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Glyco Flex III (120 Tablets)

Item Number: GLYCOIII120
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Try Bonies Dental Bones - Hip & joint FormulaGlyco-Flex III contains Perna canaliculus, Glucosamine HCl, Dimethylglycine, Methylsulfonylmethane, Manganese, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium, Grape Seed Extract, and Glutathione. It is the most complete joint formula providing factors necessary for joint restoration, as well as added Methylsulfonylmethane for maximum comfort during recovery.

It is part of the Vetri-Science® stage of life program. STAGE 3, RESTORE, for maximum support for joint dysfunction. Glyco-Flex III helps support healthy and pain-free joints. Protect your dog's joints, pick some up today.



Active Ingredients Per Tablet or 2 Chews:
Glucosamine HCl (Shrimp and Crab) . . . . . . . . 1000 mg
Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) . . . . . . . . . . . 1000 mg
Perna Canaliculus
(GlycOmega™ brand Green Lipped Mussel) . . . . . . 600 mg
N,N-Dimethylglycine HCl (DMG) . . . . . . . . . . .100 mg
dl-alpha Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) . . . . . . 50 IU
Calcium Ascorbate (Vitamin C) Tablet . . . . . . . .30 mg
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) Chew . . . . . . . . . . .24 mg
Manganese (as Manganese Amino Acid Chelate) Tablet .10 mg
Manganese (as Mn Proteinate) Chew . . . . . . . . . 10 mg
Grape Seed Extract . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 mg
L-Glutathione . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2 mg
Selenium (as Sodium Selenite) . . . . . . . . . .0.002 mg

Customer Reviews

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4.86 rating based on 538 reviews
VERY good! by K9 GAL from Va04/03/2012

I really believe that this product is the only reason I still have my American Bulldog. It has kept her going with her very bad hips. I will never let her run out of it. Highly recommend.

Highly recommended by Deb from Australia02/06/2013

This product was highly recommended by a good friend in the USA. I placed my order via the net & it arrived quickly via post to Australia. I have recently began using Glyco Flex 111 & have noticed improvements already. I will recommend this product to others.

Delighted by peterf10/29/2011

I am delighted that Glyco-Flex III is available through EntirelyPets. A vet told me it was the best place to buy it and it was good advice. Plus, I was impressed at how fast it was delivered.

best price online by robin04/13/2012

not too sure if the glycoflex is working yet but it was recommended at the vet office and after much research entirely pets has the best price and service! my dog thinks they are a treat.

Helps Soothe Arthritic HIps by Dori from Fort Wayne, IN02/12/2012

Each of my older Goldens has benefited from Glco-flex III. Recommended by my vet, a dose of this each day has been a great way to improve my dogs' quality of life and allow them to continue running and playing into their 'golden' years.

by from 10/06/2011

I have been using Glyco Flex with my dog who is a senior with hip problems and I wouldn't be without it.

that by the from serviceNot


Great product by sks from Indiana10/16/2011

Combined with a prescription medication for arthritis this really works! It was recommended by our vet. Our dog moves around like a young dog again.

Recommended by Orthopedic vet by zippykay02/08/2012

My four yr old lab mix was seen at a major vet teaching hospital on the East coast when she was ten months old due to severe hip dysplasia and arthritis. The doctors recommended Glycoflex III and fish oil. She runs and plays like a normal dog and doesn't seem to have any pain.

Almost a Miracle by Jan Harmon09/23/2008

Our Jack Russell, Mark, is a geriatric dog. He began having trouble in one hip. When the vet did the x-rays, she found that he has congenital arthritis in both hips. She prescribed a 1/2 tablet dose every day for him. He now moves like he did when he was young. He can once again climb steps, play chase, run, and walk without pain. How wonderful to have our "puppy" back!

Wonder product!!! by stacy09/25/2008

My 13 yr old aussie has been on this for 2 yrs. Except for the fact that she was 11, the vet would have liked to replace her hips and knees 2 yrs ago. She bounced back to her younger self on GF3 and still jumps on the couch and in the car and climbs stairs. Accept no substitutes!

by Melissa06/27/2013

Good product. My senior dogs, that are 16 and 13, are still both looking forward to their daily walks. I feel like your product makes their activity easier!

Excellent by Nicole05/31/2008

My basset-corgi mix used to limp a little after every long walk or hike (3 - 4 miles). I started giving him these tablets every morning, and after a month or two the limp is completely gone. This is an excellent alternative to giving drugs, and I highly recommend it.

This is GREAT stuff by Mary06/04/2009

I was given this supplement by my vet for my 8 year old Chihuahua that has arthritis in his hips and knees. It took a little while (4 weeks) but he is moving much better and seems happier.

A MIRACLE by Lynne06/23/2009

My 11 year old 70 lb. American Staffordshire Terrier developed a severe limp after years of chasing squirrels and balls. The Vet confirmed degenerative arthritis in both hips and I could see the spurs on the xrays. He sold me a 120 tab bottle of GFIII for $88 and when it came time for a refill, I found this site. After being on it for 3 months at two tabs per day, my baby is running around like a puppy again with no visible limp. I am sold on the product, but as the Vet explained, you need to have periodic blood work done to make sure your dog is not developing Diabetes, which could be a side effect of long term consumption. The new GFIII formula only requires on tab per day, so that may make a difference.

Highly Recommend!!! by Diana Abel12/25/2008

Our American Bulldog has horrible hips. Bi Lateral CHD. We had TPO surgery one her best hip but the other side was too bad. I put her on the GF3, it's been 3 months now and I'm back for a re-order! She is running like a wild thing, back to her training and we are thrilled to have our girl back to her young self! She is only 14 months old. I woudlnt be without this product!

Great product! by peach4503/10/2013

Helps Sheeba's joints and keeps her going!

Use it by Marko05/12/2009

Our 12 year old Dalmatian girl Betty Blue, had a cervical disc herniation last year, since than she has been taking GF3 for almost one year, she can climb up and down stairs, she even likes to play outside with young dogs, what a product,to bad it is not for human usage

Great help for canine arthritis by MartyJLL from Potomac, MD10/17/2011

The Glyco Flex really seems to help our 13-year-old Lab's hips, stifles, and elbows.

Works like a charm by Dana08/04/2009

Our 12 yr old Aussie mix has been taking this for over a year, mostly as prevention against arthritis. Thanks to Glyco-Flex, she is aging extremely gracefully, and has never developed arthritic symptoms. She still hikes, runs with our 2-yr-old pit bull, and recently climbed several peaks in the Adirondacks. I heartily recommend this product.

Great product ! by Hannah's Daddy10/10/2011

My white German Shepherd has hip and spine problems. She is 12 years old. She has been taking Glyco Flex III for about a year and there is a huge difference in mobility. She can run short distances and jump up in her car!. She hardly limps like she used to. Great Stuff ! Highly recommended!!!!!!

by Sai03/13/2013

Glyco-Flex III is helping my nine year old therapy dog Borzoi keep mobility. It was first prescribed by my veterinarian.

good by Ginny from VT03/13/2012

I'm trying to help my 12 year old Pug who is having joint problems but has a young heart to have as full a life as possible. This is helping some but I'm still researching.

It's great to see her run again. by Bill04/03/2013

Molly,my 11 yr. Old golden retriever had slowed down quite a bit. After taking Glyco Flex III for 4 weeks she was able to run after her tennis ball again.Thanks for a great product !

Improved quality of life! by shandwill from Lexington, KY01/08/2013

Our vet suggested these for our German Shepherd/Great Dane mix with severe hip dysplasia. This is the most affordable price we have found, as they cost more than twice as much at the vet's office! We have no doubt that his quality of life has been improved as a direct result of this supplement. Even after just a few days without them, his mobility is clearly more limited. We stay stocked up now!

by from 12/17/2012

Great product by TinaM7112/13/2012

This product was recommended by my vet and makes a huge difference for my 11 year old Lab.

Joint health by Bunnie12/25/2012

Recommended by the vet to help my dog's aching joints.

by Pat from California04/04/2012

My neighbor who has Newfoundlands recommended Glycoflex for my older dogs when I was not getting good results from other arthritis supplements. I have been very pleased with the increased mobility and activity levels in the senior dogs.

13 year old lab by acc195311/29/2011

Cosmo loves his treats...and seems to walk better... Thanks

LOVE this product by Steph from South Burlington, VT02/07/2012

My dog had ACL surgery when he was 1 and at 5 years old he was limping everyday. I put him on Glyco Flex 2 and as he got older put him on Glyco Flex 3 - I swear by this product, Tyson is now 12 and still has a limp, but not on that knee! Any dog I have in the future will be on GF from the time I get he/she. It's a wonderful product, cold pressed and made here in VT and it is amazing!

Works Great. by NakedMtn from Shipman, VA11/17/2011

I give my 12 year old lab one of these in the morning and another in the evening and he acts like he is about 4 years old. His hips work much better when taking Glyco-Flex III. It was recommend by my vet.

glyco flex 3 by micoege from izmir Turkey03/09/2013

I have heard about this product after learning that my english bulldog has hip dysplasia and searched in in my country but I couldn't find it in anywhere. So during in one of my endless googling, I found your website and ordered it. They just came to me and I can inform you about the results of this product after using it for a while.

Been using it for years! by Teshmi from Vermont04/24/2012

This was recommended to us by the surgeon that repaired my last female Golden's knee that she blew out playing Frisbee She was 6 and went on to live another good 6 years. My oldest Golden now has been on it since before she passed 3 years ago for his hip displasia. We just recently had to add tramadol to it. He is roughly 14, and the glyco flex really has helped him over the years.

Great product by Loyal to the Bone06/06/2012

Used Glycoflex products with all my Sringers for 22 years. G III is keeping the current senior from being on a NSAID.

Glyco Flex 3 by Mendi from Texas06/10/2013

I was very impressed. We saw results in as little as a week. Everyday my dog, Hunny, gets better and better. I have recommended this product to others and will continue to do so. Thank You Sooooooo much!!!

Thank you for another 2+ years with our Smoke! by Thankful! from Virginia05/09/2012

We had a Newfy mix that suffered severe arthritis. We replaced one hip when he was 7 due to displasia. The other started acting up at 12 but no one would do surgery so we had to look for an alternative. We found JointMax III and it was amazing how much it helped. We honestly think he lived to be 14 1/2 because of it. All else was good on him except those darn joints. We eventually had to say goodbye but the JoinMax helped him and us enjoy a couple of extra years together. We now have an 11 1/2 yr old lab mix that we are using it for and see remarkable results again. THANK YOU!

Glyco-Flex helps my dog feel stronger. by Sue from Rock Hill, S.C.04/03/2012

This is the third dog we have put on Glyco-Flex. It helps strengthen their joints and lets them put in a full day of activity and not be lame. They love the taste too. One of our dogs stares at the bottle until we give him his daily dose. I highly recommend it for active and older dogs. I know dogs that have hip problems that have been put on it and they are much better after taking it.

swear by this stuff by fawve01/30/2011

My dog has been taking this for over five years. She had three episodes of paralysis of her hind legs before I started her on Glyco-flex III. My vet recommended this for her and she has done extremely well ever since . . . no more episodes of paralysis. I will give it to her as long as she lives. She is 12 years old now.

by from 02/10/2012

Glyco-flex III by fivefriends from Oregon03/22/2010

This product is absolutely amazing. My dog started limping after strenuous hikes and has also showed stiffness in the morning. After giving her Glyco-flex III for only one week, she stopped limping and can go for hikes several days in a row. I definitely recommend this product to any dog owner who has an older dog that is affected by arthritis.

not sure at this point by Medina Timberwolf04/04/2012

My 9 yr old golden was limping off and on and I started giving him Glyco-Flex III. After a few days, he limped every night and seemed to be worse, so I quit giving him the Glyco. He now is back to limping off and on, but not every night. I will try again at another time to see if the same thing happens in case this was just a coincidence of something else effecting him. I will update this review when I try it again.

Best Supplement Ever by Mememargret01/16/2013

Really does wonders. My dog tore her ligament and we were told surgery was the only option, and then chances were while that was healing she would most likely tear the ligament in the other leg. Couldn't afford the surgery on a 9-1/2 yr. old, so started her on Glyco-Flex III. It worked wonders and within 6-8 months she stopped limping. It's well worth the price....

Glyco Flex III by Tank from Burnaby, BC Canada12/06/2011

I have a Great Dane that is 7 years old with a shoulder problem and went as far as to see a specialist about it to no avail. The problem was, not the specialist, it was the fact that my dog would walk off the pain after about 5-10 steps (now, keep in mind, my girl is an athletic Dane and hikes regularly). So, I decided to put her on Recovery Extra Strength. I did this for 6 months as it was highly recommended by quite a few professionals in the vet/dog world. I was not impressed. There were possible slight differences but nothing to be 'wowed' about. Then I heard about Glyco Flex III. I thought, "what the heck. I'll give it a try." I'm telling you, after about 2 weeks, you would never know she had a shoulder problem. I was overly impressed and highly recommended it to fellow dog park goers of all breeds. My friend who is a fellow Great Dane owner has a boy that has some pretty bad joint issues and he is only 4 years old. She finally put him on Glyco Flex III and has jumped aboard my boat in speaking very highly of this product and she too had her dog on Recovery with no strong differences in helping the discomfort. We say "goodbye Recovery, Hello Glyco Flex". Give it a try, we strongly believe you will love it too!

Glycoflex III by Corky from Aurora, CO02/13/2013

I have been using this product for several years. My French Bulldog has some hip issues and my Boston Terrier has a luxating patela, but they don't exhibit symtoms because this product works.

Glyco-Flex III by Steph from S. Burlington, VT10/25/2011

My dog has been on Glyco-flex stages since he was 5 yrs old. He had knee surgery when he was less than a year old and had a limp. Since I started him on GF he hasn't limped due to his injury. It's an amazing product, made with the perna muscle and as long as I have dogs/horses they will be on this joint supplement. The stages are great for when they get older. I do crush the tables for my dog, but that's just because the stage III is so big.

Super product by Al from Toronto05/21/2013

This product has changed my dogs life from hardly being able to move to having good mobility. This was recommended by my vet.

Great Product! by YCullagh from Hernando, MS02/01/2012

My senior golden, Dakota, is doing great. This is the second senior golden I have used this product for and I was equally happy with both results.

Best Joint supplement out there by Pam03/01/2013

If my dog was not on this joint supplement he would not even be able to walk.

great price ! by Golden lover from columbus, ohio05/31/2012

This is the exact medicine I was getting from my vet but for half the price. Yes, the same exactly.Was very pleased as my older golden is on several expensive medications.

Recommended by our vet by iowndogs02/14/2012

I purchased this product on the recommendation of a orthopedic vet after finding out that my lab was dysplastic. He recommends it to maintain joint mobility even before they are symptomatic. She loves the taste of it. The only downfall I have found is that I have to break the tablets in half because of her size and they make my hands smell awful and I can't get rid of the smell! We will see how well this product helps down the road.

Good Stuff! by Ninky from Las Vegas, Nevada03/03/2013

I have used the GlycoFlex with several of my dogs over the years and it really does wonders! I'm glad I found this site, and the prices are great.

Glyco-Flex III by Dog Lover from Knoxville, TN02/08/2012

I have treated one of my two dogs that has hip dysplasia with Glyco-Flex III for several years now. This dog is currently 16 years old! When I initially purchased Glyco-Flex III on recommendation from a vet several years ago, I noticed consistent gradual improvement in this dogs mobility. The improved mobility clearly seemed to be due to the Glyco-Flex III, and I have continued to treat the dog with it ever since.

Great Product by Jan10/22/2012

I recently purchased Glyco-Flex III for my 12-year old Corgi. In about three weeks' time, I can really see an improvement. He was on Glyco-Flex II for several years prior and I noticed it just wasn't doing the trick for him. Cully likes the tablets; they are a real treat for him. I notice a big difference when I forget to give him his "treat."

Dogs with joint issues by dleebrammer from Garland, TX05/14/2013

I adopted a 12 year old dog who had never had her ACL tears corrected surgically and she has some issues. My vet explained that it was to late to correct because of her age and she had already compensated to walk this way. I have used the Glco Flex III per my vet for several older dogs and it greatly helps Ariel to have a 1/2 in the morning and night. I also use it when one of them strains or injures a legs. I highly recommend it to anyone that has a dog with muscle or joint pain.

Glyco-Flex III by lmtredd from central, Florida03/05/2012

Great product for my older dogs, gives them some life back, they are walking much better and even running some.

by Jul from Suffolk,Va02/15/2012

I use this product on my Labrador.I can spend another time as much money on this product if I buy it from my vet but this just makes better sense and it always comes to my door in around 3 days!

Excellent product by Marcia02/22/2011

My 11-year-old female shepherd Ilsa was beginning to show signs of a problem in her hind quarters. I went from Glycoflex II to III and now she has improved tremendously and her hips are straight again and she can "almost" but not quite get back on the bed again. Great product and has put her up and running with her brother Brock, also a shepherd who I have on Glycoflex I as a preventative measure. Great products.

by trainman from Southern Illinois10/24/2012

Excellent price on a good product. Our dog was having difficulty working (stiff, gimpy). These pills worked within the first week!

Knee and hip issues by EJ04/25/2012

My 7 year old Golden Retrever was having severe knee and hip issues. The Vet recommended Glyco Flex III, but I could not afford her prices, so I started buying it at Entirely Pets. My now 8 year old Golden runs up and down the stairs and is always ready to go for a walk.

by Bassetnut from Parrish, FL06/05/2013

a necessary supplement for seniors. Greatly improves mobility

Very helpful product by klgavin02/13/2012

I have been using this for 2 years and it has made a big difference in my dog's mobility. He is now 14 years old and has spinal stenosis.

Relief for an old Friend by silverStar from San Antonio, TX05/29/2012

Great product at a great price. We had used the Stage II before and switched to a cheaper product. Noticed a huge improvement when our 11 yr-old Ridgeback started back on this product – and at half the vet's price. Thanks.

it's great by ella from Detroit, MI06/25/2012

Bonnie has been on Glyco-flex III since she was 6 months old and was diagnosed with early onset arthritis. She has had no problem with running with other dogs and playing since she has been on the Glyco-flex. She is now almost three years old and doing good.

Great product by Linda from Dillsburg, PA03/27/2013

My German Shepherd has been on Glyco Flex for 11 years. We are now at the highest dose for her hip dysplasia. I would highly recommend this product for a dog with this medical issue.

Good shipping and easy product to use by Teachergirltoo from Kelowna, BC06/08/2012

The package arrived quickly. That was great. I was a little worried when I saw the size of the pills but they snapped in half easily with my fingers, and ground down quickly with pressure from a spoon. And then, the best part, my finicky dog ate it easily when I put the ground pill into his wet food, so it must taste okay. So thanks for the good service all the way round. :-)

great product by pet lover from California01/29/2013

My dog loves it and it has helped him tremendously as he has severe stifle weakness due to probably being hit by a car years ago before I adopted him. He has episodes when he needs a few days of pain meds to get up but his really keeps him going.

Great product by Kris05/04/2010

I had our Rottie on Cosequin DS and decided to change to Glycoflex III. He has crooked front legs and is experiencing degenerative joint disease as he ages. He is doing wonderfully on this product. My vet also agreed when I told her I switched him to this, that it was an excellent choice.

by from 07/21/2012

I have a 12 yr. old retired sled dog has less joint pain and moves much easier. Even the air conditioning stiffens her joints during the summer months but with Glyco-Flex III, she acts normal. Without it, she stiffens up to the point we have to support her when she tries to get off the couch.

tablets by and from devoursShe


An Integral Part of my Dogs' Diet by Red Dog Mom11/25/2012

My dogs are both conformation and performance dogs and Glycoflexx products are an integral part of their diet. Puppies start with Glycoflexx I, dogs in their prime get Glycoflexx II and seniors/performance dogs get Glycoflexx III.

Great Product by Sophie02/07/2012

Great Product - Great Price I really notice a difference if I forget to give my dog these pills!

Dog is much more active by Shiloh06/03/2013

Started using this product and our old Border Collie has been bouncing around chasing after toys and spending much more time being interested in other things besides napping. It seems to have improved his quality of life.

EXCELLENT PRODUCT Have Proof ! by LAKJessiCGCTD01/04/2012

My English Black Labrador Retriever is now 7&1/2 years old and I have been giving her Glycoflex III since she was about 1&1/2 years old when she got a minor injury in some torn muscles in her shoulder after landing wrong while playing Frisbee. Coming Down and slipping on the grass. She was Limping severely. XRays showed NOTHING - So The Physical Therapy place put her on GlycoFlex III and we did Muscle massage and Range of Motion Therapy on her (they taught me how so I could do this at home). And Jessi was like a New Puppy again. And now that she's 7&1/2 Years Old She Still is Like that Same Puppy. No Limping ! She does NOT have ANY Hip nor Elbow Displasha that is common in Labradors Retrievers especially as they get up to this age. This was the best thing I could have done for her. I recommended this to my Sister InLaw who also has a English Labrador who is about 1 year older than my Jessi. She didn't think that she needed to be on a supplement like this. Then when Her Lab was about Jessi's Current age, she started limping and they took her to the vet and found out that she had an Elbow joint that kept slipping out of joint. So they did Surgery. And unfortunately it didn't work to well and Her Poor Lab still walks in Pain. I wish they would have listened and used the Glycoflex when I recommended it. Probably could have avoided this. So I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT FOR ANY LARGE BREED DOG !

Like a teenager again by Ntrsway06/07/2013

Our little girl is 12 yrs old now and we have been giving her this product for 6 yrs now. It takes a few weeks when you first start to see the difference but it definetly makes one. She is more spry than she would be with out it.

Glyco-Flex III by Lives to Lounge10/31/2011

This stuff is easy on the stomach and doesn't have anything my dog is allergic to. It helped almost immediately. The old girl looks forward to our nightly walks now.

Great Supplement for Aging DOGS by Kirby's Mom from Northern California06/29/2013

A recommendation from our vet for our aging Newfie. My 130lb. Newf has arthritis, and Glycoflex has been a constant in maintaining joint flexibility and mobility. I usually break it into quarters, and add it to his meals.

Excellent choice by Andrei from Bucharest, Romania03/13/2013

I recommend this supplement for joints. I have used it, with visible results on my dog (chocolate Labrador, female). Is better than APLAZYL, which I have used also in the past.

best product by chooch from hammonton, new jersey02/07/2012

this product is really good....recommended by my vet.......my dog loves it..... he thinks its a treat....i've been giving this to my guy for years now and nobody can beat entirely pets prices

So far so good! by AbbyNSammysperson08/12/2012

My 10 year old black lab, Abby has only been taking Glyco Flex III for about 7 days and is already moving better. This product was recommended by the breeder we got her from. They swear by it for their hard working labs!

Excellent for Arthritis by Robes from Merton, WI08/14/2012

I have been giving this to my dog for the past year... vet had suggested Rymadyl, but there are a lot of side effects with that. She is much improved from taking this with no side effects! Very pleased with this product

Great Joint Help by lindaezri from Roanoke, VA08/03/2010

I give have been using Glycoflex for many years and currently give Glycoflex III to my 11 yr old Lab mix who is still competing in agility. It has helped her stay active and strong even into her double digits.

Relief Found by Jersey Girl10/12/2011

My 10 year old yellow lab has extremely bad hip dysplasia that never bothered her until recently. I stated giving her Glyco-Flex III and my whole family can't get over the difference it has made for her. She's getting up easier and actually jumps up on the couch and bed like she used to. We haven't seen her do that in a very long time. I'm so glad we found it!

by from 04/15/2013

When my other elderly dog had arthritus, the new vet put him on this supplement and it helped him to gain some of his mobility again.

levels by of from GlycoThere


by Ian10/29/2011

This product works wonders on the joints for my dog.

Glyco Flex for Life by Jensue482 from Omaha, NE12/31/2011

I have an 8 year old corgi that has had arthritis in her legs since she was three, however you'd never know it because of Glyco-Flex. She's been on it since she was 2 (knowing corgi's are predisposed to joint/back issues) and it just works wonders. She can (and does) tear around like a pup with no arthritis.

My dogs spit it out! by JohnP from Natick, MA07/16/2012

My dogs won't touch this product. They will not chew it as a plain wafer. They will spit it out after eating around the piece of meat or cheese or whatever that I wrap it in. If I break it into little pieces and try to sneak it in to their kibble they will not eat even the kibble. Nor will they eat their favorite beef stew If I grind the wafer into powder and mix it in. This might be a great product for their joints but we'll never know because they think it tastes awful.

Wonder Drug for Dogs by Dorian11/18/2011

My vet introduced me to Gyclo Flex III when one of my older dogs could no jump on my bed. Within 3 days she was able to do this. That has been several years a go and I have used it in place of prescription drugs. I rescued two older dogs 11 and 12 yrs. old and one had never had her ACL's corrected so before I picked her up I bought the Glyco Flex III and started her on it when she walked in. She plays ball and loves her daily walks and is now a very active dog. I just want them to have the very best lives as they deserve for wathever time they have left. This product is helping in that desire.

Great Supplement by Linda from Dillsburg, PA11/28/2012

Our shepherd was born with severe hip dysplasia and she has been on Glyco-Flex for 10 years. We started out with Glyco-Flex, moving to Glyco-Flex II and are now giving her Glyco-Flex III. It has helped keep her on her feet much longer than expected. I highly recommend Glyco-Flex III for dogs with joint issues.

Taste must be an issue by Lynn P. from Pennsylvania06/16/2012

I'm sure this is a good product, but unfortunately my dog won't eat them. He spits them right out. I even tried breaking them in half and wrapping them completely in Velveeta cheese (which he loves) and he spit everything out (cheese and all). It seems they smell a bit like fish, and so maybe this is the reason. Not sure.

The best for hip problems by Lynny from Hilo, Hawaii01/27/2012

My 12 yr old malamute was showing signs of hip wkness due to his age..i've been giving him glycoflex III for the past 4 years and i have seen a significant difference in his walk and especially when he gets up from laying down for a long time..i don't see any limping either...with no fail, i give him a tablet once a day faithfully..i recommend it highly and give it a five star rating for excellence!!

Wonderful Product by Beth C from Milford, NJ10/22/2012

I've been giving this product to my 12 year old Yellow Lab for about 8 years and it's helped her tremendously with her severe hip dysplasia. I don't think she'd be able to get around as well as she does without it!

Consistently Helps My Dog by Becky from Darrington, WA11/06/2012

I have a 15-year-old lab with hip dysplatia and she gets two of the Glyco-Flex III daily. Between this and her other meds, I'll have my girl for a little bit longer.

Glyco-Flex III by Wattie's mom from Wilmington, DE01/10/2012

Watts takes this daily for his right hip dysplasia. He's a 110 pound gentle giant. With the Glyco-Flex III it's like he never had a hip problem.

13 year old puppy! by Nala from Seattle WA03/30/2013

Recommended by our holistic vet. Surely has something to do with my senior dog's spunk and energy - she has a new lease on life!

Wonderful by bailey's mom from Michigan05/06/2012

I have used this product for years. Considering the sad shape of my dog's joints, I believe that this product has helped ease the discomfort and help her lead a normal life. She is now 12 years old and still gets around, even with severe arthritis in her spine..

Excellent Joint & Connective Tissue Treatment by Thom from Huntsville, AL01/22/2012

We have use GLYCO-FLEX III for several year with our two Siberian Huskies but switched to another product (COSEQUIN DS) upon some faulty advice. The degradation in out female was drastic and since re-starting the GLYCO-FLEX III on her, we have noticed marked improvement in her movements.

Excellent product by boxerlady03/29/2012

Glyco flex III works wonderfully for my senior. We tried cosequin first, but for some reason, he didn't show much improvement. When I switched to Glyco flex III, there was vast improvement. He is now getting around comfortably and if he misses his dose for longer than a day, it is very noticable that he hasn't had it. I would recommend trying it to anyone whose dog has joint issues. It really makes a difference.

On My Second Bottle by debr56 from Pontiac, IL01/25/2012

highly recommended by my vet. giving it to my 35 lb. Dalmatian who is 9 yrs old. Her hind legs are getting weaker with age; this winter weather didn't seem to hinder her much!

Life changing for my dog! by Deb from PA04/03/2012

I have a 5 year yellow lab mix with severe hip dysplasia diagnosed when she was only two. When she was three, I was sure I would have to either put her to sleep or have a cart of some sort made for her back legs, she couldn't go up steps and had a very hard time walking. She now runs in the back yard and loves to be chased by my other dogs. Friends and family cannot believe how far she has come and Glyco-Flex III is the reason she is doing so well.


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Sale price: $82.39
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