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Greenies Felines - CHICKEN

Greenies Feline - CHICKEN (2.5 oz)
Greenies Feline - CHICKEN (2.5 oz)

($4.99)  $1.99
3-PACK Greenies Felines - CHICKEN (7.5 oz)
3-PACK Greenies Felines - CHICKEN (7.5 oz)

($10.49)  $5.39
6-PACK Greenies Felines - CHICKEN (15 oz)
6-PACK Greenies Felines - CHICKEN (15 oz)

($29.94)  $10.79
Greenies Feline - CHICKEN (5.5 oz)
Greenies Feline - CHICKEN (5.5 oz)

($6.99)  $3.49
3-PACK Greenies Feline - CHICKEN (1.1 lbs)
3-PACK Greenies Feline - CHICKEN (1.1 lbs)

($18.99)  $9.09
6-PACK Greenies Feline - CHICKEN (2.2 lbs)
6-PACK Greenies Feline - CHICKEN (2.2 lbs)

($36.99)  $19.89
Try Bonies Dental FormulaNEW Feline Greenies is scientifically formulated and clinically proven to mechanically reduce tartar buildup that can cause bad breath. As a treat between meals, Feline Greenies work like a little toothbrush to scrub your cat's teeth.

Feline Greenies is naturally preserved and have a taste your cat will love! Available in four great flavors, try them all!

5.00 rating based on 5 reviews
Featured Reviews for Greenies Feline - CHICKEN (2.5 oz)
Greenies for Cats by Wendy02/04/2009

Fantastic product! This is the highest-value treat on my shelf. My cats will do anything to be rewarded with a Greenie. They like all the flavors but have a strong preference for Chicken. Greenies are great for training - they are non-crumbling and not greasy, so you can put a bunch in your pocket and pull out as needed.

Addicted kitty by Guenevere's mom05/05/2013

I love the greenies! They are meow good and the flavors are all very good. Guenevere is addicted and heads for the bowl first thing in the morning and at night. She is even asking for less whipped cream because she loves the greenies.

Too small by Stealthwalker12/09/2012

The bite size needs to be bigger. Our cats just swallow the bits whole.

One of best cat products by Bluebird from Shelbyville, TN12/17/2012

The local Tractor Supply in my small town doesn't carry this flavor, and my cats love it.

Yummy by Mary from Newport News, VA07/04/2012

My kitties love them! Once I left a bag out and they chewed it to pieces.

Kitties gone crazy by galoafer from Georgia07/16/2010

I've never had the kitties act so crazy about any treat before! They will try to open the bag, talk and beg for more! I've tried several of the flavors and although chicken does appear to be the favorite they will dance to get any of them. The price here is fabulous as I usually give close to $5.00 a bag. Order plenty!

Featured Reviews for 3-PACK Greenies Felines - CHICKEN (7.5 oz)
Here they come by MRam01/25/2013

Another delicious and quality treat for the men in my life. Keeps them on their paws!!

love these treats by Ninja from NEW YORK,NY06/11/2014

We hide the treats for my cat Ninja.We play hide and seek and let him find them one by one. We say cold when he is far away and your getting hot when he's near them. He loves the game and reward.

by meomagi02/20/2013

My DSH Orange Tabby and the DSH grey/white tabby loves these treats. This product has proven to help with the cat's gums, teeth. The vet was in approval when I told her the cats gets "Greenies" daily. A great way to solve your cat's insistance for "treats" and at same time help with its teeth/gums.

Featured Reviews for 6-PACK Greenies Felines - CHICKEN (15 oz)
Nice Transact by vinutz from New Jersey12/03/2011

These are the healthiest of all the Treats on the themarket. My cat loves them

Feline Greene's by CAC01/29/2008

good stuff for the cats and they really enjoy the treats

Feline Greenies - chicken by Carol Sumpter01/29/2008

My one cat loves these as much as his other snacks. However, he hasn't had a particularly good dental check up! Just likes the taste.

My Cat is Addicted to These by Carol Beason08/26/2009

My cat loves these. My husband says she has a 2 bag a week habit



Yummy by Cappy from VA Beach, VA01/11/2014

Must be extra tasty ... all four cats chase them all over the house when I toss the greenies to them. Not sure yet if they help with the teeth, nothing takes the place of brushing.

Great Price by whitetiger from Chester. Pa07/23/2012

Best price ever for Greenies.. My Cays love all of the Flavors.. Entirely pets ships quickly and their products are fresh. I have bought these before from this company.. Also Great customer service

Cats enjoyed, then lost interest by Marilyn06/01/2013

My vet recommends these to help clean teeth. I bought the six pack, but my cats lost interest after a while. So, I have several packages sitting around unused. They did enjoy them at first. Cats are fickle eaters, so it isn't necessarily a negative on the product. I just should have known better than to by in bulk!

Kitties Love Gteenies by Nainee from Brooklyn, New York08/02/2013

My four cats love Greenies as a treat. I always put a few on top of their wet food in the evening. If I forget, they stand in the hallway and stare me down until I remember to give them their treat.

Featured Reviews for Greenies Feline - CHICKEN (5.5 oz)
Great product by Smiley from Long Island, NY04/23/2014

Both of my cats love this in the chicken flavor. There are a few flavors but the one that appeals to both cats is the roasted chicken. They enjoyed them as a snack and they are recommended by vets for cleaning the teeth.

by Woodstock10/26/2011

My cats love these and they are good for their teeth.

Great Product by whitetiger from Chester, Pa07/23/2012

Entirely pets has the best price, shipping and freshness of any compant Also the customer service is excellent. I ahve bought from this company before and will continue to do so again and again!!

by from 11/07/2013

4 cats approve.

could by purchase from aI


Good product by Annzo01/08/2013

This is not only a nice tasty treat but it is recommended by animal vets. to help tartar control in cats. My cats like the chicken flavor the best.

Greenies by Gail from Georgia03/30/2014

Both my cats love these Greenies treats. They are picky and like the chicken only so I make sure I purchase 3 and 4 bags at a time to make sure I don't run out of them. These also don't seem to bother my cat that has urinary issues and that is a big plus for me.

My Cats go nuts for these by catmom3 from York, PA06/13/2011

I have 3 cats who love, love, love these. In the morning, if they hear me moving around upstairs, and I haven't given them treats yet, they beg at my door loudly. I have even caught them giving themselves the treats from the bag. This only happened once. I forgot to push the air out of the bag before I seal it. My smallest cat jumped up to where I keep them and sat on the bag, to pop it open and then drug it around my floor. They ate the rest of the bag while I was at work. That is how much they love these treats.

My cats go nuts for these by Roy04/19/2013

I have two cats, one is diabetic, and the other has kidney failure. We use the Greenies as a special treat after medications or treatments. They go nuts for them!

by SmileyAnn from Long Island, New York02/08/2012

I purchased this for after doing some research found that veterinarian dentistry actually feel this product aids in the control of tartar for cats. My cats love it and it is good for them.

Great Greenies by JD08/02/2012

Greenies in roasted chicken is the tasty toothpaste my cats love. One of 3 snacks served to my 2 cats daily. It really does keep tarter at bay. The beef flavor is well accepted too.

Featured Reviews for 3-PACK Greenies Feline - CHICKEN (1.1 lbs)
Greenies Feline by Erik from Israel03/23/2014

Excellent snack! My cat is very like it (all flavors) and would eat it every day. High quality product and highly recommended to buy and use.

My cats love Greenies! by Lorrie from Colorado01/16/2013

I have three cats and they ALL love greenies in every flavor. I have found that the best place to buy Greenies in bulk is Entirely Pets. I get a discount price, fast shipping, and three happy cats.

Greenies are great. by Joannie from Binghamton, New York05/22/2013

Since they came out my cat especially likes these for the teeth. Tried others, didn't eat them.

Featured Reviews for 6-PACK Greenies Feline - CHICKEN (2.2 lbs)
by from 05/04/2014

epikitin by donnie from wv03/07/2014

my kids love the greenies. the epakitin saved the life of my pretty girl, shes been on it for 6 to 7 years, was going into kidney failure, she turned 19 years old on 9-1-2013 and shes doing very good. every thing that i have ordered from entirely pets have worked wonders for my kids. thank you. don

Great product by uukristina from Kent, OH06/28/2013

My cats really enjoy Greenies treats and I really enjoy that they keep their teeth clean!

Great Greenies by JB06/02/2013

My cats just love these. They are really lo-cal, important because one of my cats is diabetic.

Feline Greenies by KiTTers08/07/2014

I have 4 cats, all of whom will "ask" for greenies on a regular basis. Definitely a hit!

Cats didn't like them as much as I hoped by Cheryl from San Diego Area10/11/2014

I bought a bunch of these (both the catnip and the chicken flavor) thinking I couldn't go wrong, but the cats did not take to them like I had hoped. They are bigger than the other treats they bare used to, so I don't know if the size is the problem or if it is the taste. I try to sneak a few in their wet food - they eat around them. Maybe I will try to cut them in half and mix with the dry food. Still trying since I have so many of them!

They LOVE Greenies by Nainee from Brooklyn, New York03/16/2014

We have four indoor cats and one outdoor (feral). They all are given a few Greenies and wait for them. If we forget to sprinkle some on top of their food, they sit in the hallway and stare at us until we remember. Its very cute how much they look forward to their "crunchies".

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