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Hydor Koralia Smart Wave Pump 2 Channel Controller
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Hydor Koralia Smart Wave Pump 2 Channel Controller

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Hydor Koralia Smart Wave

The Smart Wave allows you to control your aquarium pumps and help maintain a healthy aquatic environment by recreating the natural effects of waves. This controller can control one or more pumps on two separate channels with a wattage limit of 100 watts each.

The Smart Wave can be set between 3 different movement programs at the turn of a dial: Alternating, Synchronized and Feed. The interval length is also controlled through a turn of the knob with time scales clearly marked for ease of use. The built in mounting eyelet makes installation easy while the water resistant body frees your choices of where to install the Smart Wave to anywhere you can put a nail.

  • Control your aquarium pumps to recreate natural currents
  • Features 3 movement programs: Alternating, Synchronized and Feed
  • Control interval length with the turn of a knob
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