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    Hide A Squirrel - LARGE

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    will challenge and entertain pets for hours! Designed to keep your pets occupied and eliminates boredom. It is a puzzle plush hide n' seek toy. Comes with three squeaking squirrels

  • Keeps pets occupied and eliminates boredom
  • Durable long lasting
  • Place Squeaker squirrels inside tree for your dog to remove over and over again.
  • Develops your dog's intelligence and puzzle solving skills.
  • Trunk measures 6.5"w 7.5"h 6.5"d
  • Each squirrel measures 8"
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    BEST TOY THERE IS by Gcoul from Bowling Green, KY10/23/2012

    My friend's little dog had this toy. My yorkie just loved it! I got her one. There is nothing to compare to it! She loved for me to put the squirrels inside the squirrel house and her get them out. We are not on our fourth one. She plays with it all the time. If you love your little dog, you must get her one of these! She will love it and love you for getting it for him.

    Great toy by Irv from Chilliwack, BC, Canada07/15/2014

    My dogs (Beagles) love this toy. It is durable and they just love "digging out" the squirrels from the "tree trunk". In fact, we purchased a second "Hide-A-Squirrel" for them so that more of our dogs could enjoy them.

    1st Rate by Sandy01/19/2012

    Ordered for a pair of Shih-Poos who just love this toy. They have played with it daily since it arrived.

    Fun toy by Anita H from Ohio12/29/2012

    My mini schnauzer loves this toy! I had purchased two last Christmas, but I gave them away as gifts. Gretta was so sad, but now that she has her own, she is happily shaking out and pulling out the chipmunks over and over again.

    Good toy! by Scooters Mom from Phoenix, AZ01/14/2013

    My dog really loved this. He went crazy taking the squirrels out and couldn't wait for me to put them back in, BUT he ate the squirrels apart in no time ( and he's only 15 lbs). He still throws the tree trunk around though!

    Excellent Toy! by MJ from Colorado08/01/2013

    My dog loves these! I got them because my daughter's dogs love them. They're well made and hold up very well.

    My Pup's Favorite Play Thing by debinsky2 from New Holland, PA07/13/2014

    This Hide-A-Squirrel is my pups favorite toy. In fact, this is his second one. The first wore out after two years of play. He loves to bring the squirrels to us one at a time to stuff into the tree, and he plays for hours.

    Greatest toy for hiding treats by JosieJose11/09/2011

    Our dog loves this toy! We use it to hide treats inside of it when we leave the house. We stuff other small toys inside of it as well as the small squirrels and it is a challenge for her to pull out all of the toys and find the treats. She hasn't chewed up any of the little squirrels and she loves squeezing them and making them squeak.

    Dogs LOVE this toy by Jenster03/02/2010

    My three dogs (2 retrievers and a lhasa) LOVE the squirrels. We have had this toy for 3 years, and it is is the only stuffed animal toy they have not completely destroyed. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5, because the treehouse part of it was torn to pieces within a month of buying it, but the squirrels are extremely durable, and the dogs love the "squeak" they make when they munch on them.

    Pup loves it but chewed the squirrels a***s off! by chlte10/22/2012

    My 8-month pup really enjoys playing with this toy! But with this toy, I learned that she loves to chew up stuffed things to get the stuffing out. It seems she started with these squirrels and then worked her way around to chewing the stuffing out of anything else. So now I use the tree to put some un-stuffed toys in - she picks it up and tosses it around. When she gets older, I can give her another shot at the squirrels - after I sew up the back sides and reattach the tails.

    Not for large breeds by Ridgebacker03/12/2014

    It took my Rhodesian Ridgeback 5 minutes to kill all the squeakers and a day to finally swallow a squirrel. I've never had him actually eat a toy so this was a surprise. Other than that little mishap he really loved pulling them out and shaking the whole tree while they were in there. Unfortunately I don't want to forget to pick one up one day and him swallow another squirrel and have to try to pass it or worse....

    Dogs love it by Wendy from Sydney01/01/2013

    I bought a second one - my dogs love it. Even without the squirrels they love throwing it around.

    best product by sandy from korea07/24/2014

    amaizing this. my dog is dalma dalmatian is very happy. but very thin.

    hide a squirrel toy is wonderful by nae from colo.01/01/2013

    my dog plays with it all the time and loves it. taking the squirrels out every time i put them inside the tree :) good price and investment.

    Great for little dogs by Karen11/10/2012

    I only have to get a new set when the big dog has gotten ahold of it. My shitzu loves it and likes me to stuff them back in the tree so he can dig them out. My moms Maltese has had the same set for years and its still his favorite!

    Large Hide-a-squirrel by Lynn from Providence, RI04/14/2012

    Our puppy loves this toy. He enjoys the challenge of pulling the squirrels out of their soft "house" and then he runs outside with each one, one at a time. He puts them in a pile and plays with them. At the end of the day, I refill the "house" with the 3 squirrels, so the game can start over again the next morning. I will definitely replace this toy with a new one when this one is no longer identifiable.

    Love watching dog play with this toy! by Melanie11/08/2012

    Lacey, my 75-lb. Rotti mix, absolutely loves this toy! It is so much fun to watch her play with it. She absolutely hates when the squirrels are in the tree. She figured it out fast and gets the squirrels out quickly but then just jams her snout in looking for more. The squeaker on one squirrel broke within minutes but the other 2 still work great. Hopefully, she doesn't destroy this time for a long time.

    So funny by Missy02/01/2013

    I love this- my dog even gets the squirrels out of it- so funny!

    best toy purchased yet by fiveduece from Indiana01/27/2012

    siberian husky plays with her squirrel more than any other toy she has. She picked up on getting the squirrels out of the holder very quicky. Would highly recommend for hours of entertainment for the dog and yourself.

    Fun toy by Kaylee's Mom from Strongsville, Ohio12/17/2012

    The squirrel tree was hidden in a box in a closet waiting to be wrapped as a Christmas present for my Elkhound Mix. Apparently she didn't want to wait for Xmas because I came home from work and she proudly showed off her new toy! She loves pulling the squirrels out of the tree house or just parading around with the whole treehouse in her mouth! Great Toy!

    Hide a Squirrel by Danny & Kat04/23/2008

    My dog Honey got this toy not even in 5 mins was playing with it like crazy. It is the best toy ever! She loves sticking her nose in the toy to get a squirel out or shake it around.

    Hide A Squirrel by Cindy04/25/2008

    My dog loves this toy. She learned to get all of the "squirrels" out very quickly and we play over and over.

    dog likes it... by sarah06/11/2008

    my dog can get the squirrels, or really chipmunks, out in 2 sec's other than that, it is super cute, and glad i got it! :)

    Lots of fun! by Linda01/23/2009

    My dog loves this toy. He brings me the "tree trunk" and then one by one brings me the squirrels so I can "hide" them again. The squirrels have squeakers so he loves that too. It really is a fun interactive toy and very unique.

    Fabulous toy by Buddy from New Jersey06/03/2013

    This is a great toy. Buddy, a large lab plays with this very gently. He takes out the squirrels and carries them around hiding them and when we put them back in, he starts all over. Never tries to destroy as he does so many others. Keeps him busy and thinking.

    So cute! by Wendy06/19/2012

    I almost think I enjoy this toy more than her! It is well made. She figured out how to get the squirrels out quickly but is happy to do it over and over. She loves throwing around the empty tree trunk as well.

    by from 12/30/2013

    Purchased the Large Hide a Squirrel (and extra 3 pack of squirrels). Wonderful price and product.

    my by dogs from LOVEAll


    the by dogs from andEntertaining


    Dania Mial by Michigan from Highly

    Wonderful fun

    Little Faith loves it by Gitanjali from India05/03/2013

    She had a 'hide a bee' before this and she eventually tore the 'bee hive' so I threw that away. For a change I bought the Hide a squirrel as the replacement, she loves playing with this too.

    fun toy by Junebug from Pasadena, MD06/11/2012

    My puggle loves this toy. She has a blast getting the squirrels out of their home especially if I put a treat in there for her to find also. It is great to watch her figuring it out.

    She loves it. by Maryanne07/02/2011

    Jasmine loves this toy. She likes to squeak the squirrels and whip them by their tails. She carries the trunk around and sticks her nose in to get the squirrels. Best toy I have every bought for her.

    Fabulous! by Wile E. from NE Texas12/29/2012

    Our Westie's favorite toy. She works hard to get the suirrels out, then waits for us to pack them back in. Such a great toy, we bought a spare. As much as she plays with this, we want a backup. A great bargain, too!

    Best toy I've ever bought by cam from Magnolia, Texas01/23/2014

    My 1 yr. old Dachshund loves this toy. He wants to play with it continuously. I have to put it away so he can get some rest. I guess it's because of his hunting instincts.

    great by sanddy05/11/2014

    my dog is dalmatian. very very interesting. lovely doll. thank u entirelypets.

    Great purchase by Dog owner from Michigan04/29/2014

    Good game for when you're trying to keep the dogs entertained in the house. When I find squirrels laying around the house, I just stuff them back into the tree. We've been through a set of squirrels already - one of our dogs tore the stuffing out of them. That hasn't happened to the replacement squirrels yet. If it does, I'm going to restuff and sew them up. The other dog just likes to get them out and toss/carry them around the house.

    Hide-A-Squirrel - Large by Pattie from North Attleboro, MA07/30/2012

    Our 11-mo. old puppy Kongo (Shorkie) loves his Hide-A-Squirrel.....but he has already bitten one of the ears off, his favorite part of the squirrel. Not only does he like the squirrels, but he likes to put his head in the tree trunk. I am glad that I got the large even though Kongo is considered a small dog (12 lbs.). I think anything smaller would have been too small.

    Entertaining toy by Mluvnlife from Des Moines, Iowa02/05/2014

    My small dog really likes this toy...trying to "dig" the squirrels" out of the tree stump and just playing with the squirrels....I have bought extra packs of squirrels to keep on hand, as he loves them to play fetch with and to squeak them. My brothers dog also loves these and so do my sisters dogs...for the same reasons...they are entertaining for you and your dog!

    Lots of fun by Clark10/23/2012

    My pup loves finding the squirrels and playing with each one.

    Hide-A-Squirrel by bkgam01/24/2012

    This is my (large) llasa-apso's favorite toy. She is 12 years old and this is the third time I had to buy the toy because she played with them so much during her entire life they absolutely had to be replaced. They are well made, like I said she had each one for about 6 years each. They really look like chipmunks so she runs to the "chippy" as soon as I say the word. As soon as it is purchased, place the three animals in a dirty pile of laundry for a few hours then put them in the "tree trunk". It is truly an interactive toy for your dog and they squeak of course which adds to their delight. The other big pet supply store stopped selling them and I could not find the product in time for Christmas for my dog so I purchased something else. I don't know how lucky I was that Entireley Pets came onto my computer, I had no idea it existed as yet but I searched "Hide-A-Squirrel" and they amazingly had it. I am extremely pleased that my old dog can be happy in her "twilight" years with this toy, it really is making her act young again!

    2 Paws WAY Up by Hugenaturelover from Alaska09/20/2013

    I bought this years ago and my one dog (who thinks he's an alpha wolf) LOVE it, to this day it is by far his favorite toy!

    hide a squirrel by leavemy from cincinnati, ohio12/18/2012

    My dog loves thisoy, it keeps her busy for a few hours at a time.

    by Christina12/08/2014

    My little 8 lbs. dog chewed the tuff of hair off of the first squirrel's head the first time he met him! He likes the squeaky toy. It's a good size for him, but he seems bored a minute after he pulls out the squirrel. Maybe if I put other things inside and play with him more, he'll take an interest and play more on his own. It's only the first day. So, we'll see.

    Great design and sturdy by Judy from Brisbane, Australia04/10/2013

    I love watching Max take the squirrels out of the tree and watch him bury his nose in the tree stump. He loves the soft fabric on his face.

    every dogs favorite toy by honey01/16/2015

    This is the favorite of every dog that visits our home..It is always their first choice Favorite toy of every dog that visits our home

    by nonickname from Albany, NY12/08/2012

    Dog likes to play with it. Once he's gotten the squirrels out, he plays with the tree stump. It's not too big for a 15 lb. dog. Only problem is that it is too easy to get the squirrels out, so he doesn't have to spend a lot of time on the puzzle.

    So much fun by Jackrabbit from Northern California10/31/2012

    This wasn't a great puppy toy, as it got deconstructed fairly quickly, but now that she's a big girl, she's completely interested in the mechanics of it, just like previous dogs. I miss the bird house that has been discontinued, but we'll sure give the beehive a try, and probably hide the Skinneeez stuffing free pink flamingo in that one too. I'm sure she thinks we need to go back to school.

    Sammy loves it!!! by Sammy's mom from Kingsburg, CA02/27/2013

    Sammy loves all of the little sweaky squirels and it took him no time to figure out how to get them all out of their treehouse. Sammy even plays with the treehouse. Great toy to keep him occupied.

    The dogs loved it,wish it was better made. by roxysmama from Oregon12/17/2012

    All 3 of my dogs love this. Unfortunately all 3 squirrels either had split seams when they got here or the seams split open within a few minutes. It would be great if they could reinforce the stitching and use a better quality material. I stuffed some other toys into it and the dogs had fun getting them out also.

    Fun toy by Indy63 from Minnesota01/01/2013

    My 3 dogs are all loving this toy. Fun for them to squeak the squirrels and we also stick other toys inside the tree to keep them entertained.

    So Entertaining by Curly & Minu from West Garden Grove, CA02/17/2014

    My Cavalier King Charles Spaniels love pulling the squirrels out to play with them. They will carry the squirrels in their mouths squeeking them like crazy, and other times they carry the house itself. This is a wonderful interactive toy.

    durable, adorable, amusing by didsx3 from saint louis, mo03/14/2014

    my puppy quickly figured out the goal was to get the squirrels out and squeak them. I was worried she would just attack the outer tree part but she knows to go into the holes and get the critters out. Extremely well made, especially for 8$. LOVE IT

    Hide a Squirrel by Moon01/18/2013

    I bought this as a gift for my Dad's dog for Christmas as a cute gift because she has a particular interest in squirrels. The only problem I had with it was that it was much smaller than I expected considering I ordered the large size. This is a fun toy but is definitely for smaller breeds.

    Love It! by murffski from Florida04/19/2012

    Great idea. My dog loves it! We have a lot of fun playing with and hiding the squirrels. I purchased the Large, because there was no smaller size available; it was not as "Large" as I thought it would be, which is fine because I have a small dog (12 lbs.) and the Large size is a Perfect size for him.

    small by jay12/09/2011

    Alot smaller then it was in the picture. And I mean alot smaller


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