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Groom KONG

Groom KONGWant to get the shedding under control? The KONG's groom tools will de-fur Spot with the quickness. This flexible rubber brush helps promote healthy skin and coat by removing excess hair while giving your pet a great massage. Your pet will love to stay still for this one. Use it wet or dry.

Cat Zoom Groom
Cat Zoom Groom

($6.99)  $4.69
Dog Zoom Groom
Dog Zoom Groom

($6.99)  $6.59
Groom & Caress your cat

Cats naturally work on removing their extra fur with grooming and cat shedding, but most feline friends have no objection to a bit of help from their human companions. The Cat Zoom Groom is a tool that removes excess fur while providing the feline a soothing massage that will leave him/her purring.

The rubber texture of the Cat Zoom Groom cat grooming brush automatically grabs loose fur, practically working similar to a magnet with clumps of hair coming off. This saves your cat friend from ingesting all that loose fur and eventually producing unwanted hairballs.

Additionally, the regular grooming helps a cat bond with his/her owner making the brushing processes practically a regular occasion if done on a frequent basis. Eventually, your cat will see the Cat Zoom Groom and start rubbing up against your leg for another grooming session.

So if you are looking for something that your cat will really love as that next pet gift, consider the Cat Zoom Groom. Your feline friend will make it clear that this grooming brush tool was the right choice.
4.73 rating based on 15 reviews
Featured Reviews for Cat Zoom Groom
its nice by billy03/02/2009


Kong Zoom is great by Rita05/14/2008

I actually bought this to bring the order up over $100 so I could get free shipping, but I am so glad I did! My two cats love it and it is so easy to clean and use, fits well in my hand. I highly recommend it unlike other electrostatic brushes I have tried. Would buy it again!

Kong cat zoom groom by newby06/02/2014

It pulled the kitty's hair, neither one liked it.

Amazing by Nancy09/23/2009

This works amazingly well. My cat used to hate being brushed, but goes crazy with this. It's like a massage and she can't get enough. Give it a minute and the amount of hair that starts coming out is incredible. I'm ordering more for friends!

My Cats Love This by Lanie from Seattle, WA12/29/2012

I bought this Kong Zoom Groom because of the positive reviews, and I'm glad that I did. Both of my cats (short hairs) come running when they hear me open the drawer to take it out. My male cat hates to be brushed, but he practically begs for this massage groomer. I never would have guessed that my cats would get so much pleasure from this funny looking device. It really pulls out their loose hairs, too.

good brush by Cynthia from So. San Francisco, CA12/01/2012

Good brush for grooming. The shorthaired cats love it, but the long haired isn't thrilled, but tolerates.

Best Grooming Tool EVER by Nash from Virginia09/26/2013

Works like a charm, easy to clean, and it leaves my cats in a haze of contentment with beautifully groomed coats. I've tried a great many brushes and combs over the years, but this is the best by far.

by MillieZ10/22/2012

My three cats come runing when they see me pick up the zoom groom. Easy clean up too.

A real shedder getter! by Gorilla girl10/23/2012

This product really cleans the loose hair from your cat and makes their coat so smooth and soft. It's helpful for older cats who may need a little extra help grooming.

Best Catnip Ever!!! by CatLady53 from Grayslake, Illinois05/24/2014

My customers pets and my pets LOVE it!!! Will definitely order again!

zoom groom by mb from outside of portland, or12/06/2011

Bought this as a gift. I have the zoom groom and my cats start to purr when I use the zoom groom on them.

MY KITTIES LOVE IT! by Cat Listener10/25/2013

I've groomed my kitties, as well as shelter kitties I help to socialize, and they all love the zoom groom. This company sent me dog zoom grooms rather than the cat zoom grooms I ordered but my cats still love them.

LOVE this product! by DJ06/11/2013

This is a great grooming product for short and long hair cats - and there is another zoom groom for dogs. I use this product on my cats and they like the massage they get at the same time it is getting out awesome amounts of loose fur. No flinching like they do when groomed w/ the metal brushes. I also like to use the pink dog zoom groom on my cats - it is even more flexible and gentle. I recommend this product to everyone!

Best brush in the world by Littlecat03/18/2013

My cats love this brush and my kitty of 15 yrs passed away a few years ago but I went through at least a few cases of this brush just for her because she loved to be brushed so much with the Zoom Groom. My cats today love it too! It massages them and gets the loose fur out. It's comfortable with no metal wires:-)

The Best!! by tigeygirl08/06/2011

Wow! This brush gets so much fur off it is unbelievable. Cats love the massage feel of it too. I've purchased these for several of my cat owning friends and they love this just as much as I do. I see they have one for dogs also. I'm getting an extra just in case we lose this or need another. The one I have is at least two years old and is like new. You can't miss with this purchase.

Featured Reviews for Dog Zoom Groom
Zooming up dog hair (cat too) by Gracie's mom from Northwest Indiana07/19/2014

this is a handy item to use. Picks up the pet hair and after using since it's rubber you can easily rinse off the dander etc and it's ready to use again. It's not overly large so you can use it on cats also.

Works great. by Bert's Mom04/03/2010

I have a yellow lab and bathing can be a chore. I bought this brush and loved the way it fit into my hand and the way that it lathered his coat. Unlike brushes with a handle, this one felt secure in my hand and on my pet. Great product!

Amazing!!! by Becca B.07/29/2008

This small wonder is amazing! I use this on my short-haired Siamese and my Jack Russell. The amount of hair you get off is astounding--enough to make 2 or 3 more cats! Every time I use it, I can't believe the amount of fur that comes off. You have to buy this, it is simply the best!

Perfect for a Bulldog coat by FosterMom from Philadelphia, PA02/12/2012

I love this product and have even given them as gifts. It is gentle on the dog's skin and very efficient at removing hair from a short-coated dog that sheds. It is lightweight, feels good in the hand, and is easy to keep clean.

My Dogs Love It! by ALBW11/11/2008

My rottweilers LOVE to be groomed with this brush! It's like getting a massage along with their grooming. It works very well at controlling daily shedding if it is used regularly.

by from 01/01/2014

Better than Expected by G W from Taiwan11/16/2011

I bought the "Extra Soft Pink." It's very handy and just about the right size that's very easy to grab on. Doggie doesn't mind letting it run through during shower time, so I guess it makes her pretty comfortable and relaxed. This product is way better than lathering shampoo by hand, and the rubber fingers are soft enough that they don't hurt my doggie's sensitive skin. Great product! :-)

by Susan08/14/2012

Works well. Not too hard or soft. Appears to be well made and should last. Can get wet.

Dog Zoom Groom by scott08/19/2014

This is a great tool. We use it every day prior to her regular brushing.

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