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Humunga Tongue Balls

Humunga Tongue BallsDurable Humunga Tongue ball and tongue fetch toy. When your dog holds this rubber ball with a tongue in his mouth, it looks like he's sticking his tongue out at you. Get your silly pup the fun Humunga Tongue today.Made with non-toxic natural rubber.

Humunga Tongue Mini for XSMALL/SMALL DOGS (5-20 lbs.)
Humunga Tongue Mini for XSMALL/SMALL DOGS (5-20 lbs.)

($9.99)  $5.19
Humunga Tongue Junior for SMALLER DOGS (20-40 lbs.)
Humunga Tongue Junior for SMALLER DOGS (20-40 lbs.)

($9.20)  $6.99
Humunga Tongue Large for MEDIUM/ LARGE /XLARGE DOGS (over 40 lbs.)
Humunga Tongue Large for MEDIUM/ LARGE /XLARGE DOGS (over 40 lbs.)

($12.99)  $8.99
Humunga Stache
Humunga Stache

($15.59)  $11.99
Humunga Tongue is an awesome fetch toy. It's a ball and a tongue all in one. It's made with non-toxic solid natural rubber. You and your pet are sure to love this durable and easy to retrieve toy. Measures:6", diameter: 1"

  • Trick your Vet
  • A ball and tongue all in one
  • Crack up people on the street
  • Catch it, Fetch it
  • Pose for a group photo
  • Give to your friend as a gag gift
  • Play tongue o' war

  • 4.00 rating based on 2 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Humunga Tongue Mini for XSMALL/SMALL DOGS (5-20 lbs.)
    Dog Ball with Tongue by Humunga by Anjelica12/04/2012

    My family and I had so much fun with this toy. We have a French bull dog and every time he picked this ball up we couldn't stop laughing. We spend hours playing and taking pictures with this toy we actually tired out the dog first (normally its the other way around). Great product and tons of fun for everyone.

    humunga tounge by rick from san antonio11/07/2011

    dog loves it but can't leave dog alone to chew because agressiv chewers will distroy it in no time

    Featured Reviews for Humunga Tongue Junior for SMALLER DOGS (20-40 lbs.)
    The world's funniest dog toy! by Andrea Wikso12/23/2008

    This is one of the best toys my dog has. It's strong and durable, and great for tug o' war. It also make for some great pictures. One end has a ball for the dog to grasp and the rest hangs out like an oversized tongue. If you grab that end, the tug o' war is on. I highly recommend it!

    Makes us laugh! by Doodles01/19/2012

    Tough, well made and when dogs play with it, it makes us laugh.

    Featured Reviews for Humunga Tongue Large for MEDIUM/ LARGE /XLARGE DOGS (over 40 lbs.)
    Too Funny by Puppy raising mom from Monrovia, CA12/26/2013

    This enormous tongue was a hit! Both our lab and golden popped it in their mouths and ran with it! While it isn't something we let them chew, it made for a lot of laughs !

    Funny... but doesn't last long by Romeo'sFriend11/06/2012

    The dog liked it, but quickly began chewing it and it didn't seem to hold up. Ended up throwing it away not long after purchase. Amusing while it lasted though.

    Makes us laugh! by Doodles from California01/19/2012

    Tough, well made,, the dogs like it and when they play with it, it makes us laugh.

    great toy by tiki03/12/2013

    bailey hid this toy everywhere and will not share with her playtime friends

    How fun is this!?! by KimbyD from NC11/01/2012

    This is a riot. The large size is a bit heavy, but if your dog can support the weight, it is so funny to watch. Great for entertainment!

    Humunga Tongue by Tonitank from Oregon01/06/2012

    Terrible! It did not even last thru christmas day!! My daughter-in-law found written in small print "not a chew toy". I absolutely did not see that when I ordered. What a completely stupid toy!! What dog is not going to want to chew on it? Seriously!

    funny by mamanay from Dallas, Texas05/08/2013

    Crazy funny if they ever pick it up ball first but they never do. Holds up well but the girls are not that fond of them.

    Backorder by mac34lax12/03/2012

    I ordered this product because it showed that it was in stock, when I received my package, it wasn't in the package and said it was on backorder. Then when I went online, the company still had not updated the website so others wouldnt order something they didnt have in stock. annoying!

    Not "SOLID Natural Rubber" by grubbypaws from Tampa Bay Area12/21/2013

    The ball is NOT solid, It has a hole "not shown" in the pictures; I handed it to my boy and within 15 minutes, he had found the HOLE; and began to pull it apart. If your dog likes to destroy toys, this product is not for your dog, since it is also made out of a softer rubber.

    Featured Reviews for Humunga Stache
    Funny, not great for smaller dog by Romeo'sFriend11/06/2012

    The dog couldn't really hold it and it sagged. Once he started chewing it it didn't last long. Good for a pic or two and laugh but not a long term toy.

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