• GlycoFlex 1 (120 Tablets)

    GlycoFlex 1 (120 Tablets)

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    Try Bonies Dental Bones - Hip & joint Formula GlycoFlex® 1 contains Perna canaliculus, Glucosamine HCl, and Dimethylglycine to help support the rebuilding of collagen, cartilage, and joint structures.

    It is part of the Vetri-Science® stage of life program. STAGE 1, REINFORCEMENT, for younger dogs or dogs predisposed to hip or joint dysfunction for the maintenance of optimal joint health. GlycoFlex® 1 supports the structure and function of joints and connective tissue for puppies and dogs throughout their lives.

    Comparison between old and new formulas.

    Dosage: The usual dose of GlycoFlex 1 soft chews for the first 4-6 weeks:

    Weight of Dog Amount per Day
    up to 30 lbs 1/2 tablet daily
    31-60 lbs 1 tablet daily
    61-100 lbs. 2 tablet daily
    101+ lbs 2 1/2 tablet daily
    Maintenance Dosage:
    Weight of Dog Amount per Day
    up to 30 lbs 1/2 tablet ever other day
    31-60 lbs 1/2 tablet daily
    61-100 lbs. 1 tablet daily
    101+ lbs 1 1/2 tablet daily
    *If giving more than 1 tablet, divide between AM and PM.

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    Just what we needed by staffy from New Mexico11/21/2012

    My 13 year old dog has been on Glyco-Flex for about 3 years and the arthritis is under control with it.

    by Shae06/12/2012

    I love this product! I give it to my Greater Swiss Mountain everyday and have since she was 6 weeks old

    Great preventative by shandwill from Lexington, KY01/08/2013

    We got these for our younger dog after having great success with Glyco-Flex III for our older dysplastic dog. She has yet to show any joint problems, but as a giant working breed, we want to make sure she has quality supplements to prevent as much wear and tear as possible. Entirely Pets has the best price around, as this supplement costs more than twice as much at our vet's office.

    Great Product by Axel & Zeb from Elkhart, IN07/21/2014

    Axel is a puppy with Pano and Glycoflex I is part of his daily diet to support his joints and bones has a growing puppy along with Yucca Intensive. Zeb is a 10 year old Collie with very bad arthitis in all 4 legs. He gets Glycoflex III everyday along with K9 Aspirin and Fish Oil. He had the best winter ever and is getting around pretty well.

    Seems to be a good product by Bruiser's Mom from Maine12/20/2013

    I have used all stages of Glyco-Flex for years with my dogs with joint issues. Seems to be a good product for them. It is fishy smelling and they eat them like treats!

    Glycoflex1 a great joint supplement by Pat from Greenville Ga10/22/2012

    As always my order was correct and shipped immediately. I wouldn't order from any other company.

    Great product by Lela's Mom from Roanoke, VA08/01/2013

    I've been giving my dogs Glycoflex for over 10 years. I'm sure it has helped my 14 yr. old keep active.

    Glyco Flex by sheba01/13/2012

    My standard poodle is starting to have joint issues and within just a couple of weeks of taking this everyday, you can tell that she feels much better.

    by gsdsteph from Oskaloosa, KS12/12/2012

    Have used for this stage of my dogs development for years!

    by maxwellsmom from Spring Hill,FL11/29/2013

    Used this & Stage 2 for over 10 years with previous pet. Max is 115 lbs. and I started him on Glycoflex when we adopted him although he showed no symptoms. It's a good preventative measure & his hips still seem fine.

    Glyco-Flex 1 by Yolo from Clarksville, MD11/05/2011

    I would recommend this product for the growing puppy and adolescent dog. Entirely Pets Co. had the best price for this product that I could find online!

    Glyco-Flex1 by Robin from Philadelphia, PA04/23/2014

    My dogs love the taste of glyco-flexI. They think it's a treat,plus I only need to give half pill because they are Miniature Schnauzer.(19 lbs.) My Crystal has hips problems and this help's her greatly.I would recommend Glyco-Flex1 for the older dogs with joint problems.

    Helps with arthritis by Jojobean from Providence Forge VA04/29/2013

    My Lab has the beginning of arthritis in his front leg. Since taking this pill, I haven't seen him limp as he did earlier. Keeping my fingers crossed...

    Taste? Apparently no so good! by traildog from Issaquah, WA01/27/2012

    My dog will not touch these unless they are hidden in cheese. He loved the brand he use to get, will switch back to the old ones.

    Good product by JS10/25/2013

    My vet had prescribed these after my 3 year old lab mix had a recurring issue with his right wrist. He is an avid lover of the chuck it ball and an all around active guy. He had injured the wrist by running too much and the injury kept flaring up. After x-rays to make sure there were no issues, my vet asked me to try the Glyco-flex I. My dog showed improvement after 3 weeks and since then has not had another issue with his wrist despite running like crazy with our new puppy. I am sure the glyco-flex made the difference.

    He likes it. by charger from St Louis, Mo01/21/2015

    My English Cocker doesn't have any obvious issues but he is 13 so I want a glucosamine product to use as a preventative. I have no real evidence that it is doing anything but I feel better giving it to him. He takes it as a treat but he is not real picky about what he eats.

    by ML from Kentucky12/22/2012

    I have only used this product for about 2 weeks, it seems to have helped my Basset, but will be able to rate better after using more.

    Useful as preventative. by Hqguy06/24/2013

    Had issue with dog prior to the one I have now. I do not want any athritis in later years and research shows this helps prolong quality of bones/ligaments/tendons.


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    3 PACK GlycoFlex 1 (360 SOFT CHEWS) FREE Joint Treats3 PACK GlycoFlex 1 (360 SOFT CHEWS) FREE Joint Treats
    Reg price: $81.99
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    6 PACK GlycoFlex 1 (720 SOFT CHEWS) FREE Joint Treats6 PACK GlycoFlex 1 (720 SOFT CHEWS) FREE Joint Treats
    Reg price: $168.99
    Sale price: $106.99
    GlycoFlex 1 2-PACK (240 Tablets)GlycoFlex 1 2-PACK (240 Tablets)
    Reg price: $74.99
    Sale price: $56.89
    GlycoFlex 1 3-PACK (360 Tablets)GlycoFlex 1 3-PACK (360 Tablets)
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