone 3"
Best bones ever by chey11/12/2010

my dogs have been chewing on these bones for weeks. They are crazy about them!

by from 02/16/2012

these bones are ordered regularly by me for my dogs. they absolutely love them. after the initial chewing, a few days or so, they are perfect for filling with a teaspoon of peanut butter.

far by the from bestThis


Featured Reviews for Merrick's G.I. Bone 5"
Finally by Honey02/03/2012

Found these once at Wal-Mart but have been unable to find since. My pups love them and, more importantly, they cannot truly eat them. They are little, but are strong chewers.

Good Bone! by Buttercup672 from Austin, Texas11/19/2012

This is a perfect size bone for a Cocker Spaniel. He loved it! Does not splinter, and boy can he chew! All Merrick products are good. All natural, and made in USA.

by Katy Dogg04/01/2012

I love these bones! I get one every weekend when Mom and Boss have breakfast and I keep nibbling all week!

Merrick's G.I. Bone 5" by kajaffe11/13/2012

EntirelyPets always delivers on time with the best price. I searched several sites; but, Entirely Pets had the best price and the best service.

Featured Reviews for Merrick's G.I. Bone 7"
Great Value by JA11/10/2011

Best price for quality bones, and a happy puppy.

Great for chewing! by Sam from Colorado06/26/2013

My two Aussies love these. I give them to them after they eat their food, and it keeps them occupied for as long as I let them have them. I love that their is no concern with splintering. The downside is they are best used outside only until all of the meat is chewed off as they have a strong smoky odor (in a good way!) and are a little oily. They may be too rich for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Another caution would be that one of my dogs learned to toss the bone so it crashes on a hard surface and little chunks will break off the ends. After about 2 weeks once the meat is chewed off and they lose interest, I smear a little peanut or almond butter in the ends and store them in the freezer and they absolutely love it!

Great real bones by C. Bell from Pleasant Gap, PA11/09/2011

After finding out that my local pet store quit handling real bones I decided to try the Merrick G.I Bones and I am glad I did. With most other bones I have purchased, I would have to buy a couple extra due to the fact that most would crack after about 10 min. but the Merrick bones are great and have not cracked or splintered ever. With 2 labs, we all need the bones to keep our sanity. I would highly recommend them if your dogs love real bones.

A serious bone! by Buttercup672 from Austin, Texas11/19/2012

This is some bone! My Cocker Spaniel really liked it, although it's a bit to big for him. The next size down is better. But this is a great bone for the bigger guys! All Merrick products are good. All natural, and made in USA!

Featured Reviews for Merrick's The Sarge Bone 9- 11"
He says "Yumm!" by WSM from PNW12/05/2012

This is the second year in a row I've purchased these for my boxer. They would get a 5 star but the product comes with the small ends of the adjoining bone still attached. I have to watch and wait till they are almost torn away and then cut them off. If they were swallowed they might cause an intestinal problem. The photo does not show this. Once I've removed the troublesome parts, the bone is an every night hit until every tidbit of meat and flavor are gone.

by from 01/10/2013

LOVE THIS BONE!!! by linda802/17/2011

LOVE the Sarge!!! Has lots of "beef jerky" type dried meat on the outside, smells like bacon. This bone is HUGE, but my little guys (20 lbs) love it so much, and they unfortunately stopped making the smaller Sarge Jr, so I buy the Sarge! It lasts a LONG time, then they have the bare bone to chew on after the dried meat is gone. Keeps em busy!!!

Featured Reviews for Box of 12 Merrick's G.I. Bone 7"
A great deal by AZ Aussie from Arizona04/25/2012

I love this product and will no longer buy bones anywhere else. The best thing is they are made in the USA. There is quite a bit of meat on them and they are roasted nicely. My dog loves these more than other bones I've bought in the past. She will chew on them for a week or so at a time. They are at least 7" long. They are the same price as bones I've received elsewhere that were made in China and Brazil. I am much happier knowing I am buying dog products made in the USA. It is worth my piece of mind.

Great bones for a great price! by lyrajayne from Long Island12/31/2012

The first time I ordered a case of these bones the UPS guy left them on the stoop while my dog was outside. When she found the box she could smell them through all the packaging and started chewing on the box! Sufficed to say she loves them so I ordered her another case for Christmas. I give her one about once a month so this case lasts a whole year. For less than $3 each you get some huge long-lasting top quality bones.

Great Bones! by kb from kent, wa11/16/2011

These are the best bones ever. I give these to my dogs once a week and they just love them! They spend about 2 hrs just gnawing on them and you don't have to worry about them swallowing any pieces like a rawhide.

great product for aggressive chewers! by Lynn from NH01/31/2013

The 7" G.I. Merrick bone is wonderful for both of my very aggessive chewers. I have a lab and a great dane and they get one of these per week and it keeps them busy for hours. My dane tends to have a sensitive stomach and this does not bother her in the least. After the initial hours of chewing they continue to work on the exterior and the interior to pick it clean. I would highly recommend this product and buying in the bulk box saves alot of money!

Merrick GI Bone 7" by kajaffe from New England07/14/2012

Our dogs love the Merrick GI Bones. They even play with them after they have devoured every sliver of edible material off the bone.

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