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Hot Spots

Hot SpotsHot spots are surface skin infections caused when populations of normal skin bacteria grow and overwhelm normal resistance. They are generally circular patches that lose hair, can be swollen, may exude a smelly pus, and can be painfully itchy, causing your pet to scratch, lick, or bite to the point of self-mutilation. Untreated hot spots can spread and provoke a normally even-tempered dog to growl or nip when touched.

Dechra MalAcetic Wet Wipes (25 count)
Dechra MalAcetic Wet Wipes (25 count)

($15.99)  $11.99
BiologicVet BioSkin & Coat for Dogs (14 oz)
BiologicVet BioSkin & Coat for Dogs (14 oz)

($39.99)  $21.99
Calm Coat Dog Grooming Kit
Calm Coat Dog Grooming Kit

($31.96)  $24.50
CALM COAT Natural Topical Spray (4 oz)
CALM COAT Natural Topical Spray (4 oz)

($13.99)  $10.79
DECHRA DermaBenSS Shampoo (12oz)
DECHRA DermaBenSS Shampoo (12oz)

($12.99)  $11.99
DermaPet Malacetic Spray Conditioner (16oz)
DermaPet Malacetic Spray Conditioner (16oz)

($20.99)  $15.99
DermaPet Malacetic Spray Conditioner (8oz)
DermaPet Malacetic Spray Conditioner (8oz)

($11.99)  $8.99
DECHRA Malacetic Wet Wipe Dry Bath (100 count)
DECHRA Malacetic Wet Wipe Dry Bath (100 count)

($24.99)  $18.99
Earthbath Hot Spot & Itch Relief Tea Tree Oil (8 fl oz)
Earthbath Hot Spot & Itch Relief Tea Tree Oil (8 fl oz)

($10.99)  $7.99
Earthbath Tea Tree Oil & Aloe Vera Shampoo (16 fl. oz.)
Earthbath Tea Tree Oil & Aloe Vera Shampoo (16 fl. oz.)

($12.99)  $9.99
EMT First Aid Spray (1 oz)
EMT First Aid Spray (1 oz)

($18.50)  $13.99
Epi-Pet Lavender Skin Treatment Spray (16 oz)
Epi-Pet Lavender Skin Treatment Spray (16 oz)

($32.50)  $24.99
GreenTree Septiderm-V Skin Care Bath (16 oz.)
GreenTree Septiderm-V Skin Care Bath (16 oz.)

($9.99)  $7.49
John Paul Pet Tea Tree Treatment Shampoo (16 oz)
John Paul Pet Tea Tree Treatment Shampoo (16 oz)

($13.99)  $8.79

Vet's Best Hot Spot Spray For Dogs and Puppies (16 oz)
Vet's Best Hot Spot Spray For Dogs and Puppies (16 oz)

($15.99)  $12.99
Vitasone Spray with Hydrocortisone .5%
Vitasone Spray with Hydrocortisone .5%


Vet's Best Hot Spot Shampoo (16 fl oz)
Vet's Best Hot Spot Shampoo (16 fl oz)

($20.99)  $10.99
Allergy Hot Spot Foam (8 oz)
Allergy Hot Spot Foam (8 oz)

($12.99)  $10.49
Vet's Best Hot Spot Spray For Dogs and Puppies (8 oz)
Vet's Best Hot Spot Spray For Dogs and Puppies (8 oz)

($11.39)  $7.13
AllAccem CutoGuard Dermatology Bandage
AllAccem CutoGuard Dermatology Bandage

($58.99)  $44.99
NaturVet Bitter YUCK! No Chew Spray (32 oz)
NaturVet Bitter YUCK! No Chew Spray (32 oz)

($16.99)  $11.99
Vet Classics Yuck! No Chew Spray (8 oz)
Vet Classics Yuck! No Chew Spray (8 oz)

($9.99)  $7.39
SENTRY Hot Spot Skin Remedy for Dogs (4 oz)
SENTRY Hot Spot Skin Remedy for Dogs (4 oz)

($6.99)  $4.99
DERMagic Hot Spot Salve (2 oz)
DERMagic Hot Spot Salve (2 oz)

($15.99)  $12.79
DERMagic Skin Rescue Lotion (4 oz)
DERMagic Skin Rescue Lotion (4 oz)

($15.99)  $12.79
DERMagic Skin Rescue Lotion (8 oz)
DERMagic Skin Rescue Lotion (8 oz)

($25.99)  $21.59
Ceragyn Barrier Spray (2 oz)
Ceragyn Barrier Spray (2 oz)

($36.99)  $27.99
Ceragyn Barrier Spray (8 oz)
Ceragyn Barrier Spray (8 oz)

($57.99)  $39.99
Earthbath Hot Spot & Itch Relief Tea Tree Oil (8 fl oz)
Earthbath Hot Spot & Itch Relief Tea Tree Oil (8 fl oz)

($10.99)  $7.99
Omega Alpha HerbaCoat (4 oz)
Omega Alpha HerbaCoat (4 oz)

($10.99)  $8.19
Touchless Care Clear Spray (2 oz)
Touchless Care Clear Spray (2 oz)

($24.99)  $18.99
Touchless Care Zinc Spray (2 oz)
Touchless Care Zinc Spray (2 oz)

($24.99)  $18.99
Touchless Care Silver Spray (2 oz)
Touchless Care Silver Spray (2 oz)

($24.99)  $18.99
Vet's Best Hot Spot Shampoo (8 fl oz)
Vet's Best Hot Spot Shampoo (8 fl oz)

($11.99)  $8.99
Pet Relief Hot Spot Cream (2 oz)
Pet Relief Hot Spot Cream (2 oz)

($15.99)  $9.99
ElimiDerm Cream (0.75 oz)
ElimiDerm Cream (0.75 oz)

($15.99)  $11.99

Dechra MalAcetic® Wet Wipes are topical wipes that clean, dry, and degrease the skin of both dogs and cats.

 These wipes are especially beneficial to pets with sensitive skin, as they are ideal for removing allergens and pathogens before they can seriously affect your pet's skin and coat health. The wipes are also easy to use and can be applied directly to any affected areas.

Dechra MalAcetic Wet Wipes are great for cleaning your pet's skin and coat, preventing infections and other skin related issues, and relieving skin irritation. This package comes with 25 wipes and features a resealable opening to help preserve their freshness. Be ready for the next skin problem that your pet encounters by ordering these wet wipes today!

Key Features:
  • Cleanses and dries skin
  • Formulated for cats and dogs
  • Comes with 25 wipes
  • Directions: To open: Pull back flap on package to access wipes. Apply wipes to affected areas as directed by your veterinarian. Reclose flap after use to keep wipes moist.

    Caution: If skin irritation develops or increases, stop use and call your veterinarian. Do not use on severely irritated skin. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Wash hands after use. Store at controlled room temperature of 15-30°C (59-86°F).

    Available through licensed veterinarians only.
    Active Ingredients: 2% boric acid, 2% acetic acid.
    Also Contains: Propylene glycol, glycerin, polysorbate, fragrance.
    5.00 rating based on 3 reviews
    Featured Reviews for BiologicVet BioSkin & Coat for Dogs (14 oz)
    Seems to work / help by Danger031 from Washington State04/23/2013

    I bought this for my German Shepherd who was having some skin irritation issues. Combined with a switch up of his food, this supplement seems to have helped / make his skin and coat better. His fur is softer and he has less irritation. He has no problems eating the powder when it is mixed in with the rest of his kibble. I would recommend this supplement.

    Excellent product by Pat from Maryland waterfront04/09/2012

    My order from Entirely Pets came in a very timely manner and I was really surprised. I am using this product for my Labrador who has seasonal allergies; together with omega fats and the benadryl we are able to control the itching so that he doesn't need prednisone. People always comment on his beautiful coat... even during allergy season.

    A great product to help with skin issues by Pat from Maryland USA10/07/2013

    Our 5 yr old Labrador suffers from seasonal allergies and even though he gets the allergy serums he still can get very itchy and oily. I find this product helps build up the antihistamines in his body and also helps heal the areas where he has scratched off his fur. I think that it helps his fur to grow back faster. We use it in combination with other treatment and I start giving it to him 4 months before allergy season. He loves the taste and gets it on his food 3x a day. I love the product and so does he.

    Featured Reviews for Calm Coat Dog Grooming Kit
    Great price by Milianna from Florida05/15/2012

    This product works great on my dog's dry itchy skin saw improvements within 3 days.

    Featured Reviews for CALM COAT Natural Topical Spray (4 oz)
    Best Skin spray by Yorkiedoll from Morgantown WV.07/17/2013

    I use this on all my dogs, it soothes them and helps heal any spots they cause by scratching.

    by nasusmcp from Limington, Maine01/25/2012

    I have only used it once as the Omega chews seem to have quieted down the skin irritation of both of my dogs.

    by miknan from LINCOLNTON,NC02/08/2012


    Simply Amazing! by Sue05/19/2008

    I have to recommend this to anyone who has a dog with skin/coat issues! I am just amazed at what has happened in just 2 weeks!

    This Does The Trick by Tyson's Mom from Long Island NY08/25/2013

    My Yorkie has severe skin allergies and Calm Coat is the ONLY product that soothes the itching all over his legs, paws and neck area. I have tried so many other products but ONLY Calm Coat works. I have been using it for many years on my dog.

    Wonderful Product! by M. Williams09/25/2008

    ?The result [of Calm Coat] was amazing. As I would rub them down they would literally sigh. It had an immediate effect on the itching and the hair seemed to grow back almost overnight. Thank you for your wonderful product!?

    A. Rudy by Highly RECOMMENDED!09/25/2008

    "We tried Calm Coat when we noticed our dog Seamus was constantly biting & itching his paws. We thought it could be from insect bites seeing as we do live in FL. Anyways, we tried lots of products but they were all too oily, smelled bad or had lots of chemicals which we didn't want Seamus to have. We found Calm Coat online & thought it was worth a shot. We used it right away & within a few days, Seamus was all better & whenever he gets another bite, scratch, or itch we use it!!! It smelled great & was all natural so it couldn't harm him. We have also used Calm Eyes to help with Seamus' runny eyes & it worked great too. I will use their products over & over again!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!"

    Good Stuff by Ruth06/12/2012

    My dog has a flea allergy. He seems so much more comfortable with this stuff. Smells great too!

    by from 10/23/2012

    Ok, I'm point blank honest with reviews so here it is. I bought this as a LAST resort before taking my cat to the vet AGAIN for seasonal allergies/itchy skin and dry flakes from scratching too much. If your pet looks like they have dandruff and have started getting "hot spots" (sores with slight scabs) I'd HIGHLY recommend trying this product. My cats (I'm sure like many cats) hates anything wet on his fur/skin. Initially he hissed at me after hearing the spritzing sound of the bottle and feeling the wetness of the product and he ran off after I tried massaging it into the skin a bit. Shortly after that he ran off and I thought "Great, do much for THAT purchase..." but literally 30 seconds-1 minute later he returned, happier than ever, with slightly damp fur and purring. He stopped trying to bathe the area and left it alone.

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    I like this product by Joan from US Virgin Islands07/20/2012

    It seemed to work better than many other anti-itch substances I have tried and the ingredients were definitely much milder.

    It Works! by Rotorhead07/24/2013

    This product worked when all others did not. The bald spot was gone in a couple of weeks.

    Best Hotspot Help! by newfiemom from Buffalo, New York05/29/2012

    No matter what "skin issue" appears on my Newfie and Collie, Calm Coat stops it dead in it's tracks! I highly recommend it!

    Featured Reviews for DECHRA DermaBenSS Shampoo (12oz)
    by GABBY12/13/2011


    A Very Good Buy by 1Reviewer10/29/2012

    Our dog suffers from seborrhea oleosa. There has been a definite improvement in our dog's coat. Much of the scaliness and greasiness has improved, and she smells much, much, much better!

    good stuff by ibclare from san diego, CA06/15/2014

    I bought this for my schnoodle. She gets lots of irritations and I've already identified allergies, at least some that I can. This shampoo made such a difference. Then I used it on my 50 pound dog who now and then would chew at the base of his tail. Within a day, he had developed a silver dollar sized hotspot and in two days it was 4 times that large and infected. Well, you might wonder why I am recommending this anyway. It finally occurred to me that I changed his high grade can food (which I mix with good kibble in the am) to cans from Trader Joe's, hoping to save some money. After two weeks of that, I think his body rebelled.He's better now, but it was rough. My poodle mix does so well with it that I am sold. I will even bring it to the groomer when I go. Good stuff!

    GREAT Medicated Shampoo by DoggyMom from Mesquite, NV12/03/2013

    My vet had recommended this product for one of my other dogs and I have continued using it any time my dog(s) have any itching or scratching for no apparent or obvious reason. It works great and smells wonderful too!

    Love this product by EI from Pottstown, Pa.10/15/2013

    Smells great, helps on itchy skin as part of their treatment plan. Dogs like it.

    by Nola from Puerto Rico11/21/2013

    My black lab Minnie had a terrible fungal infection with severe hair loss and skin irritation. After several hundreds of $$ at vet for medicine, expensive shampoo and no results, I started using DermaBenSs and the improvement is amazing. Her hair is growing back and she no longer constantly licks, scratches and chews herself. Thank you from both Minnie and me.

    Pet products by Kathryn from Nazareth, PA10/29/2011

    Excellent product, excellent service. Thanks!

    Excellent Product & Service by larry05/29/2012

    We have been using this shampoo for our Miniature Schnauzer for about 3 years.. It is excellent treatment for the "Schnauzer bumps" "comedone syndrome" on her back.

    Great deal on a wonderful product by Pam from Greensboro, NC10/23/2012

    This shampoo does what it says. My dog's skin is clear and the fragrance is pleasant--mild and not overpowering or too perfumey. The price is great and the deal is just perfect when there is a "no shipping" special. I love this product and your company. Thanks!

    dermanbenss by maya from Corte Madera, CA04/20/2013

    My rescue dog had mange and I tried different shampoos and treatments. She had to be on antibiotics initially, which made her sick and vomit, and Ivermectin for many months. But I started using this, shampooing her every other day and leaving it on as directed for 15 minutes before rinsing (while taking Ivermectin). It was great, made her smell good, relieved the itching, and made her skin less flaky. The vet said that it was the reason she didn't continue to get secondary skin infection and need more antibiotics, so I think DermaBenSS is the best. It made my beloved puppy much more comfortable and more cuddly (mange stinks!).

    by from 06/30/2014

    I was on a mission to try every medicated shampoo on my dog to see which one worked the best. This was one of the shampoos I tried.

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    DermaBenSS by peryngve from Seattle, WA07/26/2012

    Excellent product for pets who have sensitive skin. I have been using this for already 5 years and every time it is my last solution. My dog get skin irritation every summer. I first try to determine if those are fleas and at the end I used this product and it help my dog from just one use. Of course I continue using it 2-3 times a week and my dog stops itching, all hot spots go away and the dog can finally sleep calmly at night.

    Great deal on a wonderful product by Bailey368 from Greensboro, NC12/16/2011

    This has become the all time favorite shampoo for my dog. It leaves her coat shiny and smelling great while taking care of her skin problem by keeping it clear. No more scratching. The groomer loves it too!

    by from 12/27/2012

    Great Product by Lou from Henderson, NV07/01/2014

    The Shampoo is very nice and leaves the coat shiny and sweet smelling. It does seem to counteract the skin problems and bad odor.

    Wonderful Product! by NvSunshine from Reno, NV05/21/2013

    Excellent price and FAST shipping! LOVE this company and this product! My dogs coats are shiny and clean and no more scratching!

    medicated or poisonous by ibclare08/18/2014

    I have 2 dogs and used it on both. On one it aggravated a itching area which developed into a very large hot spot in 2 days, requiring vet treatment. The other dog began furious itching after the bath and I needed to use a sooting conditioner to remove as much of it as possible. I won't touch this product again. Threw it out.

    Great Shampoo by Goldened from Neillsville, WI04/16/2012

    This shampoo works great and really helps my dog relieve her itchy skin.

    by from 11/28/2011

    My Doberman had such a problem with skin irritation, itching and flaking when we got her from a Doberman Rescue shelter that I was very much concerned that she might have to be put to sleep. She had extreme itching, flaking and bloody spots that almost looked like mange. The odor of her skin was absolutely terrible. I tried everything that I could even think of. I took her to a Veterinary Specialist and had many tests run on her at great expense. I paid out close to $3000 dollars trying to treat her. They finally sold me a bottle of shampoo that kind-of worked. The cost was about $30 a bottle. I began searching for that shampoo on-line to try and get a better price than $30. I came across this site and they did not have the one we got from the Vet Specialist, but had this one and it had some similar ingredients. It was called DermaBenSs. The price was about 1/3 the cost of the brand I got from the Vet. I was very skeptical on the effectiveness, you never know if someone has truly written the reviews from experience or if they are someone trying to plug the product. The DermaBenSs worked WaaaaY better than the shampoo I got from the Vet Specialist. My Doberman's hair was so thin that it looked like she was going bald. She was so bad that my Vet gave her a steroid injection that gave her severe incontinence. Even tho it gave her relief from itching, I would not do that again. The incontinence is something you don't want to have a problem with. Back on subject, her itching and flaking is well under control now. Her hair has grown back and looks really nice except for a couple of areas where the Vet Specialist took skin plugs from her worst spots to analyze and test them. Most people think that she is a Show-Dog. This is not a miracle cure and might not work for your dog, but I am extremely happy. It would have ripped my heart out to have her put to sleep. She does still nibble a bit but is 500% better than before with a beautiful coat. I am getting ready to order another 6 bottles of the product. Like I said, this may not work for your dog, but it stands tall in my book. I took an empty bottle to my regular Vet and they plan to order it in for other dogs with skin disorders. I will continue to use it until I find something better, but I doubt it will come. Another thing I will mention. The directions say to give the dog a bath twice a week. I am now down to giving her a bath once every week and sometimes every two weeks. It would be better if she still got the bath weekly. She is my "Buddy" and sticks to me like glue. She now sleeps snuggled right next to me every night. I put her in the shower with me, lather her up real good with the DermaBenSs and let it soak while I shower and wash my hair. Then I rinse her off. She holds her legs up one at a time for me to wash them. Can you tell that I love this dog?

    Jeffersonville, Indiana by from Ed"


    by from 01/24/2014

    I have field dogs who in the summer swim in ponds that cattle have access too. Yes you can imagine what is probably growing in those ponds!

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    Great Product by Dogoman from Orlando, Florida02/12/2012

    Have been using it for a while for hair growth, but I am still bald. I guess I will have to go back to egg white and honey.

    Good alternative by mcsweets01/10/2013

    I bought this as an alternative to Pyoben for my dog with chronic seborrhea. Unlike Pyoben, it also contains salicylic acid AND a conditioner. So although it may be more drying, I suppose the conditioner offsets it. It seems to work as well as Pyoben but it has an almond-coconut frangrance that I can do without. Pyoben is not scented, hooray.

    Great find! by rose02/06/2012

    This product was recommended by a canine dermatologist who has since retired. It works well, and I was very grateful to find it online.

    Really helps my dog by Suzanne06/05/2012

    My cocker spaniel has a skin condition and this shampoo keeps her skin smooth and free from breakouts.

    Excellent skin shampoo by barbararitaville08/21/2012

    My cockerspaniel has been plagued with skin staph since she was 2 years old. Dermabens thoroughly cleanses the skin, gets rid of debris, is gentle and non-irritating. Also, she didn't break out like she normally does and hasn't been scratching since her bath.

    great shampoo by Judy01/24/2013

    Shampoo is great. Shipping method of last order in Dec., 2012 took 9 days to get to me and I needed it before that. I can go to the store and buy it, will not order anything again as shipping takes too long.

    by from 06/23/2014

    I already did a review when I first started using this. I can't say that my two stars are fair as I don't know if it is only my dogs that have such adverse effects.

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    Great by jkurasz from Houston, TX01/26/2012

    this shampoo works Great!!! works very well on my bulldogs coat.

    Schnauzer bumps by Dee09/17/2009

    After $1k in allegy testing and other shampoos,antibiotics,etc...this WORKS! Best I have found for my schnauzers skin condition:bumps and staph. Combined with a white vinegar and tap water rinse. 1c vinegar :1gl water and food change to "Wellness", the condition is well under control. Great product and smells wonderful too.

    Perfect Product!! by Bearsong from Colfax, NC02/07/2011

    Also purchased for my Schnauzers due to sensitive skin and will be sticking to this product. Fluffed the hair and made it baby soft! No more itching! Schnauzers are happy and healthy again. Highly recommend this Shampoo! Also recommend Entirelypets.com for fast service and excellent tracking communication!

    NOT Same product by Dog Shampoo12/13/2012

    Purchased a DERMA BENSS shampoo before, but seems to be discontinued. This is only by the same company, not the same shampoo as before. Most of the reviews on the previous shampoo was raving about how great it is. BUT, seems to make the fur dryer, not as glossy, just that it's antimicrobial. This last purchase, have not used yet. Don't know how good this one is yet. Price going up.

    rare find by poodlenut6 from panama city,fl01/18/2012

    this shampoo is the only one i know of that has the combination of ingredients i was looking for. i use this on my poodle mix that has the demodex mite as well as a poodle with bad allergies. this shampoo will help lift the waxy buildup from the skin and diminish skin irritation.follow up with a skin conditioner to prevent overdrying the skin.

    Great Shampoo for skin conditions by Al B from Westbury, NY05/27/2013

    Being burdened with allergies, and a compromised immune system, my dog has benefitted greatly from weekly washings. DermaBenSS has been a huge part in keeping recurring staph infections at bay.

    amazing shampoo by dotress03/09/2012

    I am a dog groomer and have found that this shampoo gets amazing results on dog with skin problems. I have at least 4 dog with very bad skin that were almost completly cleared up.

    Featured Reviews for DermaPet Malacetic Spray Conditioner (16oz)
    never received by DRS from SJU PR11/30/2013

    I love this product , sadly twice I was sent the wrong product and I gave up in ordering it and even ordering any other product.

    Great for my Itchy Skin! by Minnie04/19/2014

    I am a big black lab. my mom calls me her "black beauty:" Unfortunately I got a fungal infection on my skin which wasn't so beautiful but my Mom uses the Malacetic spray on my boo-boos after my DermaBenss bath, and now I'm the black beauty again. Together they're Grea-a-a-a-t, as my friend Tony says.

    great by DRS from SJU PR12/15/2013

    I really like this product. Excellent for dogs with skin issues and yeast infections. I would only wish that this store would have sent me the right product, Twice I ordered, and twice you EP have sent me something else and I gave up.

    Scotty by Super!10/23/2011

    Great product. Really helps to keep skin allergy problems in our Westie under control. Thanks!

    Kicks yeast in red and swollen dog pawz by Allergy Border Collie Owner11/07/2009

    Easy to use every day. Dog doesn't mind having the spray put on her... Doesn't seem to bother her to have it spray on. Normally she is aggressive if she doesn't like something put on her. Smell is tolerable.

    Very good by Lydia58 from Nethelands12/08/2011

    I use this together with the wipes and it works perfect, very good tail and wrinkle cleaner

    Smells great by LaLa from Sugar land TX02/23/2012

    Bought to help control itching on dog with oily seborrhea. Seems to help with allegies.

    Featured Reviews for DermaPet Malacetic Spray Conditioner (8oz)
    Good by BamBam from Vancouver BC09/07/2014

    Used in conjunction with the Mal-A-Ket shampoo this helps keep out White Bull Terrier happy from his eternal pink itchy skin.

    Good Product by Dan01/29/2013

    This product soothes my pet's itchy skin while providing antifungal and antibacterial properties. It also helps keep her skin moisturized and her fur is healthy as a result.

    Featured Reviews for DECHRA Malacetic Wet Wipe Dry Bath (100 count)
    Good product, good price. by Micki from Fresno, CA10/13/2011

    This product was recommended by my vet for my dog who has a yeast type of problem. I've been using it for several months and really it. My dog has responded well and I now use it only every few days. Your price is better than my vet's. Thanks for the quality product.

    Great product by Dev from Pleasant Hill, CA04/26/2010

    Vet recommended this and its great. Among other things, we use it to clean our pugs face folds.

    Works great by tmacksaunt from Tampa, FL02/19/2012

    These wipes were recommended by our vet. With our Lhasa Apso having chronic skin problems and always in the vet office, we needed some way to cut the expense. Even with shipping, this item is cheaper than at our vet's office.

    Very good by Lydia58 from Nethelands12/08/2011

    I'm so happy with these wipes, my frechie loves them too, it s perfect for wrinkle cleaning.

    Fast and cheap by all kutz from Australia05/30/2012

    I live in Melbourne, Australia. And this product got to me faster and a third of the price than my local vet could get it to me. So never again, I will always order from you. Thanks again.

    Good Product by Brunswickbulldog from Canada04/07/2014

    This is our second time ordering this product. It is very good for our bulldog. We use the wipes regularly on his feet to keep them clean and to prevent inflammation between his toes. The wipes are also very good for cleaning out his face wrinkles. It ships very fast to Canada.

    Gets the job done!! by Princess Michele10/20/2011

    The wipes are much better than having the solution, which you waste a lot because you have to apply to a paper towel inorder to use. Very moist and easy to use.

    dermapet wipes by bbeefl from boston, ma11/25/2011

    my chocolate lab mocha suffers from contact allergies and was constantly corncobbing or chewing her paws. these wipes work magic and are a better option than giving the dog temerel or prednizone every day! i highly reccomend this product for any dog with skin allergies

    very effective by bulldog lover from Ontario, Canada01/09/2012

    If you own a bulldog and need to keep their wrinkles and tail pocket clean and dry, this is the perfect wipe. After an infection, these wipes were provided by our vet at 4 times the price we paid for them on Entirely Pets.com. They are definitely part of our daily grooming, now that we know how affordable they can be.

    Malacetic wet wipes by Jude from Australia11/25/2012

    I use this product to clean my dogs ears and their feet it's great for any irritation or skin infection It has a very pleasant perfume that's a great help if bathing is not possible.

    Good for frequent use by Tools from NSW Australia06/14/2013

    Our ridgeback puppy had an ear infection which meant daily cleaning. These wipes were great value. They also didn't seem to irritate our dogs ears, being used on a daily basis. The only thing was I felt they were a tiny bit dry, so I used to squirt some ear cleaning wash into the tub and shake around before using the wipes.

    Very convenient product by Gail from Schaefferstown, PA03/27/2012

    My collie has had severe skin problems most of his adult life.....I have to keep him shaved & bath him frequently with medicated shampoo......this product helps in between baths..especially if he develops sore spots. It is very handy to have.

    excellent wipe by augustbulls from Carlisle, PA07/13/2012

    We have Bulldogs and these wipes do a great job of eliminating the "yeast like" substance that builds up in their wrinkles and pads.

    Bad Choice by Dog Lover05/01/2012

    This product smells bad and the smell sticks around for a couple of days afer use on my dog. I will not be using this product ever again.

    Handy product by Blondies' Mom from Charleston, WV08/28/2013

    My vet said this was better than water for my allergic to grass, etc. Golden. I started out using 2 wipes but switched to 1. Wish they were a little bigger for her big feet. She is much better, thanks to allergy shots, change in diet and environment. Thanks for a handy product.

    Great Value by CindyW from Alabama02/20/2012

    I have to use these medicated wipes on my English Bulldogs face wrinkles. They work great to keep away infections in his wrinkles.

    by from 12/28/2011

    Not surprisingly, this did not clean off the excess buildup caused by stud tail on my Persian cat.

    tail by twice from dailyI


    work by for from others,I'm


    Absolutely Necessary Stuff by Ginger from San Francisco, CA03/27/2013

    Malacetic uses acetic acid, aka vinegar, to defeat both fungal and bacterial issues. It works with the naturally acidic pH of dogs' skin. My dog is allergic to chlorhexadine which is in most of these sorts of products. We use these wipes after every walk and have really made a difference in her health! The wipes are expensive but there's nothing else on the market that works as well. Very glad to have found them here.

    by Chopper1 from Golden CO02/21/2013

    I know that this product is supposed to be the same formula as the DermaPet product they recently bought out, but our dog had a terrible allergic reaction to it the first and only time we used it to clean the folds on his cheeks. Both his eyes ran dark brown gunk out of them for about 5 days. The product was not used near his eyes. There was no other change to his grooming regime so we can only think it was this new manufacturer. I know the formula is supposed to be the same - our Vet checked it out, but I would never again use it because of the severe reaction my dog had. His eyes are still stained around them even after a month.

    Perfect for Bulldogs by Jenn from Austin, TX07/20/2010

    Every bulldog owner should have these on hand to wipe out all their wrinkles. It is very good for bulldogs with lots of allergy conditions. Vet was surprised and happy that I have these on hand.

    Worthwhile purchase by colliegirl from Newmanstown, PA12/17/2012

    My 7 year old collie has had a lifelong skin condition known as Malassezia.....he intermitently breaks out in horrible rashes that are greasy, itchy & resemble folliculitis. I must bathe him frequently & keep his hair cut...in between baths the Malacetic wipes are great & keep his skin under control.

    Effective facial fold cleaner by pug mom02/01/2012

    My pug has a deep nose roll that extends even with his nose and is constantly subject to sneezes and wet tongue. He had chronic fungal buildup until our vet recommended the Wet Wipe. Almost instant relief. Caution to keep it from eyes is the only concern.

    Best purchase ever by Mollie-Meadow Mom from Boston, MA06/26/2012

    I have used these wipes for approximately 9 years on both my Newfoundland dogs. They were recommended by my vet for cleaning the inside of their ears to prevent ear infections, particularly after swimming. I highly recommend them as they have saved me a lot of money and time. Also, I use them as a quick wipe down on the Newfs as well as on my cat, Mr. Magoo.

    Best Purchase Ever by Molinda from Demotte,IN.11/20/2012

    Amy has a skin problem and it is a mircale for her..

    by from 11/07/2013

    The wipes are easy to order and are a great price. I wish the shipping was a little cheaper but things always get more expensive when they have to cross the border

    it by so from easyThese


    Perfect for Bulldogs by ramosfamily from Pearland, TX08/22/2014

    I love using this for my bulldogs ears and folds on a daily and sometime bi-daily basis.

    keep it clean by DRS from SJU PR12/15/2013

    Excellent wipes to clean and disinfect the paws and face. I would only wish that the package was better designed.

    wet wipes by dee from port clinton,pa06/07/2012

    this is a A+++ product, i recommend this to all animal lovers and it works for my dog...and it is a fresh scent...works it's powers!!

    Works very well by Rhonda from Oklahoma11/08/2011

    We use these wipes on our English Bulldog. She has folds around her face that must be keep clean and dry otherwise they become red and irritated. We also use them on her tail. Our vet recommended them and they truly work. We will never go without them.

    "Refreshing" by lilysmom07/16/2012

    These are very convenient for keeping pets "refreshed" between baths.

    Featured Reviews for Earthbath Hot Spot & Itch Relief Tea Tree Oil (8 fl oz)
    Great product by Diane04/11/2013

    This tea tree oil has really helped our dog with itching from dry skin. She comes to me and lets me spray her down and rub it in. She really seems to appreciate it.

    Tea Tree Oil by kzbonnie from Rocky Mount, Nc07/16/2012

    I have a dog with Kidney disease. Her skin gets lesions on it and also becomes very itchy. This product is great for healing the lesions and also relief from the itching. I did notice it tended to dry her skin a little, but I alternate with the Epi-Skin conditioner and between the two of them, she has no current lesions and the itching is minimal. I would recommend this product.

    Featured Reviews for Earthbath Tea Tree Oil & Aloe Vera Shampoo (16 fl. oz.)
    Excellent Shampoo by Carolski from Charleston, SC10/13/2013

    This is the only brand of shampoo that I have used on my dogs for many years. All of their shampoos are gentle yet clean thoroughly and they all smell heavenly. Absolutely THE best line of shampoos!

    Got fleas or skin problems? by robinorlan5 from Arizona10/16/2011

    Tea Tree Oil Shampoo is great and I have used it for a long time on my dog. It works great for skin problems and coats the skin with a protective oil from tea tree which is a great natural product. Thats another thing, its all natural so I don't have to worry about toxins. And I have no flea problems at all, they just don't like the tea tree so they stay away! I would reccommend this shampoo to anyone with a canine, not just ones with skin, and flea problems, but all of them because you just cannot do enough to protect your loved ones and this is truly a great shampoo you can feel safe using and confident it will work.

    Earthbath Tea tree oil & Aloe Vera Shampoo Rocks! by WoofWoof10/06/2011

    I have been using this on my dog for about two years now and love the smell. It leaves his coat soft and shiny! And fleas and ticks hate it!!!! No junk is in this shampoo just natural products!!!!

    Best Shampoo! by Keri from Honolulu, Hawaii02/22/2011

    this shampoo works great with my lab mix. i tried a variety of shampoos to help my dog with his scratching. i used to use an oatmeal based shampoo which was suppose to be good for dry and itchy skin, but it made no difference for my dog. the tea tree oil and aloe vera soothe his skin and he no longer scratches. plus it smells great and leaves his coat soft and shiny!

    Great shampoo by BCmomma10/28/2012

    Rinses off well. Tea tree oil leaves dog smelling fresh all week!

    Not work for Seasonal Allergies by Jessica from Mountain View, CA09/02/2013

    Dried dog's coat and skin gets flaky. My dog has seasonal allergies and he gets pimples and then they dry out. The shampoo makes his skin more dry.

    Great product!! by Hatteraskat from Raleigh, NC09/11/2010

    I adopted a 5 year old lab/pit mix last year and she kept having terrible skin allergies. Unbeknownst to me at the time, it was the food she was eating. But while trying to figure out the problem, I came across this shampoo. It is great and stopped the itching!! It smells great too and I still use it! I would definitely recommend it!

    Featured Reviews for EMT First Aid Spray (1 oz)
    good anesthetic/antiseptic by Labmom from AL03/31/2013

    use this in addition to the gel & both work well on scrapes/cuts/etc.

    EMT first aid spray by TE12/04/2011

    Great product. Referred by friend, medicated product that cats choose not to lick away. Used on Chloe, before she would whine when petting that area, now she doesn't make a sound or budge. She's a happy princess. Thank you.

    Wonderful Product to keep on hand. by sandyz from Bucks County, PA09/11/2013

    EMT Spray & Gel is the best thing I have ever used for wound care on my dogs. I don't understand why it is not recommended by veterinarians except that maybe there is no profit in it for them.

    Featured Reviews for Epi-Pet Lavender Skin Treatment Spray (16 oz)
    Beware by Dan03/21/2011

    I tried this product on my doberman who has airborne allergies and within hours my dog broke out in hives. Large red blotches covered her body & in her ears, took almost a full week to get it out of her system. Took her to the vet for an exam, with the help of my vet she is comfortable again. I would NOT recommend this product. I have bought product from Entirely Pets before without any problems but I would caution the use of this product.

    This Stuff Works!! by LilD from Miami01/07/2010

    My dog Yellow who is in her elder years has suffered from bad skin issues since she was a puppy. In the past, my vet has treated her with allergy shots and was groomed on a regular basis. I had tried almost every skin related pet product you could possibly buy. With almost all lost hope and a dog who needed to feel comfortable in her old age, I decided to try Epi-Pet skin spray. Using this product as directed, my doggie Yellow no longer scratches herself obsessively, her skin and hair coat is healthy, her bad odor is under control and this spay has even grown hair back where she had scar tissue. I highly recommend anyone who has a pet with skin issues to use this product. This Stuff Works!!!

    EPI-PET SKIN SPRAY by dpack310 from Pittsburgh, PA.10/11/2013

    My dog has severe summer allergies and a huge problem spot at the base of his tail. Saturating this area with EPI-PET, then brushing it in thoroughly gave him immediate relief of itching. This product REALLY works!!

    Miracle Product. by Cookie from Hellertown,Pa01/18/2012

    My 7 year old dachshound had a terrible rough,flaky,smelly skin condition.He used to scratch and rub the side of his face until it bled.We purchased a 3oz bottle of Epi Pet skin treatment.I applied it once a day to the sides of his face, and after just a week, I noticed his skin was getting softer ,less flaky and even the smell was fading. We purchased more product which I also applied once a day.It's been 3 weeks now and his face is completely smooth and soft. He has no more odor and he doesn't scratch. I just love this product,it's truly a miracle treatment. I highly recommend it. Thank you so much .

    Featured Reviews for GreenTree Septiderm-V Skin Care Bath (16 oz.)
    The Best Product on the Market by Meekocat from Tehachapi, CA04/26/2013

    I started using this product for my horse whose neck, on both sides, was completely void of hair due to fly bite dermatitis...within about a month all his hair grew back and never had any problems after that (that was in 1985). Since then this product has been hard to find and I have used it on my dogs for hair loss due to allergies..to say the least it is the BEST thing on the market. And the after smell is so refreshing...I would recommend using it to see if it would help your pet....

    Great stuff by hikerchick from Encinitas, CA05/02/2012

    Been using this for years on my dog with skin issues. It's not easy to find, and there's lots of good competition, but this leaves her skin and coat in great condition and I don't want to mess with perfection.

    Doesn't seem to help by wallweg10/27/2011

    It doesn't seem to help my dog's itching. I've used it twice so far and she scratches constantly even right after bathing. It could be her problems are just more than this shampoo can help.

    good product by dave from gig harbor wa08/29/2013

    seemed to help with his itching and healed his spots of flacking irritated skin ,the only problem was the bottle leaked during shipment with a slight loss of the shampoo. the top leaked .

    Great Shampoo by D Allen from Skippers09/01/2013

    When I first got my Shar Pei, I tried many shampoos and none seemed to work. My puppy would either be too itchy or suffer from hot spots. I cruised the internet and found that many people had found success with this shampoo. I decided to try it and have been very pleased with it. It helps with his hot spots and has a very pleasing scent.

    Dog Shampoo by tuliphill03/18/2013

    I loved the smell. Stopped my dog from itching. Then the vet tested it against my dog and it failed! Guess the chemical in it is too strong. Disappointed. Bought two bottles, now I have to give them away.

    Works Great by Jessica04/13/2008

    I have a cocker spaniel who is constantly itching/licking her paws. This shampoo has worked wonders. She no longer is obsessed with her paws, and it helps get rid of odors so she smells great. I would highly recommend this product

    Featured Reviews for John Paul Pet Tea Tree Treatment Shampoo (16 oz)
    terriable by sandy from korea07/24/2014

    i belived review. and bought this.but this is terriable smell. disgusting. im very anger.

    Best shampoo by BCmomma01/21/2013

    Have been using two other brands of Tea Tree shampoo and have been happy with them, but then tried this one. Can't believe how shiny and clean our dog's hair is, and keeps for almost 2 weeks between shampoos. The Tea Tree oil leaves a fresh, green smell, then fades to no smell, which is also good.

    Great shampoo by chelscolly from San Diego02/07/2012

    I love this shampoo. Wish you had it in a gallon size!

    by Joey from Los Angeles, California10/28/2011

    Very professional company. Quick service, good prices.

    Really liked this product by Sissy03/22/2009

    As a groomer,I am always using and looking for a flea shampoo that I can tell my customers about and feel good about telling them to us at home. Now a days alot of the stuff is to strong for the small breeds and young pups,butl this is one of the few out there right now that I can tell them to get.

    Great shampoo! by Robin05/31/2009

    I have tryed everything there is for fleas and nothing worked. I tryed this shampoo and will not use anything else! It cleans and rinses nicely and controls fleas too! I have no fleas now at all and their coats are shiney too. I highly reccommend this product!

    Excellent Product by Teri1958 from California01/14/2014

    I own two poodles and I do not use any flea product at all. My animals are indoor and I do walk them three times a day and they walk on lawn and sidewalk. but this product keeps the fleas off of them. Fleas must not like the eucalyptus smell. I recommend it to everyone!!

    by TR06/08/2012

    This shampoo does great for your dogs coat, and aids hot spots relief, just a great value for your money!

    by Artie01/01/2012

    EXCELLENT product! I highly recommend it.

    Featured Reviews for Vet's Best Hot Spot Spray For Dogs and Puppies (16 oz)
    Vets Hot Spot Spray by carol30 from West Palm Beach02/04/2012

    Vets hot spot spray cures my dog from scratching from his dry skin

    Best non-chemical anti-itching spray by Jannie from Scottsdale, AZ03/25/2013

    I was glad to find a natural anti-itching spray containing tea tree oil. My 14 year old cancer surviving Wire Hair Terrier has allergies and receives allergy shots. After all she has been through, I didn't want to use steroid sprays. She receives instant relief with Vet's Best and I have no problem if she needs multiple sprays. I have just purchased the shampoo, and after the first use, really like it also. I highly recommend this product.

    Liked the product, but the pump won't work by nannyjoyce from Kentucky12/26/2012

    i liked the product, but the pump does not work and makes it hard to use.

    Don't ever be without this product by Karon Compston12/12/2009

    I tried your Vet's Best Hot Spot Spray on my 8 year old pug and what a difference it made. As soon as I spray it on I can see him become more content. Its really helping the hot spots

    Featured Reviews for Vet's Best Hot Spot Shampoo (16 fl oz)
    Best Shampoo by Christine from San Gabriel, CA10/23/2012

    We have tried many different brand name of "Tea Tree Oil" shampoo, this one probably is the best that we ever had, and it works very well on my Beagle, as you know, Beagle always have skin issue when changing the weather

    Excellant tea tree oil shampoo by Jannie from Scottsdale, AZ03/25/2013

    I use the Vet's Best anti-itching spray on one of my dogs. Since I highly recommend this product, I tried the shampoo and highly recommend it also. One of my dogs has allergies and needs allergy shots. This shampoo relieves her itching and smells really great. I also use this product on my other dog and recommend it, especially if the dog loves to swim.

    Delivered from Desperation by Happy from Los Angeles, Cal. 9004303/10/2013

    I was totally discouraged about my dog's sesitive skin problem, my groomer, Donna, ("The Bowsery in L.A., Ca.), gave me a bottle of Vet's Best Hot Spot Shampoo. That was (3) years ago and problem solved

    Featured Reviews for Vet's Best Hot Spot Spray For Dogs and Puppies (8 oz)
    Looking forward by BJ from Knoxville, TN03/19/2014

    this looks like it will be a plus for us, haven't had to use it yet but so glad I have it on hand.

    Good product by Just "T" from CA07/13/2012

    I took this to show my vet & he said it was ok but preferred a different product I bought from this site.

    by DebbieE from New Jersey11/01/2011

    This helped greatly with my Weimaraner who had raw red skin and scabs along the back of his legs. I think it soothed the itch and discomfort of course after making sure he didn't lick it off. I like that it has natural ingredients. The smell is strong but pleasant. The sprayer sometimes sticks. His skin has completely healed! I think this would work good as a first aid spray too for minor scrapes etc.

    Featured Reviews for DERMagic Skin Rescue Lotion (8 oz)
    awesome by Buni from Alabama07/04/2014

    My cat was nearly bald...after 2 weeks of applying this to his legs and abdomen, his hair began to regrow. By week 3 he was back to normal. THANK YOU !

    Works! by HedoChow from Steubenville, Ohio03/30/2014

    My 10 year old Chow Chow was diagnosed with black skin disease (canine alopecia). I was told to give her melatonin. I did this for 5 months. Nothing. I read about Skin Rescue Lotion and gave it a try around Christmas. It took awhile and did not smell too good, but in late February, I noticed the red hair on her chest to be coming back. I gave her a bath with the bar soap and really noticed that the hair was growing back. Ling Ling's chest was almost completely bald, but now it is growing. Like I said it doesn't smell too good, but not horrible. I would have bathed her sooner as the directions said, but the winter was so cold I did not want to risk her catching a cold. I would give it a try.

    Product smells awful! by Deb from Atl. Ga06/16/2014

    Made my dog stink. Had to wash her bed and blankets several times to get the smell out.

    Featured Reviews for Earthbath Hot Spot & Itch Relief Tea Tree Oil (8 fl oz)
    Great product by Diane04/11/2013

    This tea tree oil has really helped our dog with itching from dry skin. She comes to me and lets me spray her down and rub it in. She really seems to appreciate it.

    Tea Tree Oil by kzbonnie from Rocky Mount, Nc07/16/2012

    I have a dog with Kidney disease. Her skin gets lesions on it and also becomes very itchy. This product is great for healing the lesions and also relief from the itching. I did notice it tended to dry her skin a little, but I alternate with the Epi-Skin conditioner and between the two of them, she has no current lesions and the itching is minimal. I would recommend this product.

    Featured Reviews for Vet's Best Hot Spot Shampoo (8 fl oz)
    Vets Best Shampoo by carol30 from West Palm Beach02/04/2012

    Vets Pet shampoo did not help my dog from itching, and it smell horrable

    great product for westies with skin problems !! by groomer6410/04/2011

    Have used this product on one of my grooming clients which is a Westie, and this dog has severe skin problems... this shampoo helps with the continuous scratching and helps to alleviate hot spots... would recommend to anyone with a skin problematic pet....

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