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DVM HyLyt Shampoo (16 oz)

Item Number: HYLYT12OZ
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HyLyt Shampoo is a gentle, hypoallergenic, soap-free shampoo for pets that provides quick relief for dogs and cats that suffer from dry skin or flaking and scaling caused by seborrhea.

HyLyt contains a number of skin-friendly ingredients such as sodium C14-16 olefin sylfonate, sodium lactate, and PEG-120 methyl glucose dioleate to combat your pet's skin and coat related issues with its hypoallergenic, non-stripping and non-drying formula.

This luxurious shampoo also contains emollients, humectants, and fragrances to moisturize your pet's skin and give your pet's coat a fresh and soothing fragrance.

HyLyt pet shampoo is the perfect product to use for any pet suffering from skin conditions, and is perfect for us in routine cleansing and grooming as well.

HyLyt may also be of benefit when used in conjunction with topical flea and tick products

Usage Information

Directions: Wet coat thoroughly. Apply sufficient HyLyt Shampoo to lather well into hair coat. Rinse thoroughly. May be used as often as necessary.


Water, sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate, cocamidopropyl betaine,sodium lactate, PEG-120 methyl glucose dioleate, glycerin, hydrolyzed collagen, PEG-75 lanolin, sodium chloride, fragrance, methylchloroisothia­ zolinone, methylisothiazolinone, safflower oil, FD&C yellow#5.

Customer Reviews

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4.83 rating based on 6 reviews
Great shampoo for sensitive skin by Lilly01/20/2015

My golden retriever had a history of allergy-related skin problems before our vet recommended we try HyLyt. It gets him clean without drying out his skin. His coat is soft and fluffy, and he smells clean, not perfumed. HyLyt doesn't have harsh detergents that can cause skin problems--you have to work a little harder to get good results but it's worth it to avoid hot spots later. This stuff is hard to find at a reasonable price. Entirely Pets has a very good price and, as always, great service.

HyLyt Shampoo by ConnieandMikeT08/07/2012

So happy to see this product back again! Hypo-allergenic & soap free, this is a great shampoo.

Fantastic shampoo by Baby's Mom from Rochester,ny01/21/2015

This is the best dog shampoo ever! Our two Chihuahua boys were scratching in our dry NY winter heat in our house. One bath with this stopped it . Amazed me!

Our Preferred Shampoo by Sadie's Owners from Carriere, MS 3942608/28/2014

We had been using HyLyt on our Schnauzer, Sadie, for some time when our vet reduced the number and type of products available. I went online and was delighted to discover that Entirely Pets carried it. We ordered six bottles at a very favorable price, and will reorder before our supply is diminished. HyLyt ensures that Sadie's coat is soft, lustrous, and smells good.

HyLyt Shampoo by Sugar from FL03/03/2012

I heard great things about this product and just recently bought it. I know it will improve Daisy's skin--right now she has dry skin and I'm looking forward to her skin becoming much better.

Love this shampoo by astropuppy from Western NY08/19/2013

This product came recommended by my dog's dermatologist. Lathers great, nice mild scent and his coat is so shiny & soft.

Horrible smell by Neen from California05/14/2012

I was so excited to see that DVM & Hylyt shampoo & Conditioner was back-or so I thought (I used to buy this stuff by the Gallon). Even though it says it is Hylyt and lists the same ingredients as the old (great) stuff it isn't the old product at all AND it smell's horrible-it is like a artificial fruity smell. The original Hylyt had a wonderful soft coconut smell-Please TEVA bring back the old original Hylyt!! I'm going to try the new Paul Mitchell Oatmeal to see if that is any good. But for now TEVA taking over DVM and the new HyLyt is not worth wasting your money!

Good product for allergic animals by AnnS from Michigan09/25/2013

I used Hylyt shampoo for years to wash my dog, and when necessary, my cats. When it became unavailable a couple years ago, I had to switch to other products. The supposedly hypoallergenic shampoos out there only made my dog itch badly after a shampoo which was supposed to give her some relief. I gave this product four stars because before it went on hiatus, I remember Hylyt shampoo having a good clean smell. Now it has a distinct coconut oil aroma. Although my dog doesn't itch as much after using this new shampoo, she is still more itchy than I like. I am concerned they may have made some changes to the product when it was brought back. In the meantime, it is still better than the other shampoos I have used. So I will continue to wash my dog frequently with Hylyt.


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