Vita Flex Horse Supplements

Vita Flex Horse Supplements - Equine supplements to maintain your horse's joints and overall health. Vita Flex increases your horse's performance and helps your horse lead a long healthy life.

Vita Flex MSM (1 lb)
Vita Flex MSM (1 lb)

($12.99)  $9.99
Accel (5 lb)
Accel (5 lb)

($25.67)  $22.99
Pure Lysine (4 lb)
Pure Lysine (4 lb)

($25.64)  $23.99
Vita Flex Accel (10 lbs )
Vita Flex Accel (10 lbs )

($68.99)  $52.69
Vita Flex MSM (10 lbs)
Vita Flex MSM (10 lbs)

($87.99)  $67.39
HylaMotion Gel
HylaMotion Gel

($9.54)  $7.99
Try Bonies Dental Bones - Hip & joint FormulaVita Flex MSM is a natural lubricant for joint and hip supplement. Vita Flex MSM is an ultra pure methylsulfonylmethane supplement for horses. These odorless, white crystalline, are easy to give to your horse. Vita Flex MSM can also be given to dogs and cats in smaller doses. It is recommended for the support and maintenance of healthy hips and joints.

Active Ingredents : Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) 99.8% Pure………….9,430 mg.

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Featured Reviews for Vita Flex MSM (1 lb)
vitaflex by ulla06/18/2012

tried this on my cat who is having problems with artritis and she is now moving better and seems more playful. she is 15 years old.

Featured Reviews for Accel (5 lb)
Recommended by my vet by Lynn11/28/2012

My mare of 22 yrs was becoming lethargic. Vet recommended we try this product in case she needed something extra she was not getting from her hay and grain mix. She was found to have some slight anemia. After using this product for several weeks, she came back to her usual bright-eyed self! I have had her on a maintenance dose of 1 scoop per day ever since and she seems to be doing very well, great improvement.

Great product and best price ever! by mjhtenwick from Florida03/22/2013

This multivitamin supplement for horses really helps my horse's coat to appear shiny and healthy. I always use it on all my horses.

Improves condition of coat. by MJ Tenwick from Fort Myers, Florida05/29/2012

I have used this product for many years with success on many different horses. There was a noticable improvement in my horse's coat when I first started using Accel. My horse's coat is soft, shiny, and in wonderful condition. He also loves the taste of it and licks his feed tub clean every time!

Featured Reviews for Pure Lysine (4 lb)
good product good price by Appy girl06/18/2012

I was pleased with the product and the speed in which it was delivered

good product by CRElayne from Cedar Rapids, IA12/10/2013

Much more cost effective than l-lysine specially made for cats. I'm mixing this into canned food and it doesn't seem to affect the taste.

Something to Boost your Pets Immune System by oneeye27 from Marysville, WA09/15/2014

I've been giving Lysine to my cats & dog for over two years. Recommended by a friend who runs a cat sanctuary I tried it. Have found that my cats seem to be healthier & less susceptible to eye, allergy & skin problems. For a healthy pet I would strongly recommend you provide this important immune booster to them.

Lysine by Wrightonranch from Washington11/20/2012

Very fast service and seems like a good price-thanks!

Best Bang for the Buck by Maggie Z11/07/2012

Best price I have found for Lyzine. Plus the flat rate shipping is awesome!

Excellant Product by cathy from Amelia, Ohio11/13/2011

I run a cattery and the cats absolutely love the taste. I don't use as much of the l-lysine for horses as I would of the cat l-lysine. Thats also a good thing less l-lysine but the same effects. The taste is apparently very appealling to the cats as they ate it like it was the best stuff around.

Pure Lysine by schatzi from Chugiak, Alaska05/17/2014

Good price for lysine; one bucket lasts quite a while even with two horses.

Product as expected by Dogrunner02/02/2012

Ordered Pure Lysine due to a hoof issue. Vita flex has always made good products. Only issue I had was the length of time it took for product to arrive

Lysine by Sundance from Ellicott City, MD07/31/2013

Lysine is one of the 20 amino acids essential to horses, but often is the most deficient in their diets due to its inadequate levels in commonly-fed cereal grains. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, which form muscle, enzymes, and hormones throughout the body. Horses can only use them if all essential amino acids are present at sufficient levels. A plus with this item is it helps muscle development. I use this as alternative to numerous shots. Purchasing through Entirely Pets saved me money.

Lysine Important for 56 Rescue Cats & Dog by Catsdughi from Havana, Florida12/19/2012

I have been buying Lysine for about 15 years now for my Rescue Cats & Dogs. I use it every day on their food. When I took in 15 kittens 2 years ago they came with FIP and the one thing the vet kept saying is make sure they have lots of Lysine. I kept telling her I buy it by the 4lb bucket and use it daily. We saved 13 of the 15 kittens. Yes I recommend it very highly. Laurie

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