Greenies Treat Tub-Pak Canister

Greenies Treat Tub-Pak CanisterGreenies Treat Tub-Pak Canister is new and improved with an ALL NEW FORMULA. Reward your pet with fresh breath, clean teeth, and loads of vitamins and minerals with every delicious treat. Toothbrush shape, tapered shaft and contoured knuckle offer a better surface for teeth cleaning. Formulated with an optimal blend of soy and wheat protein for ease in digestion. Chewier texture helps reduce plaque, and keeps gums healthy.

GREENIES Dental Chews Value Size - TEENIE 36 oz (130 chews)
GREENIES Dental Chews Value Size - TEENIE 36 oz (130 chews)

($41.99)  $32.99
GREENIES Dental Chews Value Size - PETITE 36 oz (60 chews)
GREENIES Dental Chews Value Size - PETITE 36 oz (60 chews)

($41.99)  $30.29
GREENIES Dental Chews Value Size  - REGULAR 36 oz (36 chews)
GREENIES Dental Chews Value Size - REGULAR 36 oz (36 chews)

($41.99)  $31.59
GREENIES Dental Chews Value Size  - LARGE  36 oz (24 chews)
GREENIES Dental Chews Value Size - LARGE 36 oz (24 chews)

($41.99)  $30.29
Greenies Treat Tub-Pak Canister Teenie 27 oz. (96 Bones)
Greenies Treat Tub-Pak Canister Teenie 27 oz. (96 Bones)

($41.99)  $26.99
Greenies Treat Tub-Pak Canister Petite 27 oz. (45 Bones)
Greenies Treat Tub-Pak Canister Petite 27 oz. (45 Bones)

($45.50)  $24.99
Greenies Treat Tub-Pak Canister Regular 27 oz. (27 Bones)
Greenies Treat Tub-Pak Canister Regular 27 oz. (27 Bones)

($35.99)  $27.49
Greenies Treat Tub-Pak Canister Large 27 oz. (17 Bones)
Greenies Treat Tub-Pak Canister Large 27 oz. (17 Bones)

($41.99)  $24.99

Greenies Dental Chews Value Size - TEENIE (130 chews/36 oz)

is new and improved with an ALL NEW FORMULA. Reward your pet with fresh breath, clean teeth, and loads of vitamins and minerals with every delicious treat.

Toothbrush shape, tapered shaft and contoured knuckle offer a better surface for teeth cleaning. Formulated with an optimal blend of soy and wheat protein for ease in digestion. Chewier texture helps reduce plaque, and keeps gums healthy. Scientifically developed in 5 different sizes to ensure a perfect bite based on your dog's skull type. Designed to offer complete and balanced nutrition with 52% protein and low in fat.

  • NEW Chewy Texture - irresistibly chewier to help clean teeth
  • NEW Easy to Digest - soy and wheat protein blend
  • NEW Ingredients - fortified with vitamins & minerals for complete nutrition
  • NEW Shape - natural shapes and curves fit around your dog's teeth
  • NEW Taste - dogs LOVE the new taste of Greenies
  • NEW Science - 5 sizes designed to work perfectly with your dog's bite

    Teenie 2 3/4" 5-15 lbs
    Petite 3 1/2" 15-25 lbs
    Regular 4 1/4" 25-50 lbs
    Large 5 1/4" 50-100 lbs
    Jumbo 6" over 100 lbs
  • Learn More About the NEW & IMPROVED Greenies : View PDF HERE
  • More Information

    Teenie 2 3/4" 5-15 lbs
    Petite 3 1/2" 15-25 lbs
    Regular 4 1/4" 25-50 lbs
    Large 5 1/4" 50-100 lbs
    Jumbo 6" over 100 lbs
    Gelatin, Wheat Protein Isolate, Glycerin, Soy Protein Isolate, Sodium Caseinate, Natural Poultry Flavor, Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysate, Vegetable Oil (Preserved with Propyl Gallate), Sodium Tripolyphosphate, Lecithin, Ground Flaxseed, Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Monostearate, Monoglycerides of Edible Fatty Acids, Choline Chloride, Potassium Sorbate (A Preservative), Minerals (Magnesium Oxide, Zinc Sulfate, Ferrous Sulfate, Copper Sulfate, Maganese Sulfate, Potassium Iodide), Vitamins (dl-Alpha Tocopherol Acetate [source of Vitamin E], Vitamin B12 Supplement, Calcium Pantothenate, Niacin Supplement, Vitamin A Supplement, Riboflavin Supplement, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Biotin, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride [Vitamin B6], Thiamine Mononitrate [Vitamin B1], Folic Acid), Chlorophyll.
    5.00 rating based on 10 reviews
    Featured Reviews for GREENIES Dental Chews Value Size - TEENIE 36 oz (130 chews)
    My dog loves Greenies! by gin from NM, but love AZ06/30/2014

    My dog loves greenies. I buy the teenie and the petite sizes for my dog & she loves them. She is a bit bigger than the recommended size (she is 50 lbs), but these are the perfect sizes for her. She also eats more than recommended, but she's not complaining!. Great treat for my dog!

    Good Product/Good Company by RVGal2 from Apache Junction winters, Washington state summers04/13/2014

    Delivered as advertised, on time in great shape.

    Best Treat Ever by Dee from San Jose.CA12/19/2013

    My dogs will do anything for a Greenie bone. Great taste and good for them.

    Beware XPO international by XPO from Ontario,Canada01/29/2013

    Beware XPO international Beware XPO international Beware CANADIANS! They demanded $20.74 Money Order from me at post office before they would release my package. Not a great deal after all !!!

    Greenies -- Bentley loves them! by Bentley's Mom01/24/2013

    Bentley will dance for about 10 feet to get a greenie. She absolutley loves them.

    Great healthy treat by swflorida gal09/10/2013

    Both our dogs love these little Greenies. They eagerly await their "dessert" treat after dinner each night. Not only are they healthy but also help maintain good oral hygiene. Since they both sleep in bed with us, fresh breath is also nice! They are abit pricey but worth it when compared with the cost of dental care for a dog!

    by from 04/16/2013

    Greenies Rock! by c33jay4904/30/2013

    Our kids have looked forward to a greenie every morning when we leave for work for most of their lives! This is one of the best prices I've seen for them - thanks EP!

    Perfect Size by Jen from Ohio01/05/2013

    I have a small yorkie and she just loves greenies. This is the perfect size for her. And since it is good for her teeth, I don't mind giving them to her.

    Biscuit's favorite time of the day by allycat from Texas07/03/2013

    My little maltese Biscuit gets one greenie every day, and he definitely looks forward to it! I'm not sure it does much for his breath or teeth (I brush his teeth often so they stay in pretty good shape) but I know he loves his morning greenie!

    Greenies by SCREWBALL from Pennsylvania04/29/2014

    Greenies (Teeny size) are the best for puppies that are teething. Saves a lot of furnature.

    Featured Reviews for GREENIES Dental Chews Value Size - PETITE 36 oz (60 chews)
    Crazy for Greenies! by BJ09/04/2014

    My pups love, love, love Greenies. I think they help their teeth stay clean and healthy. Entirely Pets has the best price by far.

    Greenies Dental Chews by MC from Tennessee08/14/2014

    My best pal, Theo, loves these. One a day helps keep the dentist away!

    Best ever treat with a purpose by Alismom from New Milford, NJ01/08/2014

    We have been buying Greenies for at least 5 years. Our dog won't eat breakfast until he gets his Greenie. We've tried others, but he loves these. Gave them to our friend's dogs for Christmas this year and they were a hit!

    Good product by Weezeh from Oregon04/10/2013

    We've used Greenies for our dogs for many years now. It works great at cleaning their teeth and freshening their breath.

    Her favorite treat by Old mom01/16/2015

    Greenies are my 6 yr. old miniature schnauzer's favorite treat. She gets them as a "bedtime snack" and frequently asks to go outside 2-3 times before bedtime, hoping for another greenie. I don't know how much help they are for dental issues, but I know they are the highlight of her day. Yukky Greenie breath, but a happy little dog.....

    Greenies Petite by Char from Huntington Beach, CA05/16/2014

    My dog loves these treats and gets one every night after our walk. She is a senior dog with not great teeth and these are great for her.

    Greenies Dental Chews by Lola from East Greenwich Township, NJ08/21/2013

    Lola loves her Greenies. Always excited to get one and runs to her special place to eat it.

    my dogs love them by suzie03/27/2014

    got a midi and a standard dog and both like these greenies a lot, they get a chew bone each night to clean their teeth and when they are allowed to choose they most of the days choose a greenie!

    by Ang12/16/2012

    Great product that my dog loves!! The value size is such a great deal!!

    My dog's favorite by CS08/07/2014

    Getting the greenie each day is my dog's favorite time of the day.

    Great People by Shelia from Fairmont WV03/27/2014

    Very helpful people. Love them .Best prices. Great product. Carry every thing I need.

    Pugs love these by fordofde from Rhode Island02/08/2013

    But 5 boxes of these at a time for my 2 Pugs. Best chew for them and better breath from day we started them.

    Featured Reviews for GREENIES Dental Chews Value Size - REGULAR 36 oz (36 chews)
    Best Value on Greenies by Michele from Kennesaw, GA01/16/2015

    Since we give our dog a greenie treat a day for her oral health, I appreciate finding them at the lowest price around. Our dog LOVES these, and they are good for her, too!

    good deal by eva from frederick MD01/17/2015

    since eva is very fond of greenies and we know they are not free, I'm always interested in sales. and Entirely Pets had one. Thanks

    by butch'smom11/29/2012

    Like the product the brush design helps cleans my dogs teeth

    Perfect size for most dogs. by Shaumberg from Elkhart, IN05/13/2013

    We have a "little rotten dog", actually named, Sierra. She is really pretty good. She weights approximately 28 lbs. And we have a larger dog, Ginger, that weighs approximately 70 lbs. This size actually worked well for both of them. Except Ginger chewed them up as fast as treats.

    Dogs Love Em by Mary from Silver Spring, MD04/23/2013

    My dogs really look forward to their greenies. And I really think they help keep their teeth healthy. What could be better than that?

    Better breath by Dee06/12/2013

    My dogs really enjoy these chews. My westie mix hears the word Greenie and starts to dance. The lab mix devours them too. Great treat and good for their teeth and breath.l

    craves them by RIO from MADERA, CA09/24/2013


    Greenies-Great price for great product by Betty from Leawood, KS11/27/2012

    Who doesn't want to buy Greenies for their pets and friend's pets for Christmas! Box includes 2 packets-keep one and gift one!

    Freddy Loves Greenies by BBBCO from GJ, CO05/08/2014

    Freddy is crazy about his Greenies. They have helped his bad breath a lot. Items are often out of stock. I am waiting patiently for my second order.

    The Labs Love Them by Dogsncatz from Rural upstate NY12/18/2013

    Our 2 Labs gobble the greenies right up. The word "savor" never enters into their thought process. Hard to say if they derive any dental benefit from them however. There are no complaints either canine or human!

    Quality product by Taffy from Monte Rio Ca.06/11/2013

    I have used Geenies for my Dog's for years, and they love them!

    Every dog deserves a Daily GREENIE by dalombjr01/08/2014

    My Boston Terrier, "Shadow", has eaten one GREENIE dental chew every day since I've owned him. He loves them! These high quality chews are low in price and live up to the Nutro Company's claims of "complete oral care," fighting tartar buildup and plaque, freshening breath and promoting healthier teeth and gums. My vet has confirmed this. "Shadow" is my BEST friend and I'm delighted that he has had enjoyed excellent dental hygiene ... thanks to GREENIES!

    Greenies cost mucho green by Bob LobLaw05/07/2013

    My dogs really like these Greenies bones, and supposedly they are good for their teeth. But I am hurting from the expense and hoping to find a more affordable alternative. If money is no object, I think your dog will like these bones. But beware of the expense.

    Best Purchase Ever by skiier from New Jersey01/19/2015

    My doggy loves the taste of these greenies and I love the price !!!

    Great by balen from Ontario04/08/2014

    I like the greenies very much for my dog, and I like to purchase them in bulk when I can and your price is very reasonalbe and so is the wait time, Thank you

    too expensive by ccscott04/24/2013

    I was told that I would get a good price from your company. I was surprised to see how much greenies were. 1 of my dogs like them, 1,doesn,t

    The Best - Woof! by riter from South Deerfield, MA10/12/2013

    Hunter recognizes the box and knows that it's his.

    by jj06/27/2014

    all products are great. Service was prompt and prices reasonable. Julie Joyce

    Greenies by NormaJean from Fort Worth, TX06/04/2013

    My dogs know when it's Greenie time! Every single night right around 7pm they stand in front of me and just STARE at me...they know it's time for their Greenie! I don't dare go home without Greenies. I try to keep a stash on hand but if I do run out, I have to stop and buy some at the local pet store until I can get an order placed!

    Featured Reviews for GREENIES Dental Chews Value Size - LARGE 36 oz (24 chews)
    Our dog LOVES them... by Cookie from St. Francisville, LA05/19/2014

    I tried using the Minties, but she wouldn't eat them. In the morning she barks and leads me into the pantry so I will give her one. You have a super price on them also.

    Crazy for Greenies - Large by Char from Huntington Beach, CA05/16/2014

    These are great for our puppy but he has reached ultimate puppy power and downs these bones in a matter of a minute. I will have to go up to the extra large but he sure does go crazy for them!

    Can't rate - never received by Femeng from Carpentersville, IL12/31/2013

    Ordered my Greenies on Dec.2nd and as of today, Dec. 31st, I still never received them. I cancelled the order.

    by Nana05/22/2013

    Greenies are the only treat our dog is given. She has beautiful teeth and sweet breath, as well as clean teeth.

    EXCELLENT by Donzi04/29/2014

    I am a Siberian Husky with strong white teeth. Thank you, Greenies.

    by Countrylady04/14/2014

    My dogs love the greenies, trouble is I have 4 labs, so greenies are hard on my budget.

    Best value for the price by Shaumberg from Elkhart, IN05/13/2013

    The large Greenies worked well for our dog, Ginger. She was able to chew them up rather quickly, but they have made a difference in her dental health.

    good product by Larry from Lyman, NH04/14/2013

    great product our dogs get one greenie each day and one cet dental chew every day. We do not brush our dogs teeth and our vet tells us that their teeth look great,

    Puppies favorite treat! by Sally J from Louisville, Kentucky09/13/2014

    Max and Bear love their Greenies. They are by far their favorite treats and they beg for them every morning. We can never let our supply dwindle. And the best is that they are good for them!

    GREAT PRICE by RMAC from AL01/16/2014

    This is a repeat item for all our dogs. They absolutely love Greenies!! Easy to chew and digest, these bones are a great way to give them something to do and clean teeth too.

    Great Buy by BettyO11/16/2012

    The greenies dental chews are the greatest chews my dog keeps coming back for seconds & thirds! Since I have a Shepard, and he requires the larger chews, they can be very expensive. this is a great buy.

    Greenies by sadie's mom from Vancouver, BC11/12/2013

    Our vet approved these for our golden retriever who has severe allergies. She is addicted to them...gets one every day! Be sure to get the right size - if they are too small for your dog then their teeth aren't getting enough cleaning! Sadie is 5 and has beautiful teeth!

    Featured Reviews for Greenies Treat Tub-Pak Canister Teenie 27 oz. (96 Bones)
    Greenies Treat for health teeth by mrrich from Flemington NJ06/19/2012

    My three little dogs love these treats. They are a great size for my two Pommeranians and my Pappeon. They smell good and they give them good breath.Being dissabaled they sit in my lap alot so health breath and clean coats are important. I give them one in the morning and one at night. I have bought some treats that smell not so good and they will not eat.

    by Cindy12/09/2011


    G Teenies by Gene from Seattle, WA12/10/2011

    My two small dogs love GT's and with the great Christmas offer from EP I couldn't pass up..

    Where's my Greenie?? by FurBabies from Oregon Coast12/07/2011

    My fur babies love,love,love their Greenie treat and will do anything I ask of them each morning just to receive theirs. They even know the sound of the cabinet door opening where their Greenies are kept. These Greenies are a healthy choice for my dogs and the price is excellent too from this website. Also, the Greenies were fresh and are easily chewed by my senior dog as well as the puppy.

    Favorite Treat by Rich11/25/2011

    Our dogs love Greenies, it is the treat they like the best.

    She loves them! by poodleist from Oregon01/01/2012

    Moxie enjoys a Teenie Greenie twice a day, after her meals. She'll do anything for one of them.

    Excellent Value and Price. by Dan11/01/2013

    Greenies are always a good choice for your dog and these were offered at a great price and were delivered exactly as promised.

    Doggie pleaser by Dee from San Jose.CA09/12/2013

    My little Westie mix will practically do back flips when I say GREENIE. She LOVES them! Great for their teeth and breath.

    Greenies are Great by Shary11/13/2013

    Both of our rescue dogs love their Greenies and their teeth are in better condition, too.

    by Cathy12/08/2011

    My dog loves these treats he looks forward to them everyday. I don't really think they do much to help his teeth but I keep buying them because he just simply likes them that much over any other treats I buy.

    by ktb05/31/2012

    Our dogs absolutely love Greenies!! They wait for them every morning.

    Teenie Greenies forever!!! by ilovemychiweenie! from San Marcos, CA11/14/2012

    My 6-year-old chiweenie, Java, has been enjoying teenie greenies since she was wee thing...and she loves them! I've read in other reviews that some folks, whose pets are "gulpers," are not sure about greenies -- but my pup relishes every bite & chews her greenie treats! The new design, with the little serrations on one end, makes it easier, I think, for the dog to chew off bite-size chunks. Also, I LOVE this tub-pak, because the packaging inside has a ziplock closure to keep the treats fresh, and 96 bones in one canister makes for a very good value. I highly recommend greenies tub-pak canister : )

    my pom loves these! by timy0604 from Deep South, MS12/10/2011

    The only caveat - these really do not clean teeth but they're not made in China.

    Best Deal Ever by Lizzies mom from New Orleans, LA12/06/2011

    I could not believe that a product we normally spend $39.99 for at the pet store was on sale at such a low, low price. I was able to buy 3 canisters for less than the pet store price of 2. Love, love

    by from 03/17/2012

    Excellent product and as usual I got the best price on the internet through Entirely Pets!!

    to by provide from aA


    great dental aid by carol from center valley PA12/07/2011

    my bischon is a very finicky eater...some treats actually get tossed, but the greenies get gobbled up quickly. a great treat that helps clean her teeth!

    Great Product by deb from Omaha, NE01/02/2013

    Perfect chew treat. Keeps them busy for awhile.

    Teenie Greenies by BayHouseGal from Rockville, MD01/09/2014

    My dog LOVES Greenies! He gets medicine every morning, and KNOWS that his Greenie comes next. He is 13 years old, and he does "puppy circles" when he is waiting for one of us to get the Greenie out.

    Ideal size for my dog by Carolyn12/06/2011

    The greenies work great for my dogs teeth & breath too!!!

    My Pups Love 'em !! by gramma11/03/2011

    My 2 Chihuahuas went from refusing the regular size Greenies to begging for these Teenies. They view the Greenies Teenies as a treat and beg for them. Great chew treat for dental health. Great price at Entirely Pets.

    Featured Reviews for Greenies Treat Tub-Pak Canister Petite 27 oz. (45 Bones)
    Best Product Ever by Janet from Nashville,TN.01/25/2010

    I give my rat terrier,Pepper,one every morning and she loves them! She just snatches it out of my hand and runs to devour it! I recommend these treats!

    by ktb05/31/2012

    We have a variety of sizes of Greenies for our dogs. They each get one every morning as we leave for work. They love them!

    Greenies are Great by princess04/23/2012

    My dog loves Greenies. Without them, she would need her teeth cleaned twice a year. My former dog no longer needed his teeth cleaned after he started using Greenes.

    Best Buy of the Year! by EricaE from Perry, Ga12/07/2011

    I got these at the before black friday sale. I cant believe the price i paid for the quantity I got for such a quality product! Greenies are my favorite treat to give my dachshund. My only wish is that the tubs came in the "lite" version. My little guy easily gains weight, but at this price I couldn't pass up this deal.

    Awesome deal! by doldrone from Lousiville, Ky12/08/2011

    Our dogs love Greenies and we like that they are good for pets. Thanks for offering them at such a good price. Now that we found EntirelyPets we will do our best to visit the website often. Thanks.

    Good chew treats by doggies from Houston, Tx04/18/2012

    My dogs have been chewing on green bones for several months and they seem to enjoy them so much. The Greenies are the favorite over other similar products.

    by Kimberly from Tallahassee, FL02/28/2012

    My dog loves these things! He demands one every day.

    by Noah from Franklin NC05/01/2014

    Groom my dog once a week and give him a greenie after he is groomed. He loves to be groomed because he knows he is going to get a greenie and he is an angel when he is groomed.

    Great product by Weezeh from Oregon12/12/2012

    My dogs love these treats & it keeps their teeth clean & breath fresh.

    Doggie Dope by doodah and pookie11/20/2013

    The dogs love them and don't let me forget when it's time for their nightly treat.

    Greenies Treat Tub-Pak 27 oz. by Bill from Littleton, CO01/18/2012

    Excellent price! Thanks for the coupon discount.

    Greenies by Ren from San Diego, CA10/23/2012

    This company expedited shipment immediately, products were received quickly and were what I ordered.

    Greenies Value by Sadiesmom from Elk Mound, WI04/04/2013

    My dog Sadie loves Greenies. Each evening she gets one as a snack to clean her teeth before bed!

    by from 12/07/2011

    Actually, I placed my order on November 23 and as of today, I still do NOT have the order. My dogs love greenies so this was an awesome sale for me. However, you may want to check into your carrier. According to what I can find as of yesterday (12/5) they are intransit out of St Francisville, Mo.

    by LindaThanks


    Great Product! by skdoolittlegirl from Florida and NC01/17/2014

    I switched my doggie to Greenies because one of my vets recommended a change from the "chewy" ones to Greenies, due to a possible food allergy. My doghter LOVES her greenie and tells me every day when it is time for one! Does help with doggie breath, too!

    She loves them! by JDK02/09/2012

    One problem with dogs is, you give them something that is good for them and they won't eat or chew it. Not the case with this rawhide. My little poodle loves them.

    My Pug Brushes Her Teeth Daily by Pug Fan from Oxnard, CA12/12/2011

    My Pug is on a daily schedule: Bathroom, Breakfast & then her Greenie. She will pace & snort until we give her Greenie. She loves them! We make sure she never runs out by ordering them online from Entirely Pets. We save 50% compared to the prices at the Pet Store.

    My dog's favorite treat! by lindag from Wynantskill, NY07/29/2013

    I started buying Greenies when my rescue dog Ozzie came into our lives 2 years ago. I found out it was something he loved and started buying them for him and my Cocker Spaniel Ginger who loves them too. Every evening after dinner they 'wait with anticipation' for Greenie Time!

    My Dogs Demand These! by tuffyb from Hartselle, AL06/24/2013

    I have six dogs and all of them LOVE Greenies, which they get first thing every morning. My three girl dogs wake me up daily by 5:00 or 6:00 a.m. to get their Greenies and heaven forbid I run out! They really don't want anything else I offer them instead! Greenies work very well to clean the dogs' teeth and I don't have to worry about their breaking their teeth or having other unpleasant side effects from these treats.

    a NIGHTLY REWARD by Donn951 from Hometown IL08/18/2013


    Dogs love them by cocker mom08/13/2013

    These really seem to help the teeth and breath and my dogs LOVE the taste.

    Awesome Product, Great Price by Love-my-dogs12/08/2011

    My dogs absolutely love these. Great for their teeth too. Loved the promo price. Shipped very quickly too. Very happy pets and owner.

    Featured Reviews for Greenies Treat Tub-Pak Canister Regular 27 oz. (27 Bones)
    Best Price on Greenies by Jen11/12/2012

    I've purchased Greenies for years for my dog, and Entirely Pets has the best price--even better than where I used to get them when they were on sale! Greenies are also the only dental chew he can eat (the cheaper versions chipped his teeth), and he looks forward to one every morning

    Helps great with breath!! by jacklover from Indiana09/15/2012

    My Jack's breath is so much better with the Greenies! My sister's also use them for their Westie and Scotties! We are huge fans!!

    Greenies by jondonmax from Raleigh NC12/06/2011

    This is an excellent product My dog is addicted to them but it is OK.

    by from 12/07/2011

    Our puppies really like Greenies and this was a way to get a good supply cheaply.

    than by "normal" from butDelivery


    Greenies by TD from New Jersey05/29/2012

    We have 3 dogs; just adopted 2 others a 5 and 10 yr. old mom and daughter; no one wanted the 10 yr. old mom. So, we ordered a lot of greenies and we are so happy with how they came quickly and how they keep the teeth and gums clean on the dogs. (The new 5 yr. old had a 'dental' at the Vet; she is now able to eat the Greenie that she gets on a daily basis.)

    Very Satisfied. by Marley'sMom03/27/2012

    Great product. Good service. Will order again.

    Best buy by gsp12/07/2011

    Our dog loves greenies, but they're a little pricey for an everyday treat. But EntirelyPets had a great price for the tub-pak...saved over $10.

    Best purchase ever! by Annie from Pottsville Pa02/20/2013

    Our two cairn terriers love the Greenies and the pill pockets for their vitamins! They are half sisters: Jessy Belle Holly is totally black and her 1/2 sister: Brindy Noel Lee is a mix of red, wheaton and a touch of white! I brought samples in (of the greenies) for my co-workers for their pets and they have ordered them ever since. If we delay in giving them one after their supper they sit and stare at us until we finally give them one!! Funny! thank you, Ann T.

    Best Treat Ever by Sammygirl615 from North Carolina12/26/2011

    My dog absolutely loves Greenies. She knows the word and so I have to spell it. She goes crazy when I go anywhere near the container. They are the best treat, even if they are expensive.

    by from 11/27/2012

    by from 05/29/2012

    Greenies are very addictive to my dog. Every evening at 7pm. my dog begs for his greenies. Same thing for my daughter dogs (2)

    every by penny from IThis


    Best Dog Treat Ever! by liz12/10/2011

    Greenies are the best! A healthy way of giving your dog a treat! Helps with teeth cleaning and easy on their stomachs! The Senior Greenies are great for older dogs too! Highly recommend!

    Featured Reviews for Greenies Treat Tub-Pak Canister Large 27 oz. (17 Bones)
    One of the best teeth cleaning bones by Sukij from Silicon Valley02/28/2012

    Doc says my dog's teeth are in excellent condition and it is because of this product.

    by Larry from Lyman, NH08/22/2013

    Great product unfortunately shipping takes forever fed-ex ground stinks

    Too Small for Large Dogs by toys from TN03/12/2013

    My dogs (who are each around 100lbs) always finish these treats within mere seconds. I am surprised that something they devour so quickly could provide any real oral healthcare. I think there needs to be either a significantly larger sized Greenie or a longer lasting chew treat.

    Good price by PJ07/30/2012

    The Greenies arrived quickly which made my dog happy and I was happy because I felt the price was the best on the internet.

    by from 01/16/2013

    We've been using greenies for several years and feel they are great for our dogs' teeth.

    happy by with from theI


    good for cleaning teeth by MLaz07/23/2013

    I have used Greenies for many years and have never had a problem with them. My dogs are 10 and 7 and both have nice teeth and love the taste. I would always supervise the first few times.

    Greenies--Best Price! by joshua3489 from Memphis02/13/2013

    Best price anywhere and free shipping! You'll get immediate order confirmation and prompt shipping--free, for orders over $85. Search for a better price on Greenies, but you won't find one. We'll be back for more!

    Dogs love these by Kaycee12/13/2011

    My dogs love these and I love the fact that they are good for them!

    A nightly treat by stepharm28 from Washington, DC03/04/2012

    My dog loves these and (im)patiently waits every night for her greenie.

    Dogs love them!! by Hats from Chicago, IL12/11/2011

    Great at getting teeth and breathe clean AND my dogs love them. I even say "want a greenie?" and they know.

    Greenies Rule!! by Denise from Randleman, NC12/16/2011

    My dogs love the Greenies and they leave their breath so fresh!

    These really work! by Too much coffee man from Boulder CO01/23/2013

    Yeah - like I am going to brush my dogs teeth every night! I figured either pay for teeth cleaning or try greenies. The dog's teeth are not 100% free of gunk, but the vet said that the greenies work well enough to forego the office cleaning

    Five years and counting by Lorrie from Delaware01/23/2013

    Began purchasing "Greenies" when she was a pup. She gets 2 per week and loves them!

    by jclbug12/08/2011

    I have a lab and she loves these! Probabaly could have gotten the jumbo size for her though.

    Greenies are Great! by dancingirl from Raynham, MA02/12/2013

    My dogs love Greenies. They get them once a week and as soon as I say "greenies" they run over to me and sit down to wait for their special treat. Would give them more frequently if they weren't so expensive - I buy them when on sale.

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