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Habitrail Classic

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This item has been manufacturer discontinued. We recommend trying Habitrail Small Pet Habitats and Accessories

The Habitrail hamster and small rodent cage probably brings back memories for lots of folks who grew up in the 1970s and 1980s. This design was a common product available for kids during that time, expanding into other plastic cages that could connect with each other through tubes. A fully complex system could have a hamster traveling all over a room without every getting loose.

Modern hamster cage fans can enjoy the same containers of yesteryear with the Habitrail Classic rodent cage. It comes with all the basics necessary for a rodent to live in, including a small ferris wheel, circular vent holes for air flow, a colorful wall design for appearance, and an easy to remove bottom tray for cleaning used litter. Because the modern cage involves a combination of plastic and cage wiring, a hamster won't get out on its own. And, if desired, the Habitrail Classic can be connected with other Habitrail tubes and cages, just like the old days.

Benefits of the Habitrail Classic include:

• A complete kit and cage for housing one hamster or small rodent needing anything else except litter, food and water. • Built-in vent sockets and connection points to expand the Habitrail Classic if desired. • An easy-to-clean baseplate that makes changing out the hamster cage simple and a snap. • Chew-proof components so a hamster won't be able to destroy its environment.

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