Pet Gift Ideas (For All Occasions)

Pet Gift Ideas (For All Occasions)Pet Gifts are great for including your pet in the holidays. You'll find unique pet gifts every pet lover will love. Pet gifts are the purrfect way to show your dog or cat how much you care. Also consider Chrunch cards for pets. Below are some featured pet gifts that will be the perfect gift of safety and health, helping them to live a healthier and longer life.

Wellness Kit for Dogs
Wellness Kit for Dogs

($24.99)  $19.99
Wellness Kit for Cats
Wellness Kit for Cats

($28.99)  $19.99

($26.99)  $19.99
Petsafe Gentle Leader Quick Release Headcollar
Petsafe Gentle Leader Quick Release Headcollar

($21.99)  $14.95
POOP-FREEZE Aerosol Freeze Spray (10 oz)
POOP-FREEZE Aerosol Freeze Spray (10 oz)

($19.99)  $16.09
Designer Doggie Cologne & Perfume (4 oz)
Designer Doggie Cologne & Perfume (4 oz)

($13.25)  $8.99
Pit'r Pat - Liver (.43 oz)
Pit'r Pat - Liver (.43 oz)

($5.99)  $4.58
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Dog Gifts

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Cat Gifts

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Holiday Pet Toys

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Valentine's Day Gifts
Valentine's Day Gifts


Keep your pet healthy and prepared for a long, happy life with the NEW Wellness Kits for Dogs. Each kit includes 4 essential items that both your pet and your pockletbook will love!

Take advantage of the incredible savings now!

Save up to $23.00
off of buying these items individually at their original prices. Buy them now in the Wellness Kit For Dogs!

Each Kit includes:

  • Vita-Tabs (60 Tabs) provides your pet with the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients your pet regularly needs to lead a healthy and extended life.
  • Vita-Soothe Aloe and Oatmeal shampoo (17 oz) This hypoallergic formulation also contains aloe, oatmeal, vitamins and emollients to restore natural moisture to the skin. Use weekly to maintain a healthy coat and skin.
  • Otiderm Ear Cleansing Solution (8 oz) is specifically formulated to deodorize and gently clean, dry and acidify the ear canal. Use weekly to maintain the ideal environment for healthy ears.
  • Greenies - REGULAR SINGLES is a chew and a treat. It is highly nutritious and proven effective in preventing buildup of dental plaque. Formulated with ingredients to diminish odors and bacteria plus. Strengthens gums and hence extends the life of your dog when used on a regular basis.

  • Also Available for CATS
    4.33 rating based on 3 reviews
    Featured Reviews for CHIA SNOOZING KITTY
    Cute but not great by tw10/11/2013

    It was a cute idea, but the grass seeds didn't grow as much as I wanted and they aren't deep enough to stay in as a cat eats it.

    Great purchase by Caesar03/19/2013

    The grass grew unbelievably fast! Very easy to put together and use. My cat loves it!

    wrong item sent by pet-painter01/02/2012

    tried to purchase sleeping kitty, got tweety and sylvester instead

    cat just loves this by lynneepooo from Wakefield, Michigan02/01/2012

    my cat just loves the grass but pulls the grass so hard the seed and all come up. I wasn't aware that there were extra seeds for more plantings. I planted ALL the seeds at one time. Now I need to purchase more seeds. This has really helped my cat with getting rid of hair balls. He thinks he's outside when he rubs the individual grass with his nose and puts his head in the planter. Best thing I could have ever purchased to make him happy during the winter when he can't go outside.

    Featured Reviews for Petsafe Gentle Leader Quick Release Headcollar
    It really works ! by Liz from Scranton, PA07/23/2012

    I was COMPLETELY against the gentle leader collars, UNTIL I tried it !! They are NOT a muzzle, they do not cut of the dogs breathing or stop it from opening it's mouth. All it does it re-direct it's "pull." I have not been able to walk my 4 year old pit-bull/dalmation mix dog until I bought the gentle leader. Plus is she a reactive dog and responds to ALMOST anything around here. I noticed with the gentle leader, she appears a lot more calm and relaxed.

    by Aggie04/29/2013

    For a dog that pulls, this worked for us in less than 10 minutes

    stopped my dog from pulling on his lead! by BoykinSpanielLover from Cassville,Mo06/17/2014

    My dog wears this and he heels automatically with out being told....Best money ive spent so far-would definitely recommend one if your dog loves to pull hard and uncontrollably.One day he pulled my handicapped brother onto his belly and across the glad I tried this product and it works immediately for us! Glad a friend recommended it to me....!!!!!!!!!!!

    second one in four years by Carol12/07/2012

    great for keeping strong dogs from pulling excessively. Truly works just as it says. Very good price and they last a long time. I use mine at least 6 times a day every day.

    They Work by salady04/20/2012

    Bought two one for each of my strong dogs and they work great. Walks are enjoyable again. My arms are not aching by the time I get home. I would recommend to anyone one who has a dog that pulls to try this it really works. My dogs do not seem to mind them just make sure you adjust properly so it does not ride up into eye area. What a difference.

    a great training tool by erin from Lockport, NY10/23/2012

    A great training tool, we have 4 month old lab pups...and what a difference it made in curbing their pulling during walks!

    by peritx from Texas06/02/2012 we can walk all three (large) dogs at once!

    Best Purchase ever by tglowa1021 from The Villages, FL03/19/2013

    The gentle leader head collar is fantastic!! I watched the video to make sure I was putting the collar on properly. It works great. There is no more pulling or jumping up. It was able to calm down my 10 year old Yorkie who is never calm. I am so thankful for finally being able to walk her without her being crazy. My trainer wasn't even able to give me any suggestions as to how to calm her. You do have to reward your dog as you are getting them used to the collar. This is an important step, but well worth the effort.

    Gentle Leader Head Collar by Samson Bloom from Orange Park, Florida01/29/2012

    I have a young stong dog who was able to pull me off my feet and that is no small feet in itself. I was advised to try one of those prong collars which I did. It worked great. However, when I would bring it out for his walk instead of his being happy to be going on a walk he would drop his head and tail. This broke my heart as as I had been specially careful with the thing. I have a friend who is a puppy raiser for CCI, she suggested the gentle leader. It is the best dog collar I have ever owned. I can now take my dog anywhere and not worry about his overpowering me or anyone else. Samon loves people and with the gentle leader I can keep him controlled so that he and the visitor can enjoy the encounter. Love this product and my dog loves to go for walks again!!

    Best Solution for Dogs who Pull by Dinka12/19/2013

    The Gentle Leader was recommended to me by professional trainers at the Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind. It does everything they say it does. Life is easier for both my guide dog and me now that she does not pull so hard. It's a gentle, terrific tool for teaching dogs to walk without pulling, and it's easy and pleasant to put on and remove.

    Gentle Leader Head Collar by jeanie10/23/2012

    Can't believe what a difference this head collar is making in the way our dog walks. No lunging, barking -- Walks are much more relaxing now. So glad we got it!

    get it! it works! by melC06/07/2012

    my dog is medium sized, but very strong. while we can loose leash walk her, if something catches her eye she'll suddenly lunge and it can pull me off my feet. With the gentle leader this doesn't happen, it makes it less-easy, less-comfortable for her to make sudden large movements. It makes our walks more carefree, and she can still eat treats from the neighbors, drink water, and we can both enjoy getting out for a nice walk!

    Wonderful product by lovebigdogs05/28/2012

    This collar works great. My 5 month old Bullmastiff was already getting hard to take for a walk. She wanted to go everywhere except where I wanted to go. With this collar she doesn't pull on me and it doesn't hurt her throat like a neck collar. After seeing it work with my dog friends have already purchased the gentle leader for their dogs.

    by marcia02/02/2012

    love these.....makes my bad golden into a good golden

    Impressed with Customer Service by CC from Fairfax ,VA10/05/2011

    Thanks to package tracking, it did not take long to realize that my package was lost. I called the Post office to report the missing package, spoke to several USPS people, none were helpful. So I then called Entirelypets, the customer service person I talked to promptly took care of my problem, THAT IS WHAT I CALL "SERVICE". I will recommend EntirelyPets without reservation.

    by Max06/09/2013

    Finally I (female, 52 kg) can walk my two years old German Shepherd (male, 45 kg) without running the risk of being pulled across the street when he discovers a cat or when we meet other dogs. Heaven!!!

    doesn't work for me by mbooga10/31/2012

    I Have an american bulldog mix and leader doesn't seem to adjust correctly. It rides up onto his eyes.

    by from 07/31/2012

    We have 3 large dogs (about 60, 70 and 80 pounds), and have had many dogs over the years. None of them pulled until our 70 pound male. He never got the idea not to pull, even though I walked him regularly for months.

    so by annoyed from withI


    dogs by 3 from timesWe


    by from 12/09/2011

    My two Weimaraners (4 months old) used to pull me like I was a sled, so my Vet suggested the Gentle Leader (by name - not to be confused with other products). After one day of getting them used to wearing it, (aside from occasional attempts to remove it), they walk like champs. My two very head strong pups reacted differently and the video was a great help on how to acclimate them to the new tool.

    was by I from hadMy


    Gentle leader by Deanie from Whitesburg, Ga.01/16/2015

    Got this to try to stop 5 month old from pulling me off my feet. To date I have only been able to adjust it because she doesn't like it around her nose. Trying to just slowly adjust her to it a couple of minutes at a time before attaching a leash to it.

    The Gentle Leader by Donna K.02/09/2012

    It is a great product, the CD included with the purchase is helpful. It works, my dog would pull me to the ground and now he don't pull at all.

    Gentle Leader - Best Ever by Lulu02/09/2012

    This is my 2nd gentle leader. My Sister in Law was sharing that it was so difficult to walk her labradoodle that she was not walking anymore. Gave her my gentle leader and she kept it! 1st walk was the best walking experience she has ever had with her dog!! Love this product!

    Perfect solution! by MayasMom02/17/2012

    My dog pulls a lot when she walks outside so this solves the problem perfectly. She chewed her first leader but this one was delivered quickly and ready to go right out of the box.

    Great collar by CC from Long Beach, CA06/10/2013

    I've tried a choke collar, martigale collar and a harness, but my dog did not respond and was out of control on his walks. He is the first dog that I've struggled with on walks. He did his best job while off leash using verbal commands, however off leash walking is not legal where I live. He immediately responded to the gental leader, staying right beside me on our walks. No more jumping up and down, switching sides or getting ahead of me.

    american bulldog by mary04/24/2008

    great for strong breed

    Great product by J.S.07/22/2008

    My dog tore both of his ccl's and had to have surgery, he was never on a leash much so it was a godsend when someone told us about the gentle leader, it works great on controlling dogs that are not always good on a leash.

    only one problem by Corky12/31/2008

    I love my new head harness except for one little problem I think the sizing is wrong. The package my Mom bought says up to 25 lbs. I think it is a little tight under my chin with no leaway to adjust it. So when you buy your dog one try it on in the store. Don't take their word for the fit. Other than that I love it. It is like I am a whole new dog and my Mom has a whole lot less problem with me tugging and pulling and tugging like I ordinairally do. Thank you Gentle Leader.

    Great leash by gaminne10/09/2011

    She is a totally different dog on this leash! No pulling, and listens to my commands! The only down side is she HATES it! Backs away from me when she sees it, so I have to lure her close with a treat. Once on, it's great. Hopefully over time she will be OK with it when she see it coming!

    wonderful collar by skipkath10/05/2011

    This collar is wonderful.Our dog doesn't pull anymore. It's just amazing!! I would recommend this to anyone who takes their dogs on a walk. This company was prompt in sending my order out. Thank you

    great help by stanley10/24/2012

    I put the gentle leader on my dog, she struggled a little bit but I kept going and it works like a miracle. I walk several dogs at once and this gentle leader makes life for me and my dog a lot nicer. If your dog pulls get this product!

    Instant Obedience !!! by Gypsy Dog08/21/2013

    Where the nose goes .... the dog follows... or PULLS...that is...LOL I have a 125 lb. Newfoundland Mix. She is normally very well-behaved...except on walks with other dogs around. She would 'WIN' every time we passed a dog. With the Gentle Leader, she instantly behaved...NO MORE PULLING me towards other dogs she wanted to meet. It is just like a horse bridle that guides the animal's muzzle. So, if you have a dog that is a 'small horse' like my Gypsy....I highly recommend the Gentle will love your walks or runs as much as your furry friend does.

    No way - Shut up!!!!!! by Myelin from Kansas City, KS06/15/2014

    My veterinarian recommended the gentle leader, as my intelligent but lover-of-small-creatures dog bolts while on walks. I had only tried a harness leash (across the chest) and was worried about using a choker-type collar since the dog is new to me and was previously abused. I read all of the reviews and thought it couldn't be as good as it sounds. Well, it is! Fabulous does not even describe the collar! Although Myelin tries to regularly rub it off with her paw, she is not distressed and walks so lovely with the gentle leader. One day I forgot to put it on her and used a regular leash, and sure enough she about pulled my shoulder and ribs out of place with her pull. Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a great tool!

    Great Collar! by review from AZ10/30/2013

    I have two dogs that love to take ME for a walk. The Gentle Leader is perfect for me because it fits comfortably on my dogs. And if they start to get ahead of me, a gentle turn of their heads with very little movement of the leash reminds them to slow down. Our walks are more enjoyable for both of us. It takes a few minutes to adjust the collar for the first use, but after that, it's quick and easy to put on. One of my dogs even gets so excited, she wiggles her nose right into the collar, wanting me to hurry and put it on her. I love our walks now!

    Not sure yet by my boys from Spring. Texas12/14/2012

    I have had problems getting this new collar on my dog. What I think is the correct position for the collar does not help him walk, and has pulled off several times. I will try again, but so far I'm not happy with the collar.

    Not effective by Kevin from MI07/27/2012

    My dog does not seem to be liking this. He still keeps pulling even with this halter, and since it is hurting him with visible injury to his muzzle, I have stopped using it.

    Skeptical buyer by Jager (hyper Vizsla Pup) from Orlando06/03/2010

    5 different harnesses collars etc and finally I saw this product! Watch the DVD 2-3 times, its a simple not so exciting DVD but just follow the instructions use the treats and break the training into a few short sessions and WOW within 30 mins my dog went from pulling my wife down the street, charging at people running scared to well behaved, at my side, calm, etc! Its a miracle worker.. He was fighting it at 1st, then we stopped, watch the dvd again, then tried a few short sessions and then we were off down the street! I would recommend this product anytime!

    GREAT. BUT . . . by No1mousefan from Las Vegas, NV11/06/2012

    I love the Gentle Leader Head Collar . . . EXCEPT the collar has a inherent flaw. I am now on my sixth pair (I walk two dogs) and all have developed the same wear problem. The "Slide Adjustment" that assists in fitting the head collar to your dogs snout size creates a friction point. Over a 4 to 5 week period the "canvas strap" starts to fray and unravel at the point where the slide adustment is "locked" in place. This in turn weakens the collor to the point that where the collar strap can (and did) snap/break.

    by DKM01/28/2012

    Good price on a good product. The only thing is it is narrower than our old gentle leader.

    Featured Reviews for POOP-FREEZE Aerosol Freeze Spray (10 oz)
    by from 11/26/2011

    This product is Basically SPC TECHNOLOGY DIAGNOSTIC FREEZE, AEROSOL Not meant to completely freeze, but used in electronic diagnosis. That is why it is not that effective.

    Waste of Time by TechnewsOrdered"

    "NOT"-FREEZE by Scoop from NJ06/22/2012

    Spray is a cold air/gas but it by no means freezes the dog waste to make clean-up any easier. Instructions said to spray for 5 seconds then turn the droppings over and repeat, resulting in a frozen clump to be easily removed. Well, not only didn't the waste freeze but the entire can was only good for about 8-10 uses. That's 4 or 5 days max, and at $16 per can it woud amount to approximately $90 to $100 a month to pick up dog waste. I think not. Definitely a one timer at best.

    Fecal Freeze by Sanduneboy from San Jose, CA06/22/2012

    You would have to wait till (that place where no one wants to go) freezes over before this stuff would work. I must have wasted half a can before I gave up. Don't buy it. It doesn't work & I am stuck with two cans of it.

    Chilled but not frozen by ickfactor from Long Beach, California06/29/2011

    Tried this for a small dog. Tried this in the grass. Really liked the concept. Alas, I will need to pass. Expected frozen on a stick but ended up with chilled ooey gooey pooh. It is now a bathroom novelty because of my frivolity.

    does not perform as advertized by dog lover from florida03/05/2012

    the item just makes the droppings ice cold but does not freeze it to pick it up so the loose droppings are still loose just ice cold. so no help at all for what it was advertised to do

    Missing a step on instructions by Rainman08/05/2008

    It seems obvious to me that the instructions should include the insertion of a popsicle stick before spraying the load. Then you would not even need a scoop to relocate the poopsicle.

    I love this product. by Hiram Doody06/22/2008

    This product is amazing. The best part is when it forms the white, crusty film right before your eyes. It also came in handy recently when grandpa had an accident in the middle of my daughter's graduation party. Her friends were impressed.

    I would recommend it by Jason03/07/2008

    I'm guessing that if I were to use Poop Freeze, it would be by far be the best Poop Freezer I've ever used and would thus recommend it.

    by from 07/25/2012

    ouaoua by spiros10/30/2008

    is really really good..

    It Works by Ron08/21/2008

    Not only does it work but it's fun to use too. I took it with me when we visited relatives. It really came in handy.

    Great product for many other uses by AA10/22/2012

    I use this product to chill hot glue applications during production of silicone molds.

    Wonderful Product by Martin Hash07/13/2009

    Love it - perfect for those accidents in our home.

    Less than expected by Sammy from Las Vegas, NV06/05/2010

    We bought a can a couple months ago. Under the understanding that it would freeze "runny" messes. You see, my husband and I don't mind picking up our little bears left behinds. However he has a weak stomach and we thought this would help as it said...a bit over 10 dollars later and we find it does nothing but but make a cold (and maybe even harder to clean up!) mess.

    Featured Reviews for Designer Doggie Cologne & Perfume (4 oz)
    Doggie Colognes by Ms. Lolly from Texas05/22/2013

    We love these doggie colognes, we have 2 big dogs and they are usually going in and out, so once they come in the house we spray them and their outside smell disappears automatically. We recommend it highly. Very satisfied.

    Pleasantly surprised by DogoMom from San Diego, CA05/18/2014

    I have never bought doggy cologne before but I gave the CK-9 a try because my male pup is just like a little boy, sometimes he likes to play until he's dirty...smelling. I just have to give him a couple of sprays and it lasts until he feels like getting stinky again ;) I think it's fresh & light; definitely not too heavy or "foo-foo".

    by from 04/24/2010

    Delightful fragrance by Steph03/02/2014

    After trying many different brands of doggie cologne, I keep coming back to the CK-9. It has a light, fresh slightly floral fragrance which lasts for a couple of days. I like the pump bottle too which allows you to spritz a small amount for controlled application. I love it!

    by Sunrise07/01/2012

    This smells very good! I use it for both my dogs when we do weekly grooming.

    deliciosa frangance by Mariela from Rockville, MD01/16/2013

    For my 4 dogs love fragances this product, delicius smell and fress smell for all

    GREAT! by CIANA01/29/2008


    Product is great- Entirely Pets sucks by Customer service is Key from Washington, DC08/29/2014

    The product smells wonderful but unfortunately, this is probably the only time that I will ever purchase this item if Entirely Pets is the only place to buy it. HORRIBLE Customer Service

    Designer Doggie Cologne and Perfume. by Jayne101 from Jamestown, PA11/20/2011

    100% the BEST product I have gotten to make my little dog smell good all the time!

    Designer doggie cologne by booboo10/17/2011

    Now my dogs smell wonderful. Everyone should have designer doggie cologne for their pets.

    Featured Reviews for Pit'r Pat - Liver (.43 oz)
    Pit'r Pat Fish Flavor by Frisky from La Salle, IL12/20/2010

    I recently picked up the fish flavor Pit'r pat at my local PetSmart. After every meal I feed my kitty Frisky he still seems to have some room for these treats. After Frisky eats one of these treats he gives me lovin's for giving him such a yummy new treat.

    Good product by none05/29/2013

    For some reason Petco in our area stopped stocking this product. This happened once before and I found a phone number to help Petco re-stock. This time I just used the email to get this product bypassing Petco. Thank you.

    Finicky Siamese by atlanticview from East Coast,Fla04/26/2014

    Only treat she will eat at 14! Great for her teeth and metal box so convenient to keep fresh. Her fav is Liver, but will "tolerate" fish. Great product and now getting harder to find.

    Terrific Treat! by Chili10/22/2012

    My cat is always excited when I open the tin of Pit'r Pat treats. She's kind of choosy about the treats she eats, but loves these!

    by Carol10/23/2012

    I have 5 cats and they all LOVE these. They know where I keep them and they hang out there until they get one.

    Cat will go crazy for them!! by nal10/24/2012

    best treat ever! and makes their breath smell nice too!! its like cat nip to them

    Why so expensive and hard to find? by sunsmom!01/08/2011

    My cat loved these as has every cat I have bought them for. I even send them to a friend in Holland whose cat is 16. They place these treats where she has to jump to reach them to give her some activity, She adores these things! But they are so pricy and hard to find. Stop and Shop had them at a good price, around $ 2.50 but stopped carrying them. Now there is only one place I can get them and they are $ 5.99 a box. I love my cat but I am retired and on a very low fixed income. All the flavors seem good to the kitties who have tried them. Wish I could find them at a lot better price. I think the company may find that they are going to price them off the market at this rate.

    The cats love Them by Sue Brown12/29/2008

    Whatever the manufacturer adds to these treats makes the cats go crazy over them...

    Kitteh Likes! by Brighte from Suffolk, VA02/01/2011

    All of my cats LOVE these treats! I have to be careful to store them where my cats can't find them though because they will pry the tin open and eat them all! They have tried all the flavors and like them. My girl cat Gigi, prefers the liver flavor though. I wonder if it's because it comes in a pink package?

    Wonderful by Cat's Mom from Fayetteville, NC09/04/2014

    My cats love the Pit r Pat treats. They beg for them when they know they're in the drawer. They are costly so I have to ration them, but they could eat them all the time and nothing else.

    My Cat Loves these! by ARB01/02/2009

    My cat goes crazy over these! she knows the can and the smell. She will not eat any other kitty treats except pitr pats!

    Pitr pats the only treat by Brenda05/19/2008

    I gave my cat Pitr Pat and she loves them. I give her a different treat and she looks at me like im crazy. She will still eat the other treats but she prefers Pitr Pats.

    Cat goes Crazy by fergi80477 from Morrisville, PA06/01/2013

    My cat just loves these treats. I can't find them in any store around us, Morrisville, PA 19067. Could you look into providing these products to our local stores, i.e. Walmart. The price of shipping keeps me from providing my pet this treat very often. Thank You


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