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Heroic Pets

Optimize your Pet Hero

1 You have to be quick and nimble.
Sometimes a hero might lose a step on their speed and nimbleness, these great products can help your pet hero gain that step back and back to their courageous duties.
Joint MAX Triple Strength Dog Agility Starter Kit Obstacle Course Chuckit! Ball Launchers

2 You have to be well behaved.
Sometimes being a hero can lead to fame and fortune, but you will always want your pet to be humble and courteous.
Premier Clik-R Train-Me! Reward Treats by Crazy Dog Innotek Spray Commander Remote Trainer

3 You have to have optimal health.
Being a hero can be a tough task, there are many duties that you perform and it does take a toll on the health. Keep your pet in good health with these products.
Vita-Tabs Frontline Plus for Dogs Simply Wild Salmon Oil Gel Capsules

4 You have to have endurance.
A hero must have the endurance and longevity to keep doing their heroic deeds. With these products your pet will continue their heroic acts for a long time.
Hide A Squirrel - LARGE K9 Performance Tabs -
(10 5gm/Tabs)
Zuke's Power Bones Natural Endurance Treats For Dogs - Chicken (6 oz.)

A Few Pet Heroes
Zoey & Belle
Zoey, a four and-a-half pound, ten-month-old Chihuahua knows that it isnít size that makes a hero. On a hot summer day in 2007, Zoey was playing in the backyard with her owner Marty Long and his 1-year-old grandson Booker West. All of the sudden, Zoey darted towards little Booker and the area where he was playing. Apparently, she had spotted a rattlesnake, and jumped in to take the bite for the boy. Zoey was left with a one-inch scar on her face and ran to Marty crying. Her head soon swelled to the size of a grapefruit. Luckily, Zoey got to the vet in time to save her with antivenin and blood plasma. Zoey made a full recovery and still loves to play in the yard with Booker.

In this day and age, if you want to be a dog hero, itís not enough to learn how to use a home phone. You have to be able to dial from a cell phone. Belle, a 17-pound beagle from Orlando, Florida did just that to save her owners life. One day her diabetic owner Kevin Weaver had a seizure and collapsed from low blood sugar levels. As she was taught, Belle immediately found Weaverís cell phone and bit down on the number 9 (speed dial for 911). Weaver was taken to the hospital and resuscitated. Later that year, Belle was taken to Washington D.C. to receive the first VITA Wireless Samaritan award presented to a dog. Every year, this award is given to someone who uses a cell phone to save a life. Canines are particularly good pets for diabetics as they can detect slight abnormalities in a personís blood sugar levels with their keen sense of smell. Weaver says that Belle usually alerts him of his dropping sugar level by whining and pawing at him.
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