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Gimborn Treats

Stewart Beef Liver Freeze Dried (14oz)
Stewart Beef Liver Freeze Dried (14oz)

($30.99)  $22.99
Stewart Beef Liver Freeze Dried (2 oz)
Stewart Beef Liver Freeze Dried (2 oz)

($5.99)  $3.49
Stewart Beef Liver Freeze Dried (21 oz)
Stewart Beef Liver Freeze Dried (21 oz)

($44.99)  $36.99
Stewart Beef Liver Freeze Dried (4 oz)
Stewart Beef Liver Freeze Dried (4 oz)

($9.99)  $6.99
Stewart Chicken Liver Freeze Dried (11.5 oz)
Stewart Chicken Liver Freeze Dried (11.5 oz)

($27.99)  $20.99
Stewart Chicken Liver Freeze Dried (3 oz)
Stewart Chicken Liver Freeze Dried (3 oz)

($8.99)  $6.89
Cat A'bout CatNip Plus Tub - Multi-Cat Size (150 grams)
Cat A'bout CatNip Plus Tub - Multi-Cat Size (150 grams)

($9.99)  $6.99
Miracle Care Cat A'bout Cat Grass Plus Tub (150 grams)
Miracle Care Cat A'bout Cat Grass Plus Tub (150 grams)

($5.99)  $3.69
Cat A'bout Cat Nip Plus Tub - Single Size (250 grams)
Cat A'bout Cat Nip Plus Tub - Single Size (250 grams)

($7.99)  $5.99
Liver Bits Treats for Dogs (4 oz)
Liver Bits Treats for Dogs (4 oz)

($9.99)  $4.99
Liver Bits Treats for Dogs (13.25 oz)
Liver Bits Treats for Dogs (13.25 oz)

($27.99)  $14.49
Liver Bits Treats for Dogs (19.5 oz)
Liver Bits Treats for Dogs (19.5 oz)

($38.99)  $19.99
Gimborn Beef Steak Freeze Dried (14 oz)
Gimborn Beef Steak Freeze Dried (14 oz)

($31.99)  $23.99
Pro-Treat Freeze Dried - Chicken Liver Treats (1.5 oz)
Pro-Treat Freeze Dried - Chicken Liver Treats (1.5 oz)

($6.99)  $4.99
Pro-Treat Freeze Dried - Pork Liver Treats (2 oz)
Pro-Treat Freeze Dried - Pork Liver Treats (2 oz)

($6.99)  $4.99
Pro-Treat Freeze Dried - Pork Liver Treats (4 oz)
Pro-Treat Freeze Dried - Pork Liver Treats (4 oz)

($10.99)  $7.99
Pro-Treat Freeze Dried - Pork Liver Treats (12 oz)
Pro-Treat Freeze Dried - Pork Liver Treats (12 oz)

($28.99)  $21.99
Pro-Treat Dental Treats - Blueberry Flavor (14 oz)
Pro-Treat Dental Treats - Blueberry Flavor (14 oz)

($16.99)  $12.99
Pro-Treat Dental Treats - Mint Flavor (14 oz)
Pro-Treat Dental Treats - Mint Flavor (14 oz)

($16.99)  $12.99
Pro-Treat Dental Treats - Yogurt Flavor (14 oz)
Pro-Treat Dental Treats - Yogurt Flavor (14 oz)

($16.99)  $12.99
Pro-Treat Raw Naturals Freeze Dried Dog Treats - Real Beef (4 oz)
Pro-Treat Raw Naturals Freeze Dried Dog Treats - Real Beef (4 oz)

($11.99)  $8.99
Pro-Treat Raw Naturals Freeze Dried Dog Treats - Real Chicken (4 oz)
Pro-Treat Raw Naturals Freeze Dried Dog Treats - Real Chicken (4 oz)

($11.99)  $8.99
Pro-Treat Natural Dog Biscuits - Real Chicken & Sweet Potato (16 oz)
Pro-Treat Natural Dog Biscuits - Real Chicken & Sweet Potato (16 oz)

($6.99)  $4.99
Pro-Treat Natural Dog Biscuits - Real Liver (16 oz)
Pro-Treat Natural Dog Biscuits - Real Liver (16 oz)

($6.99)  $4.99
Pro-Treat Natural Dog Biscuits - Real Peanut Butter & Molasses (16 oz)
Pro-Treat Natural Dog Biscuits - Real Peanut Butter & Molasses (16 oz)

($6.99)  $4.99
Pro-Treat Raw Naturals Freeze Dried Dog Treats - Real Turkey (4 oz)
Pro-Treat Raw Naturals Freeze Dried Dog Treats - Real Turkey (4 oz)

($11.99)  $8.99
Also Try our Liver Bits Treats for Dogs

Stewart Beef Liver Freeze Dried (14 oz) formerly Gimborn treats maintains the aroma, full flavor, and nutritional value of pure beef liver. Conveniently cubed into Reward Size Treats, Pro-Treats Freeze Dried Liver Treats are an excellent obedience and training tool. Rich in protein. Do not moisten treats. Small pieces may be sprinkled on food for extra flavor and nutrition.

  • "the most highly reccomended training treat for dogs"
  • 100% Natural and MADE AND SOURCED IN USA

  • Cubes Per Day:
    Small dogs - 1 to 2
    Medium dogs - 2 to 3
    Large dogs - 3 to 4
    4.00 rating based on 4 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Stewart Beef Liver Freeze Dried (14oz)
    Great training adn reinforcement incentive by Dee06/12/2013

    My dogs will listen raptly and follow directions when they know I've got a liver treat in my hand. gettingthe paper in the morning is thier job and they know the reward waiting for them when the paper is delivered. Works every time!

    Just what the Vet ordered by Dolly from Chicago, Il02/25/2013

    My dog was getting too heavy with regular treats, the Vet recommended I use these and he loves them. So good for him too!

    GOT A PICKY EATER? by Dixie's Stepmother from TUSTIN, CALIFORNIA07/15/2012

    Our dog Dixie is very picky - especially when it comes to dog treats. After many failed attempts over the years we discovered these liver treats. Dixie absolutely loves them! She begs for them all the time. The price keeps going up at the local pet store so finding them on-line at a discount really made my day. Dixie's 14 years old with missing teeth so I either break the pieces smaller or smash them with a hammer for easy chewing. I even add them to her dog food when she decides she doesn't like what's been served.

    by from 03/15/2013

    Featured Reviews for Stewart Beef Liver Freeze Dried (2 oz)
    Not what I expected by Gitanjali from India04/10/2013

    The picture shows a tin which was one of the main reasons I purchased this since the other liver treats I get from you are really liked by my dogs but come in a flimsy plastic box. These also came in a flimsy plastic box. Not a tin like the picture shows. Also I think my dogs prefer the regular liver treats I get for them over these ones.

    Featured Reviews for Stewart Beef Liver Freeze Dried (21 oz)
    Haven't met a dog who doesn't love these by Laurie from St Paul, MN02/07/2012

    My dogs are crazy for these treats! I have trouble keeping enough on hand.

    Love these!! by The Clan from Delmar, NY01/31/2013

    My three rescued English Setters love these treats!

    Featured Reviews for Stewart Beef Liver Freeze Dried (4 oz)
    Great Pure Product by Sandraelaine from Upstate NY (Adirondacks)12/14/2012

    I own a Pet Care business and my client's dogs LOVE these treats. A few of the dogs I care for are allergic to treats and many dog foods. These treats have no fillers. They are pure beef. Excellent product. Dogs LOVE them.

    AWESOME by Katieb1123 from rockville MD11/06/2012

    a warning... if you keep some of these in your pocket, you will smell and only be attractive to the canine species...lesson learned the hard way! these were great i put them in the kong with pb and froze it and they were entertained for hrs!!!!

    Featured Reviews for Stewart Chicken Liver Freeze Dried (11.5 oz)
    Best service for pet products. by misslola from Dallas, GX02/25/2013

    Best service for pet products. Wide selection.

    Luna snd Eddie love Gimborn Chicken Liver Freeze D by Susanna from Gibson Island, MD06/11/2012

    I finally found a great, high-protein product that is made in America. Luna,my dog, and Eddie, my cat, love to eat it sprinkled over their dry kibble. I'm happy to be rid of stinky cans!

    Vet recommended by jm from Panama City Beach FL12/17/2012

    These are the treats our vet recommends and the dogs love them! We have some feral cats around our condo complex and they love them, too.

    Puppy gives these 5 stars!! by lovemydachsie from NC10/21/2011

    I have tried several other natural puppy/dog treats which have not settled well in my dog's tummy. This treat is one of his favorites and he never has any GI problems with these. I rotate back and forth between these and "Lean Treats For Dogs" and have no tummy problems. He loves these equally as much as he does the Lean treats. I usually give him about 5-7 total treats a day some are immediate and some are delayed. Training him has become so easy with these favorite treats of his!!

    Great treat by elnajah from mechanicsville, md12/10/2011

    My dog loves these. She is old and had stopped eating her meals well. I started coating her food with liver treats. Now she looks forward to her regular meals.

    Best treats for training. by doxielover03/07/2013

    The freeze dried chicken livers make the best training treats ever. Entirely pets are incredibly great when you order and the quality of the products they sell.

    Freeze Dried by Suzy07/22/2012

    What can I say. I have a really, really smart puppy. She absolutely loves these. They are great to train with. I have used them throughout her training classes and home training as well. So far, she can do everything she has been taught to do. I highly recommend these treats for training.

    Bad Service by Blow-Up01/04/2012

    Ordered product for 2 day delivery. Received shipping confirmation. After 25 days no product. Tracked shipping through 11 states. After emailing Entirely Pets was told that priority shipping could not be done and I should submit for refund on shipping. Received order after 29 days. Product is great. Service and communictions are apalling.

    Featured Reviews for Stewart Chicken Liver Freeze Dried (3 oz)
    Tasty Treat by Grandma Teri from San Francisco Ca10/23/2012

    My dog Sam really likes these snacks. The come in more than one flavor so he doesn't get bored.

    Featured Reviews for Miracle Care Cat A'bout Cat Grass Plus Tub (150 grams)
    Cat Grass by ssj01/01/2013

    Grass grows quickly and there is an abundance of it. Our four cats love this grass! I've never had a problem with this product.

    by from 08/26/2010

    My cat kept going outside. All I had to do is take top off and add water once . . . in three days had grass growing that my cat LOVES!!!

    this! by It from wasEveryone


    Amazing stuff! by KITTYMEISTER from Tampa Bay Area, Florida03/18/2013

    As advertised, one initial shot of water and in a few days the "cat grass" sprouted and began to grow. When it was several inches high I placed the container in front of my cat. He took one look, turned his head sideways as he stuck it into the grass, and did a great impression of a lawn mower.

    Easy and Cats Love It! by liljay904/03/2013

    This is the easiest to grow cat grass I have found, and my cats really love it. You add warm water (per directions), place under a lamp (vs bright natural light) and starts sprouting in a week. My mother uses also and she is 85. Everything except the warm water and light is included in the pack. We purchase multiples and store until ready to use. Once one is put down for cats to nibble, start the next one so it is fresh once the other starts to wear out. Open, pour and grow!

    Great Cat Product by dogmominac from TN03/06/2012

    The cat grass is easy to grow with just one watering to get it started. Makes a nice little grass patch to settle the tummy of indoor kitties.

    Great Product! by liljay from Cincinnati, OH05/01/2013

    It is simple to grow and the cats love it. It has been packaged so that all you have to do is add warm water, set under a lamp and let it grow. You don't need a sunny window. Much less complicated system than brands I've used in the past. Better and more convenient than buying already grown in store. Highly recommend.

    Excellent stuff by Just me01/30/2013

    My cat will not shut up until I let him outdoors to eat grass, so naturally winter is harsh in more ways than one. I don't like that he does that because he can pick up worms that way, but most greenie-type cat treats don't satisfy him. In the past I got him some grass from the store, but the bugs that came with it were not worth the price. This stuff grew very fast, one week after I watered it I was giving him fresh grass and there are no bugs in the house. No bugs, no worms, and he's not yelling at me - works great!

    cats love it by crittercrazy from Morgantown, PA02/08/2012

    Three simple steps: add water, watch it sprout amazingly fast, let cats nibble on it. It's that easy, and the cats really do love it! Great for winter days when they can't get anything green outdoors.

    by Isis01/16/2013

    It is the only grass my cat will eat. She loves it!

    Featured Reviews for Cat A'bout Cat Nip Plus Tub - Single Size (250 grams)
    Catnip tub a flop by equa yona from South Dakota03/28/2012

    I received a packet of seeds, planting medium and a plastic bowl. The seeds did not sprout. Not even one. Very disappointing. I will buy seeds from a reputable seed company.

    My Cats LOVE this by Jesu_kitty10/24/2012

    Both of my cats adore this catnip. It was so easy to grow, too. I think I'm going to get more.

    Didn't survive by peppermintp08/15/2012

    I was a little concerned when I received this as the package was dated about a year ago. Followed directions and at first noticed a couple tiny sprouts; however these died within 10 days.

    Featured Reviews for Liver Bits Treats for Dogs (4 oz)
    Great treats for training by a danes luv11/23/2011

    These are the best treats for training! I haven't met a dog that doesn't LOVE them, and they are easy to carry around a small baggie of them for spontaneous training or fun at the park.

    great treata for training by Corky from Gold Canyon AZ11/22/2011

    My chocolate lab puppy learns very quickly when he knows a liver treat is his reward. Even his buddys line up for the treat.

    Smokey likes by NancyS from Southbury, CT11/26/2011

    Smokey was eating them right out of the broken container. My only problem is that so far 2 boxes that I received from Entirely Pets came with broken packages. First was the salmon oil-yuck, and the 2nd was the liver Bits.

    Liver Treats are a Hit by SingingDove from Golden, CO08/04/2011

    I first learned of using freeze-dried liver from a doggy acupuncturist. I save these for training so that they have something that is highly desirable. My dogs love these. I do have to cut them to be smaller since I have small dogs and too many training treats (even though these are low in calories) lead to a pudgy puppy.

    Great treat but flimsy lid by Gitanjali from India02/18/2013

    Every time I buy this I get asked to review it and as always I will say my dogs love it - my great dane as well as my cocker spaniel. However this time I have taken off one star because of the lids that break every time. This treat is for limited usage so the lid needs to last at least 4 to 6 weeks but it breaks upon opening a few times.

    Favorite treat! by ZsaZsa from Dallas, TX12/09/2011

    Very pleased with the quality of these liver bits. My boxer anxiously awaits her treat time. They recommend only giving her several a day so they are really special. And at the sale price we stocked up. I am really happy I discovered Entirely Pets. Great site, prices, quality and shipping!!

    Liver Bits,best Treat Ever by J. A. from Pittsburgh,Pa11/22/2011

    5 star rating,my dogs love it and I will be buying it again.

    Tasty by Gitanjali from India12/12/2012

    I think this is the second time I am reviewing this product. I previously bought the large jar and this time the smaller size. 2 out of 3 of my dogs love this treat. I'm glad the expiry date on the smaller jar is longer since the large 19.5 oz jar had a short expiry date and since you can only feed 2 to 4 pieces a day to the dog, depending on size, I couldn't finish it by the expiry date. Anyhow they absolutely love this - one of my great danes and my cocker spaniel.

    My picky dog drools for this treat by Jen from California08/15/2012

    I have a finicky standard poodle who turns his nose up at stuff other dogs devour. Well Liver Bits are amazing. They smell horrible, but he cannot resist them. My cat comes running for them, too, and she begs for a taste when she hears me shake the container for the dog. I doubt there's a dog on this planet who could resist Liver Bits.

    liver bits by Becky from Green Bay11/29/2011

    Dog likes them enough...the only reason I ordered them was because they were advertised as the daily special and it is always fun to offer him new treats. The daily special price, however, was not reflected on our invoice.

    by from 12/07/2011

    Received the Liver Bits and my retriever mix & pomeranian both went crazy as soon as they got the first sniff! I even crush a piece or two and sprinkle on the food they aren't so fond of...they chow it down! Also wonderful for training.

    TM by from Great

    Great Treat!

    These don't even smell good by sgreen3412/08/2011

    I only purchase all-natural treats without any grain, preservatives or pretty much anything else. I bought these at a heavily discounted price. Good thing, since I won't buy them again. I'm not sure what liver smells like, exactly, but I don't think this is it. The pieces are all different sizes, and all are squared off and have hard edges. I don't mind the sizing, but it's just one other oddity here.

    Love these 10 calorie treats! by karine from Oregon coast, Oregon04/17/2012

    My dog expects about 4 of these each night as we sit during the evening, reading or watching TV. She barks until she gets them. They are crunchy, nutritious and low calorie. All good things.

    lovin the liver by katman from Illinois11/22/2011

    My dog LOVES the liver treats. Very convenient; I like that they come in a plastic tub to stay fresh.

    Bedtime Delight by BK from Austin, Tx11/22/2011

    Perfect for that last little treat before bedtime. Our little rescue dog runs to the bedroom when I tell her it is time for bed because she knows she will get one of these healthy treats. I was giving her a dry cookie but not anymore. I am happy to find a healthy treat that is affordable and good for them as well.

    mmmmmmmmm so good by angi from NC11/16/2011

    I used to get this Product at my Vet in KS. Now I found it here. My Dog just goes Bananas when I reach for the tub. Bst Product I ever found Thank you and my Dog thanks you

    Tasty treats by GreyGhost from ashevillle, nc12/08/2011

    I got these treats for my dog because I wanted something healthy and grain free to use for training. My dog loves the taste, and I like the fact that they dont leave my hands smelly and greasy like other treats. The only downside is that the jar is only filled 3/4 of the way.

    Good product. Thumbs up. by racindog from Louisville, KY12/06/2011

    Has more smaller bit pieces than some of the other dried liver treat products but that's what its called Liver BITS so all in all is a good product. Very convenient tub. The dogs love it.

    by from 01/11/2012

    I've ordered these a few times and use them for training treats. The larger pieces can be broken easily and a handful fits in my pocket. My dogs love them - even my picky dog. My dogs are on strict diets and the natural treats don't upset their stomachs.

    order by these." from great training treatsI'll


    Great treats! by liz12/10/2011

    Dogs love 'em! Even if you have a picky dog...these liver treats go over great! Great for any size dog and keep a long time.

    Company is dishonest by momstress3 from Newark, NY12/08/2011

    I placed an order on black friday for reduced prices on treat items. When I received the order, they had charged my credit card double the amount. When I called to ask about the Mistake, I was treated rudely and told to return the products. I will never deal with this company again.

    My picky eater just can't resist! by Jen from Southern California12/06/2011

    This is the first treat that I've found that my dog can't say no to. Other treats are ok, and he will take them or leave them depending on his mood, but he never refuses Liver Bits. They stink sooo bad, but maybe that's why he loves them so much...

    extra special reward treats by aprlm12/07/2011

    My dog will do anything for these treats! He only gets these when he does his "play dead" command,or when he learns a new trick. You can also sprinkle (break the treat into almost dust) on their dog food. These are great treats but they aren't for training.You have to be careful not to overfeed I break his treat into pieces since I follow the recommended amount which for my small dog it's 1-2 a day. The treat is dried liver which has a dry,yet powdery consistency,very easy for my chinese crested to eat.It comes cubed,and lightweight. Haven't met a dog who doesn't like these.

    Liver treats by Sue11/27/2011

    My dog Luna loved them. They are freeze dried and keep well.

    Featured Reviews for Liver Bits Treats for Dogs (13.25 oz)
    We Love These! by timy from Mississippi12/17/2012

    This is a repeat purchase - need I say more?

    by from 06/26/2012

    I have an older dog who isn't very hungry except for treats. I got the original little pack of these as a freebie with another order, and turned out these are his all-time favorite treat.

    put by 2 from orSo


    all by love from them,My


    Best Dog Treat by Linds12/27/2012

    Bigger container than I thought. My dog loves these freeze dried liver treats. He will just about anything for one.

    Quality Product by Tanmoy12/17/2012

    Definitely would purchase again - recommended without reservation.

    Really good! by L:uke from Buffalo NY06/27/2013

    Don't give them too much as it will spoil them for anything else

    This treat can't be beat! by Jen from California12/18/2012

    As usual, LiverBits set off a stampede, as all of the critters came running when I popped the top. They love it!

    by butters12/12/2011

    Freeze-dried little treats that don't make a mess. My new foster dog that was initially very shy and not food motivated can't get enough of these tastey lil' morsels!

    Wonderful training tool! by KAM from Ontario Canada06/11/2013

    These are exceptional "treats" for training . The dogs love them, they are easy to carry and a wonderful tool to train with. The price is great and the amount in the package is certainly worth the money! This is not,and won't be a one time purchase!

    Featured Reviews for Liver Bits Treats for Dogs (19.5 oz)
    Smelly, but dogs love! by abbyshouse06/18/2012

    My dogs really seem to enjoy them! They smell, but the dogs eat them right up!

    by from 10/22/2012

    I've been looking for a natural treat for my five Labradors....one suffers from bloat and another is diabetic, so we try to eliminate most treats that have carbs in them (oatmeal, rice, grains, etc.)

    amazing! by My from dogsThis


    because by it's from natural,I


    great for training by olive from Upstate NY12/29/2012

    Our dogs get these for hard things like learning to DOWN and going to bed in the crate. They love them. I have heard that organ meat is the first choice of wild dogs so I hope that it is more nutritious than synthetic products.

    Never received product by The Clan from Delmar, NY04/15/2013

    I never received this item, my credit card was charged and when I called to check on the order no shipment status was given....

    by Kats from Esmond, IL06/30/2012

    My dogs loved these. They are healthy for them and must taste great since they can't get enough. I like the way it is packaged for ease of use and freshness.

    Healthy, Yummy Treats Make Obedient Pups! by Tiffy-D from Maryland05/08/2013

    I bought these because one of my three dogs has allergies. Of course, we have to be fair & give Liver Bits to all three. My dogs love these treats so much that they run inside when called. Who knew training could be so easy?

    Our Dogs love these by Chinmom from Rockford, IL03/01/2013

    These are healthy for them and they really like them. The liver bits are in many sizes which works well for my different sizes of Chins.

    Molly's favorite treate!! by betylu from Iowa06/22/2013

    Liver Bits Freeze Dried Liver Treats are my dog Molly's very favorite treat.She will do anything to get these. We save them for bedtime or when she does something very special. I don't mind giving them to her as I know they are good for her as well. We usually buy two large size containers which last a long time..The price is excellent and they are made and sourced in the good old USA. That mean a lot.

    Dogs Love Them by CrazyBorders from Liviingston County, NY02/13/2013

    These liver treats are a great value and the dogs really love them. They seem to be a healthy reward.

    by kiki11/06/2012

    The product is wonderful unfortunately it has an expiration date of a month after the purchase. So I will have to throw most of it out. Entirely pets apologized and refunded the item. I would have prefered they check the expiration date before they sent it out. I feel awful throwing food out. Otherwise, the kittens and puppy both enjoy their new treats.

    by The Clan from Delmar, NY04/30/2013

    My dogs love freeze dried liver! We play tossing games and learn to catch toys and treats using these.

    Love the Liver by Bea Leary from Denver, CO06/17/2012

    Both dogs love them, and so much cheaper than the pet stores. All protein. One of my dogs is on a protein diet for losing weight, so he loves these treats!

    by Cath11/28/2012

    Excellent Liver treats. Small size and best of all MADE IN THE USA!!!!

    dogs love them. by gator from redding ca02/04/2013

    the most important thing is, the dogs love them. these are dry squares with no mess. once you figure the price, these are actually cheaper than most other dog treats.

    M.I.A. by Waggintails shopper from Wisconsin04/03/2013

    thank you for the email asking me to rate this product. I would love to rate it,...however it has been nearly one month since my order, and it has notmyet shipped! No one can tell me when, or even if this product will ship! However, your website still lists the product and it is still available for purchase! To add insult to injury, you have billed me for the FULL price of the other items on my order, but did not apply my discount to those items. If / when this item ships, ther had better NOT be a second shipping charge, and the FULL discount amount of the original order should be reflected! So far, VERY DIAPPPOINTED with you company & your service!

    Wonderful Product! by Kimberly F. from Stockbridge, Michigan02/05/2013

    All three of my German Shepherd's are very spoiled. That being said, they've come to turn their noses up at some treats, yes treats. A couple of them like this treat, but the other walks away. Well, all of them sit pretty and one of them talks when I get the bucket out. And I love it because it's, "Sourced and Manufactured in the USA?

    Happiest Customer Ever! by crt08/05/2012

    Thank you for being such a terrific company! Your products are everything you say they are -- and then some. My dogs absolutely love the Liver Bits Treats. After they have done something good (like doing tricks, going outside, etc.) they run straight to the cabinet where I keep these treats and stand on their hind legs and beg. They can't get enough! Plus your packaging and shipping are extremely well done. Thanks again ENTIRELYPETS! You definitely have a returning customer!

    Liver Bits by MK02/02/2013

    Liver is AWFUL - can't stand the stuff but the dogs LOVE IT!!! (:

    Best Value by racindog from Louisville, KY06/12/2013

    Been using these for years. Value priced and top quality- a great deal! Momma Sea lubs them and gets them twice a day mixed & cut up with her chewable meds which she then scarfs down.

    Love it! by Kim F. from Stockbridge, Michigan03/22/2013

    I have quite a time getting my one dog to come in, but he doesn't stay outside and mind his manners either. He scratches at the door constantly except for when he's barking. Well, these are the magic treat. I ask him whether he wants one and he comes in...wa,la. I know, I know. I shouldn't be giving him treats when he isn't minding me, but boy has it been cold up here in the wintertime.

    Loves them SOOOOO much by jclopez10/22/2012

    Gabby loves the liver treats. She will do anything that we ask right away just to get some. They are great as a training aide.

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