HALTI Headcollar size 2 - Black

    HALTI Headcollar size 2 - Black

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    Halti Headcollar simplifies training so walking your dog is a relaxing way to spend quality time with your pet. Easy-fit headcollar applies soft pressure to the bridge of your dog's nose and corrects pulling by redirecting forward dog movement. Improved design of this dog headcollar features an adjustable camlock for a secure and comfortable fit without restricting your dog's natural mouth movements. Includes a training manual so you and your dog can master essential techniques for "Loose Leash Walking."

    Size 2 applications: beagle, border collie, cockers, saluki, schnauzer, standard poodle, basenji, welsh terrier, and similarly sized dogs.

  • Calms boisterous dogs.
  • Simplifies training.
  • Restrains biters.
  • Reduces fears.
  • Reforms fighters.
  • Assists with restraining dog during veterinarian or grooming visits.
  • Calms hysterical car travelers.
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    Usage Information

    1. Fit Halti with label and seams to outside. Fasten buckle behind the neck.
    2. The noseband should rest midway between the eyes and the nose and not restrict panting.
    3. Adjust neck strap to allow the Halti to fit comfortably.
    4. Allow the dog one to five minutes to get used to the Halti. Encourage play to distract from struggling and chewing.
    5. Fit the lead to lower Halti ring.
    6. Continue play until acceptance.
    7. Hold lead loosely.
    8. Go for a walk and enjoy it.
    If your dog is particularly powerful or frightened, link lead to both Halti and collar. Never check your dog violently. Do not leave Halti on unsupervised dogs.

    Customer Reviews

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    by from 10/23/2012

    The Halti collar is very helpful for a dog who pulls strongly (trying to run after squirrels, rabbits, etc.) It makes walking possible! However, I have to replace it every few months because it tears.

    comfortable by for from theIt


    Heal by clw05/24/2013

    Finally, I can control my Alpha dog during walks without him pulling my arm out of my socket!

    by from 02/04/2013

    The design is good but the material is too thin. My standard poodle chewed right thru it in 20 seconds...I was getting his lead and he managed to work the nose portion into his mouth and ruined the product before we ever really used it.

    a by local from petI


    Best Invention Ever! by LMcCardle04/07/2012

    I am so amazed with the Halti product that I feel it is the best invention in Man/Dog kind. My large dogs were so out of control during the walks that they pulled me down several times. I almost gave up walking them altogether until a friend of mine suggested I try this product. Thank you, Halti Headcollar!

    Wonderful product by Meghan02/08/2012

    Love haltis... This is my 2nd purchase of the halti product. Works great for dogs that pull. Also entirely pets did an excellent job getting my order shipped fast, will def keep ordering from them!

    Good product. by Punk02/15/2013

    This halti collar (size two) appeared to be larger that the one I had (for 12 years). I liked the extra cushioning across the nose. The trainer at the pet store where I first purchased the halti rcommended that brand. When it began to wear out, I looked for that brand in the stores; it was not available. I looked at other brands but they did not seem as if they would fit as nicely.


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