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Isabelle (10/21/05)

Name: Isabelle Submitted by: Annabelle W.
Location: GeorgiaAbout: "My husband and I went to the animal
shelter, JUST TO LOOK, and see what they had.
Well, when we saw her, she was all of 4 pounds
sitting, shaking, in a pile of shredded newspapers!
One look at her and I grabbed her and put her in
my coat and took her home to our other rescued
dog that snubbed her at first, but now treats her
like her own! She was born in December of 2003
and lives at our animal farm in the foothills of the
blueridge mountains in Georgia. She's a 'heinzer'
and sometimes she isn't the brightest, but she is
a sweetheart that is always looking for a warm
lap to cuddle into!"Likes: "She loves running, chasing bouncy-balls
and barking at cats, including those that she
knows she lives with and also knows will swat
at her if she barks too close!"Dislikes: "Being left alone, and we have two
couches to prove that!"
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