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Hi-Vite Drops (1 oz.)

Item Number: HIVITE
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Humans arenít the only creatures that can benefit from vitamin supplements. Everybody knows regular processed food doesnít include everything a person needs for a good diet, and both cat and dog foods are in the same boat. However, with a vitamin supplement like Hi-Vite Drops, cat and dog owners can make sure their furry loved one has everything it needs for a proper, complete diet. Hi-Vite Drops can be served to adult dogs and cats as well as kittens and puppies. The dosage simply needs to be reduced for the size and age of the animal.

Hi-Vite Drops provide a complement of Vitamin A, D, and E, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Iron, and other essential minerals and dietary needs. With a daily dosage your cat or dogís diet will be complete, regardless of whatís included in his/her main meal of dry or wet pet food.

Entirelypets.com regularly stocks Hi-Vite Drops in a convenient and easy-to-use container with a built in delivery dropper. Regardless of the age of your pet, you will have no problem providing your pet a daily dose.

Customer Reviews

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4.83 rating based on 35 reviews
by from 06/15/2011

We live in the country and we have a stray cat that started coming around and he looked so scrawny and frail. I started feeding him good food and then I also found this Hi-Vite Drops on your website and decided to give them a try. You should see the difference they have made in the looks of this stray cat. We call him Rags because he did look rather ragged when we first started feeding him, but he looks wonderful now! His hair is shiny and he has put on weight. I will continue to give him this as long as he keeps coming around. Thanks,

Country Girl by from Country

Really makes a difference!

by anne04/18/2013

my dogs actually don't turn their nose up at this vitamin supplement

by Judy04/06/2012

Very palatable. Just put it on canned food. They love it. I add a little water to thin it out.

by from 01/25/2012

As the President of an animal rescue that specializes in special needs, senior and injured animals we use a lot of this product.

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by from 10/25/2011

Hi-Vite Drops was recommended by my vet years ago when my dog was having skin problems.

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Great buy! by yn17071 from Shelbyville, TN11/29/2011

I tried these on a suggestion from my sister. I've been giving them to my 13 year old Great Pyrenees. She acts like a puppy again!! Not sure what's in these, but I'll keep giving them to her because I can definitely tell a big difference in the way she feels!

Vitamins by AMAZING GRACE from North Las Vegas, Nv11/17/2012

I had ordered the vitamins from you before with my first SHELTIE, he passed and now I have two more and they are on the same vitamins. I have no problem with any products from you that is why I have come back after retaining my two new SHELTIE'S..

Maximize Your Pets Health by Annette from Amesbury, MA02/11/2013

This is an amazing vitamin. Our 15 year old cat lost half her body weight before it was discovered she had a thyroid problem. The thyroid meds stabilized her but she still needed to put on weight. Finding the right soft food she liked helped but the Hi-Vite drops are what truly made the difference. Thank you, Hi-Vite!

Vitamin Bargain by Skew06/18/2012

We've been buying this vitamin supplement from our local vet for two years. When I saw the same thing on your website, I purchased it. I will saving a considerable amount of money for the same product using your website from now on. Thank you!

Awesome Medicine for Dogs with Liver ailment by Perrito#1 from Northern Virginia11/10/2011

Our Min Pin Max has had chronic pancreatitis for several years - a condition that is potentially fatal and often very difficult to treat. However, our vet has prescribed an amazing cocktail of vitamins, supplements and medication that has not only helped him to live longer, it has made him strong and healthy and at age 16 Max has the energy level of a much younger dog. Hi-Vite is one of the supplements that he takes twice a day and it is essential to protect the liver and pancreas and support their functioning in dogs whose organs are not working properly. these medicines, combined with a low-fat diet and exercise have helped to give Max a new lease on life. We LOVE Hi-Vite!

Excellent Product by barbd01/10/2011

My 18 year old cat, Daisy, was diagnosed with liver cancer last month. I took her home from the hospital so she can live her last days comfortably with me. My vet gave me Hi-Vite drops and they are making a HUGE difference. I skipped giving them to her for two days, and during those two days her health seemed to decline. I started giving the vitamins to her again and she is back to eating a lot, running around, etc. It seems crazy that a vitamin could do this, but it's working. Maybe it's the iron. All I know is it's helping and I would highly recommend!!

easy administration by Dan06/24/2013

My 18 yr old cat requires a liver vitamin supplement and she takes this in her food daily with no problem.

My dog leaps for this by Marizee from GA04/17/2013

My neighbor was taking care of my dog for a few days. I told her to be prepared for her to jump for her vitamins. When I arrived home my neighbor said you mean, "She literally flies for it"

by from 01/08/2013

Really happy I found this! I'm an avid vitamin and probiotic supplement taker and believe in the power of them very much. When I saw 2 of my kittie's fur looking, "bleh", I thought to myself, "Why of course! Kitties and doggies need vitamins, too! Why didn't I think of that sooner for them?"

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Easy Great Vitamin Supplement by Dog's Best Friend06/07/2012

I use these every day half strength on top of my dogs food. SHe loves the taste and her coat, which is thick and black, is even shinier and deeper black than ever. This is easy product to use and at an excellent price.

Not so sure about this stuff - smells bad by Valia from Chicagoland area05/01/2013

Only 2 out our 5 cats will eat their wet if this stuff is in it. It does smell bad. A shame. I will continue to grind up vitamin pills that they don't mind.

by southaustinative from Austin, TX03/18/2013

Excellent product. I was recently told that my senior cat is anemic, and this vitamin, high iron supplement has made him feel much better.

by from 05/12/2009

Missie, our dog, acts like Hi-Vite drops our the best thing ever. She sits patiently and then runs and jumps for them.

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by from 04/25/2009

My 7 year old kitty was not eating much and now she eats well. She loves the taste of these vitamins drops and the Barley Cat herbal greens. So do my other 2 kitties age 8 months and 10 months - Star, Gabby and Maggy respectively.

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Wow It Works ! by Cindy03/31/2009

My Cat was not eating his food. He would just lick the juice from his food and walk away. We tried every name brand and flavor they made. The Vet told me to give him vitamins. I gave him this vitamin and he is eating a lot better. He likes the taste. I'm back to order another bottle.

Love these vitamins by Dog Lover from Lakeland, TN03/22/2012

My yorki poo has been sick for awhile with what the doctor think is Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Haven't gotten the tests results back to know for sure. She became very lethargic and wouldn't eat. I started giving her these vitamins and she started perking up with more energy and eating good again. She is a picky eater but they must taste good because when she sees me with them, she runs to me and always want more. Would definitely recommend these.

use by alfred papillon01/27/2009

excellent product even though my dog does not like the taste.

Hi-Vita helps vitamin deficient 18 yr cat by Lee Colby08/30/2009

Our cat Sophie was low on iron three years ago and we started her on Hi-Vie Drops. She responded al,most instantly and has continued to be a loving member of our family.

Hi-Vite drops work by Julien08/10/2009

Peta, our beloved cat has contracted feline Leukemia from the shots. She very quickly went from healthy happy 10 pounder to a weight of 2 pounds. The Vet said take her home to die nothing more they can do. We could not give up on her. We found Hi-Vite drops as a possible help. It is now two years later and she weights 12 pounds and is full of energy and life. We also have a diet containing lots of liver and beef. I believe Hi- Vite drops and God saved her life. Thank you to both!

HI VITE DROPS by Norma05/04/2013

my dogs just love them-and i can tell the difference in them when i run out.

Hi-Vite Drops - worth the money by Lynn from Ventura, CA03/05/2013

Definitely improved the skin, coat, eyes, and joint mobility of my Dachshund and Maltese. The dosing is easy with the liquid dropper. Just don't put it in the refrigerator, it makes the viscosity too thick. I mix it with the dog's food and they never even noticed it was added. I will keep using Hi-Vite drops, they made a noticeable improvement in my dogs' health.

Great vitamins by Jim from Raleigh, NC01/26/2013

The cat loves them. Just a drop on her evening meal.

by Kitty Karegiver12/07/2012

Easy to add to canned cat food,good supplement for older cats

Iron deficient cats by Lee Colby03/31/2008

Our sedentary cat was at least 15 years old when a routine examination revealed that she was iron deficient. The vet prescribed Hi-Vite drops and we could get them everywhere. No local pet store stocked them so we bought several bottles from EntirelyPets.com, their service was prompt and we are on the third shipment. Now the cat 'plays' with our Miniature Schnauzer and races through the house.

Great Stuff! by Beth from Clements, Maryland05/30/2012

My dogs love this gravy-flavored vitamin mix. I give the drops to my geriatric dog Daisy and it really seems to make a difference in how she feels. She was a rescue dog and is estimated to be between 12 and 15 years old.I've bought Hi-Vite for years now, and plan to keep using it.

Hi-Vite Drops (1 oz.) Dr. recommended by Yorkie Mama from Alabama07/20/2012

Good product, recommended by Vet. Cheaper than at Vet's office

HI - VITE Drops by Deb from Henderson, NV10/23/2012

My Sweet Pug loves HI-VITE Drops - she happily enjoys it straight from the Dropper or as a topping mixed in with her morning meal! She is such a joy!!

Excellent vitamins by tam10/28/2012

Hi-Vite Drops were recommended by my vet. I was able to find them cheaper online. I just mix them with my furkids' food. The only problem that I had with my order is that one of the bottles arrived completely shattered and the drops, which are very sticky, leaked over everything in my order creating a mess. Entirely Pets appologized for the problem and agreed to send a new bottle.

Terrific vitamins! by AggieB from Burlington, NC11/19/2012

My vet recommended Hi-Vite Vitamins for my cat who was diagnosed with Leukemia along with a regimen of meds. He has more than outlived our expectations - he has thrived. His energy level has improved measurably and his coat and eyes are wonderfully healthy-looking. He loves the flavor of Hi-Vite and I've started giving Hi-Vite to all my cats. Their energy and appearance have improved, too. Thanks for this terrific product!

Better than other I used. by Marie from North Las Vegas, Nevada12/15/2010

I did not think they had liquid vitamins for pets until I inquired at Entirely Pets. I used to give my Sheltie vitamin tablets he would not chew them with Hi Vite Drops he is eager to take his vitamins. Thank You Entirely Pets..


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NASC Certified

This product has met all of the stringent quality and safety standards set by the NASC.

The NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) is a non-profit self regulatory group that set specific guidelines to which manufactures must strictly adhere.

This seal is meant to minimize risk by providing an easy way of communicating to consumers that a product and its manufacturer meet particular standards of quality, customer safety and service.

Those products that have the seal for NASC Quality and Safety standards have been strictly audited and were determined as meeting the following criteria:

  • Consistent manufacturing quality control
  • A system for evaluating complaints and adverse events
  • Clear and accurate labels compliant with codes and restrictions for all forms of labeling
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