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Grriggles Witching Hour Skull - Large
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Grriggles Witching Hour Skull - Large

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This item has been manufacturer discontinued. We recommend trying Grriggles Toys

Grriggles Witching Hour Skull is a great toy for medium to large dogs.

 The fun and spooky design of this toy makes it an ideal way to celebrate the Halloween spirit, and your dog will go absolutely crazy for the fun sound chip that is embedded within each toy. This toy has padded filling and a plush construction which means it will stand up to hours of rough play and chewing. The fun design of this toy means that you can use it to play fetch or tug, and your dog can run around the house with it for hours.

It does not have any hard parts, which means it is safe for indoor use and will not injure your dog. Those that have smaller dogs may be interested in the Grriggles Witching Hour Skull in Small, which is also available. These toys will make playing with your dog even more fun than it usually is, and the cackling sound effects are sure to make play time memorable. These dog toys are very durable, which means they will last even beyond the Halloween season.

The benefits of Grriggles Witching Hour Skull Large include:
  • This toy is available in multiple sizes to suit small and large dogs.
  • Microchips within this toy play a cackling sound effect that is sure to entertain.
  • The plush construction of this toy is both safe and durable, making it ideal for indoor play.
  • This toy is versatile enough to be used for both fetch and tug.
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