• CET Oral Hygiene Rinse (8 oz) by VIRBAC

    CET Oral Hygiene Rinse (8 oz) by VIRBAC

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    This item is currently out of stock and should be shipped 4-6 weeks. We recommend trying Ora-Fresh Dental Care Spray (8 oz) & Ora-Clens® Dental Rinse for Dogs and Cats (8 fl oz)

    C.E.T. Oral Hygiene is a home dental care kit that guards against plaque without brushing. C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Rinse will leave your pet with clean teeth and fresh breath. For Cats and Dogs.


    0.12% Chlorhexidine gluconate, 0.05% cetylpyridinium chloride, and zinc in a soothing alcohol-free vehicle. Chlorhexidine is present in free and encapsulated form.

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    LOVE this product by bibef from Riverside, OH02/09/2012

    i LOVE this, my cats had breath issues and this was recomended by a friend who had it recomended to HER by a vet. in her case it was that the cat was too old to be put under for dental care. I bought it as i cant afford to have a teeth cleaning for my cats, this was the next best option. their breath has improved DRASTICALLY, and my males teeth even lost some of the grey on his teeth (which is a sign of plaque issues.) i hoped it would help, but it has FAR exceeded my expectations, will definately continue with this product!! only thing is the applicator, too much comes out, i switched to using a q-tip, its great, i can rub it on the teeth that need the most attention, and it seems easier than using the applicator.

    doesn't remove tartar by al from Lyons, OR05/07/2014

    I am not sure it really does anything. It would be nice if it would help remove tartar

    Peridontal Disease by Priscilla02/23/2009

    I have been using this product on my miniture schnauzer's teeth since he will absolutely not let me brush. This product almost instantly disolves anything on his teeth. Recommend highly.

    Peridontal disease by Sue08/13/2009

    I have been using this product on my old cocker spaniel for the past 6 months. She refuses to have her teeth brushed but lets me use this with no fighting.

    Easy to use by sweetpea107 from Parlin, NJ12/13/2011

    This product really helps with the dogs breath. It's easy to use too.

    CET Oral Hygiene Rinse by Jersey Girl from Lorton, VA07/09/2013

    Bought this for my dogs dental health routine. What a huge mistake. Says to squirt in mouth. I did that and the dogs just hated it, literally tried to spit it out and then some. They were gagging on it. I would think it may have to do with the high degree of mint in it perhaps? Maybe it was just my dogs that didn't like the strong taste. Would not recommend unless you know your dogs like a strong mint flavor.

    Effective, but dogs don't like it by AngelPup from Coventry, RI01/24/2014

    This oral rinse seems like it's effective, but my dogs really don't like it. I'm not sure if it doesn't taste good, if they don't like the feeling of it being squirted on their teeth, or both. I prefer to brush their teeth instead and they don't seem to mind that as much anyway.

    Oral Rinse Easy to Use by Dorinda from Valencia, CA10/17/2013

    This product is a great complement to brushing....It's very easy to use; however your dog may find the sensation of this unusual at first. Great product and helps with plaque build-up.

    Dental care by MRY08/05/2014

    My vet recommended CET Oral Hygene Rince. My little dog is prone to plaque build up. I use a tooth paste and add the rinse.

    item arrived quickly by Alphamama03/15/2012

    Would use this site again. Produce arrived quickly!

    by dusty02/16/2013

    My greatest problem with this product is the application. It is always difficult to give any kind of medicine etc to my cats and this is no different. I would prefer a spray type of applicator - something that produces the spray faster. Just the sound of getting the liquid to the tip scares the cat. I am going to try a spray bottle. Now --- what is the status of my order of flea medication. I never received an e-mail acknowledging the fact that I ordered it? I have no way of tracking it since I did not receive an e-mail as your site tells me I will.

    Excellent Product by Sherry from Columbia, MS02/04/2012

    Easy to apply...can be applied to my Persians tiny toothbrush and brushed onto her teeth...She tolerates the taste very well..without any drooling afterwards!

    Oral Care by Shalimarmermaid from Minnesota01/02/2014

    I use this daily as another way to keep tartar at bay and their breath fresh.

    Good Product! by vikki-o08/15/2013

    Our greyhound's dentist recommended this for her, as in her old age she developed tooth/gum problems. It really helped her. Now, we use it for all of our dogs to keep their gums and teeth healthy between cleanings. We find that we don't have to brush quite as much when using this product. Entirely Pets has good prices on this product.

    Not sure! by DLG from APG, MD01/26/2015

    Tried it a couple of times on my dog. She does NOT like it. One of the times, she was foaming at the mouth, but I might have squirted too much in it. I forget to do it regularly so I'm not sure how well it really works. The concept of rinsing between brushing sounded good though.

    Product Leaked During Shipping by chill11/20/2011

    I have purchased this product before from entirelypets.com but this is my first bad experience. The oral rinse box was open on both ends and the cap was off. The foil cover on the bottle did not prevent some of the liquid from leaking out and getting on other products in the shipment. The loss was not enough to warrant returning it but I did call to complain. They just said they would report it without even asking for my name or order number but I gave it to them anyway, expecting some sort of offer to keep me as a customer. Nothing. This is a good product, not complaints there.

    No more bad breath... by Shadowpete from Nor Cal at Arcata07/15/2014

    I've been using this product on Dexter, toy for terrier, for about six months now and I'm happy with it's results. Dex has had bad smelling breath before I started using this product. Now, it's much better. And I see that the plaque on his canines has diminished. I think if you this from day one with a new puppy you might avoid expensive cleanings.

    Your dogs need to rinse too by jane06/22/2013

    My dog looks forward to her squirt every nite!

    It is hard to use by RuffieZ06/11/2012

    I used it on my cat, but she did not like it. I don't know how well it can clean up her teeth. I felt that the liquid just went right out of her mouth.

    Product fine-Delivery Terrible by JB01/09/2012

    The product was fine as expected. The handling and shipping was terrible. I specified and was charged for 2-3 day delivery, but It was five days before the product was shipped and the shipping took14 days thanks to the carrier Newgistics.

    My dogs love it and it works by WhateverLolaWants10/21/2011

    I've tried numerous dog dental products and this has worked the best by far. I put a small amount in a saucer and use cotton swabs to apply it to my Yorkies' teeth and gums daily. They think it's great and their Vet gave compliments on their teeth at their annual check-up last week. Just make it a part of your daily routine and reduce cleanings done under anesthesia.

    An alternative to tooth brushing by Peregrine from Vermont04/21/2013

    My 10-y.o. moyen poodle used to keep his teeth clean himself, abrading them by vigorous tough-toy-chewing. Nowadays, he has slowed down a little, isn't doing the real aggressive toy-chewing... result: slight mouth odor. Brushing his teeth (particularly because he is missing two teeth) is about the last thing I wish to do in life. So I was delighted to find this product by Virbac -- a good company, I use their ear cleaner. Just started using it, great results.

    Trying it Out by Patti from Michigan from Michigan07/28/2012

    Have been using this in a fountain for my 3 cats! It was recommended by my vet after surgical cleaning on 2 of cats. They are drinking and seem to like it....I figure every little bit helps since they refuse to let me brush their teeth!!!

    Love, Love it, Love it. by alizpup from Athens, GA03/05/2014

    My two dogs beg for the rinse because it tastes so good. It works as stated as well. Been using this item for several years and the boys never tire of their nightly dose. I recommend this rinse highly.

    dog-friendly by amiga12/15/2013

    What a great follow-up to brushing the dogs' teeth. They love it too. When I say, "Let's have some juice," they start licking their chops!

    Professional Product by MALTESEMOMMY from Everywhere, USA11/12/2011

    Recommended by our vet. Best price. Easy to use. I use it every day, except on Tuesday, when I use Oravet. I brush my 2 Maltese' teeth every day.

    CET Rinse by chill08/07/2012

    I just ordered 2 more bottles with special instructions to make sure they were well sealed before shipping and they were. My dogs love this rinse and always come running for it after their nightly meals.

    Good for simple dental hygiene by Catlady04/28/2013

    We got this at the recommendation of our vet. The angled squirt thingy makes it easy to squirt the solution onto the back molars. Good for helping to keep the teeth in good shape in between regular dental cleanings--reduces our cat's stinky breath.

    works great! by rydersmom from Charlottesville, Va08/17/2014

    I recently began using this on my dog who had his last dental cleaning in 2008. I am embarrassed to say that I did not stay on top of his oral hygiene and I thought we would need to have him go under anesthesia for a real cleaning. I really did not think he would cooperate with me, but he seems to actually enjoy me using a gauze pad and rubbing on his teeth. After 3 days of doing this, the plaque began scraping away and much improved breath! I think we will be graduating to a toothbrush very soon!

    fantastic product by cruise momma from North Carolina03/07/2012

    this is the easiest way to take care of your pups teeth. I have three large dogs and after breakfast they wait for their morning rinse. just squirt a little around their mouth and the daily cleaning is done. this was recommended by our vet and I must say I was totally amazed how I could see the difference in a short period of time.

    Great oral hygeine aid by Nana Tanya11/27/2012

    I use this rinse after brushing my two poodle's teeth and it has helped clean their teeth and gums. I feel it helps kill the bacteria left behind especially on the back teeth. I put some on a small sponge (makeup type) and rub gently into the back teeth and gums. The breath odor is improving and the slim on the gums and teeth. I highly recommend this rinse.

    by from 04/09/2012

    This is more like a rinse on the days I'm in a super hurry or used after brushing.

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    Overcharged by vet by VickiG10/28/2013

    My vet recommended this for my 15 yr. old pomeranian. I'm afraid to have him knocked out for a dental cleaning at his age.Plus he has an enlarged heart. Works great along with the C.E.T. toothpaste. Just make sure you buy it from Entirely Pets, my vet charged way too much.

    Vet Recommended by doxie from NC12/18/2012

    Recommended by my vet several years ago to avoid plaque buildup for my 2 dogs and I have not had to have their teeth cleaned by vet since using this along with occasional brushing. My dogs line up after dinner for their mouth squirt!

    Helps eliminate bad breath by semfan03/30/2013

    I have been using this product for my pug twice daily in conjunction with the CET Beef flavored tarter control toothpaste and it works great. What a difference in her breath.

    by dog lady from los angeles08/09/2014

    I still have a problem with the bottle leaking when the nozzle is attached.

    by Louise03/15/2014

    I cannot review this item because I have not received it. It was ordered about 2 months ago and has been on backorder, with no estimate of when the order will be filled.

    Great product by zielinam11/08/2012

    Works great. Like mouthwash for doggies. Keeps teeth clean and gingivitis at bay.

    Great to keep dental problems at bay! by ACZ from Apex, NC09/06/2012

    I use this every night on both dog's teeth. It has kept both of them from having gingivitis and was great while both were recovering from oral surgery. Just be sure to not poke the gums with the spout. I use my finger as a guide along their gums so even if they move you won't poke their gums.

    Great Product by Lancelot from Denver, CO03/07/2014

    Regular use of the CET Oral Hygiene Rinse coupled with brushing really helps minimize tarter buildup.

    Miracle juice by GearGal from Pasadena, CA10/02/2013

    This oral rinse is a miracle in a bottle. It's easy to use, highly effective and won't break the bank. I'll be using this stuff on my dogs for as long as they make it. Get some for your dog(s). You won't be sorry.


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