• JW Grip Soft Hair Magnet

    JW Grip Soft Hair Magnet

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    JW Grip Soft Hair Magnet removes pet hair from carpets, drapes, furniture and car seats. Extra wide blade for more coverage area. Easy to clean.

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    Works well where vacuuming not indicated by xanadu06/15/2012

    I was surprised that the item works as well as it does but is not a quickie like a good vacuum.

    Small investment to see for yourself by boomerboy from Wisconsin05/13/2013

    In my review, I found both positive & negative feedback. I felt the price was worth the risk. It is fabulous on runner rugs, bathroom rugs and ideal for what I wanted to use it for. It does require you to bend over and work from one end to the other. If that sounds like work, you may not find it nearly as helpful as I. Much easier than getting out the vacuum for just a runner. Most useful on items that stay in place or firm, loose sofa cushions would probably be a problem as you need to have some resistance. I will invest in another when I have a bigger order from this company. With three fluffy white dogs, I have hair on rugs daily, I really recommend!

    Not worth a dime by Gid05/03/2012

    Very disappointed, it does not work at all. Would be nice if these tools were actually tested before offering it for sale.

    Spectacular cleaning tool! by Casper the friendly dog from Rhode Island11/07/2012

    We all love this tool. It's gentle to the carpets, gets the fur off clothing and every upholstery fabric we have. It's so easy and quick that even my son uses it. He even volunteers to "scrape" the carpets and furniture, before vacuuming. We're using far fewer vacuum bags, and everything is fur free without clogging or damaging anything. Casper and Gizzy don't like to have anything but hands rubbing across their fur, so we don't know if it will work on the pets themselves, but it sure works well everywhere else. It also removes stray strands of my own three foot long hair that nothing else seems to be able to grab.

    Best for removing animal hair from furniture by n/a from Chesapeake ,VA03/14/2013

    We are a furniture rental company and many times sofas and chairs come back coated in animal hair. This is one of the only products we have found that will pull at least 95--100% of the hair from the furniture so that we can finish steam cleaning and return to rental status. This is the third unit we have used of these as we wore out the others.

    LOVE IT..... by Jan H.02/06/2008

    I have 3 cats and a Golden Retreiver, that means I also have lots of hair. I have tried other things to remove the hair and they only removed some. The Pet Hair Magnet is the only thing that has removed ALL the hair and is so easy to use. I have recommended it to all my family and friends who have pets. As you can tell I absolutly LOVE IT.....

    Very efficient product by Greg B01/20/2009

    I am extremely satisfied with this product, in my house I have four cats and one large dog. I recommend this to anyone that has fur to pick up!

    Absolutely Best Purchase Ever for pet hair removal by ps from Pacific North West05/11/2013

    So simple yet so effective and easy to use - also inexpensive. Works wonderfully for my long hair cat hair on furniture, carpets, etc.

    Meh. by Gsmom02/21/2014

    I got this with the hopes that I could use it instead of having to haul out the vacuum attachments, lint roller, or Pledge pet hair roller sweeper device for use on my couch every day. I used this pet hair magnet only once and was not impressed. It was a lot more work for a lot less results than any of those other devices. I might try to use this pet hair magnet as a squeegee in the shower just to get some use out of it .

    Pet magnet for sofa by Dog+Cat Fanatic from Portland, OR06/03/2014

    Another great product for removing pet hair off the loveset. We have two cats and they are shedding at this moment!!

    it works! by sharon11/09/2012

    really works, have used on couch (though it also picked up some of the couch material) and in car. a quick way to get rid of dog hair in small spots.

    Do Not buy this product by forestfairy from Los Angeles Ca07/23/2012

    This product does not do what it advertises and does not pick up or attract dog hair and I tried using it on several different surfaces. The only way it works at all is if the surfact is perfectly flat and firm like a thin outdoor carpet with a hard surface underneath. This product is a waste of your money.

    The clothes NON PET HAIR by Venus from Lithuania (Europe)06/12/2012

    If you have a lot of cats at home, pet hair magnet is very good your choose. You may dressed blackly!

    AMAZING by FuzzRuck from Missoula MT06/11/2013

    I bought this product when they first came out for purchase. Copyright is 2001 and I believe that's how long I've had mine - 12 years!! I've decided it's time to retire it because the 'scraper' part is WORN DOWN I've used it so much all these years. You cannot believe how well this product works unless you've tried it yourself! I was actually worried I wouldn't find another so I'm buying TWO!!

    The BEST fur eliminator! by JannyPi from Philly-The City of Brotherly Love!08/12/2010

    I purchased one of these a couple of years ago and liked it so much that I've purchased five more to give to friends. This works amazingly well on upholstered furniture or chair cushions. It's easy to use and does a much better job then a vacuum cleaner. The first time I used the Pet Hair Magnet I got almost a whole cat in fur/hair off of the living room furniture! I'm ordering another one so that I can have one for each floor of the house. This is a must have for any house with furry animals.

    AMAZING by FuzzleEyes from Missoula MT07/09/2013

    This is my second purchase. The first one I bought several years ago had a 2001 copyright for Petmate. I used it down to the NUBS and decided to try and find another one. I LOVE IT -


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