• 2-PACK GlycoFlex 2 Canine (240 Tablets)

    2-PACK GlycoFlex 2 Canine (240 Tablets)

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    Try Bonies Dental Bones - Hip & joint FormulaGlyco-Flex II contains Perna canaliculus, Glucosamine HCl, Dimethylglycine, Methylsulfonylmethane, and manganese for added joint support. Methylsulfonylmethane also provides added comfort during recovery.

    It is part of the Vetri-Science® stage of life program. STAGE 2, REBUILD, for moderate stages of joint dysfunction. Glyco-Flex® II offers a comprehensive support for joints and connective tissue health that helps with recovery from sprains, joint injuries, and as a follow-up to orthopedic surgeries.

    Directions for use: Initial: (4-6 Weeks) Up to 30lbs: 1/2 tablet daily 31lb-60lbs: 1 tablet daily 61-100lbs: 2 tablet daily 101lbs and over: 2 1/2 tablet daily

    Maintenance: (After initial period) Up to 30lbs: 1/2 tablet daily 31lb-60lbs: 1/2 tablet daily 61-100lbs: 1 tablet daily 101lbs and over: 1 1/2 tablet daily

    If giving more than 1 tablet, divide between AM and PM.

    Comparison between old and new formulas.

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    Love it by DawnaWatson from CHicago, IL10/28/2011

    My dog has been taking these for 10 years. We're amazed by how well she's done after being diagnosed with dysplasia at 1 year old.

    Wonderful product by Mols03/16/2014

    Our Corgi only gets half a pill but he takes it without any problems - it is almost like giving him a treat.

    great value and service. by midnite07/31/2012

    we purchased you product after our vet recommended it for our 13 yr old golden retriever. we paid about 40 % less than the vet product and had a fast delivery. it also has been effective on our dog--he can get into the truck now without assistance! We'll be back.

    Great Product by Birdman from Idaho08/08/2012

    My 11 year old lab had injured his shoulder and would limp after every walk. My vet told me about glycoflex. He's been on it for 8 months....no more limping. We are back to 5 mile hikes.

    Good stuff by Bailey's Mom from Philadelphia10/29/2013

    Recommended by the Great Dane Lady and it's been wonderful for my girls...one ia a 5 year old dane who thinks she's 6 months old and the other is a 5 1/2 year old pit mix!!

    hip dsyplasia by glyco flex 2 from izmir Turkey03/09/2013

    I have heard about this product after learning that my english bulldog has hip dysplasia and searched in in my country but I couldn't find it in anywhere. So during in one of my endless googling, I found your website and ordered it. They just came to me and I can inform you about the results of this product after using it for a while.

    I love this by Donna from Simi Valley, Ca.11/07/2013

    Glyco flex has kept my dogs joints in great shape for years. My dog had not used her leg in a year. After a week on glyco flex she was using her leg and chasing the other dogs. She was acting like a puppy again. I recommend this to all my friends and have only had positive results.

    vet charges twice as much by tj from Erie Pa02/10/2012

    My vet said they would match the price if I found it cheaper, guess what they didn''t. Will buy again!!!!!

    best price for a great product by colliegirl from Wisconsin01/31/2012

    I have 5 dogs, so am always looking for good deals. This site is the first place I go to- they have the best prices on everything! I love that they have the option to buy in bulk at cheaper prices,too, saves a lot of money. Glycoflex is an excellent product. I am a certified veterinary technician, and this is the #1 glucosamine supplement we suggest for clients with dogs that need this kind of support.

    Great service by JIll08/06/2012

    My dog, Jack, uses Glyco-flex daily. I have bought these pills from many vendors. This is the best price I've found. They came on time, packed well. Will order from Entirely Pets again.

    by nozzle01/06/2013

    Great stuff. I've been using it for four different dogs over 20 years.

    Helping my "Oldies" by Cindy from Silverdale, WA01/02/2014

    I have a kennel of Akitas and have been fortunate in that they have lived long lives. I have been giving the older ones the Glyco Flex II and have noticed am improvement in the exercise level of them. So glad to see them playing and able to enjoy time out running in the fields.

    by from 04/07/2012

    great product by crownking from New York05/30/2012

    My lab Scout (8 years young) has been taking this product for a couple years and it has helped with his arthritis. He still has his tough days but GlycoFlex has helped make them fewer. My vet recommended it and we haven't looked back.

    Glycoflex II by Labrador Landing from Maine10/23/2012

    My dog Nilla Bella has been on this for as long as I have had her. She has rather severe hip dysplacia so the vet recommended it for her, as well as 1000 mgs of Fish oil, the big gel pills which I add to her dinner. She is now 8 yrs old and has no problems with running, jumping upon the bed, and counter surfing. Happy Tails!

    Great assist for the older dog by Sabrina02/10/2013

    I've been using Glycoflex II for my pack of older dogs for several years now. There is a noticeable improvement in their ability to move since beginning this product.

    Glyco Flex by Chuck02/07/2012

    we have been using this product for several years now on our chocolate lab mix (he is now about 8 years old) and he shows no sign of any kind of joint problems so it looks like it works well

    Keeps my Buddy moving. by Kathryn from Bedford,VA03/26/2014

    My dog Buddy has been on Glyco Flex II since he turned 1 yr. old and was diagnosed with hip displacia. He is now 12 yrs. old and he still gets around pretty good even if he is a little slower. I have been buying Glyco Flex II from Entirely Pets almost from the start. They have the best price and fast shipping. I'm very pleased with the service I receive from them.

    Glyco Flex II 2-PACK (240 Tablets) by Robin from DE01/21/2012

    My vet recommended Glyco Flex and Entirely Pets has the best price on the internet. I have ordered multiple times and if it weren't for the low prices here, I would not be able to afford them, especially at veterinarian prices. Thanks Entirely Pets!

    Fabulous for Dachsunds by Happy from Indianapolis, IN12/06/2011

    These supplements continue to help support healthy joints for our now senior age dachsund. He often still gambols around like a puppy.

    glycoflex ii by molly12/03/2012

    good product for my older chocolate lab for mobility problems since TPLO operation.

    Really good results by Weim Mom from Ozark Mountains of Arkansas11/06/2012

    We've used GlycoFlex ll for about twelve years. For our aging (now deceased) Weimaraners, and a 120+ mixed breed. I believe it gave them a much easier life as they aged. We greatly appreciate the product and the excellent service we have always received from Entirely Pets. Our remaining dog has just turned ten___as he was starting to limp on occassion, we recently started him on GlycoFlex___in less than two weeks we could see an improvement. He's a little picky about supplements, but he hasn't turned his nose up at the GlcoFlex even once! Thanks! By the way, the stuff isn't cheap, but it really does the job!

    Great product, great company by Nanci from Mtn View, Ca.08/17/2013

    I have been buying these for 7 years, and my dog has joint problems, so these are a huge help to her. Entirely Pets does a fantastic job of keeping my well stocked!!

    Slow Joint Problems by Robin08/06/2008

    Our nine year old black lab, Lainie, started to look creaky and uncomfortable . We tried this on our Vet's recommendation. This supplement has made a huge difference. Lainie seems to be more comfortable moving around, especially after resting for extended periods of time. She's even being more playful.

    Glyco-Flex II - works well by Tall Trees from Texas12/27/2012

    After only 3 weeks my 10 year old dog is not limping much at all! I was actually surprised it would work so well. She still limps from time to time, but it has definitely helped her!

    Amazing Results by Sandy05/16/2009

    At age 5 my lab partially tore his ACL. It was through those xrays that we discovered he was also getting arthritis in his hips and knees. We chose to put him on rest, the Vet prescribed Novox and we began giving him Glyco Flex II. I am amazed at the difference in him! We discontinued the Novox after 3 months but continued the Glyco Flex. He's like a mature pup! He looks forward to his daily tablet - takes it like it's a treat and I know it's what has made all the difference in his recovery and keeping the arthritis at bay!

    Glyco Flex II--it works by Monumental Dals from Monument, CO02/13/2013

    I use this product on a 10+ year old dog that has had TPLO surgery. He runs with the young dogs and often out runs them. He can jump and (unfortunately) still counter surf. This product keeps him going. Will always have him on it. He only takes 1 a day. He still performs therapy work and goes tracking on a weekly basis (he is a Champion Tracker.)

    Great quality and quantity for price by Rocky04/29/2013

    Glyco Flex II is a great product, I give it to several of my pets. It is benificial in helping them with their joints and the pricing is outstanding. I bought 1 bottle from my vet for 75.00. Never again. Thanks for carrying this product and for your fast delivery service. Rocky

    Great Product by Frannie from Cape Coral, FL10/21/2011

    On the advice of a fried of mine who shows and breeds long-haired standard dachshunds, I have long used the Classic form of Glyco Flex. Since our Vizsla mix recently turned 11 and has started having some symptoms of simple aging arthritis, I decided to upgrade and have seen a significant improvement since that time. She was always limping after even laying down for even brief periods. Now after a couple of months on the upgrade to Glyco Flex II the only time I see ANY limp is first thing in the morning, and that works out quickly. I would strongly recommend this to anyone with an aging pet, especially the large breeds!

    Best Price Around!!! by Goldie from Massachusetts10/13/2011

    We own three Golden Retrievers and all three take Glyco Flex daily to help prevent joint pain. I can count on Entirely Pets for fast shipping and the best price around!!!

    We're Believers by El Dorado Dave12/12/2011

    We've been giving Glyco Flex II to our St Bernard mix for a couple of years now after it was recommended by our vet. We're convinced that it has made a difference in his joint health. He's had surgeries on both his hips and knees, but at 6 years old he's still running and jumping like a young dog. Can I tell you for sure that it's the Glyco Flex? No, but I believe that in combination with a healthy diet, regular exercise and keeping his weight down, it's a supplement that has helped to keep his joints in good shape.

    glyco flex II by Debbie from watertown, ma11/27/2011

    This was recommended by my vet for my dog. This is the only one I did not have to put in cheese for her to eat. She is very picky and would not eat any of the other brand I purchased. She has been on it for 6 weeks now and doing much better.

    by from 07/28/2012


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    6-PACK GlycoFlex 2 (720 Soft Chews) + FREE Joint Treats!6-PACK GlycoFlex 2 (720 Soft Chews) + FREE Joint Treats!
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    6-PACK GlycoFlex 2 Canine (720 Tablets) + FREE Joint Treats!6-PACK GlycoFlex 2 Canine (720 Tablets) + FREE Joint Treats!
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