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Glyco Flex II for Dogs

Glyco Flex II for DogsGlyco Flex II contains Perna canaliculus, Glucosamine HCl, Dimethylglycine, Methylsulfonylmethane, and manganese for added joint support. Methylsulfonylmethane also provides added comfort during recovery.

It is part of the Vetri-Science® stage of life program. STAGE 2, REBUILD, for moderate stages of joint dysfunction. Glyco-Flex® II offers a comprehensive support for joints and connective tissue health that helps with recovery from sprains, joint injuries, and as a follow-up to orthopedic surgeries.

Stage II - Rebuild

  • Comprehensive support for connective tissue health
  • For adult and mature dogs as well as sporting, hunting, and working breeds
  • Helps rebuild normal joint function as part of follow-up to orthopedic surgery
  • For dogs with moderate joint dysfunction
  • DMG is used to support proper immune response, cardiovascular and skin health. It can also help reduce stress and has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Smoke flavored chewable tablets for easy administration
  • Comes in a 90 and 120 count bottle
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Help your pet feel its best, bring home Glyco Flex II!

    3 PACK Glyco Flex II (360 SOFT CHEWS) FREE Joint Treats
    3 PACK Glyco Flex II (360 SOFT CHEWS) FREE Joint Treats

    ($109.99)  $72.99
    6 PACK Glyco Flex II (720 SOFT CHEWS) FREE Joint Treats
    6 PACK Glyco Flex II (720 SOFT CHEWS) FREE Joint Treats

    ($215.99)  $145.89
    Glyco Flex II (120 Bite-Sized Chews)
    Glyco Flex II (120 Bite-Sized Chews)

    ($37.99)  $31.59
    Glyco Flex II (120 Tablets)
    Glyco Flex II (120 Tablets)

    ($83.99)  $39.89
    Glyco Flex II (90 Chewable Tablets)
    Glyco Flex II (90 Chewable Tablets)

    ($67.99)  $29.99
    Glyco Flex II 2-PACK (240 Tablets)
    Glyco Flex II 2-PACK (240 Tablets)

    ($99.99)  $75.79
    Glyco Flex II 3-PACK (360 Tablets)
    Glyco Flex II 3-PACK (360 Tablets)

    ($153.99)  $113.69
    Glyco Flex II 6-PACK (720 Tablets) + FREE Joint Treats!
    Glyco Flex II 6-PACK (720 Tablets) + FREE Joint Treats!

    ($304.99)  $226.99
    Glyco Flex II For Cats (45 Tablets)
    Glyco Flex II For Cats (45 Tablets)

    ($12.99)  $11.59
    Glyco-Flex II Soft Chews for CATS (60 CHEWS)
    Glyco-Flex II Soft Chews for CATS (60 CHEWS)

    ($17.99)  $9.49
    Try Bonies Dental Bones - Hip & joint FormulaGlyco-Flex® II contains Perna canaliculus, Glucosamine HCl, Dimethylglycine, Methylsulfonylmethane, and manganese for added joint support. Methylsulfonylmethane also provides added comfort during recovery.

    It is part of the Vetri-Science® stage of life program. STAGE 2, REBUILD, for moderate stages of joint dysfunction. Glyco-Flex® II offers a comprehensive support for joints and connective tissue health that helps with recovery from sprains, joint injuries, and as a follow-up to orthopedic surgeries.

    Directions for use: Initial: (4-6 Weeks)
    Up to 30lbs: 1/2 tablet daily
    31lb-60lbs: 1 tablet daily
    61-100lbs: 2 tablet daily
    101lbs and over: 2 1/2 tablet daily

    Maintenance: (After initial period)
    Up to 30lbs: 1/2 tablet daily
    31lb-60lbs: 1 tablet daily
    61-100lbs: 2 tablet daily
    101lbs and over: 1 1/2 tablet daily

    If giving more than 1 tablet, divide between AM and PM.
    4.83 rating based on 145 reviews
    Featured Reviews for 3 PACK Glyco Flex II (360 SOFT CHEWS) FREE Joint Treats
    love it by mojomom10/23/2012

    I have been ordering this supplement for my dog for years! He loves it and one would never know he has hip dyslasia.

    best for joints by brooke03/19/2008

    The tablets my dog refused to eat, but he likes the soft chews. They just stink!

    great joint compound ! by crtrlvr from North Lakewood, WA.03/28/2012

    I love this product for my almost 10 year old sibling Rotties ! They act like yearlings again and expect me to keep up (:->)

    Great Product!! by Ellen Beck10/16/2008

    I have a 14yr old dog who could barely go on walks.She was in pain and limped on her front leg. I started her on Glycoflex ll and after awhile she stopped limping and had more energy. I won't change brands, Zoee and I are very thankful for this supplement.

    Working great for my dog! by WJ12/30/2008

    Woogie loves these...use a ziploc bag because the packaging is difficult but the chews do dry out.

    GREAT!!!!! by MAndy02/16/2009

    My Peanut recently had knee replacement surgery and they found arthritis during surgery. She has been taking Glyco Flex for 6 months and is doing great!! She does prefer the soft chews, they are more like a treat. They truely are great!!

    Picky Dog Loves These by keeshondlover from Lavonia, GA06/19/2013

    My Keeshond with a very refined palate - aka PICKY - eats these without hesitation. I call them his "strong bone" treats.

    works great by jen from Jeannette,Pa04/26/2013

    will continue to purchase as long as i own pets

    great product / great price by chaos from Cincinnati05/30/2012

    my dogs love them(always a plus) and they work great too. great deal with 3 packs of the glyco flex plus the free joint treats

    Great Deal! by Nana10/26/2012

    I was very impressed with the promptness of the delivery of my order and the amazing savings over what I had been paying at the vet's office. The bonus treats for our dog were very generous. I will definitely be ordering from Entirely Pets again.

    by LauraD from Fort Myers, FL05/30/2012

    Good product, works well. Dogs love the taste.

    Joint Treats by Smurph from Maryland11/06/2012

    The Glycoflex are great - my complaint (such as it is, is with the free Joint Treats ... they changed the recipe and they are not as soft and gooey now. I used to use them to hide my dogs pill in - I could break them in half and put the pill in the middle and squish the Joint Treat back together. Now they are more brittle and can't be squished!!!

    HARD AS A ROCK by JEiseman04/09/2013

    I purchased these before from entirelypets and they were hard as a rock, so I called I complained and got a partial refund. I don't know why, but I gave them a second chance and these "soft chews" are also rock hard. When I tried to call, I was on hold for at least 15 minutes and hung up in frustration. Not going to give them another try. If I wanted hard treats I could buy them but I pay the extra for the soft chews. Very Disappointed. And of course I bought the 3 pack for $80. Poor dog will just have to chew harder. I will say over all they help my dog who has had surgery on both knees for ACL repair.

    Sheltie love it by John from St. Louis MO10/30/2011

    I have a CH MACH 10 year old Sheltie who still loves agility so I supplement her with GlycoFlex chews-she loves them and I can see an approvement when she runs a course

    Works by jen06/09/2012

    This really is helping my dog to be able to move better.

    Really good stuff by Clayton12/20/2012

    Our 8 year old German Shepard has gotten excellant results . She likes the new chewables.

    My dog and I are both happy by Susan from Gig Harbor, WA11/27/2012

    GlycoFlex II is a great product and I have been giving it to my dog Dexter since he turned 10. He is now 13 and shows no signs of joint problems. Entirely Pets is the cheapest and fastest way to buy this product. Each time I have ordered, I have received the order within a few days. Pleasure doing business with Entirely Pets. Thanks!

    Love Glycoflex II chewables! by shelterdogmom from Pittsburgh, PA10/29/2012

    I have a 12 yr old Lab/Newf who was having some difficulty walking that comes with old age and arthirits; I also have an 8 yr old Lab mix who has had 2 ACL surgeries and the eventual arthritic changes. So the vet recommended Glycoflex II chews for both of them. It takes a while to see results, but it truly has made a difference in activity and comfort levels for my babies. I strongly recommend!

    The right stuff by Rick from Daalas, TX03/08/2012

    My Golden Retriever 18 months ago, was not able to walk very well. I started using the Glyco Flex II and double it for a yr. Now, at 14 & 1 /2 yrs. old he is walking great. It really help me & I so glad every day. He lets me know when its time for his treats and he loves them. Thanks to Glyco Flex II, he is back to normal for a old golden retriever. Rick

    gooooood by yvonne11/11/2011

    My little doggy is happy. It might be delicious~~ I think she is going to healty~

    Recommended by my vet by Golden Friend02/19/2013

    My dogs love these chews and they are the only ones my vet recommends. She is a certified hip and joint specialist. My young dog is extremely picky, but his face lights up for these.

    Great Value! by JB from Raleigh, NC04/09/2012

    Product was exactly what expected, arrived in specified time-frame, and bonus treats are nice touch!

    Very effective supplement by Patio from California03/14/2012

    This product has helped my older dog stay comfortable and mobile. I recommended it to a friend; she had the same success. I place the nuggets in his food but also accepts it as a treat.

    Great Product by lautere11/13/2012

    Vet recommended this product for my German Shepherd after his leg surgery and it has made a huge improvement in his mobility.

    It really works! by Goldenluvr from Fairfield, CT03/27/2012

    When I mentioned to my vet tech sister that my 12 year old Golden was no longer jumping up on the couch to snuggle as much as she used to, she recommended the the GlyciFlex II for her, so I ordered it immediately. I started noticing withing about a month's use that is is now hopping back up. She has always been active and spends more time ever playing with my 6 yr old Golden. I really believe the GlycoflexII has put her back in action. Also shopped it out, and found your prices to be the best!

    Good product for dogs with arthritis by Grammy05/29/2012

    I have been using GlycoFlex for my Golden Retrievers who have had hip surgeries and arthritis for several years. Excellent product recommended by our vet.

    excellent price by ryaner8083 from PA & Fla12/07/2011

    I checked other sites and Entirely Pets was the best deal by far !

    by from 02/15/2013

    The chews are very easy to give. Our dog thinks there are treats. A great product and the pricing is excellent.

    that by is from negativeMy


    again...pricing by is from excellentI


    Good value by goldensmomma11/01/2011

    I am a comparison shopper, and Entirely Pets offers the largest quantity of this item for the best price! I buy for 3 dogs, so I like to buy a large quantity to last a few months. Good deal!

    Great product by BMW from Vermont05/27/2013

    We have been using these products since our dog was diagnosed with arthritis at 2 years old. She is now 7 and can still chase squirrels, a ball and anything that moves. She occasionally limps if she is around other dogs and plays too much but overall she does very well.

    Great Product by Laura04/03/2013

    I have been giving these treats to my dogs for about 6 months and they really seem to help them and they love the taste.

    Highly recommended by shelterdogmom11/13/2011

    I have one dog who has had 2 ACL surgeries, and one dog who is 11 and doesn't quite have the spring in his step that he used to, so my vet recommended Glyco Flex II chews. They both love them, but more importantly, I believe that the Glycoflex has helped them. It doesn't happen overnight, but now my ACL girl walks normally without that slight limp and hesitation, and also after a run in the backyard with her siblings:) And my 11 yr old boy can now keep up with his siblings during our stroll around the block, no limping, no problem:)

    Great Product! by GoldenLuvr from Fairfield, CT12/04/2012

    I have had my Goldens on GlycoFlex II for a year now. It has made a noticable difference in my older girl. Highly recommended.

    Featured Reviews for 6 PACK Glyco Flex II (720 SOFT CHEWS) FREE Joint Treats
    My pets love it! by Debbie from Memphis, TN01/16/2013

    I have been giving my dogs these treats on the recommondation of my Vet. She says it is the BEST product out there. My pets LOVE the chews. They think they are getting a treat.

    Great buy by SV05/04/2012

    Purchased these for a second time around after our vet's recommendation. It is a good quality product and seems to have really made a difference in our 2 dogs. The price is the best I could find.

    Featured Reviews for Glyco Flex II (120 Bite-Sized Chews)
    my dogs love these! by sharpr02/11/2012

    I have been getting these from my pharmacy. My dogs love the taste. They are like treats for them, with no struggle like the pills were.

    Great Product by Laura B.05/12/2008

    This is a great product. My dog loves the taste and they are good for him!

    Good product by Lori from Buford Ga01/01/2013

    Makes a difference with my dog. He is much stiffer when not taking these.

    by from 02/04/2012

    worth buying by jko from princeton, nj06/13/2013

    they seem to be helping my lab with her knees

    For My Baby Willow by blamb02/28/2012

    I love it and my dog of 10 years love it. I just recommended this to a friend at work. I think she's going to buy some.

    Satisfied customer by littlbird02/11/2012

    I could not be happier with the service I have recieved from your company I have ordered numerous times now and each order is processed quickly and efficiently. I would definately recommend it to others.

    Wonderful Product!! by colliejoy from Texas02/14/2010

    I first purchaed at the Vet, but this is the best price on this website. It works so well on my collie and he is getting around much better with ease. I recommend this for joint issues.

    Tasty healthy treat by Cheryl from Buffalo, NU04/29/2013

    My dog and cat love the Glyco Flex II chews, they think they're treats.

    Glyco Flex excellent review by brovin from Carson Valley Nevada03/06/2012

    We've been giving this product to our dog for about 2 years now. We were told that most dogs don't like the smell/taste of it & we may have a hard time trying to get her to eat them. Well let me tell you she LOVES them. We've turned treat time into treat play time. Shes 12 years old & she can run circles around the younger dogs she plays with & she doesnt limp or have a hard time getting around later in the day or next day. Entirely Pet is WONDERFUL never any problems with getting the product & it comes in a day or 2 max.

    by from 10/30/2011

    The website is well put together and easy to use. The information and visuals make shopping for my 2 lab mixes* enjoyable. The prices are definitely right! What a savings! Great experience for pets and their owners... ENTIRELY.

    Confab" by photo" from Site Understood & Prices GoodSee


    Glyco-Flex II by alaskanhusky from Seattle, WA11/19/2012

    Excellent supplement for large dogs. We had a rescue girl with very tight hips and rear area. This product has loosened up her gait, and seems to be helping her move better.

    great product by Fastlane1404/21/2013

    GlycoFlex II is a high quality product. Our dog eats his daily dosage like it's a treat and I believe they have given him better movement in his back legs. I would recommend these!

    Great Product by Jill from denver, CO12/04/2012

    I have been using this product with my border collie who has been going through physical therapy for a shoulder injury. The vet recommended I try it. Combined with proper excersize, pt, and GlycoFlex II, she has been steadily improving. Now I also give this product to the corgi, as they have very long backs.

    by Don't have one11/17/2011

    The product is as advertised. The product is as advertised. The product is as advertised.The product is as advertised.

    Help your older pet feel better and move better by texan0917 from Ft. Worth, Texas02/08/2012

    I have been giving this to my 13 year old neutered male miniature dachshund for about 3 years and it has made all the difference in the world in how he feels and how well he gets around. Before Glyco-Flex II he was lethargic, with joint pain, stiffness and swelling. He would sometimes yelp in pain when picked up and would limp and hobble slowly, stiffly when he had to go outside. About 3-4 weeks after starting the Glyco-Flex II I suddenly noticed he hadn't yelped for a while when I would help him down off the couch and by gosh, he was walking with only a very slight limp; but moving much better. Now, Digger (that's his name) runs and jumps and acts like he did when he was much, much younger. If you have an older dog, which may be showing signs of being stiff and not moving well, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND anyone try this. There are 120 of the soft, bone shaped chews in the bag and by the time you have used one bag you will see the difference in your dog's movements and overall disposition.

    So glad I found this product ! by Pam from North Lakewood, WA.02/08/2012

    I am owned by 9 1/2 year old rescue Rotties and since finding this product I am in the midst of yearlings again ! Good for them - a bit hard on me (:->)

    fast and fairly priced by sassysmom11/15/2011

    Item as promised. Reasonably priced. Prompt delivery. Couldn't ask for more. Pup has been taking this product for several years with good results.

    every purchase at great price and speedy delivery by cassdy's mom12/13/2012

    this website does the best ever on price and delivery.

    Glyco Flex II Chews by diane from Seattle, WA04/24/2012

    I think my dog thinks this is a yummy treat. Regardless, I have seen a new found liveliness in his steps since starting on these. He'll be nine in a month!

    Wonderful Product by naomee from New York02/02/2013

    These were recommended to me by my vet .... We have a mini labradoodle who has had joint leg problems....including an expensive surgery .... I cannot believe the difference these Glyco Flex Chews make.. It's so obvious... I

    by from 10/28/2011

    I wanted feline, I got canine. Too expensive to ship back so donated it to local shelter.

    order by again." from Gyco-FlexIIVery


    Works great by Nita from Olive Branch, MS01/23/2013

    My dog loves the taste of this product and it keeps him running and playing without pain.

    Exceptional Deal by Leah Dog from Sterling, VA11/06/2012

    Our Vet put our German Shepherd on Glyco Flex. I was able to purchase the 120 size package of chews for less than what our Vet was charging for a 60 pack of chews. Exceptional deal! Will definitely be ordering again through entirely pets.

    Very Pleased by AnnZ from Memphis TN03/18/2012

    My English Bull Dog has been very pleased with this product. The vet put her on it as a two year old to help her as she ages. Greta is now 4 and still running like a puppy. She also enjoys the taste.

    So far so good by BeachNYC from Brooklyn, NY11/12/2012

    These joint treats were recommended to us by our vet after our dog suffered a bad sprain that was taking a long time to heal. So far so good. I can't say whether these are having any effect on his healing, but he hasn't limped in a while and we haven't had any GI side effects (which is a miracle b/c Boston Terriers tend to have sensitive stomachs).

    Great In Every Way by Barb03/12/2012

    These soft chews are easy on my dogs, on me, and on my pocketbook. Ordering them online and having them delivered to my door simplify my life. The chews are more convenient than liquid medications to give. Entirely Pets prices beat those of vets and chain pet stores. I recommend them highly.

    Love these chews! Great product! by Bella from Florida12/14/2012

    We have been giving Glyco Flex II to our dog, Bella, since she was 6 months old. She had patella luxation in both rear knees. Bella is now 14 years old and her last wellness x-ray showed no signs of arthritis. This product was recommended by the orthopedic surgeon that performed her surgery. She is a Toy Manchester Terrier, only 12 pounds so we give her one chew daily. She loves them. We original gave her the tablets but changed to the chews when they came out.

    Two dogs, twice a day by drdirt08/19/2012

    We give these to both dogs to help with joint health.

    by from 10/22/2012

    I am well satisified with the product and your price was well below what the Vet charged.

    more by in from theWill


    Joint improvement by Roxy's Dad from Dundas, Ontario04/25/2012

    Glyco Flex II has been a very effective supplement for my 10 year old dog. She enjoys the taste and is able to continue her very active Aussie Shepherd lifestyle. No more limping or pain over the sat 3 years since she began this therapy. I highly recommend this product as a way to prolong your Pet's quality of life.

    Love packaging by ljdiamond from Dallas, TX11/25/2012

    My dog loves the chews and I love the packaging which keeps the chews soft until the last one is gone.

    This product has really helped me dog. by Bob From Berea from Berea,Ohio11/22/2011

    Libby my dog, has had 2 ACL operations, one on each rear lag. She also has arthritis. The Glyco Flex has really helped her along.

    Good Deal by mballen06/23/2013

    This product was prescribed by my Vet. I found the best price at Entirely Pets. It was very convenient to shop online and have it shipped. I live in a rural area with limited shopping options.

    Featured Reviews for Glyco Flex II (120 Tablets)
    Very Pleased by Ken from Pittsburgh, PA02/12/2012

    We used to give our dog the Glyco Flex II Chews. She loved them, but the bag was large and the chews had a very strong, disagreeable smell. I soon got into the habit of holding my breath whenever I opened the bag. That's why we switched to the tablets; the bottle takes up much less space, and the tablets have almost no smell. I just drop one into our dog's bowl of dry food, and she gobbles it down with the rest of her meal. Very easy and pleasant!

    by Cheezypuff705/15/2012

    I put my 8 year old agility dog on this supplement, and saw a difference in his times in just 3-4 weeks. He had more energy and felt better. You don't know how much they've slowed down until you do something that speeds them back up!

    Great deal! by Jo from Bowling Green,KY03/19/2013

    My dog has used this product for several years. This is the first time I ordered it from Entirely Pets. Great price and speedy delivery. I will definitely order from Entirely Pets again. Thank you for your great service!

    Glyco Flex II by Karen from Mesquite, TX06/22/2012

    Our 6 year old female mix breed (60 pounds) has had hip issues on and off since she was a puppy and since we have given her Glyco-Flex II, she has been so much more active and less gimpy.

    by Barker's Daddy from Pennsylvania01/26/2012

    I have been using Glyco Flex II Tablets for a long time to help relieve my dog's pain and effects of arthritis. The Beef Pill Pockets are the only way I can get him to take the Glyco FlexII Tablets. Other methods only give him cause to spit out the tablets. He now accepts this medication as a tasty treat. Both are great products and we plan to continue their use as long as they are required. Naturally, these are recurring orders. MY LITTLE DOG, A HEART BEAT AT MY FEET.

    Glyco Flex II by Bill from Iowa01/07/2012

    It's been less than 3 weeks from when we started this product, and we're seeing a marked improvement in Mabel's (our golden retriever) movement. She was very stiff when trying to get up after being at rest and she's is very much improved. We're so happy there is a product to help our senior citizens with mobility issues.

    works well by toby10/16/2011

    my pit has had a total knee replacement and has arthritis although he was only seven years old, He would limp and not bare weight on his leg. he takes glyco-flex II and he no longer limps. He is now able to run and he even jumps. It takes a couple of months to see results.

    Glyco-FlexII by Mac from Colorado01/22/2013

    It helps to keep our older dog moving better and hopefully, he has less discomfort.

    by from 11/03/2011

    I've been buying the Glyco-Flex at the Vets for $72 per 120pills, your product is a big savings!

    dog by loved from theOh


    Excellent Product by terrylaine03/18/2012

    With 5 geriatric dogs, Glycoflex II makes their days better. I see them moving around more easily now they are on this product.

    Life Saver by Lolly06/02/2010

    .My old Lab and I moved to VA in November of 2009, and it was our first winter with snow. He loved every minute of tromping through the 3 foot snow. When he finally called it a day he would limp to his heated bed and you could see he was in pain. So I decided to browse the internet and found Glyco-Flex and decided to try it. With in 2 weeks I saw the puppy come out. You would have thought he was back at his favorite beach. I have my old boy back.. we love it….

    Amazing results by Tina04/24/2013

    I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with a active dog. Our younger dog hurt her leg while running, vet talked about surgery, but we decided to try Glyco-Flex ll first and I am so glad we did. The leg healed and our dog avoided surgery. Also recommend G-F lll for older dogs, amazing product.

    As effective as ever! by donnab11/01/2011

    We used Glyco-Flex in the past on recommendation from our veterinarian for our beloved Lab Missy who passed away six years ago. We now have a nine year old German Shepherd named Shelby who was experiencing stiffness with activity. Since starting on Glyco-Flex, she is much more active and happier too! Shelby's tail is once again wagging, and her demeanor is that of the younger Shelby again!! Thank you Glyco-Flex :-)

    glyco flex 2 by cat from westfield pa10/27/2011

    Love this product!, it is perfect for my breed of dog (Boxer) and his age (4). I own a horse and me and my dog Tonka will ride Blue (my horse) up to 100 miles a week, so I am using Glyco flex 2 for a preventive to arthritis. Tonka is a solid heavy breed so now is the right time to give him the glyco flex 2. Next year I will cut down on his miles with the horse then eventually as he gets older I will go to the glycoflex 3, I recomend this product to anyone who has an athletic dog, or an older dog!

    Very helpful! by Laura N. from Traverse City, MI10/04/2011

    My dog would limp badly when I would take him for walks and for hours afterward before I started him on the Glycoflex. Now he can enjoy his walks without pain again. It has been very helpful for him (and me)!

    Luvs all stages! by Loyal to the Bone06/06/2012

    All my pets are maintained on Glycoflex. I use it for prevention and to treat symptoms of joint discomfort. Won't use any other brand. Hasn't let me down for 20 plus years.

    Noticed a Difference by AussieMom from San Diego, CA11/25/2012

    My 8 yr old Aussie had been transiently limping on his front legs.( He regularly runs through the neighborhood canyons and trails.) My vet prescribed Rimadyl but I found it to be too strong and read about side effects( I don't like giving him meds anyway). I was shopping for a joint supplement and decided on Glyco Flex II after reading the reviews. We have been using it for almost a year and have noticed a significant improvement in his gait - rarely have I seen him limping! I'll continue using Glyco Flex for the rest of his life!

    by from 02/10/2013

    I buy from here because it ends up costing about 10 dollars less than my vet wants for the same product (After shipping)

    the by shipping from timeAlways


    Good for my dog by dolphin08/21/2012

    This product does really help my dog alot. And it cheaper than at vet. office

    Glyco Flex II for dogs by Sasha from Kernersville, NC01/23/2012

    My 8 year old German Shepherd has a history of joint problems. She walks, plays and seems to feel better when given Glyco Flex daily. Our vet first prescribed but now we save money and buy from only Entirely Pets.

    Good for my dog by dolphin from South Bend, IN12/15/2012

    It help my dog. My vet recommond this product for my dog but it cost too much at vet but found your company that l can afford. My dog is happy and l am happy too. Thank You dolphin

    glyco flex II by cherokee07/16/2012

    This product has been keeping my black lab going strong for 3 years, she is 15 years now

    Great Product! by Ken in Pittsburgh from Pittsburgh, PA10/26/2011

    Before we got our dog Maggie from the rescue shelter, she had been hit by a car and her hip was fractured in several places. In addition to her injuries, she has a lot of German Shepherd in her. She is therefore doubly at risk for developing hip problems. Taking a proactive approach, her vet started her on GlycoFlex II chews. Maggie liked them just fine, but they had a very strong, unpleasant smell. So we switched to these tablets instead. We just toss one into Maggie's dry food twice a day and she gobbles it right down. We like the tablets a lot better than the chews because they don't smell and they take a lot less room to store. The vet is very pleased that we've been giving these to Maggie for the last 3 years. At age 6-1/2, our girl still loves to run, and thus far has had no hip further problems.

    by Doll12/10/2012

    It's a little early to say, but I think my oldest dog may be doing even better on this Glyco-flex II than she did on the regular Glyco-flex. Since I give (4) of our (5) dogs either the Glyco-flex regular or the Glyco-flex II now, the difference in buying from the vet or from EntirelyPets is sizeable. Thank you for helping me take care of my pets!

    Already Effective! by Rick from Pennsylvania06/05/2013

    I have been giving my dog, Bodi, a 7yr old Vizsla, Glyco-Flex II for approximately one month. Started because he was showing a shoulder problem. In one month I believe we are already experiencing positive results. We will continue this therapy and now that summer is here he can begin swimming so I expect even better results. Thanks!

    Spring in her step by Georgie's mom01/28/2008

    Two weeks in we could see the difference! She's got a spring in her step and she's enjoying playing with her friends again!

    Have used for a long time by Sprig from Houston, TX02/12/2013

    I have used Glycoflex II for quite a while with my older dog, now 19 and recently switched to Glycoflex III. My 10 year old is on Glycoflex II. Both dogs were/are active in agility.

    Great product by Bella's mom03/10/2009

    My Toy Manchester Terrier has been taking 1/2 tablet per day for 10 years. She had surgery for patella luxation when she was just 6 months old. Her orthopedic doctor recommended GlycoFlex and she's been taking it ever since. She has not had any further knee issues since her surgery and I believe that it is because of her taking GlycoFlex daily. You'd never know she's going to turn 11 soon. She runs around and jumps like a puppy! I can't say enough good things about this product.

    This desreves 10 stars by Bonnie12/18/2008

    I am a tiny blue merle sheltie who has been limping for 6 months. Vet has put me through everything from pills to x-rays. My mommie got me this product and after 3 weeks limp is gone. I now get 1/2 tablet a day to keep me healthy, my sister gets the other half. Can not say enough good things for glyco flex

    by Rocky mom from South Bend, IN05/02/2012

    It cheaper than my vet charges for same product

    Featured Reviews for Glyco Flex II (90 Chewable Tablets)
    Great experience by Momasays08/08/2012

    Arrived as promised. One of the lowest prices I've found.

    by Mols10/23/2012

    No issues giving it to our dog and works really well.

    Great by Sally from St. Louis MO10/30/2011

    My dogs love the flavor and my BC is a picky eater. Can already see an improvement in my 12 year old Sheltie

    Featured Reviews for Glyco Flex II 2-PACK (240 Tablets)
    Great Product by Frannie from Cape Coral, FL10/21/2011

    On the advice of a fried of mine who shows and breeds long-haired standard dachshunds, I have long used the Classic form of Glyco Flex. Since our Vizsla mix recently turned 11 and has started having some symptoms of simple aging arthritis, I decided to upgrade and have seen a significant improvement since that time. She was always limping after even laying down for even brief periods. Now after a couple of months on the upgrade to Glyco Flex II the only time I see ANY limp is first thing in the morning, and that works out quickly. I would strongly recommend this to anyone with an aging pet, especially the large breeds!

    Glyco-Flex II - works well by Tall Trees from Texas12/27/2012

    After only 3 weeks my 10 year old dog is not limping much at all! I was actually surprised it would work so well. She still limps from time to time, but it has definitely helped her!

    great product by crownking from New York05/30/2012

    My lab Scout (8 years young) has been taking this product for a couple years and it has helped with his arthritis. He still has his tough days but GlycoFlex has helped make them fewer. My vet recommended it and we haven't looked back.

    Glycoflex II by Labrador Landing from Maine10/23/2012

    My dog Nilla Bella has been on this for as long as I have had her. She has rather severe hip dysplacia so the vet recommended it for her, as well as 1000 mgs of Fish oil, the big gel pills which I add to her dinner. She is now 8 yrs old and has no problems with running, jumping upon the bed, and counter surfing. Happy Tails!

    Great quality and quantity for price by Rocky04/29/2013

    Glyco Flex II is a great product, I give it to several of my pets. It is benificial in helping them with their joints and the pricing is outstanding. I bought 1 bottle from my vet for 75.00. Never again. Thanks for carrying this product and for your fast delivery service. Rocky

    vet charges twice as much by tj from Erie Pa02/10/2012

    My vet said they would match the price if I found it cheaper, guess what they didn''t. Will buy again!!!!!

    glyco flex II by Debbie from watertown, ma11/27/2011

    This was recommended by my vet for my dog. This is the only one I did not have to put in cheese for her to eat. She is very picky and would not eat any of the other brand I purchased. She has been on it for 6 weeks now and doing much better.

    Glyco Flex by Chuck02/07/2012

    we have been using this product for several years now on our chocolate lab mix (he is now about 8 years old) and he shows no sign of any kind of joint problems so it looks like it works well

    Glyco Flex II 2-PACK (240 Tablets) by Robin from DE01/21/2012

    My vet recommended Glyco Flex and Entirely Pets has the best price on the internet. I have ordered multiple times and if it weren't for the low prices here, I would not be able to afford them, especially at veterinarian prices. Thanks Entirely Pets!

    glycoflex ii by molly12/03/2012

    good product for my older chocolate lab for mobility problems since TPLO operation.

    Great assist for the older dog by Sabrina02/10/2013

    I've been using Glycoflex II for my pack of older dogs for several years now. There is a noticeable improvement in their ability to move since beginning this product.

    Glyco Flex II--it works by Monumental Dals from Monument, CO02/13/2013

    I use this product on a 10+ year old dog that has had TPLO surgery. He runs with the young dogs and often out runs them. He can jump and (unfortunately) still counter surf. This product keeps him going. Will always have him on it. He only takes 1 a day. He still performs therapy work and goes tracking on a weekly basis (he is a Champion Tracker.)

    Love it by DawnaWatson from CHicago, IL10/28/2011

    My dog has been taking these for 10 years. We're amazed by how well she's done after being diagnosed with dysplasia at 1 year old.

    by nozzle01/06/2013

    Great stuff. I've been using it for four different dogs over 20 years.

    hip dsyplasia by glyco flex 2 from izmir Turkey03/09/2013

    I have heard about this product after learning that my english bulldog has hip dysplasia and searched in in my country but I couldn't find it in anywhere. So during in one of my endless googling, I found your website and ordered it. They just came to me and I can inform you about the results of this product after using it for a while.

    Fabulous for Dachsunds by Happy from Indianapolis, IN12/06/2011

    These supplements continue to help support healthy joints for our now senior age dachsund. He often still gambols around like a puppy.

    Really good results by Weim Mom from Ozark Mountains of Arkansas11/06/2012

    We've used GlycoFlex ll for about twelve years. For our aging (now deceased) Weimaraners, and a 120+ mixed breed. I believe it gave them a much easier life as they aged. We greatly appreciate the product and the excellent service we have always received from Entirely Pets. Our remaining dog has just turned ten___as he was starting to limp on occassion, we recently started him on GlycoFlex___in less than two weeks we could see an improvement. He's a little picky about supplements, but he hasn't turned his nose up at the GlcoFlex even once! Thanks! By the way, the stuff isn't cheap, but it really does the job!

    We're Believers by El Dorado Dave12/12/2011

    We've been giving Glyco Flex II to our St Bernard mix for a couple of years now after it was recommended by our vet. We're convinced that it has made a difference in his joint health. He's had surgeries on both his hips and knees, but at 6 years old he's still running and jumping like a young dog. Can I tell you for sure that it's the Glyco Flex? No, but I believe that in combination with a healthy diet, regular exercise and keeping his weight down, it's a supplement that has helped to keep his joints in good shape.

    Best Price Around!!! by Goldie from Massachusetts10/13/2011

    We own three Golden Retrievers and all three take Glyco Flex daily to help prevent joint pain. I can count on Entirely Pets for fast shipping and the best price around!!!

    Great service by JIll08/06/2012

    My dog, Jack, uses Glyco-flex daily. I have bought these pills from many vendors. This is the best price I've found. They came on time, packed well. Will order from Entirely Pets again.

    Amazing Results by Sandy05/16/2009

    At age 5 my lab partially tore his ACL. It was through those xrays that we discovered he was also getting arthritis in his hips and knees. We chose to put him on rest, the Vet prescribed Novox and we began giving him Glyco Flex II. I am amazed at the difference in him! We discontinued the Novox after 3 months but continued the Glyco Flex. He's like a mature pup! He looks forward to his daily tablet - takes it like it's a treat and I know it's what has made all the difference in his recovery and keeping the arthritis at bay!

    Slow Joint Problems by Robin08/06/2008

    Our nine year old black lab, Lainie, started to look creaky and uncomfortable . We tried this on our Vet's recommendation. This supplement has made a huge difference. Lainie seems to be more comfortable moving around, especially after resting for extended periods of time. She's even being more playful.

    by from 04/07/2012

    by from 07/28/2012

    best price for a great product by colliegirl from Wisconsin01/31/2012

    I have 5 dogs, so am always looking for good deals. This site is the first place I go to- they have the best prices on everything! I love that they have the option to buy in bulk at cheaper prices,too, saves a lot of money. Glycoflex is an excellent product. I am a certified veterinary technician, and this is the #1 glucosamine supplement we suggest for clients with dogs that need this kind of support.

    Great Product by Birdman from Idaho08/08/2012

    My 11 year old lab had injured his shoulder and would limp after every walk. My vet told me about glycoflex. He's been on it for 8 months....no more limping. We are back to 5 mile hikes.

    great value and service. by midnite07/31/2012

    we purchased you product after our vet recommended it for our 13 yr old golden retriever. we paid about 40 % less than the vet product and had a fast delivery. it also has been effective on our dog--he can get into the truck now without assistance! We'll be back.

    Featured Reviews for Glyco Flex II 3-PACK (360 Tablets)
    Clyco Flex II for older dog by Jordyn05/30/2012

    Seems to help our Rotti mix as she is getting older. Our vet comments favorably on this brand as well. I'd recommend at least trying it if your older dog is having a harder time getting up and down.

    Glyco-Flex works by Annie Banannie from Falls Church, VA11/07/2012

    We've given all our dogs this glucosamine supplement and believe it helps in keeping them from developing arthritis earlier than they should. And they go down like treats!

    by TJ from NH02/22/2013

    We think the product helps our old dogs. It was shipped and delivered as promised.

    AWESOME by Olympia, WA from Olympia WA07/20/2010

    One of dogs was diagnosed with patella luxation level 2. He is a boxer/lab mix and it is unusual for a bigger dog like him to get it. Our vet recommended surgery but I wanted to search for an alternative before we made that decision. We are using the second bottle now and he is doing awesome. He is running around and playing just like he used to. Very very happy with this product and strongly recommend it to anyone.

    by Bluechevy from Butler, PA01/29/2013

    We have purchased Glyo-Flex II for several years now for both our Lab mix and OES. Excellent product and helps greatly with our dogs' arthritis.

    great product by abbey from New Orleans12/15/2011

    my boxer is acting like a 2 year old again. Bouncing around without this annoying limp that she had the past 6 months. Great to have her old self back!

    Really Excellent Product by Sheperd Lover04/05/2012

    We have two German Shepherds and one of them has been on this product for a very long time and it has helped her move and get up and down. If you hve a large dog, I would certainly recommend this product.

    Great value by K-Nine Dobermans from Glendale, AZ02/11/2013

    Glycoflex II realy works! It improved performance in both my dogs.

    I keep buying it because it works!!! by Copper#1 from Castle Rock, CO11/16/2011

    My dog was born with severe joint disorders. His 1st owner was going to put him down at the age of 2yrs. I told them if they were serious I would take him. They were and I did. I immediately put him on "Glyco Flex" at the recommendation of my vet. He quickly got better!!! I've given him a daily tablet and plenty of exercise at the dog parks in the area to this day. He just celebrated his 11th birthday on 11/11/11 and he's still doing great!!! "The proof is in the pudding" or in this case "Glyco Flex".

    Very Satisfied by Jeni01/18/2013

    I was very satisfied with the product that I recieved. I have been paying 70 dollars for 1 bottle for the past 5 years and it was great to get 3 for a little more then 70. Thank you

    My Golden has more pep with Glyco Flex by JanetA6110/06/2011

    I have seen a very marked improvement in my Golden Retriever's mobility with Glyco Flex. I did have to go up the the Glyco Flex II when he reached 11 years. Right now, he is acting like a puppy again, almost. Good product and this was the best price I could find. My dog looks happy, so I am happy. I Highly recommend this product.

    Excellant product & price by Basset Mom from SC02/02/2012

    Vet recommended for athritis in my larger dog, with less long term side effects & price is reasonable and dispensing is limited to a pill or 1/2, not making dog chew many pills to accomplish effect.

    good deal by candidho from LA, CA11/26/2012

    vet recommend this to my 8yrs old pitmix who started hesitating jumping. with combinaiton with omega 3/fish oil pill, now he jumps again and no dragging legs anymore.

    Excellent deals! by Bluechevy10/06/2011

    I have checked many websites and Enitrely Pets always has the best deal going and shipping is immediate!

    Good product by Val from Montana05/25/2013

    I have had my large breed dogs on them off and on for years and they are getting around great. Sometimes they do not like the flavoring to take as a treat so I break theim in half and put in their food bowl with regular meals.

    Featured Reviews for Glyco Flex II 6-PACK (720 Tablets) + FREE Joint Treats!
    Extremely good buy! by Entropy from Riverside, CA01/29/2013

    This product is recommended for my large breed dogs by my veterinarian. This site has it for half the price of the vets office! cant beat this.

    Featured Reviews for Glyco Flex II For Cats (45 Tablets)
    This works for small dogs too! by Lucyloo04/08/2008

    This product makes my 12 year old Papillon act like a puppy again. She is so happy and so much more comfortable when she consistently takes this supplement. Highly recommend.

    You must have this! by kitty mama11/13/2009

    Just 2 weeks in and my 10 year old boy is running around like he is a kitten again. Jumping, playing and chasing the other cats. You really must try this, it is an excellent joint product!

    Very very helpful by Katie C. from Langley, B.C. Canada03/19/2013

    My cat had arthritis in her hip joints starting at age 6. When we heard of this product from a vet she was age 10 and we started to give it to her. We noticed she was more active after 10 days, and the improvement continued to increase for 6 weeks until she reached a good level of stability. We have now been using the product for 2 years and she is still much improved over 2 years ago. She can jump higher and has more energy. She moves much more than before we gave them to her. It's a great product I would definately recommend.

    excellent product by cecil from durham nc10/23/2012

    My oldest cat had trouble moving and jumping, but after giving her the Glyco Flex she is a lot more mobile. She doesnt care to eat the pill whole, but the taste is fine-I just crush it and add it to her wet food..

    by Viv from Georgia10/23/2012

    This product definitely helped my cat. He is 17 years old and is doing very well on this supplement. He can get up and down steps with less difficulty.

    Good for one cat, bad for other. by Cresentia from Pittsburgh, PA06/23/2013

    I feel these would be good if you have a cat with joint issues. I gave to my two older cats to prevent joint issues but they made one of them regurgitate a lot more frequently while on them. The other cat tolerates them fine (but she rarely regurgitates her food). They both like the glyco flex I better as far as willingness to eat them.

    GLYCO-FLEX II by DJ10/23/2012

    I have been giving glyco-flex II to my 13 year old kitty for 8+ months now and it has really helped the stiffness in her hip area. Plus, she like it! I just break it up (it's kind of big) into 4 pieces and she eats them right up.

    Featured Reviews for Glyco-Flex II Soft Chews for CATS (60 CHEWS)
    Great way to give Cosequin! by Debbie816 from Austin, Texas10/30/2011

    We have a cat with some arthritis who was not at all receptive to the Cosequin sprinkle capsules. Our vet suggested these as an alternative, and they have worked wonderfully - the kitty thinks she's getting a treat, and there's no struggle with pilling!

    Excellent Product that Works by Janet from Stony Brook NY12/16/2012

    My cat has arthritis in his back knee and developed a problem jumping to his favorite spots. My vet recommended Glyco-Flex 11 Soft Chews for Cats and after six months on them he is now jumping again without any hesitation. Please be patient as it takes several months for the medicine to kick in, don't get discouraged, just continue giving the initial doseage as the package recomends and you will see results in your own cat. The only draw back I encountered was the "bite size" pieces were a bit to large so I simply broke the piece into two smaller easier to eat pieces. I give this product five stars because I an so happy to see my cat has improved and has returned to his old routine of jumping.

    So Grateful! by Denise from Vancouver, BC06/01/2012

    My senior cat was having mobility challenges. I found out about this product, and now that she has been on it for three months, she is running around like a youngster again! Can't express how relieved we are that she is no longer in pain.

    Very high quality product by catmom3 from York, PA05/24/2011

    This product has done wonders for my Maine coon mix. When we adopted him from the shelter, he was badly hurt. They told us that he was caught running around on their property and had a broken trail in 3 places, and muscle damage to his back hip. So the first thing we did was take him to the vet, and they gave us these chews. Not only does he love them, he has completely healed, including the muscle damage. These are a miracle chew.

    These Were Recommended by My Vet by Mary Kay from Indianapolis, IN04/09/2013

    These were recommended to me by my vet for my old kitty with arthritis. He enjoys one every morning and I can tell that his arthritis has improved. My vet also said that the ingredients support the lining of the bladder so they can be a part of my other kitties' bladder care.

    PRODUCT DRIES OUT by JAMIE from PA11/09/2012

    about a week after the package is opened, the treats dry out and they become hard and diffiicult for my cats to chew and this has occurred on more than one bag. the fix is to move them to an airtight Tupperware container and place a SLIGHTLY damp napkin/ paper towel inside and this will moisten them back up. I say slightly damp because if the towel is wet, the treats become gooey and unusable.

    Convenient and Excellent Price by Buster's Mom10/04/2011

    My cat Buster, a black and white long hair tuxedo, is going on 17 years old. The vet put him on this "arthritis" medicine back in May because he has gotten very slow and was walking on "egg shells". He loves the taste (easiest medicine I have ever had to give to him without a fight!). And the cost, is much, much better than buying from my vet. And it is delivered right to my door usually 2 days after I order it!

    by from 04/29/2012

    My vet recommended Glyco-Flex II Soft Chews for CATS for my Himalayan cat who has bladder problems under stress, bladder irritation and frequent urination. Works like a charm to get her regular and stops frequent visits to the vet, giving her and me peace of mind. My Himalayan and Calico cat love the taste and think it's the best treat on the Cat planet and the price can't be beat.

    by from Thank


    by from Shilo"


    by Megz10/30/2011

    Cats love the flavor and they're beneficial to their health!

    by kass10/22/2012

    Took a while for it to actually get shipped and then sent to us but we are satisfied with the quality.

    excellent product by Flo from Independence, KS01/15/2013

    My vet recommended Glyco Flex II to stop an inappropriate urination problem one of my cats was having due to worry about his cat buddy's health problems.

    cat gobbles these up by Lester's pal from Beulah, ND06/25/2013

    My almost 17 year old cat loves these. I wish I had started giving these to him a long time ago.

    arthritis medication by Rocky11/24/2011

    My older cat has arthritis in her back. She has been taking Glyco-Flex 2 for about a year. Great product.Helps her jump almost like she used to do.

    Broken Pieces by Scooter from Santa Clarita, CA08/14/2012

    I like the taste of Glyco-Flex II, and it makes me feel better, I'm 17 years old, a little stiff in the joints. Only complaint is that out of 60 pieces only 34 had not broken in shipment. Second time this has happened. I like whole fishes not broken ones. Thank you.

    by Rocksanne05/29/2012

    My cat has arthritis. Her vet recommended Glyco-Flex, which she has been taking for 2 years. It has helped her a lot. I am very happy with this product.

    Great value by lfleazar03/31/2012

    For older cats with developing arthritis this once-a-day tasty chew is definitely a help, and the price is half what I was paying my vet.

    AO in cats, what to give. by MBG05/19/2013

    Arthritis in cats can be a problem. And not much out there to give a cat. But this product works. We now have a new Cat. I let a Vet friend of ours know about this product. Which he was very thankful about a new way to salve a problem without using harsh drugs. And it works. My cat said,Thanks

    Great for my older cat by Wonder Woman from Atanta GA01/24/2013

    We could really see a difference in our 13 year old cat's jumping once we gave her these chews.

    Great supplement! by Heather12/31/2009

    MSM is fantastic for joints and I have used MSM based supplements for several of my pets. I use these chews for my 12 year old cat. She wasn't able to jump very much anymore, but after starting these chews she is back to jumping up on the bed, etc. They must be tasty because it is the first thing she eats on her plate at dinner time.

    by from 05/28/2012

    Our vet recommended the Glyco-Flex II for our senior cat. She seemed to be able to walk more easily the next day.

    with by this from companyAn


    Cat gives it 4 Paws Up! by Mom2-3pets07/17/2012

    I have an arthritic cat who refused to take any meds to help her situation. Doctor advised me to use this product -- cat loves it! Not sure how it will help -- she seems to have a little more spring in her step. Though it's a bit pricey, I'm hoping it is worth it!

    All I Have to Do is Pick Up The Bag! by SinjasMom from Las Vegas, NV02/07/2013

    You sent me these as a sample when I ordered another product. I just opened the package & my 12 year old Kitty-son, Sinja, came running into the room, talking a blue streak & pawing my hand to try the sample. Needless to say, he "loves" his medicine. He looks forward to these twice a day & won't eat his WD food until I give him these chews. I have to cut them up because I'm afraid that he'll eat them too fast!

    product condition not good by doodle11/11/2012

    I was not pleased with the condition of the product when I received it. The chews seemed almost dried out and they were crushed. They were sent in a bubble pack envelope, but they seemed to have been crushed somehow. We have been using this product for months, so I know what the chews should look and feel like.

    Excellent purchase by agentkoc from Summerville, SC02/27/2013

    My cat is over 16 years old and I could tell he was beginning to feel some joint pain, as he is beginning to slow down, hesitate on his jumps (or avoid jumping altogether) and takes longer to settle into a comfortable position. He doesn't do pills well, nor does he like anything sprinkled on his food. These chews are perfect -- he's thinks each little "fish" is a treat!!

    Glyco-Flex II - Feline by Cameo12/12/2011

    I have arthritis and I always take my Glyco-Flex II. Tastes like a treat and helps my mobility. Also, Entirely Pets makes these very affordable and their fast efficient service can't be beat!

    by Rocksanne from Warwick RI10/22/2012

    My cat has been on Glyco-flex for 2 years, Entirely Pets has been terrific. Price is good, delivery prompt and items are well packaged. Will continue to use and recommend Entirely Pets.

    by from 08/17/2012

    I have one of the finickiest cats ever when it comes to food. (I guess at 18 she has earned the right to be picky) She likes Tuna and not just any Tuna, only 2 kinds: (real) light tuna in spring water (no albacore please) or Trader Joe's Cat food - tuna flavor, that is the complete list.

    medicine by or from anyTrying


    Great Product by Patsy11/02/2011

    The Glyco-Flex II Chews is great for cats! They act as if this is a treat and not a medication. Seems to be working as described. This company made it easy to order and were very quick in delivery. Will be ordering from them again.

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