Kala Health Gold-Vet Potassium Citrate Granules (300 gm)

    Kala Health Gold-Vet Potassium Citrate Granules (300 gm)

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    Try Bonies Dental Bones - Hip & joint FormulaKala Health Gold-Vet Potassium Citrate Granules is for supplementation of the diet to aid in the prophylaxis of urinary stone formation in cats and dogs. Helps inhibit the formation of calcium oxalate stones while maintaining the desired urinary pH. Made with a special microencapsulated potassium citrate in a liver and roast beef flavor base that pets love. Administer by mixing with or sprinkling on food.

    Ingredients: Wheat, Liver Powder, Whey, Sugar, Dicalcium Phosphate, Vegetable Oil, Potassium Citrate (coated), Stearic Acid, Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein, Fish Oil, Choline Chloride, Silicon Dioxide Back.

    Each 5 grams (aproximately 1 scoop) contains:
    Potassium Citrate ......... 300 mg (coated)
    Total Fatty Acids ........... 423 mg (as glycerides)

    Alanine, arginine, aspartic acid, cysteine, cystine, glutamic acid, glycine, histidine, hydroxyproline, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, proline, serine, threonine, tyrosine and valine.

    Feeding Instructions:
    5 grams equals approximately 1 scoop.
    Cats: 5 grams per day
    Dogs: 5 grams per day for every 4.5 kg (10 lbs) of body weight, not to exceed 30 grams per day.

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    Just bought by gtckodani from Sacramento, CA03/12/2013

    I have a Dalmatian and this guys are known to getting stones. But it came to a surprise that he had a stone. Last year, we got him on a diet with medications. Throughout the year, he was all good. Then the start of this year, he was having problems again. His vet recommended this product, so I have been all around reading reviews and comes that everyone had good results. I will be looking forward on how it turns out and if makes him better, I will return and give an update and change my rating higher. Plus, I am glad to hear everyone is doing better.

    5 years bladder stone free by pegzy04/23/2014

    After my precious Pug had to have emergency bladder stone removable, her Vet recommended a special diet and Potassium Citrate to keep bladder clean and balanced. Most pets will see stones reappear in 1-2 years. Thanks to this supplement, she is still free of stones. Best product by far. Will forever used this supplement to maintain the right balance to keep her free of bladder stones. This is a very common problem. Would recommend for all pets to avoid ever getting them.

    Kala Health Gold-Vet Potassium Citrate Granules by Georgia Dawg from Atlanta, GA01/27/2015

    Maggie has kidney stones and this sprinkled on her special diet dog food has spurned her appetite. We are so grateful for the Potassium Citrate Granules.

    by Sugar11/21/2012

    Excellent Company to buy items from - I have had no problems with this product if anything it is helping my ChiWeenie boy dog with not getting bladder stones again. I would recommend this product

    Saved my Bichons life by daddysreds2 from Pennsylvania06/13/2014

    Scampi had surgery for kidney stones. Six months later he had 12 more. The Univ Penn Vet Hospital said this pattern of surgery & immediate stone production would continue for the rest of his life. I consulted Univ of Minnesota, where they research/bladder kidney stone producing dogs. I was told that potassium citrate on their protocol might help but don't hope too much. Scampi was suppose to have surgery again but after several months of VET GOLD he is fabulous! His coat has improved, he wants to play and both vets said his urine samples look so good we don't even need to do an ultra sound!! Tastes better than the liquid potassium citrate from a pharmacy.

    It works! by Jana02/15/2014

    Our aging Yorkie is prone to bladder stones and after two surgeries, diet changes, and expensive medicines, we came across this product. We sought the advice of our vet and showed her the product. She concurred that it was worth a try. We have been using it now for several years along with his diet changes and our Yorkie's bladder stones have not returned. Given in correct quantities (as recommended by our vet) this product helps keep his urine pH at the optimal level. Highly recommend!

    by from 01/18/2012

    These Granules were prescribed a number of years ago for my Toy Poodle who had liver and bladder issues. These Granules, along with other medications, have effectively controlled my dog's problems for many years.

    Entirely by Pets from forThe


    I think it works by ronster from florissant, colorado04/05/2013

    My dog had an operation to remove his bladder stones about 3 years ago. My vet told me to feed him the specially formulated canned dog food that you can only get from the vet which 1) he didn't like and 2) was 4 bucks a can. After spending a few days on the net looking for an alternative, I found this stuff. I add it to the food I cook for him (he needs soft stuff so that he can have added liquid in his diet). He is now over 18 yrs old and healthy. I check his PH with strips and everything is good.

    Worked like a charm!!!! by Dawn11/20/2013

    I have two golden retrievers whose urine is very acidic and burning the grass. My female golden's urine was very dense and when the vet spun out her urine he found crystals in it that could potentially develop into bladder stones. After doing some research he recommended I put both dogs on potassium citrate granules. After being on the potassium citrate granules for 10 days not only did her urine ph level neutralize to a perfect 7 but no crystals were found as well. And both dogs absolutely love the flavor!!!!!

    what a shame by angry customer02/16/2012

    How can I review a product which I ordered in November 2011, check was cashed 12/12/11. Numerous phone calls, e-mails and 2 letter sent to Customer Service and Finance Dept and a fax of the cashed check and received nothing!!! After 3 months, still waiting for a refund check. Glad I found another company and My dog is still alive

    Excellent product by DaMa from Souther western corner of Idaho06/03/2012

    This product was recommended to me by a family member as my dog went thru surgery to remove bladder stones and needed to increase his Rh potassium level. It is an Excellent product and I in turn will recommend it to anyone who needs to get extra potassium in their pet.. Great Company

    Great Buy by Jo from Silverdale Wa.02/12/2013

    I like the price and the shipping time was excellent and I will buy from you again.

    Great product! by Karla from Sioux Falls, SD06/18/2013

    This product has helped my dog, Cuddles, refrain from having any bladder issues since he began taking this!

    by from 01/21/2013

    I've been using this product on my 7 year old toy poodly, Sparky. He's had 2 bladder stone surgeries in less than 2 years! 2 stones the 1st time and 15 the second! I've been using this on Sparky for about 3 months and, so far, no stones! Problem is that when I test his ph, it is low one day and good the next. Not sure why this is, so I'm trying to give him this stuff thoughout the day on any treats or food I give him. It seems the ph is good (7 or above) only a little while after it's in his system. He goes for x-rays every 6 months, so I'll update after his next visit.

    are by great from andps.



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